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Official: DROID RAZR MAXX Headed to Verizon This Thursday for $299

And the DROID RAZR MAXX is now officially official as headed to Verizon this Thursday, January 26, for $299 on contract. Big Red confirmed two reports of ours this morning that this would be the week. As you all know, the RAZR MAXX packs a whopping 3300mAh battery, yet manages to stay less than 9mm thick. It also boasts the same dual-core processor, 8MP shooter, qHD screen, and build quality of the original RAZR, but again, can last you for days (allegedly).

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Who wants one?

  • Phonesz

    will the droid razrs price go down with the release of this new phone?

  • I was told by a in-store verizon rep that the Droid 4 is being released on 1/26 (Thursday) also

  • Anon

    Is the phone good?  I’m sure it is.

    Is the phone $299 good? *sigh*

    Great specs, but with no ICS at release, Verizon bloatware that can’t be uninstalled (yes, VZW, this is a big deal to enthusiasts), Verizon bookmarks that they lock down…It’s a tough call vs. the Galaxy Nexus (and I say that as a Motorola owner).

    It’s the kind of phone I think they should either ship with ICS, or drop to $249 to give competition to Samsung.

  • Granted

    I’m normally very content being of the mind that I’ve always known they will release an awesome to outdate the one you just bought, always. But even having always known that….damn I would mad as fuuck if I just bought a bought a Razr! With the short period of time the Razr had been out, well, this would be a gigantic slap in the face if I bought one.

  • The Dude

    Why would you release a handset with physical buttons and GB months after ICS/Nexus have been announced.

    What the hell is wrong with Android oem’s ??!

    • Anon

      The home buttons are touch, not physical.  This isn’t like the Droid X/X2.

      Many of us still like the rest of our buttons (power, volume, etc.) to be physical, since those are the ones where feedback is useful.

  • Chris

    The Droid Razr TRULY MAXXX is gonna be out in 4 weeks.. and the price of this is gonna drop to 199.

  • Jim McClain

    never mind, just read that it is the exact same phone, just a bigger battery

  • Jim McClain

    is the battery the only difference? or does anybody know for sure?

  • Jim McClain

    so ,is phone exactly the same ? just with a bigger battery?

  • Anonymous

    I’d totally want this phone if it were going to be updated regularly…..

  • Anonymous

    I love my OG Razr, am not mad about the MAXX coming out because my battery already lasts me all day, and am not mad about the price dropping. I knew I was paying a premium to get it early. I really whish all the haters that have never even used the phone would stop ranting their uneducated opinions. I do not own a G-Nex so I cant really nock it, but the RAZR is most definately an awesome phone.


    Does anyone know if AmazonWireless will be selling the DROID RAZR MAXX on release day or within a week after its scheduled release?

    • he110m0t0

      I wish, I need it because I bought a RAZR on the 5th and I have a month to do a one-time exchange, so as long as it’s there by February 5th….anyone else have any insight?

  • Anonymous

    Or they could’ve just released a phone with a replaceable battery instead which would make these one of the same.

    • Anonymous

      Because everyone likes carying around a pocket full of batteries…

    • Anon

      They did.  It’s called the Droid Bionic.

  • Bobby Hill

    I hate to provide yet another meta post here, but the comments on this site have become so damn predictable, it’s not even fun any more. It’s like every post will include “GLAD I GOT GNEX” “I BET THEY’LL MAKE A DROID RAZR MAXX HD S NEXT WEEK” etc etc. Use something new, Droid-Lifers.

    • Anonymous

      I agree, the “You’re dumb becuase you dont have a G-Nex” crap is getting old.

      • Domikinzu

        you’re dumb.

    • Anonymous

      Yeah but this phone isnt the gnex. Therefore it is crap.

       I for one, would never get a sleek phone with a huge battery that can make clear and reliable calls and keep a signal well when I could get something that gets updates quicker.

      I mean really, the most important for a phone to be able to do is to get updates quickly.

