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New Verizon MAP Shows DROID 4 Price Drop to $199, Bionic and 32GB RAZRs Discounted Too


According to the most recent MAP (minimum advertised price) list from Verizon, a handful of popular DROID phones will see a discount tomorrow morning. The most interesting of them all is the DROID 4 which has still not been given a public release date. During CES week, we saw the price first appear on this list at $249, but if this new list holds up, we could see the device launch at just $199 on 2-year contract. I’d call that a deal knowing that this phone is the world’s thinnest and probably most powerful 4G LTE slider. You can view our hands-on with the device here.

Along with the D4 price drop, the Bionic should fall to $149 and both white and black 32GB DROID RAZR models should come in at $279.

So not only is tomorrow DROID RAZR MAXX launch day, but you can score some deals at Verizon on a variety of other phones.

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  • To everyone joking about a Maxx coming, and those of you saying it won’t happen. I can guarantee you, you WILL see a Maxx (or similar model) for the D4. You all seem to fail to realize that the RAZR MAXX was simply Moto’s “fix” for the non-removable battery. The MAXX was only released for two reasons. 1) To give customers an option for an extended battery. 2) To force customers to pay more money, if the regular battery didn’t cut it.

    Long story short, D4Maxx will be released at least 14 days after D4 (to lock D4 customers into contract and make them pay full retail for a Maxx, if they choose to upgrade.)

  • Cloud

    Does everyone need to get the latest and greatest right now. Wait six months and those phones will be free at best buy. Why pay more than you really have to when you can wait and get the phones for free. Last two phones I had (incredible and Xperia play) I got for free simply by waiting. All the bugs were worked out by the time I got them. Lot more bonuses for waiting than paying so much up front with all the headaches.

    But then again, the most people are stupid.

  • Sambar_wada

    Any clue on D4 off the contract or for GSM use? I want it to work on gsm network outside US’!!!!!!!

  • Chris Civale

    I purchased my first Droid, a CPO DroidX, a couple years ago and couldn’t be happier with it.  Just checked on Verizon’s website two days ago and found the CPO Droid Bionic for $29.99.  Ordered it right away and eagerly waiting for FedEx now.  

  • Anonymous

    Why did the Droid4 just get pulled from Motorola’s site? Is this going to be released at all or was this price drop put in place so when they release the Droid 4 Maxx then people aren’t pissed they paid the same $300 for a phone with 1/2 the battery life? Things to ponder. Motorizon what are you doing?

  • Mr_z

    Any word on if and when this device will be released in Canada?

  • Adrian

    Most people don’t know that the Droid 4 and the razr are also waterproofed. that costs about 60 dollars alone from liquipel, which were getting for free

    • Popeye_019

      They’re moisture resistant because if the phone shorts the battery-in-a-plastic-bag can overheat or even explode.

    • q`Tzal

      Where are they bragging about this waterproof attribute on the Droid 4 and Razr?
      They go on and on about physical features and even the glass; you’d think a definite IPX## rating would be a marketing point.

  • Luis

    I still won’t pay $199 for a non-global Droid slider. I want 4G and global GSM. I don’t care about dual cores and a bigger screen. I don’t even care about the phone having a pentile screen or not since it’s not noticeable without side by side comparisons anyway.

    • Moss

       I read that pentile screens are easier to see in sunlight compared to others.

    • Guest

      Google “Droid 4 Global.” You’ll see reports indicating that Verizon will enable global roaming on the Droid 4. I’m in the same boat as you… I hope those reports are correct.

      • Guest

         Did you read the quote from the rep? She said nothing about an update. Just that new phones will be global.

        I am not buying the D4 because of some miscommunication about updates. Besides, I’ll only buy it if it’s global out of the box. For all we know, the update (if it comes at all) will be out next year.

  • Wrc1966

    Lately I’ve been getting a sinking feeling that the Bionic won’t see ICS. Especially at that price point. That darn near makes it end of life. I truly wish I had waited for the RAZR. Or Galaxy Nexus.

  • Pnicuh

    On my next phone im gonna wait until the price drops down. Drop $300.00 for Droid Bionic damn I ain’t rich.

