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Asus Transformer Prime Update Rolling Out as Build

The Asus Transformer Prime has an update available as build So far, we have absolutely no idea what it is fixing, but we will be on the lookout for a changelog. In the mean time, be sure to pull it by heading into Settings>About tablet>System firmware update.

Update: It appears now to be another GPS and camera update.

Cheers FAL_Fan and Joe!

  • Jae

    Folks….don’t even rely on Best Buy web – keep calling. I got my Prime about 8 days ago – they had 10 delivered and it wasn’t even posted on Web yet…

  • Amanji

    I still have Issues with teh horizontal banding!!!

  • Doga

    @Asus Replace our backplate or give us a TF700 #transformerprime 

  • S9779

    I returned mine today. Multiple crashes a day crap fps even after this last patch and my screen was flickering. Sorry Asia get someone else to pay you 500 bucks to be your bata tester.

  • Does anyone know how to re-root if accidently forgot to use
    root keeper?

    • Anonymous

      Right now as far as I know you cannot

  • Doug

    I bought my tablet from BB Mobile yesterday, and canceled my amazon.com preorder! Its the best tablet on on the market!

    1. Go to http://www.bestbuy.com/site/olstemplatemapper.jsp?id=pcat17006&type=page&sourceId=1218450204286&sourceType=product&skuId=4038674&productId=1218450204286&itemId=1679045&contract_desc=2+YEARS+NEW&pageMode=searchmode
    2. Its available in four stores nearby myself in VA
    3. Call and have them place it on hold 
    3. Get your TP Today!!

  • Does the update fix the UNKNOWN SERIAL issue that some are having?

  • Anonymous

    Office Depot has the Grey in stock right now.

  • Anonymous

    Tiger Direct. Found out about them having it in stock at nowinstock.net – http://www.nowinstock.net/computers/tablets/asus/

    • Anonymous

      My replies weren’t being nested where I clicked “Reply” Sorry about the multiple posts!

  • Anonymous

    Tiger Direct. Found out about them having it in stock at http://www.nowinstock.net/computers/tablets/asus/

  • Anonymous

    Tiger Direct. Found out about them having it in stock at http://www.nowinstock.net/computers/tablets/asus/

  • Anonymous

    Will get to try it out tonight. My Prime is coming tonight!

    • Vtxtank

      Where did you order it from?

  • Vtxtank

    Love that Asus is sending out updates!!  Wishing and wondering where to buy a Prime at?  Any help!! I have been everywhere.  Can not even get one online and keep the confirmation.

  • Got the update, but my rear camera still acting like the exposure is set to -5.  Front is fine.  Has anyone else experienced this?

  • Bobbylapierre

    I preordered a champagne colored one with keyboard from bestbuy November 28th. Still don’t have it. Was told by bb that asus isn’t making the gold one anymore. Asus said that was a lie. I just want my prime…….

    • Anonymous

      I feel your pain, I ordered the Champagne on 11/22, as soon as pre-orders were available at BB.  I ended up taking the deal from them and getting the Gray one about 2 weeks after release.

      • Anonymous

        I pre-ordered champagne as well and never got it. I found one at B&H photo and ordered it instead.

  • 好文章,转啦

  • Love my Prime – payed a little extra to get it now but well worth it. The Xyboard is cool, but VZ wants too much $$.

  • Wachka

    Hahaaaaaaa! Im at a McDonalds parking lot typing this. Yes, I was driving around testing the GPS Nav. Good Job Asus!! Now I have a 10.1″ tablet to show me the way home. (2 blocks down)

  • 93techxx

    Asus prime and the onlive app and the Wireless onlive controller #winning 🙂 with no lag!

  • Chris Sturmer

    I’m curious to what it fixed also?? Just Installed… I Love ASUS

    • 93techxx

      That’s what she said

  • 带上诚挚的祝福,怀着思念的心情,走在团圆的日子,送去岁末的祝愿,愿一家团圆,愿岁岁平安,愿身体健康,愿万事吉祥。愿你除夕快乐!

  • Adam Horowitz

    This appears to have fixed the horizontal banding I was experiencing. Wifi seems the same. How’s everyone’s GPS doing?

  • Anonymous

    Crazy! I have been in two Best Buys in the last week and nothing, just blank space where they should be displayed.  I am even friends with one dude in the computer department of one store and he couldn’t help. That is about 500 miles from where I live though, so he can’t pull one aside when they get more in either.