    • I’m Kick-Ass!

      GNex fanboys are the new iPhools.

      They don’t seem to understand it’s a developer’s phone. That’s awesome. But the crappy radio, poor battery life, mediocre camera, and cheap build do not make it the best phone for all.

  • ILuvSoPA

    Razr Maxx too thick… OG Droid Razr = Purrrrrrrrfecto!!!!!

  • Fd2blk78

    BIONIC BABY!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    LOL, Jha and his cronies are flat-out idiots. And he wonders why Moto phones are crushed sales and profit-wise by the Galaxy S and iPhone. Those phones are updated once a year and help build brand loyalty, unlike Moto’s phones, which are rendered obsolete in a matter of months, and sometimes even weeks. 

    • I’m Kick-Ass!

      I have no brand loyalty to a company that releases one phone once a year.

      And a new phone being released does not make yours “obsolete”

      • you are not Kick-Ass.  I’m just saying.

        • I’m Kick-Ass!

          And you sir are no John Galt

  • Anonymous

    Another day, another example of Motorola flipping the bird to early adopters. I don’t understand how that’s supposed to be sustainable.

    • Butters619

      You say that as if Samsung doesn’t do it to.  Look at AT&T. Samsung GSII, followed weeks later by Samsung GSII Skyrocket, followed weeks later by Samsung GSII Skyrocket HD.  And guessed what is going to be announced at the end of Feb at MWC?  Exactly.

      • Anonymous

        That’s true, but a lot of that had to do with the fact that it just took so damn long for the SGS II to get across the ocean in the first place.

        The Droid RAZR was released here first. Then, a couple of weeks later, the RAZR MAXX shows up. More importantly, Motorola has been doing it with all of their phones. Droid X to Droid X2 in under a year.
        Droid 2 to Droid 3 in under a year, and we’re not even going to talk about how quickly the Droid 4 is coming out. The Bionic should have never been released at all, considering how quickly it was released by the RAZR.

        All companies are doing it to a greater or lesser degree, but Motorola has really set the gold standard for screwing over the people who purchase their phones.

  • Anonymous

    Holy crap – what a ufcking moto just gave all the original RAZR owners.  Glad I got my Nexus.

    • ikr! they should have released the original Droid Razr with this battery, since that is the only change to it.

      • Anonymous

        This would have been a horrid idea. Moto not only needed something “right now” for the holiday season, but they also needed something super thin to wow the press (and the public). I can see an argument for releasing both devices concurrently, but that would have messed with its initial, $299 price point (which is ludicrous for any phone on contract, in my opinion; unless it makes me sammiches with bacon on demand).

        • Agreed.. they released the razr to show everyone how thin they could make a phone. If they had released the maxx first, the wow factor wouldn’t have been nearly as much. they actually marketed it quite well, unlike everything else they’ve been doing.

        • I’m Kick-Ass!

          This is the real problem, the price point. This is a Verizon marketing bungle. The thin RAZR should have been $50 to 100 less to justify the MAXX at $300.

          The whole $199 without SD card is a lame after-thought to justify the different price points and does nothing for early adopters who are now rightly pissed.

          • Anonymous

            Early adopters should never be rightly pissed. All of us geeks know the price that comes with early adoption (namely, you could have waited a short while and paid a lot less or gotten something better), and non-geeks don’t even know anything changed.

          • I’m Kick-Ass!

            Although I generally agree with you. Verizon knew this phone  was coming VERY soon after AND at the same price point.

            Given the number of unhappy comments, this is at best a bad PR move. Remember the” $2 to pay your bill convenience fee” fiasco that was rescinded? 

            “Get the new incredibly-thin Razr for $250 or wait for the new expanded battery Razr for $300”

            This would have been a smarter marketing move knowing what they knew.

            You’re talking about the fast pace of technical innovation, and I’m dissing Verizon’s clumsy marketing.