  • Wait, so if the deal on the D4 starts tomorrow, does that mean the D4 will be released tomorrow? No announcement? Maybe it’s just wishful thinking, but it wouldn’t be the first time VZW did that to a Droid phone

  • Anonymous

    I am so sick of people complaining about phone prices. You all have Verizon. You all pay for 2 years. Add it up.
    $300 Phone + 2 Years of Service @$90 = $2460
    $200 Phone + 2 Years of Service  @$90 = $2360

    Wow you saved a whopping 4%. You’re fooling yourself if you’re surprised you paid $100 to have the hot new 3G phone for 4 months WHEN YOU KNEW A 4G VERSION WOULD BE HERE AS SOON AS THEY GOT THE 4G ISSUES FIXED.

    You should slap yourself in the face for being surprised when you know you are in it for 2 years. This is new technology, you have to pay for it. This isn’t welfare here. Your Droid 3 still is awesome on 3G. It does what you bought it for superbly. Please stop complaining.

    PS please drop the Droid4…I waited because I have the AMAZING forsight for waiting for the first KB 4G DROID!

    • Larson

       That $100 has an instant impact on your wallet. It’s not spread out. You’re not paying 50 cents a  month extra on your bill.

      I agree on the D3. If 4G was important to these people then they shouldn’t have bought it.

    • Anonymous

      That doesn’t even make sense.  You’re going to be paying for service regardless of what phone you buy or what carrier you use so factoring it into the cost of the phone is irrelevant. The only valid cost is the $300 phone plus the $350 early termination fee as you can choose to get out of the remainder of your contract at any time that way.  You can compare the full cost of the off-contract phone vs. the subsidized price plus the early termination fee, but adding in the monthly service charge is just silly.

  • Philip A. Kaiser

    Way for no-one to even point out that the HTC Rhyme has dropped to $149. Real nice guys. Real nice. 

  • Anonymous

    Why does Verizon keep making me want to switch to someone else. I can’t believe one that the D4 is coming out so soon but they are selling it for the same price that I paid for a D3. To me personally this is a slap in the face. 

    • Philip A. Kaiser

      Threaten them to leave. Tell them it is BS and you will pay the stupid ETF and go to Sprint. When they ask why, tell them exactly why. I would be willing to bet they will take that D3 back and sell you a D4 to entice you to stay. This only works if you are a good customer in good standing. *611 Call to cancel, they will either call your bluff or make you happy again. Sometimes you have to try more than once. Have done it for years. I always get whatever phone I want at new contract price regarless of when my upgrade date is.

      • Anonymous

        Sounds like a plan

      • Anonymous

        Sounds like a plan

    • RandomTruthTroll

      Not Verizon’s fault you are impatient and want instant gratification like 90% of their customers.

      • Anonymous

        so its my fault that i patiently held on to my upgrade and waited for this device to replace my og droid? its not verizons fault at all huh? i think everyone who bought this phone deserves something because they knew about 4 while releasing 3. sounds like a slap in the to me. 

  • Anonymous

    Please, let’s not call it the “32Gb” RAZR. That would imply that it has 32Gb of internal storage. How about 16+16 RAZR?

    Also, FWIW, there is zero reason to go with a $279 rev 1 RAZR, as you could buy the new reduced-cost $199 RAZR plus a 32gig microSDHC card and still have $50 left over. And if you are gonna spend $279, you might as well pony up $20 more and get a MAXX.

    Still, encouraging signs all around to see VZW somewhat moving back to the “old” model of ~$200 flagship smartphones on contract.

    • Philip A. Kaiser

      The RAZR prices are directed at in-store sales. Salesman will show “Customer A” the 16gig version for 199. Customer: “Oooh, nice.” VZW:  “But wait, .. We have this version here, with twice the memory for only $79 more. It is the deal I would take. (Smirk)” Customer- “Well, how much is a memory card if I just wanted to add one?” VZW: “It costs about a $100 for a 16gig, so you see how our 32gig bundle saves you some money.” Customer: “Thank you kind Verizon man, go ahead and throw in those $18 screen protectors and that $20 car charger as well. Might as well get everything while I am here. Ohh, and don’t forget that $29 holster.

