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Ice Cream Sandwich Update Rolling Out to XOOM WiFi Now

At the tail end of last week, an Ice Cream Sandwich update file for the Motorola XOOM WiFi was posted up across the interwebs, giving experienced users a chance for manual installation. If those instructions appeared to be too much work, you no longer have to wait to update. The update, according to the flood of emails in our inbox, is rolling out now to all XOOM WiFi models.

To pull it, cruise into Settings>About tablet>System updates.

Cheers Max, Zeph, Brian and Nicolas!

  • MontyBest

    I don’t know what planet you are all on but here in London (UK) Ice Cream is only available in a frozen form.

    I will not buy a Xoom again, so Google you lost another customer!

  • Anonymous

    ICS is here in Orlando! Loading it now. 
    I have to say that despite all the complaints, my Xoom has been wonderful to me. I use it for gaming, movies, and to combat boredom during travels. It has been an absolute life saver. It follows me throughout my house and I love it.

    For some reason, people expect entirely too much perfection out of these devices. Between my GNEX and Xoom and I thoroughly satisfied. I made the cross over from Blackberry 2 years ago and I am absolutely thrilled with Android OS. I have an iMac for personal computing and I was never compelled to get the iPhone because it is simple to small for man-sized hands. I love the UI but they need to upsize that phone unless they just want to target women and petite males.

  • I received the ICS update this am (1/19/2012) on my Motorola XOOM. It
    went smoothly and took no more than 10 minutes. Why did they eliminate
    the + sign from the upper right hand corner in order to see all five
    menu windows at one time?

  • Lancemason

    Just got mine today. Virginia. 😀

  • Anonymous

    Still no update for me 🙁

  • Jrob

    Can I pull the update with an unlocked bootloader? Haven’t been able to pull so far and wonder if this is the issue.

  • WiFyXoomY

    No ICS in Huntington Beach, California :'(

  • Lord Stick Max

    Where is my update damn it!

  • Changito17

    Does the update erase all your data??

  • Dabruise

    too much bitching and whineing on this site now adays

    • DWM

      And you just added to it…

  • DWM

    Anyone know what order they’re rolling this out in? I still haven’t gotten it, but my co-worker sitting in the same building as me got it already.

    • It is most likely done randomly or by modle number (S/N)

    • DWM

      I finally got my ICS update at about 11pm MT last night. Gotta say, it is just as good as it is on my Galaxy Nexus. 🙂

  • Fdcookin

    In AZ at 10:15. No uodate yet

  • Cubsoxs87

    My say it up up to date 🙁

  • Cjgm86

    Mine says dowload failed, and when i press the retry option nothing happens, i already try rebooting. What can i do?

  • FortitudineVincimus

    Motorola Xoom… bwww ha haa ha

  • Hell, yes!   Thank you Googarola!   Now Verizon just needs to get their sheit together and finish testing for the 3/4G users.

  • Tom

    is that a task killer i see on your xoom Kellex dont make me break out my 100s  blog posts telling you why you don’t need one  

  • Rendar UDL

    Bah. 11am EST (Roughly) in Westhampton, NY and still nothing.

    • Tom

      same in fairport ny my finger is hurting from hitting the check for update button to many times

  • rob

    What do rooted users have to do to get this?

  • J_

    I remember when google released the ICS source and everyone was sure CM9 would be out by the time Motoroala got around to releasing ICS.  Sure there’s a few unofficial CM9 roms out there, but it would have been nice to see CM come out ahead on this one.

  • Too bad I gave up on the Xoom months ago. Motofail.

    • yes it is too bad, because now it has ICS. You lose.

  • Tony Psaltis

    Been waiting for this for quite some time. Just checked. No update for me quite yet.  ;-(.  

    I’m sure I’ll be checking frequently as the day progresses.  I hope it gets here soon. I don’t think I can wait any longer.

  • QtDL

    Do your part internet lovers. Sign this if you haven’t already.

  • So don’t expect 3g/4g rollout until summer. Thanks Verizon!

  • Matt

    Got mine this morning in CT.  I can’t seem to find the face unlock feature, do we not get this?

    • Jon Wolff

      Didn’t check mine to see if it is there, but if it is it would be under settings->security->screen lock

      • Matt

        That’s what I thought, so it looks like we don’t get it. Only things I’m seeing are: Slide, Pattern, Pin and Password.

  • Aaron Antaya

    Anyone know if this will also hit the xoom Family edition? I am assuming they are pretty much the same build.

    • nope, different device, different kernel, different software build. When in the history of anything Android has an exact build for one device worked on another device without changing anything? Never.

    • Anonymous

      Only thing the family edition has in common with the Google Experience version is the name, and the Tegra chipset…

  • startingtohatevzw

    any idea when this will be available for the 3G version?