          • Anonymous

            Actually, what I’m saying is the marketing from Verizon/Motorola was probably a win for their purposes, which is to sell the most phones for the most possible money. Regular users don’t know or care about this sort of thing, so I doubt there will be much, if any, bottom line fallout.

            I’m personally cool with it because I would never have purchased my RAZR for $299 (and I didn’t). Those who did paid the standard, early-adopter fee.

      • Jritchie79

        I 10000% agree.  Shame on Moto for releasing a product (OG RAZR) that they were already in the works on improving….Moto should allow OG RAZR owners the ability to upgrade at a substantially lower cost…preferably free!

    • Anonymous

      I wonder when Samsung is going to release the Galaxy Nexus Radio Max. Beefer radio to improve garbage signal.

      • C-Law

        Lol, that’d be sweet though! I’d sell mine to buy it. I don’t mind battery life with the 2100mah battery but signal is a disappointment. I lose 4g and 3G is spotty inside freaking walmarts and other stores! I never had signal issues in Walmart with my OG droid!

  • Christopherjohn04

    i’m switching out my Razr for this one, but have any of you been having the same data connectivity as me? I keep losing 3g/4g.  I thought that was only with the Nexus

    • Anonymous

      It’s with every 4G device right now; it’s a Verizon issue, but it’s probably software related so a patch could fix things. Another Moto patch is coming for the RAZR very soon (a little bird told me), and it should improve the 4G/3G handoff nonsense.

  • RadicalPie

    “Apple charges $100 for 16 gigs, Motorola charges $100 for non removable extended battery. Better sales pitch?” Alternate title for post

  • Bill

    What’s going on with the RAZR is really making me reconsider to buy a Droid 4 as soon as it comes out.  Given that that Droid 4 is essentially a slider version of the RAZR, why shouldn’t I expect a Droid 4 Maxx to be released a month or two later?

  • Thunderbolt is going to be replaced on Thursday!!!

  • Interstellarmind

    If i was an original DRazr owner, I’d be hopping mad. This is totally messed up, Moto. UNLIKE.

    • Just imaguine the Bionic owners? 

      • yes, us bionic owners are pissed! but I still love my bionic 🙂

    • Anonymous

      I actually haven’t heard many OG DRAZR owners who are upset (including myself), but a lot of GNex owners seem to be.

      Actually, I’m just happy that the fanboi wars have moved passed the iPhone.

  • I would be PISSED if I bought the RAZR for $299, with this device dropping 3 months later. 

    • Apparently it’s mostly people who don’t own Razr’s that say this, I wonder why…

      • Christopherjohn04

        I fought with verizon for 3 days to get a 1 days extension on my worry free guarantee

  • Jak_341

    Blur, locked bootloader, non HiD screen, and poor prior track record of updates. I feel bad for people who actually buy Motorola in this day of Android. The GNex simply is a superior phone.

    • fartbubbler


    • Anonymous

      Most people don’t care about unlocked bootloaders truthfully. I wouldn’t use this community as a matrix to gauge that either because we all know what they are but represent a small community of android users. I realized a subpar over hyped phone with an unlocked bootloader isn’t for me. Not trying to run up nighties every day. I want a phone that just works.

      The superiority of the phone is simply opinion, which you are certainly welcome to.

      • Anonymous


      • angermeans

        Your right but the ones that do want an unlocked bootloader may be a smaller number average users, and definately aren’t the end all be all when it comes to what a phone should or shouldn’t have, but Android for many of us original geeks that have been on the android band wagon from the beginning expect openness with our phones as that is the android we have come to know and love. Its great that a nice stock Motorola device works great for (it does for many), but as for me an unlocked boot loader is a must and a phone not having is doesnt feel like android (in fact these skins these past couple years don’t feel like android) and I won’t spend my money on it. That’s the greatest thing about android is choice. What works for me doesnt doesn’t always work for you but we can all find android phone that meets our needs. The problem with this site and many othersis that because of this choice and the way people are they want to feel that the phone they currently own is the “best” even if being the best doesn’t ever last long. Just ignore what people say as it doesn’t matter. Get what makes you happy and who cares. You can’t chase having the best and only people that really care about that will make a big deal and they will try to down every new phone that comes out until they purchase another phone and then that will be the best (in their mind) and it starts over again. For me I’m a student/geek and I want an open phone with a gay developer base behind it and I don’t want to be told what I can and can’t do with my phone. I don’t like skins and I don’t much care for oems as they are only out to make money. Have fun with your new phone.