    • Anonymous

      I gave up on Best Buy. I snagged one from B&H when they were in stock one day. Best Buy has a lot better return policy, but I’m pretty sure I’ll be just fine with it.

    • Anonymous

      I used nowinstock.net and tiger direct had the champagne version on Tuesday. Mine is being delivered tonight! Office Depot is showing as having some Grey in stock right now. From: 

      • Anonymous

        And now they’re out of stock at Office Depot – hopefully some of you got lucky!!!

  • Changes:

    GPS Driver updatedWifi Driver updatedMenu key for non-tablet apps is now dots instead of linesFixes the screen errors after updating to Ice Cream Sandwich.

    Your welcome. lol

    • 95cobby

      The update did not break root for me…?

      • It does if you don’t restore it back with Voodoo. Other then that, your golden. 🙂

        • 95cobby

          Ah yup you’re right.. I went in to voodoo just to look and i had to restore root. Weird because it granted apps superuser permissions before I did that

    • I still have lines for non-ICS apps?

  • Destroythanet

    Updating now. I’ll post here if I notice any improvements.

  • Just installed my update lets see

  • Anonymous

    Wow. I got the update.
    Oh wait. I didn’t.
    Oh wait. I still don’t have the tablet.
    Oh wait. I ordered it a month ago.
    Oh wait. It’s ASUS.

    • Dog

      BestBuy stores are stocking them now, check here for your local stores (make sure to include BB Mobile stores in your search) and Cancel your pre-order! (Amazon will never have it in stock)


      • Anonymous
        • Doug

          Check BB Mobile stores also! Or try my zip code 24066.

        • Doug

          I found two stores that have them near you. BB should pay me for this.

          • Anonymous


  • Ryan C

    Hopefully its the ad-hoc support or a fix to whatever they did to break the ability to wifi-tether from a phone to it from honeycomb to ICS.

  • Anonymous

    Where can you buy one at the moment? Without paying 40% over retail?

    • just picked one up at best buy today.  all the onlie locators say that they are all out of stock, but i went in and asked them to check the in store locator and there were a few available in portland.

    • I got an email from Newegg saying it’s available again a few hours ago, so I’d say check there.

      • Anonymous

        Checked there before posting and just checked again.  Type in transformer prime in search and can’t even find it, just a bunch of toys.  Even changed department to pcs and laptops.  I must be stoooopid. LOL

        • Yeah Newegg fails…  Even though I got the email about 9:30 I just checked the link it gives and it say they’re out of stock.

    • Trbasil

      Ordered mine friday from office depot, ups man delevered it yesterday. If not for the weekend and mlk day it would of came sooner.

    • Anonymous

      Honestly, go into best buy and ask, the customer service people in store can look into whether they have them or not and where they do have them locally. I did and I got mine right on the spot.

    • Anonymous
      • Anonymous

        That’s where I found a champagne one this Tuesday. It’s being delivered tonight! (Thursday)

    • Anonymous

      bought mine at hhgregg for $440 after taxes last week just hours before it posted here. They said that they will have more in stock soon at the $399.99 pricing. keep an eye on hhgregg

  • Shamo316

    yay, they updated the browser wayyyy faster now and dosnt freeze anymore

    • i have a ton of freezes on the YouTube application, kinda frustrating sometimes. Hopefully this fixes that as well. 

    • Matt


  • Chris G

    ASs i’m heading to bed, i’ll wait for morning and a change log, but always excited by OS updates

  • djembeman

    Still on Honeycomb right?

    • No, we’ve had ICS for about a week now, the XOOM wifi just got it today.

  • Everblazingboy

    Can’t wait for my ATP but i have to wait until Feb btw Asus is killing um with updates

  • you wont believe this but GPS is working better now!

    • Hah seriously? Updating mine now.

    • Drive around town! Find out for us, its only real flaw is the gps

  • Here comes all the Prime hate from jealous non owners. 

    • Andrew Flores

      I updated.Ran GPS test on both my Evo 4G and Prime but none of them pick up any satellites while indoors at work..I will try later during lunch

      • QtDL

        Maybe you work in a bubble like me. I can only ever get 2 bars max for 3G and 4G in my office. GPS takes a while too. As soon as I step outside (about 20 feet), I get full bars on 3G and 4G. No trouble w/ GPS lock either.