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Tuesday Poll: State of Your Android Phone – Rooted, Stock, or ROM?

It has been a while since we asked the DL community how their phone rolls when it comes to rooting. And since a certain root-friendly device was released last month on Verizon, it’s about time we ask again to get a feel for it all. Are you unrooted and sticking with what the manufacturer has provided? Are you rooted, but not interested in changing anything substantially? Or did you go all in and toss on a custom ROM, theme, kernel, etc.?

As always, feel free to leave your setup in the comments – specific phone, ROM, theme, and kernel are appreciated.

How does your phone roll?

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  • Gage

    I have Droid Bionic rooted with Superuser Elite will i lose root when i get a OTA update?

  • Does temp root count as rooted?

  • Granted

    Saints Row: The Third Purple Penetrator Bat, rooted, Sexzual Assault ROM, Caramel Popcorn kernel skin stuck at the very back of my tongue, underclocked to 584.632.€+*6, I ran over Aaron’s foot with my Jetta and I always wanted to copulate with his sister but I moved before I could facilitate the sticky-time.254.

  • Q

    Galaxy Nexus stock.. no reason to mess with it

    • Cmoney0619

      That’s what I thought until I tried some of the roms out. Makes a great phone even better!

      • Granted

        I’m beginning to see an insecure pattern with the answers to everyone who posts that as their setup. My response to this response being case and point evidence.

  • The Guy From the Corner

    EVO 4G running R3C0NF1GUR3D ROM and Toast Kernel with LunarUI. Holding onto this configuration until GNex on Sprint…

  • Anonymous

    I’m on HBOOT 1.50 on my EVO 3D and after reading about all the crap users have to go through in order to use it I’m holding out until Revolution and do it.

  • Jim McClain

    everyones favorite word is  ‘bloatware’  the nexus has 32 gig,i dont see anything they put on there that is taking up much room

  • wow majority are stock unrooted? crazy

    • Anonymous

      And that’s only of those who read this site, which are generally enthusiasts. CRAZY!!!

  • edwards311

    Still hanging on to the Droid X…..rom: CM4DX on GB kernel, OC’d to 1.15ghz and currently themed w/ ICS Purple in support of the BMORE RAVENS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    AFC Championship here we come!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    With so much RAM and dual core CPU’s in today’s phones, most people don’t want root, only because once you root a phone it becomes a high maintenance phone as oppose to a non-rooted phone is low maintenance. I had the Droid 1 for two years and I was rooted and themed and use several different kernels and it was something I always had to stay on top of. Updates, sometimes the camera didn’t work, or I could not get MMS messages, or something. For the most part I don’t even have to reboot my phone everyday now like when I was rooted. Plus the main reason I first rooted was because of that ugly grey status bar. Now with todays black or blue bars it actually looks pretty good. My phone runs great, and performs even better, I don’t want to tether cause i have allot of kids and they will always want my tethering on when I get home. My 4G is so fast i can’t even think of 3G anymore. I’m just happy with not having to mess with it every day. 

  • All you uneducated*  ( *have not taken the 10 min of reading time on flashing roms ) people who act like flashing a rom is impossible…or takes…SOOOO much time to do….You clearly have no idea what you are talking about…go play on itunes…you belong there. 

    • Raven

      I have rooted all 4 different Android devices that I have owned, yet I have never flashed a ROM.  Why?  I just haven’t seen anything that made me interested enough in doing it.  I doubt flashing a ROM would take that long.  It is the reinstalling of the 544 apps that I have installed (even with Titanium Backup) that does not interest me much.
      * I am a Computer Systems Engineer, Linux System Administrator, and Java programmer by trade.

  • Anonymous

    Does anyone know if there is a ROM for droid X in ICS verision that actually works?

  • No WAY? that many people don’t have root?  and you read this site? wtf…very odd…how do you have a phone and not root it? honestly? wierd. shows how many people actually do NOTHING with their phones. i’m very very surprised on that vote.