        • Anonymous

          Im coming up on two years since I had my Droid X. I ROM’d and modded the hell out of that phone, same story with my DROID Incredible and currently with my Bionic. You know what all those phones had in common? Locked bootloaders. Im not sure what you mean by “original geeks” but a lot of people got the OG and still to this day as they upgrade to locked phones don’t know or care for the difference. My point in all this is that simply being unlocked doesn’t make the phone good. If that was the case people would be singing the praises of the Rezound as much as the GNEX. Im not worried about choice, Im annoyed by the ignorant fanboys that troll here for their phone and no valid input aside from “DAM BRO, SHOULDVE GOT A NEXUS”. I went through two GNEX phones and I will tell you its not worth the price at all IMO.

    • While I can understand a couple of your reasons for not getting it, timely updates should not be one. Moto updates their devices faster than anyone. In 2011, they had their entire portfolio updated months before some of the other companies.

      • And since it’s the same phone as the RAZR inside, just with a larger battery, it will receive the same exact updates that the RAZR does.

        • Anonymous

          I love this have to have it right now mentality. Only the geeks are holding their fingers to the pulse of android. Average user doesn’t know ICS from gingerbread from a hole in the wall.

      • Jak_341

        Let me clarify. The updates, although better then others, are still unacceptable. Gingerbread dropped in November. The X got the update in May. And it was a debacle. The phone for many was useless. So much Motorola had to halt updates. The fixes didn’t correct many issues. I know of 3 people who left Android for the fruit phone because of this. Every phone purchased with a locked bootloader is a vote against open source.

        • Anonymous

          The Charge, a close cousin of the Nexus, got Gingerbread in November… A year after its release and nearly simultaneous with the ICS source code release. What a great track record.

          • Anonymous

            Luckily Samsung has nothing to do with the Nexus’ updates, Google controls them.

          • Anonymous

            True. Motorola makes Google Experience devices too, though- my Xoom is happily purring along on Android 4 right now. But for the rest of both companies’ respective portfolios, Samsung has been demonstrably delayed and even deliberately reticent (see: estimates on ICS for the Galaxy S put it at ‘never’) at keeping their phones current. That’s not a company I want to do business with no matter who writes the code they license.

      • angermeans

        I agree but just cause they can claim first means nothing to me anymore. Just cause the Droid 2, x, and x2 got gingerbread doesn’t mean Motorola is done. The gingerbread updates they released was an absolute joke and the 2 and x were basically unusable (some Droid 2s still are). Motorola has a long way to go to get my trust back and faster updates alone won’t do it for me. I’ve been burned several times. Locked bootloaders and blur are only a small part the other is this disturbing trend of releasing phones then two months later releasing the same phone with better specs. I’m all for choices and a part 2 release of a great brand is great but we are on the eve of the 4th Gen of the Droid (just 26 months ago the first was released), the Droid 3 is only a couple months old. A mere month or so after the Droid 2 came the Droid 2 global, Droid bionic then two months later same specs in smaller pkg then two more months later a Max version of that phone with the same specs as the razr and bionic but better screen and battery. How can anyone trust Motorola right now? I won’t, but I definately will be interested to see what happens with Google takes them over.

      • Anonymous

        And my Xoom is running 4.0.3. “G-Nex” users are at what? 4.0.2?

        People forget that Moto updates long before anyone else.

        Also I can’t confirm that a ICS build is almost ready for testing on a certain phone that was made to “Rule All Machines”. Nope not at all.

