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Latest Galaxy SIII Rumor Suggests ICS, 12MP Camera, HD Screen and an April Release

Eldar Murtazin has found himself in the news again after tweeting last night that he is either in possession of or has seen a Samsung Galaxy SIII. For those not familiar with Murtazin, just know that he spouts off all the time about tech rumors and either misses wildly or ends up being right on rare occasions. Since he is claiming to have played with the phone that we are all dying to see in the flesh, we’ll try to take his word for it. So what should we expect?

According to Murtzie, the device will have an HD screen, 12MP camera, run Ice Cream Sandwich, have a 1.5-1.6GHz quad-core processor and will be in stores by April. No word on whether or not that means in the U.S., but one can dream.

The device is almost guaranteed to get an official announcement at Mobile World Congress next month in Barcelona. Can’t wait.

Via:  Twitter, (2), Phone Arena

  • Anonymous

    I would prefer a GOOD 3 megapixel camera. 

  • Anonymous

    So I thought I read somewhere where phone manufacturers were not going to flood the market w/ to many phones?  Why didn’t Samsung just release the SIII as the II.  Cant keep up with this stuff!!!  But its cool!!  

  • Obi5683

    Quad-core?  The Exynos 5250 chips are 2 GHz Dual-core chips unless Samsung scraps them for the 5450.  It’s possible, but I’m not holding my breath.

  • Anonymous

    Obligatory I’m glad I passed up the G-Nex post because well all know that a rumored released date might as well be etched in stone and will always be released on Verizon first.


  • Andrew Seraphin

    dont get me wrong people, i love phones technology and gadgets (i own a galaxy nexus)

    but really whats the point of quad cores? the only really awsome thing i see in this picture is a screen streched all the way to the edge

  • I think the question we should be asking is….when is Galaxy Nexus 2 coming out?

    Considering Motorola just gave Rzar owners a middle finger with Rzar Maxx coming out.

  • Enough Said….

  • David Hettinger

    How did Samsung do with the GS2? Being a Galaxy S owner I still feel slighted and am planning on spending my money else where. 

  • Bionic

    Blah blah blah.  I love how all you Nexus people are already talking about wanting this now and it wont be a pure google experience which is why most of you got the nexus.  

    People dont you realize there is ALWAYS something better around the corner?  Im happy with my Bionic until my next upgrade date.  

    • i have a nexus and i definitely wouldnt want this phone even though it will have better specs.

  • ChrisI

    And a battery life of 38 minutes….

    • Butters619

      Whoa! 38 minutes and 12 seconds…..don’t short change them!

    • Bionic

      i dunno, if motorola can cram a 3300mah battery into the maxx?  Why cant samsung?

  • shdowman

    And we wont see it till Christmas 🙁

  • Staticx57

    No regrets buying the nexus as the phone it replaced was broken, but if these specs are true im selling the nexus and getting this.

    • Bewara2009

      You want to sell your plastic phone that you waited so long for, for another plastic phone? 

  • Anonymous

    Only had my nexus a few months…… now I want this! But then I’ll want the next nexus, then the S4, then the next nexus etc… 😛

  • Anonymous

    When are the next gen, more energy efficient LTE chipsets coming out? That’s what I’m waiting for. Quad-core isn’t really a big deal to me (I don’t notice any energy savings with my Transformer Prime and I don’t notice a huge performance boost since I’m not a gamer).

    • Aimesome

      I want this too.  4g is great but it kills my battery so fast.  I still have 18 months on my contract tho so I think they will have it out by then I hope.

    • Obi5683

      You won’t see energy savings until the 28nm quad-cores come out in the fall.

  • Butters619

    Add LTE and stamp an AT&T logo on the back and you have my next phone!

    (saying the rest is true)

  • Bewara2009

    Stuff like this makes be laugh, because its all a joke at the end! 

  • Anonymous

    I imagine we’ll see the SIII much quicker considering the SII sold so well.  Verizon isn’t going to pass this money maker over this time.

    Although I still feel like they’re limiting themselves by using physical or even touch buttons.  Hasn’t anyone else got the memo?  Hardware buttons are out since ICS hit.

    • Butters619

      I don’t think it matters as much because if you look as the SGSII skyrocket HD, the bottom bezel is just as big as the G-Nex but has the capacitive off screen buttons.  So on the home screen you actually get more real estate.

      • Anonymous

        You must not have a Gnex, anytime you play a game or watch a video the buttons disappear completely and you get the entire screen to use.

        • Butters619

          And I guess you can’t read.  I said on the home screen. Where the on screen buttons will be on screen.

          • Anonymous

            You’re still not understanding.  A phone with hardware buttons cannot remove the buttons when you’re watching a video/playing a game like on the Nexus.  So unless the new phones have a screen size of 4.65 not counting the hardware buttons(which will make one big damn phone), then you will still have less real estate when watching videos/playing games/web browsing. 