  • Stock rooted galaxy nexus unlocked bootloader

  • Droid X, stock .602 build, rooted, debloated, ADWLauncher EX, ICS theme for ADW, used Rom Toolbox to change status bar icons, boot animation, etc..  Have used several ROM’s over the last year, including RevNumbers CM7 (my favorite), have SBF’d several times, and have actually taken the phone apart to repair the micro USB port (it was loose and wouldn’t charge or connect to the PC).  Went back to stock .602 for several reasons (I like the Blur email, dialer, camera, battery life).

    Would consider upgrading to the Razr Maxx, except that I prefer the screen on my X to the Razr screen – have compared them side by side, same brightness, same screens and websites and the Razr seems grainy (assuming this it the result of the Pentile screen) compared to the X.

  • Christopher Hill

    Will D3 never get CM7?!  Forever stock…

  • Wwscott11

    My phone is running .991 and I love it, the Battery is good for 12hrs or better.

  • luislm

    I’ve got CM7.1 in a Galaxy S2. Although it has some bugs, it is better than the TouchWiz Samsung interface. Battery life is better as well, because you do not have all the applications installed by default.

  • Anonymous

    Tough one! I bounce between some roms that have custom kernels and/or themes.

  • Need to be able to respond more than once.  My daily driver that is on my primary line is my GNex which is still stock no root.  Mostly because I have been renting a lot of movies lately from Google and don’t want to always carry my LTE XOOM which is also stock no root for the same reason.  But then there is my NS4G that is not only rooted but running my own flavor of ICS.  I have that phone running 4.0.3 with a mix of AOSP and pete’s BB built from source though not just lumped in.  Every build is compiled by me.  Then there is the OG running CM7 and my DX 2 that I have rooted and will be putting CM7 that was released on shortly.  I think that covers most of my devices.  Oh yeah then there is the Google TV Revue that I have running stock as well.

  • PC_Tool

    Galaxy Nexus – AOKP Build 19 – GladOS 1.2 (105-125).

  • BroRob

    TBolt w/ CM7 and IMPATIENTLY waiting for CM9! 😉

  • Anonymous

    I’m waiting for CM9 to drop, then I’ll be installing it on my GNex.

  • Monty Waggoner

    I’m way in the minority with my rooted, custom rom. Well I guess I had better look at some kernels. I’ve been meaning to, but the Rezound is so … different. 

  • Taipayi

    Rooted running AOKP 19 w/ Franco kernel 12. N goodgodman it flys! Using Antutu benchmark my device jumper over a 1400 point increase. On top of that I can customize clock,battery bar, soft key colors. I also have the option to use nova launcher, and a search key, wireless tether. I can’t OC n speadtweaks in the roms performance menu(if u don’t have setcpu). Haven’t had any problems. Its a fast stable rom. 🙂

    D2g – Liberty rom

    Thunderbolt – Cm7/Soab v4
    IMO kernel

    • Taipayi

      I meant to say I can Oc in from menu. Sorry. 🙂

      • Cmoney0619

        Franco has 13 up now. Go update 😉

  • dns2k

    Staying with BB, 4g and GPS broken on 19 AOKP and I’m bailing on it. Like the mods a lot but once BB hits final it’ll rule.

    • PC_Tool


      4G and GPS working fine on AOKP 19, here. 

    •  You need to format /system and wipe /data and flash AOKP b19 again.  GPS and LTE work just fine.

  • Anonymous

    Having the Galaxy Nexus means someone that understands exactly what android really is. Stock is android and choice with options will never be beat. I roll right at this moment stock unrooted but just knowing everydsy that passes will offer new roms and various options i am patient. There is plenty of time to tinker just knowing i can is worth every penny….

  • I have every intention to unlock and root. I don’t have any problem resetting any of my apps, I like to tinker and reinstall things. Right now I’m enjoying the experience, and the experience is great on my ICS Device.

  • Drew Chapman

    Galaxy Nexus running the latest build of Fabulous’ rom. Super smooth. Loved Axiom before Droidth3ory dipped. Still have my Droid x with Apex by Fab which still works like a knife cutting butter.

  • strykes

    Rooted, ROM’d (Redemption) and kernel’d (Imo’s lean 1.6.6 stable). No themes. Love the look of regular ICS but adore the performance and battery boost my favorite devs give me. Love, love this phone. 