    • Anonymous

      Shame that unlocked bootloaders and ICS can’t turn plastic into aluminum or replace a Samsung radio chipset with a Qualcomm.

      • Samsung uses Qualcomm radios.  Just look at the sticker under near your charging port on the NEXUS…mine says Qualcomm.

        • Anonymous

          Take a closer look. It’s Licensed by Qualcomm, as are all phones using the CDMA2000 spec (which they own). The CDMA and LTE basebands are proprietary Samsung, the same crummy chips they used in the Droid Charge.

    • Anonymous

      Motorola has the best record of updates among the the current phone makers. Ask Thunderbolt owners how long they waited for Gingerbread. With the exception of the Galaxy Nexus, Samsung is just as bad as HTC.

    • Admiral_mcbluntz

      they’re prior record for updates is spotless compared to HTC and Sammy

    • Anonymous

      GNex is a superior phone….that can’t make phone calls unless you stand under a tower.

      • ILuvSoPA

        You give the radio too much credit sir.

      • I’m Kick-Ass!

        In some cases you may have to climb the tower

    • Jealous Jakey

      The GNex is simply a FAIL if you actually want superior hardware, build like a tank, external sd card, water resistance, simple hdmi, battery that lasts for days, radios that work, no crappy thin plastic backs, and prefer not to be Google’s beta tester for ICS, but wait for the bugs to be ironed out.  At this point, (non) Blur is actually buttery smooth, and many consider it better than stock GB.  Oh… yeah, and the RAZR is already on it’s 2nd update in so many months. I feel bad for jealous whiners who have to change their batteries as often as their diapers. 🙂

    • Bobby Hill

      I think even if The Droid RAZR MAXX had all of those, a lot of people here would still complain and find something else to bitterly bitch about.

    • I’m Kick-Ass!

      Samsung radios Suck. I mean, it is after-all a phone. Cheapish build quality too.

      non HiD screen? That’s just a tech-boy bragging point. The RAZR screen is quite nice (although if you put your face 2 inches from the screen, the Sammy is better).

      And Blur, while getting better, it something I wish would go away.

      You GNex people are becoming the new annoying iPhone people.

      • angermeans

        It is a nothing but you are sound essentially the same thing by putting down the nexus aren’t you? Just leave them be and be happy with what you have. As your opinion is just that your opinion and theirs is theirs and no matter what you say will change that.

        PS don’t always take what others say about a device on sites like these as they are but only a small group of people. If you haven’t tried a phone out or personally had problems than I can assure you that some may be. Small number. My nexus has a great radio never had a problem

  • angermeans

    It looks like Verizon will still sell the orginal Razr @ $199 and this @ $299. This is really going to piss off a lot of Verizon/Motorola fans. I mean they should give some kind of way for people that bought the Razr an extended chance to get a Worry Free Guarentee or something. This is just sad to see. I mean Android is turning into the platform that screws early adopters and those are usually your biggest fans. I mean this and then the whole Transformer Prime stuff is depressing. The Prime is flawed in the backplate used and many people have purchased that and many purchased it when they listed GPS as a selling point and now since Acer has a higher pixel density screen Asus has come out and said they will have an upgraded Prime. I understand if this comes 6-8 months down the road like the Droid x and x2, but merely a month or two is just a punch in the gut to their loyal and happy customers. As for me I will only be buying GED phones and tablets as the OEMs are ruining this platform. 

    • Lmrojas

      I absolutely love my prime. I’ve only had an issue with the GPS and the last update fixed that. The issue is that people with bad primes were extremely vocal about it. But they were few.

    • Anonymous

      Love my Prime…nuff said.

  • DJyoSNOW

    UM no to Moto ever for this guy…lame lame LAME

  • KaBoom

    Yeah.  I think this is my choice for my next contract phone.  I have certainly debated the Gnex vs Moto but have been satisfied with Motorola Phones so far (DX and D3).  I might wait a week or two to see if the proposed battery life lives up to the hype.  I’d be happy if it could withstand 3-4 hours of usage with plenty of standby. 