          • Butters619

            You are still not understanding.  Go look at the Skyrocket HD.  Exact same 4.65″ screen as the G-Nex. Same screen. Same Size. Same real estate.  Now look at the bottom.  Capacitive buttons.  Yet the bottom bezel isn’t as large than the G-Nex.  So you do get more real estate in the same size phone (actually slightly shorter).

            That is what I was saying.  Capacitive buttons don’t add to the size of the phone!

          • Anonymous

            Now I understand you, but before you weren’t making sense.  You basically just reiterated what I said in my last post. The phone would have to have a 4.65” screen in addition to hardware buttons, which will most likely end up making the phone larger or reducing the bottom bezel to a size in which it will be hard to hold the phone without accidentally hitting the hardware buttons like seen on the Skyrocket.

          • Butters619

            Seems like we had a cluster f**k on confusion going on lol.  I get what you were saying, although I feel the small bezel isn’t too much of an issue for accidental hitting.

  • remember the s2 was announced in May but did not show up in the USA until september. same thing is going to happen, that’s 8 months away, dont worry about it yet folks.

    • Doron Zehavi

      Last I checked September (9) minus May (5) = 4 months

      • correct. that means its 7 months away if android release times were consistent…….. yeah…. consistent lol

  • Ron Perlman’s Jaw

    I bet all those Galaxy SII owners are going to be pissed. Samsung just gave a big FU to its loyal customers.


    • azndan4

      Uh… what? GS2 came out in korea a year ago. Contrast that with the difference in time between the Bionic and the RAZR, Droid 3 and the Droid 4, Sensation and the Amaze, etc…

      • Ron Perlman’s Jaw


        • Azndan4

          I just got my e-ass handed to me 🙁

      • Anonymous

        Agreed, azndan.

      • Do you not know what /s means?  It means he is being sarcastic. 

  • Jason Purp

    I have my Nexus; I’m still happy with it; I don’t care about any other phone

    • Bewara2009

      u mad that you are locked in two years?

      • Jason Purp

        No, sweetie. I bought the phone off-contract and have no regrets.

        • Bewara2009

          Sweetie? You want to take that back? 

          • df2rools


          • eze4


          • Jason Purp

            No, honey.

          • Bewara2009

            You don’t get the point here, do you? Not gay! 

          • Carl

            we get the point that you’re a douche with an axe to grind, SWEETIE.

          • Bewara2009

            Of course you will take your boyfriend’s back..

          • You are my boyfriend, and have been all over your back!  Why you frontin’!

          • Turn off your computer, walk outside, and attempt to find a life.

        • Butters619

          Are you mad you dropped that kind of money on the G-Nex?

          • Jason Purp

            I said I have no regrets.

      • Guest

        What am I missing about buying off contract. $700 without contract.  With 2yr contract $250.. use it 5 months and $10 off for each month from the $350.  Pay $300  and get a new fone…, it is still less than $700 off contract?

        • Butters619

          Does Verizon let you do that?  How would you keep your number if you terminated your contract?

          • Matt

            Google Voice.

    • PC_Tool

      Got the G’Nex.  Planning on getting the S3.

      Wife will get the G’Nex when the S3 hits the states.

      Ain’t life grand?  🙂

      • Jason Purp

        If I could afford to do that, I’d do it too. But I can’t, and I don’t mind lol. I love this Nexus so much.

      • Anonymous

        Same here, the nexus is cool but I was expecting more maybe the sgIII will live up to all the expectations…

      • SugaShane

        What’s a wife? 

        • Obi5683

          Something that costs more than your next 100 phones combined.

    • Zeas

      Man, I envy you.  I have the Galaxy Nexus and I hate it so much.  I’m thinking of going back to the Razr.  I just don’t like ICS at all,  The response time is awful and I’m afraid the same thing will happen with the Razr once it gets updated to ICS.

      • Anonymous

        100% with you if the Maxx came out before my return time was up I would have never thought about this nexus. I would return it just for the battery life. But I do think that ics will be better on the razr they will have time to tweak it a bit and put that light layer of blur on top, which I happened to like. The razr seemed to work like the og Droid worked its really to bad they won’t unlock it it totally kills the dev community for it and that is the only reason I have this nexus.

        • Anonymous

          A light layer of blur? Really?!?!

          People can talk about reception issues (something I haven’t had a problem with), but there is no way a G-Nex isn’t one of the smoothest devices ever. It just works.

          • Zeas

            It’s quite smooth but it’s also not consistent, there are too many frame drops through out the UI. And like I said earlier, the response time is awful as it takes longer to open apps than Gingerbread.

          • Might wanna check what apps you have running… this is the first I’ve heard ‘response time’ being an issue on the G-Nex. 

          • Josh Nichols

            Of course it would take time to open apps that aren’t optimized for ICS.

          • Zeas

            If I get my Original Droid, or my Nexus S 4G and open my calculator app, it’s almost instantaneous.  On the Galaxy Nexus/ICS  it takes about an extra half a second.  It might not be much, but my eyes see every single frame drop, and it shouldn’t take longer to open any system app in ICS than it did on Gingerbread.  There are a few posts about it on xda and android forums. 