  • Skyskioc

    stock with no root at the top of the vote list ? what are you afraid of ? UNLOCK THAT BOOTLOADER and get to customizing ! You wont be disappointed really !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • chill dude. its called motorola. and yes i know u can still root. we want to, believe me.

  • Cmonnats23

    stock for the win

  • Corey Thiel

    I refuse to put a ROM on my rooted Galaxy Nexus until CM9 is officially out.

    • Tim242

      Exactly! That’s what I’m waiting on : )

  • TankerTough

    Galaxy Nexus rooted running BuglessBeast ROM. It has no customization options but runs solid and you can make changes to it via flashing SD card or Metamorph app.

  • Jessy Hefner

    OG Droid, Bugless Beast Gingerbread, 1.2 GHz

  • Anonymous

    Rooted running ViviousMIUI V5

  • Tomgillotti

    Nexus, rooted, stock. Have rooted several phones/tablets before. Never done a custom ROM.

  • Ukxk189

    DROID X, Liberty 3 2.0, my own theme.

  • eaglerare

    Droid x liberty 3.0

  • Anonymous

    Just got my DInc2 today, sidegraded from a DX. Good to be able to flash whatever I want. Currently just CM7 though, it’s nice to have it stable.

  • weapon x

    DROID Razr, rooted, debloated,safestrapped, running ROM Razrx1.1 with ICS theme. ADW Launcher ex.
    Insanely Awesome.

  • Marcus Reid

    I was always using CM for my Inc and wife DX. then I found MIUI and been rocking it ever since.  My rom of choice and updated pretty much every Friday.  Flash custom Incredikernel boost performance and battery.  Once one figures out how to backup data/rom the scare tactic of losing anything pretty much disappears  

    • Anonymous

      This week on FEAR FACTOR. 😀

  • dns2k

    Nexus w/ BB as my daily driver ROM (Pete does it best)
    Currently testing AOKP 19 with a bunch of mods w/standard launcher
    We need a rom discussion post like the old OG days

  • Aroldan284

    Rooted Droid 3 and am using Hash codes. Ics alpha #5 build.

    • Anonymous

      Thanks searching this now lol

  • Anonymous

    Root came immediately after I turned it on. ROM came when there were some customizations I wanted that aren’t available on an odexed ROM.

    The ability to run 280 dpi, wireless tether, light flow, and just because I can lead me to root

    The ability to change the softkeys (I need my search bar and turned the long press home back to recent apps) and the ability to write to NFC tags are the only things that lead me to ROM.

    Best part is, the ROMS are increasing customization, and are not being used to fix problems.

  • J Bry

    Galaxy S, Rooted
    Glitch V13 Kernel oc’d to 1.3GHz
    Current ROM: MIUI 1.12.9
    Alternate backed up ROM: CM7.1
    I understand not wanting to mod your phone- it’s not for everybody. But it is for me…

    • balls

      +1 for glitch kernel

    • PC_Tool

      +1 again.  Glitch’s kernels rock.

      I wish they had a G’Nex….my Fascinate is rocking their ICS V14 beta right now…the best any of my phones have ever run is on Glitch kernels.

      We *need* to figure out a way to get those guys a G’Nex….

  • Christopher Riner

    I had a feeling this was going to be one of those all-or-none polls.  Although I kind of figured there would be more rooted users. 

    That being said, I’m currently trying out codename (not the greatest battery life but I love changing my softkey colors constantly), with the matrix kernel.  I don’t have a total theme going on, but I have the joker-face icons on my gmail, messaging, and browser, and I have inverted gapps.  I’ll prolly try out the splash of red theme, and the black and cyan looks sweet.  

    oh yeah… and as far as which phone I have…..nexus.  Galaxy, nexus.  

  • hhbignose

    GNex running Axi0m 2.5 with Francos Latest kernel (12) i think, its faster then it was stock, battery life is also better. also fixed the idle drain, added in pulldown widgets and on screen music controls that work with anything 

  • no way im rooting my nexus

    • Tim242

      What? Why? It is meant to be! : )

  • Anonymous

    Skyraider Zeus Thunderbolt

    Stock kernel is good enough for me

  • Igotgame

    GNex running AOKP 19 and Imoseyon’s Leankernel.

