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NVIDIA Hints At Possible 3D-Esque Version of Rovio’s Angry Birds?

According to NVIDIA’s VP of Mobile Content, Rovio may be looking into ways of making Angry Birds more visually complex for users. Speaking at the Mobile Game Forum, Mr. Trevett was quoted as saying, “Let’s just say Angry Birds can do a lot more. There’s lots of things Rovio could do in terms of particle effects or volcanoes exploding in the background.”

In no way did he come out and say 3D Angry Birds, but he did mention that there was no reason Rovio could not move into using 3D physics engines for the creation of their games. So should we all keep our ears perked for a possible 3D Angry Birds? I would play it.

Via: Pocket Gamer

  • Kierra

    most ovverated game ever.I enjoyed it for a while but Ive been over it.

    • i agree. its a good game and its free but its nothing special. the phenomenon is beyond me. Notebooks, bookbags, beddings, and stuffed animals…really?


  • Anonymous

    It would be cool if you made it like Flick Golf where you launch the bird and the camera follows the bird in the air.  You can swipe to change direction, etc.

  • Anonymous

    What we need is an FPS Angry Birds Team Fortress.


  • Bobby Hill

    Is anyone here sick and tired of Angry Birds? I’m not trying to vouch that it’s a bad game as I play it myself occasionally, but I have to admit it’s the most overrated game in existence. I see people showing off that they have the game like its something new, and they even made an amusement park.

    • Michael Forte

      I am. They keep adding levels but really it’s nothing new. They need to add some new game play elements or something, or just move on. Rovio can’t depend on Angry Birds forever.

  • HalfMoon

    Let’s do this.  I’m all in for another time killer.