    I’m sure Droid Lifer’s will give it its run through!!

  • I want it!

  • Anonymous

    Just curious, as I have not seen it mentioned since CES…is the MAXX’s 32Gb internal storage still confirmed? Or did Moto cheap out and do like the original Droid RAZR and have 16Gb internally + a 16Gb microSD card?

    Whether phone or tablet, 32Gb internalyl plus an expansion slot is my revised standard for storage in 2012.

    • Anonymous

      It has always been 16+16, never 32 on board plus expansion.

      • Anonymous

        My bad! I had not been keeping up with MAXX news since the original CES announcement. One of the “other sites” erroneously reported from CES that the MAXX had doubled its internal storage so that’s what I get for not using Kellex as my main news source!

        • Anonymous

          Its all good man, just spreading the info. For what its worth 32 on board should be the standard now.

    • Anonymous

      With those standards, you’ll be waiting awhile for a new phone. Since no one manufactures a phone with 32gb internal + sdcard.

  • tbaybe

    im ready 🙂 

  • Really peeved about this one.  I bought a Razr exactly a month ago and my only complaint is the battery life. VZW and Moto screwed the pooch.

    • Anonymous

      You’ve been Motorola’d!!!

      • Sirx


    • Anonymous

      Should’ve returned it. VZW extended the return period to the 15th of Jan. This was announced at CES almost 2 weeks ago.

      • Philip A. Kaiser

        Mine went in on the 13th for a Gnex. Missing Moto a bit these days. Gnex is fun but has one little problem I never had with my Motos. No goddamn reception! Just a minor flaw, who needs to use their cellphone at home? I didn’t really expect 4g to actually work, I should just use Wifi everywhere. Like my iPod touch. Its not as if I miss all my calls. Just a small percentage. I find it much more fun when you get 5-7 texts at a a time that are days old. Much better then getting invites to stuff while it is actually happening. Did you know the niners lost, got that text Monday around 1a as breaking news. I did find that when my phone has no reception and is idle, the battery life doubles. Awesome phone. /s (codenameDroid 1.1.4 , Franco kernel (hot plug), 1.1.3 radios) better than stock but is like saying my moldy fruit stinks less than moldy meat.

    • nwd1911

      Why didn’t you return the phone by Jan 15th and pay the $35?  Not trying to be an @ss, just looking to understand the issue better, as I keep hearing the Moto screwed me story.  DL posted the official announcement on Jan 9th that listed availability for the Maxx “in the coming weeks.”

      • I’m Kick-Ass!

        My wife got the Gnex and had dropped call problems so she switched to the RAZR. You apparently can only return once. So when she heard the news of the MAXX, she couldn’t bring the original RAZR back.

        She’s a little pissed but she isn’t having battery problems and likes the thinness. Loves the call quality.

        What hurts is paying the same $300. Verizon should do a little $50 or $100 refund but given that they just announced a financial loss, that probably ain’t gonna happen.

  • vince mcmahon


  • Lmrojas

    Ill wait for the Droid Razr Maxx HD due out in 3 months

    • kretz7

      I think you meant 3 weeks.

      • Guest

        it’ll be out next week.

    • I’m Kick-Ass!

      I know you’re being sarcastic, but that would be pretty awesome.

  • no thanks. i’d rather put a seidio tank on my gnexus while i flash whatever ROM I want.

    • I’m Kick-Ass!

      I bought a Gnex. Radio sucked. Bad call quality and dropped calls in and around NYC. Cheapish build quality too. It went back. I’m considering the MAXX even though it’s locked down.

      I’m glad you like your Gnex. Awesome screen, easy root, no bloatware, no skin, fast UI. But it’s not God’s phone.  

      Why would you even bring it up in a RAZR thread? I swear, GNex people are getting as annoying as iPhans