    There are a few roms for GNex that blow staying stock out of the water in terms of features and battery life.

    Also, I hope no one is saying that “There are no stable Roms for Galaxy Nexus” because that would be a flat out lie.

  • Kuboo99

    I am rocking CM9 kang on my Gnex (really good standby battery life) and then Liberty 3.0 on my DX which in airplane mode has absolutely ridiculous battery life.

  • Interstellarmind

    Stock, unrooted, UNLOCKED.

  • Root, custom ROM, kernel, ICS theme running on an LG G2X. This phone sucks btw. Life is NOT Good. 🙂


      lol, switch to a gnex on vz. Life is good here.. 🙂

      • $$$ Is the issue right now. = I would if it was free! lol. Loved the gnex my friend has. But paying $30/month for my plan, and I got the phone free in the contest is good for me right now. I hope T-Mobile gets some good stuff! (Gnex?)

        • GNEX(MOTOX)

          Yea i understand. For me/ my family its i think 250-300 a month usually..it is high..i agree but i have a nice rep and on phones, accessories..he gives me discounts and such and thetwork is great. I cant argue with that. But yea i understand though verizon has an unli but mited plan for 30 and nt for i think 40? Cant remember but it is what it is. I upgraded to the nexud as you can tell. Its just fhat new not buggy feeling i got with the droid x or thunderbolt or incred if you know what i mean. I also just dont feel the need to root..but im also lazy :p

          • Yeah, it’s more of a financial reason for me. Sad story of a college student type thing. 😛 Paying $30/month for data/mins and texting is good for me right now. I just want a better phone to come out on t-mobile that I can buy. The galaxy nexus would be welcomed!

            I gotta root! I have a few apps I use that use root and I can’t go without cyanogenmod (especially on this lg g2x to fix bugs). And then there’s themes so yeah. 😀

  • Droid 3 :: Rooted, Liberty 2.0 Gold ROM + TBH Radiocomm.

    First I was rooted stock but debloated (build 5.5.895 ?), but that wasnt good enough. batterylife was still horrid, phone would be dead in 5hrs just being on standby.

    Since build 5.6.980 has been out for months, with some significant software fixes, particularly to the camera software, I will have to flash back to stock for the update. Since Im flashing back to stock anyway, I just went the whole shebang & went for the Liberty ROM that deBlurs quite a bit leaving only Dialer, Contacts, and Camera, while most are replaced w AOSP apps.

    Battery life survived 16hrs Standby with 15% remaining in the bedroom where it had poor 3G signal.

    I hate to say it, 
    ..but I had to root my phone just for it to work like it’s sppose to out of the box.
    I miss the AOSP of my Droid 1.

  • jojo4747

    Rooted droid 3, and constantly switching between Mav Rom and Hash’s ics rom between releases.


    @AG:disqus us guys on stock…don’t feel like rooting or etc…because we’ll we are lazy, and or lol, just want the official update.. yea i know it comes out earlier on roms most times but i really don’t care and battery lasts me 10 hours with moderate heavy usage on the normal battery… buying the extended battery. Im really fine. I just don’t feel i have the need to root.

  • AG

    The Bugless Beast ROM doubled my battery life!  All of you guys on stock don’t know what you are missing.

  • franzie3

    Galaxy nexus, unlocked and rooted running code name android version 1.1.1 rom and imoseyon 1.6.6 kernel.

    very happy with this setup. Battery life is outstanding

  • Jim McClain

    have never seen the benefit of rooting

    • Tim242

      1. Remove bloat. 2. Wireless Tether. 3. Screenshots. 4. Latest software.

      • Jim McClain

        got 32 gig, dont know what bloat you are talking about, but it cant take up much room, 

  • With great stuff like Launchers, I’ve never really seen a need for root, etc.  I have Go Launcher EX on my Droid X and love it.