      • RandomTruthTroll

        Your pricing is wrong.

        32GB Memory card is $69.99, with screen protectors and a car charger you are now just barely at $100.

    • Butters619

      Please use GB not Gb.  Two different things.

  • Bobby Hill

    I blame Verizon, and I hate how they’re the only one to get all the Motor phones. Where’s the Droid RAZRs and Droid 4s for at&t, T-Mobile or Sprint?

    • Anonymous

      The Droid line is exclusive to VZW. They paid George Lucas a lot of money to license the Droid name for high end smart phones. That’s why you will never see a “Droid” phone on any other carrier.

  • Anthony Palumbo

    i see that 1/10 start date i hope that they are not pushing back the launch of the droid 4 even further that would be truly  annoying kinda like a gnex launch lol

    • QtDL

      That’s because the Droid 5 will be released 2 weeks later (after the ‘worry free guarantee’ expires of course). 🙂

  • Note the Gnex is still the same price, I think Verizon new take on how to prevent people from having unlocked boot-loaders and bloatware free phones is keeping the price higher on it for longer and flood the lock boot-loader market and drive prices down and revenue up because of more sales of bloat based phones 

    • Angelino0919

      you are an idiotan

      • Calling me an idiot does nothing to your argument, I am pointing out a correlation I saw you do not have to agree with it. Just calling me an idiot though is no way to start a sound and proper argument.

    • Cmonnats23

      OR it shows that Verizon realizes how splendid of a phone it is and thinks they can sell them through May for that price. Kind of makes people who shelled out 300 bucks for the g-nex the day it was released feel a little bit better due to the fact that its not going to have a price drop within the month following the release date like so many other phones.

      • Yes which still shows overall the reoccurring theme that they are think with their wallet in the short run not long term customer satisfaction, something that has been really bad as of late.

        • Cmonnats23

          I mean I agree that the phone is overpriced. Hell, all $300 phones ON CONTRACT are overpriced. However, as long as people (like myself and about 50% of the people on this site) keep paying these overpriced phones, who gives a f**k about customer satisfaction. Verizon probably also thinks that since the G-Nex has sold better than any of their other 4g phones that that is a reason to keep the price up so high. Little do they know that they could probably sell twice or even three times as many Galaxy Nexus’ if they cut the price in half or even a third.

          On another note, it makes me feel better about dropping 300 bucks on a phone that it will still be the same price (according to this chart) six months after I purchased it.

          • A good way to look at it, it does make me feel better that they have not released a million versions within a month span making mine all but pointless (The best buy wrong tech commercial would go great here). But still I think the price should have never been that high to begin with but I am a programmer not a business manager and it is their device at the end of the day and without a major support against they will just go unchecked.

          • Bli380

            Clearly the G-Nex is not overpriced, as you and plenty of other folks are snapping them up. Sure, you’d prefer the price to be lower but that’s true for anything you can buy. The point is, enough people are buying it at $300.

          • RandomTruthTroll

            You complain about $299 in 2011/2012 yet people were paying twice that for a 4/8gb iPhone in 2007.

            To expensive? Hardly.

  • Buckgrad

    I predict that the Droid 4 drop is to get rid of the devices already manufactured, and we’ll see a new version in a few.weeks with a larger battery like the Maxx. With the same specs as the original Razr, they’re bound to have the same battery issues.

    • Blah

      How are you going to drop the price on a phone that’s not even out yet, stop playing around and just release the phone already!

  • Anonymous

    Any idea how much the MAXX would cost off-contract? Not that I’m crazy enough to buy one because I’m disappointed in my Droid Charge, I’m uh… asking for a friend.

    • Anonymous

      $649. it is on vzw’s website

    • Jason Purp

      Tell your friend to ask us directly

    • Blackmagick20

      Or…you could do a little thing called ‘your own research’ and go look at the Verizon website

    • Blackmagick20

      Or…you could do a little thing called ‘your own research’ and go look at the Verizon website