  • Anonymous

    Time to sell my 3G Xoom

  • Dacox25

    Bit it. Feels like a brand new tablet again 🙂

  • Kayjay45

    Still waiting.. oklahoma

  • BroRob

    Are the SD card issues fixed on the Xoom yet? I just might have to pick up a used Xoom if it is.

  • Anonymous

    Galaxy Tab 10.1 please….

  • Jpv190

    My Xoom Wi-Fi hasn’t gotten the update yet, even when trying to retrieve i get no update, it says 3.2.1 is “up to date”, WTF! I want that OTA too!

    • Anonymous

      Exactly like mine. mine is the American WiFi version. I don’t know why it says this.

      • They push OTAs in waves so their servers don’t get crushed… Try hitting the refresh, or reboot every now and then, you’ll get it eventually since you’re on the right Xoom (US WiFi)

        • Anonymous

          Finally got the update. Thanx

  • I spent a total of about 7 hours of hacking and bought a special cord so I could get this on my Xoom over the weekend lol, I should have been patient…. But boy does it run better

    • droidrev71

      7 hours? You should of waited..jk

  • Got the update in about 5 minutes, working great. Its like a brand new tablet!

  • jwoolf

    Xoom 3G owners were told they would be upgraded to 4G LTE within two months of purchase. That turned to late June 2011. That turned to the end of July. Then by September. Then sometime around  October it happens, right after Samsung is out with their 4G tablet. Then VZ drops the price by a few hundred. First stop is 599 then 299.  3G Xoom was not the worst tablet computer but the worst purchase of  2011.
    FU VZ.

    • James Payne

      I have to completely agree with this.  Premium cost for sub par service.

    • bmor06

      Yeah but we got a free dock with the upgrade

    • This is why I will never buy a Motorola product again. Nothing but false promises and delays.

      • Anonymous

        I completely agree. Motorola seriously is garbage. I’ve come to a point that i’m considering going over the dark side “Apple”. Everything runs more fluid and the GALAXY NEXUS was a complete disappointment.  

        • BillyT

          How on Earth can anyone credibly label the Galaxy Nexus a “complete disappointment”?  What exactly did it promise that it failed to deliver?  As an owner of iPhone 3, 3GS, 4, 4S, OG Droid, Incredible, X, X2, Thunderbolt, and Bionic (I manage a HUGE number of wireless accounts ok?)  I can honestly saw this is NOT a perfect phone, but certainly the best I have ever carried.  I get it – they hype was insane, but those fueling the fire need a serious dose of reality – it is the first ICS phone and it is a great device.

          • Anonymous

            Billy, don’t even waste your time. That’s just another fanboy in here attempting to incite a poop fight. I wish the fanboys would just stay in their forums. How hard is that?

    • and whats this got to do with the Wifi Xoom? Bloody idiots…

  • Erik Bond

    Nothing yet in southern Jersey. I had my mom bring my Xoom to me at work specifically for this haha

  • Jbrockie

    Woke up to a nice gift, installing as we speak

  • To those saying that they don’t have the update. Just be calm, and hit the “check now” button every hour or so. You’ll get the update soon. 

    • Anonymous

      I hope so.

  • Yoj

    is that only for the US, because I live in the UK and my Xoom didn’t receive an update yet

  • Connecticut – Not yet..

  • Timothy

    when is gt 10.1 getting it ?

  • Anonymous

    I just tried it here in Southern New Jersey at 5:57am and still nothing!!

  • Max

    Thanks for the credit 🙂  And just FYI, for those of you still trying to grab the update, I’m from Iowa, if region has anything to do with it.

  • Haven’t receive mine yet

  • Cleis04

    Outside DC, checked at 5:45 am, no update

  • Dave Diamond

    Yeahhhh, it’s like Christmas morning all over again!! The upgrade is in progress now! That startup animation was pretty cool. Hey, I type so slowly on my phone that the upgrade is done!! Byezzzzz!! 🙂

  • Wmsco51

    Not yet Midwest

  • Bmaias1989

    Nice, received the update 15 minutes ago or roughly 2am PST.

  • Ndwiggins23

    Oh, thanks for giving me credit!


    • Ndwiggins23

      I feel honored to have your logo on a screenshot of my device!

  • Thanks for the “cheers.” Glad I could help.

    • Though I still can’t pull the update.

  • Crazydog

    Is this the same as the earlier release? If not, anyone know if I’ll get an update if I’m running the earlier one?

  • P33chy_K33n

    Any ideas as to when 3G/4G Xoom will get updated?

    • Guest

      2 to 4 weeks from WiFi push usually.  Has to be approved by VZW first.

      • Xiermail

        Look forward to the LTE release…. I have Ipad’s, GTab’s but continue to use my XooM on a daily basis.  Love ICS on my GNEX and want to see how it runs on the Tab.

  • jbon

    from my og TF….. your the man xoom…. but that screen we need to get you some girls

  • Totally sucks that 3G/4G models seem to be left out of this.

    • The update has to be carrier approved first. Sorry.