Google is Refunding Unused Google Offers Deals, Choice of Cash or Google Play Credits With Bonuses

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If you had previously purchased a deal through Google Offers, but forgot to redeem the offer or use it in a timely manner, Google wants to give you a refund for it, plus potential bonuses. We (along with other readers) received emails within the last day, notifying us that we had unused purchased offers that Google will automatically be refunding us for.  (more…)

Google Maps Update Brings Offers and Indoor Directions to Your Map, Shazam Update Enables Android Beam Tag Sharing

A few interesting updates await you in the Play Store today if you head on over. First up is an update for arguably the best app of all time, Google Maps. The application will now show you Google Offers based on your location, so if you’re walking around downtown you can find where to go to lunch and save some money. The map view of this is particularly handy. Also tucked into this update is “360 degree panoramas inside restaurants and stores” and indoor walking directions for the US and Japan. Both of which can be pretty interesting once they become more widespread.

Shazam also has an update waiting for you, one that enables NFC if you have it. You can “swap tags and share your favorite music” through Android Beam just by tapping your two phones together (provided you both have NFC). Now you can really be that guy who shares the music with all of his friends.

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Google Offers Available In Five New Cities Starting Today

Google has just launched an additional five locations for their popular Google Offers service.  If you happen to be around Charlotte, Kansas City, Milwaukee, San Antonio or Tampa, then start getting ready for deals in your area. You can find discounts on services, food, and a bunch of other things that are centered around your selected city. Consider it Google’s answer to Groupon. Enjoy!

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Google Offers App Goes Live in the Market, Android 4.0 Styling and Notifications For Today’s Goodies


Live in a city that is currently running Google Offers campaigns? Time to go grab the official app so that you can keep track of the ones you have purchased, get notifications for new ones, and redeem them at the point of purchase. And yes, once you choose your Google account at the initial load, it will pull in all of your previously purchased offers and let you know when they expire.

And can I just say that I’m really loving the new styling on all of Google’s apps. This Ice Cream Sandwich kick that they are on is well, the right kick to be on. Polish, minimalism, and functionality have all been the primary focus it seems, and that’s a good thing. This latest Google Offers app is no different. You can quickly login to any of your Google accounts, swipe side-to-side between sections, and get things done much more efficiently.   (more…)

Google Offers Expands to Seattle, Denver, Austin, Boston and DC Starting Today

Back in April, Google Offers launched through three introductory cities:  NYC, Portland and the Bay Area. Today, five new cities have been added to the list as a sign that this service is going no where any time soon.  Deal shoppers in Austin, Boston, Denver, Seattle and the D.C. area can sign up and get to purchasing this very minute.  We should also point out that Facebook axed their Deals department just days ago.  Interesting to say the least.

More info on each city’s initial offers.  Sign up here.

Google Shopper Updated to Version 2.0, Now Includes Google Offers Deals


I’m not exactly sure how popular of an app Google Shopper is, but Google is certainly doing its best to make sure you at least give it a quick glance to see if it can help save you money.  The app received a pretty polished update today which includes its Google Offers program (for select cities, plus NYC as of today), “nearby” deals, and a list of the deals that you have saved for later.  I would assume that this will probably work best for folks in major cities, but hey, why not give it a shot to see it can help save you some hard-earned cash?

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Google Offers Goes Live in Portland to Battle it Out with Groupon

This may not be Android-related yet, but you can bet it will be before long.  Yep, Google activated their new Google Offers program today which will be similar (or exactly the same) to the services offered by companies like Groupon and Living Social.  A 1-day deal on a product or service for a fraction of its original price is the scheme, and my fine friends in Portland, Oregon get to experience it all first.  Assuming the beta test here in P-town takes off, the plan is for Google to expend to NYC and then the Bay Area.

And when I say that it’s not Android-related “yet,” that’s because we’re assuming it’ll only be a matter of weeks before an update to Google Maps goes live with Google Offers integration.  Or maybe even a Google Offers stand-alone app?  It only makes sense.

Portlanders, sign up here!

Cheers 0mie!