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Google Offers Available In Five New Cities Starting Today

Google has just launched an additional five locations for their popular Google Offers service.  If you happen to be around Charlotte, Kansas City, Milwaukee, San Antonio or Tampa, then start getting ready for deals in your area. You can find discounts on services, food, and a bunch of other things that are centered around your selected city. Consider it Google’s answer to Groupon. Enjoy!

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Via: Google Commerce

  • GHenius

    Awesome. I knew there was a reason I decided to go to law school in San Antonio!

  • Anonymous

    Posting from Milwaukee. They need more stuff, the brew city will have more stores soon enough

  • Dan

    Posting from Tampa. The content isn’t that much, hopefully more local stores participate.

  • Brian Wenger

    I’ve been getting a lot more emails from them for the past week or so, living in the Charlotte area.

    • Josh Flowers

      same here (in charlotte)
        the Mecklenberg Brewery tour offer this morning wasn’t too shabby.

  • Desert102

    Sweet, downloading now.  I am in the mood for a deal on lunch here in tampa

  • TeflonBilly

    When are they going to start in Las Vegas?

  • Hamholla

    finally some love for the queen city! 

    • Every city is the queen city

      • Rsmith Nikon

        So true.. I moved from Cincinnati (The Queen City) to Charlotte (The Queen City).  Too funny.

  • John

    Hurry up with Nashville already dammit.