          • Anonymous

            Yeah, I definitely do not see that one. I don’t know if it is become I came from on OG Droid, but anytime I do anything it handles it as fast and as smooth as I expect.

            I tested it on my OG but it really didn’t matter because I’m running it on ICS as well. Though my Nexus was milliseconds faster repeatedly as expected.

  • Good thing I held off buying the Nexus. I will hack this and get Vanilla, so the Nexus appeal isnt so strong for me. If Verizon doesnt get it, time to switch. Att and Sprint will have LTE coverage in Los Angeles. Being Granfathered into Unlimted is the only thing keeping me on Verizon. But if they pass of on this beauty, f it.

  • DL I inboxed you the rumor specs about 2-3 weeks ago..
    But the processor is different on GSM Arena. I don’t believe the Samasung Galaxy S 3 will have the 1.6Ghz Quad core processor, usually it starts at 1 and then starts going up lol.

  • Anonymous

    Whether this is real or not I don’t care. Either way I am willing to bet VZW does in fact get this phone. Probably not until Q3 but they will have it, and I will be handing the Gnew to my wife and getting this for myself. I just hope this time around the SGSlll line is the same overall design unlike the first gen. I am ready to have a phone with a decent camera again.

    • PC_Tool

      +1  Same here.

  • I want the HTC Zeta’s specs in the HTC Desire S’s shell.  That would be my ultimate phone.

    • Bewara2009

      Everyone has their dream phone!

  • Kellex, thank you for posting that he usually wildly misses. BGR and the other big tech blogs talk about him like he’s God. Engadget called him “the 007 of Cell Phones” (WTF?) More like Barney Fife.

    Remember when he said that Gingerbread would require dual cores?

  • Anonymous

    Please oh please come to verizon this time. Ive been holding out since July 2011.
    Please give me something to trade in my blunderbolt for!

    • Anonymous

      Agree, they passed on the s2 for the underwhelming galaxy nexus go for the s3 this time!

      • Azndan4

        Which Verizon phone out right now is better than the Nexus? Razr? Screen is too wide, resolution is too low, and colors look like crap, and it has a non removable battery.  Rezound?  Too heavy, no ICS.  Spectrum? 4GB internal storage rofl.

        • Bewara2009

          Your best bet will be the Rezound! The Rezound will get ICS by the end of next month. You didn’t hear it from me. 😀

          • Monty Waggoner

            Mine has it. Loving REZROM.

        • Anonymous

          Poor radios+ ton of data issues on the nexus are why it’s underperforming(and yes I have a nexus) Not to mention up until a few months ago qhd was the highest resolution on phones. Plus unless you put the phone a cm from your eye you won’t see any pixels regardless on the razr. The nexus left a lot that should have been fixed before it released.

          • Santadestroy25

            lol cant see the pixels? the razrs pixels are plain as day
            and NO, qhd wasnt thw highest res you could get on a phone

          • Ewwwwww

            I’d have to put the RAZR that close to my face to hide how horribly hideous it is

      • angermeans

        I’m glad we got he galaxy nexus instead of the sgs2. The galaxy nexus is hands down the better phone. The screen is much better, the design is better, ice, and best of all no touchwiz. Not to mention its a dev phone and that’s what I need. You may be having problems with data but I’m having none and the last two 4G late phones I’ve owned were plagued with problems. In six months people will still be getting the nexus line like they did almost a yr later when sprint got the nexus s even to it hasless the specs because people are tired of skins and the many problems. I’m done with oems and their idea of android. I’ve been burned to many times and I’ve searched high and low for a phone as good as the nexus one and have come up short until getting this galaxy nexus. I will wait hoping to see another GED on verizon but will pass on all blur, sense and especially touchwiz devices.

        This was meant for the OP I have no idea why it placed it under your post Chris

  • Jim McClain

    no matter what you buy, you are only 3 to 4 months from having an old out date phone

    • Kuboo99


  • Michael Forte

    So by December we might see it in the US? Not on Verizon of course though. And on another note, can they please get rid of that home button? They’re pretty much asking Apple to sue them .

    • Anonymous

      International version always has the home button, most likely will be removed when it comes to the US.

  • Those are impressive specs!

  • EC8CH

    Verizon should officially be passing on this phone around the end of the year.

    • Anonymous

      sad but true

    • Bewara2009

      u sure about that bro?

      • Stop.  Just stop.

        • It makes sense, the US only just got the Galaxy S2. Living in Europe, I’ll see this phone in April it seems. u jelly/mad/mirin/merlin/berlin/belkin?

  • tjmonkey15

    I could see those being the specs, but I think April is a stretch.  Maybe by mid-summer.

    • April is an estimate for South Korea likely. They always launch in South Korea first.

  • I call fake. Quad cores for phones havent even been legit yet. 

    • Actually there are lefit shown at ces and testing units have been out for the last monrh

      • Anonymous

        Unless the battery lasts a whole day+ with heavy usage, higher specs are useless.

    • Kevin Parlee

      Companion core bro