    • Christopher Riner

      yeah, but launchers are the biggest thing to eventually slow your phone down.  They are one HUGE extra process that your phone is running, whereas a rom is built into the code, so it runs  as tho its isn’t an extra process at all (because it isn’t).  Themes, too– themes on roms are built in to the code.  For example, I had GOsms on my charge, with a cool tron theme on it.  Anytime I wanted to play gun brothers, I had to go in and force close my messaging program just so that gun bros wouldn’t freeze up.

      To each his own; I am an understandable guy and see why some people just don’t want to screw their phones up, but at the same time I will say this– there are very, VERY few people who have ever started romming their phones, who have decided to go back and only enjoy the stock experience.  Once they see all of the benefits of being rooted, they have a hard time making an valid enough argument to themselves to go back. Those who have had probably done something wrong when they were rooted, or didn’t take the time to learn what they were doing before they did it.  Otherwise, I can’t see why anyone wouldn’t want to enjoy all of the benefits of having custom roms and kernels– especially now that the g-nex is out.  The support that it is receiving is simply unbelievable.

  • joe

    Can anyone please tell me how to root my bionic….I just want free wifi tether

    • Anonymous

      Verizon will catch you. Maybe not today, maybe not tommorow….but I hope, wish, dream and pray that when they do they kick to straight to prepaid.

      Also thank you. Its comments like yours are the reason why we dont have unlockable bootloaders. You really think Verizon doesnt read this? 

      • Mack

        I really do not like you. As if verizon had not idea, until Joe’s comment, that people were rooting their phones and tethering for free…

        How does his comment have anything to do with bootloaders? There are phones on verizon that are unlockable. Comments like yours are starting to ruin this site for me (been coming here for a while) and usually I can tolerate it.

        • Anonymous

          If you havnt noticed, whats the first thing people asked here once they got their beloved Nexus?

          Not “how do I root?” or “anyone know of some cool apps or roms?”. Nope.

          THE number one question was “how do I get free tethering?” Its people like that, abusing the system(some even commented here stating they have used over 160GB) that screw it for the rest of us.

          Oh and for the record I couldnt care less about you. The iNexus idiots long since ruined this site. Get over it. 

          • Mack

            I never asked if you cared about me, nor am I keeping a record about it. The nexus crowd I can tolerate, it’s guys like you that piss me off. (“You want to know what really grinds my gears?” haha) Btw it’s not something to be “over” because unfortunately there is nothing I can do about it.   

          • Anonymous

            You sure? I coulda swore you were writing this all down. 

            Im glad I piss you off btw. Thanks for giving me that gratification. 

          • Mack

            Haha my bad man, I can be misleading at times. 🙂

            As long as I’m making you happy and putting a smile on your face, then I’m doing my job. (“keep on dreaming even if it breaks your heart”)

          • Grow up man. Just because there’s anonymity doesn’t mean you need to act like a child. There’s no mature reason to completely write off people for choosing a certain device over another. 

            The fact that you reply with such joyous nature over making someone mad on the internet really illustrates the kind of small person you really are.

            Be better than that man. We are all enthusiasts here, we love these devices, we generally enjoy the company of good humored, like minded people.

          • Anonymous

            Well said sir +100

          • Mack

            I wish I could like your post more than once, thank you. 

      • angermeans

        Good god man put away the tin hat we are a small number. Yes, Verizon does know we exist and yes they do want their precious revenue, but you dont have to call a guy (or girl?) out for saying what he wants. We were all in his shoes at one point or another. The people that only use it every once in awhile wont ruin it it’s the 5% that use it as their full internet access and consume 50-100gb (or I have even seen more) that give it all away. Verizon however will take more drastic steps if the trend continues and the 1-5% of users continue to use over 50% of all the data consumed because they will have to to protect their network. 

        • Anonymous

          Guess how Verizon is “protecting” their network?

          Teired plans. Of which we will all be forced into one day. 

          I habe unlimited data(for now), I do not tether. Mainly because Im not a cheapass and dont mind paying $35 for 25Mbps and 19ms ping. 

          • My phone is rooted, ROMed and I have WiFi tethering. But I’m using it once in a blue moon, on a really rare occasion when I need to do something on my laptop what I can’t do on my phone. Like once in a few months. Do you think I should still pay for a _monthly_ tethering plan when I’m using it for a few megs a few times a year? Verizon thinks so. I don’t.

        • Mack

          I’m starting to realize he’s becoming the new “Angleface”. 

      • Tim242

        Been tethering for years. I use 7 GB per month, only 2-3 tethering That is not hurting anyone.

        • Anonymous

          Yeah ur right. My initial comment was based on prior experience with people who are too lazy/cheap and tether over 100GB. 

          I use close to 7GB a month and I dont even tether….

          • Tim242

            Yeah, the ones that go overboard definitely draw attention. As long as you use it just for convenience, you are fine.

            Sent from my Galaxy Nexus

      • Willie

        What are ya, a republican? This person pays for the data on the phone and should be able to use the data that he PAYS for in any way that he sees fit. 

      • Granted

        Yes, his post was when Verizon finally caught on that obviOusly you, and everyone else was getting free WIFI tethering. What is it like in Dumbassland? Does it still rain feces into your mouth?

  • my GNex is unlocked but not rooted. I’m new to the android platform, so I’ve been hesitant to move forward because I’m not clear if my apps/files/settings/etc will get wiped out. That and ICS is pretty solid as-is

  • Galaxy Nexus stock.

    I don’t feel the need to root and rom it at all.

  • Smart Dude

    OG Droid liquid gingerbread rom

    • weapon x

      That was the last setup for my OG. LIQUID rocks! Congrats my friend, you are an endangered species

  • Anonymous

    Stock, not even root.  I intend to root eventually, but have no desire to change roms.

  • Wxfreak

    Droid X2 rooted stock (can’t seem to find anything better)

    OG Droid Peter Alfonso ROM (WiFi) only

  • I was rooted running stock, but the nightly of CM9 was too tempting.  So, now it’s Samsung Galaxy Nexus S 4G Rooted with CM9. Cyanogen 9.0.0 (KANG) Android 4.0.3 Kernel 3.0.14.

    There is still a lot of work to be done on CM9, but what we have so far, is freakin fantastic!

  • Matt

    I gots a stock Bionic. Will root and put CM9 on it when it’s released.  Maybe Moto will unlock my bootloader.  Maybe pigs will fly and my car will actually be a transformer.

  • Bionic.. was Rooted until latest Update.. now i have tried everything to get it rooted again.. but keeps getting an error.. GRRRRRR

  • Jeremy

    Gummy Nex on Galaxy Nexus for the win!

  • Thgolfer

    Droid Incredible with CM7.  Love it.

  • J Dub

    Still rocking the OG Droid on Project Elite 4.2 with some kernel that isnt stock.

  • John Jones

    Would love to go all the way, once Rezound has s-off! I’m no developer…

  • ARE YOU SERIOUS?!?!?!?! All you guys cried about bootloaders and what not, and now you have a completely open phone and you wont root or unlock it? 

    • DBK

      That’s because ICS is pretty damn perfect as is. And there aren’t that many good/stable ROMs for it yet. Most just rooted to play around with it. That and everyone is waiting for CM9. 

      • But most people arent even rooted. I would expect the first thing anyone would do is unlock it and just wait for a reason to ROM it. Open the bootloader just because you can.

        • DBK

          Well I suspect people are too busy having fun with ICS to bother with that until a good ROM comes out (CM9). That and the phone is performing well, so there’s no immediate need for enhancements. I do agree that it’s a bit ironic though.

        • EC8CH

          The first thing I did was unlock, but that doesn’t mean I’m rooted yet 🙂

          • Anonymous

            Why? Why even bother? Why unlock it if you arnt using it?

          • EC8CH

            just like the man said:
            “Open the bootloader just because you can.”

            I actually have every intention to root and rom eventually once something pushes me into it (maybe the release of CM9 will do it).  So far stock ICS is so new and well done I haven’t really felt the need yet, but my time will come.

          • Anonymous

            The problem here is the majority who have this wonderful unlockable bootloader….admit on a site thats being very closely watched by Verizon and Motorola(among others)….that they dont even bother to root or unlock. 

            Thank you people for undoing our efforts and showing with hard numbers why Motorola DOESNT need to unlock bootloaders. You have proven that all we need is ICS and thats it. 

          • Kierra

            lol yep.I dont root at alllll

          • Anonymous

            Your loss not mine. I cant have a phone without root. 

          • EC8CH

            if more phones had unlocked bootloaders…
            then more phones would be running ICS right now.

            The urge for people to root and rom their G-Nex will grow as the newness of ICS wears away.

          • Anonymous

            Exactly. The need for a unlockable bootloader will die once ICS is unleashed on Moto devices. 

            I personally dont NEED it but I agree with being able to unlock it. 

          • It’s cute you think VZW gives a honey badger.

          • Anonymous

            Yup. His name is Stanley. His special skill is dick biting. 

          • leetusername

            WHOA, we already voted with our money.  We supported the device with cash.  Verizon doesn’t look past that.  I support things that give me freedom ..  if I choose to stay stock, I want that to be because that is what I wanted and not what I was forced to do.

          • angermeans

            Thats kind of where I am. I have been dying while waiting a year and a half for Verizon to get a Nexus GED and now that I have it I haven’t even rooted it yet. That is usually the first thing I do, but after thinking about it the first thing that usually drives me to root is to get rid of bloat (dont say the Gnexus has bloat as I will not agree with you. I use My Verizon and I have frozen out Backup asst and have not even seen the app on my phone since 20 seconds into the device). The second is for Wireless Tether and thanks to Koush I now have that too. Ive been playing with the idea and having a GED device for me is because of the huge developer support so it will be done I just havent had the time nor the real need to do it yet. I guess that is a biproduct of being a full time student and worker and then all my spare time have been devoted to learning java, android development, and unix (part of my degree but love learning it so I often spend more time on that that once was devoted to just my phone). Right now this is a pretty complete device and Ive had 0 problems however I did have a weird reboot today when playing a quick game. That is the second one Ive had since getting on release day. 

          • Anonymous

            So root because you can. Root now, make use of it later.

      • Christopher Riner

        I dunno, I’ve seen quite a few stable roms– axiom, codename (not the most stable, but definitely not so unstable that it keeps causing force closes, and I haven’t ever had a random reboot) and bugless beast are the three most stable that I’ve tried– and I haven’t even given all of them a shot.  

  • Anonymous

    GNexus: Unlocked bootloader before I did anything else (my battery was not even fully charged). Was running rooted stock until this weekend. Now have custom kernel (Imoseyon) on CM9 alpha with blue touch buttons.

  • I was looking to root my bionic but have failed in the attempts to find the right software to root with my current build of 5.5.893
    I came from a rooted and custom rom for ruffly 2 years the OG Droid

  • Manhattan IC101. Best rom for the GNex.

  • Mario0x11

    what ROM do ya recommend idk which one to flash HELP!

    • Philip A. Kaiser

      I would suggest Project Android. Also pick up Rom Toolbox to customize everything from kernels to your softkeys on the bottom. I then topped it all out with Nova Launcher. Smooth as silk and stable.

  • virtual

    Stock, rooted, just waiting for CM9 on the GNex…

    My OG rocked Simply Stunning from SS 2.1 (ESE53) until SS 5.x and my Nexus. Just waiting for development to progress a little more on Nexus ROMs.

  • Chris G

    GNex rooted but no rom. Tether is the reason for root. 90% of my android anything is on my TFP now.

  • Edwin M

    I guess I’ll represent the Rezounds, rooted but running stock HTC stuff. I’m just waiting for ICS.

  • Nkmett15

    DROID X2 rooted running CM7

    • Mack

      Same., it’s so fast!! Never had a reason to go for a rom until now. I usually don’t like them and am fine with stock and adw but cyanogen mod is worth it. 

  • Russell Schmidt

    ICS up on my Galaxy S / Fascinate. JT’s ICS ROM is the best I’ve ever used.

  • Kaufkin

    Primary: GNexus  on Verizon, stock.  – most of what I loved Cyan and Bugless on My D1 was built into ICS, so other than backups and some other things, haven’t seen the point yet.
    However, I do still use my D1 as an alarm clock / MP3 player / etc / etc and that’s running Bugless at the moment.

  • ddevito

    Rooted with Bug less Beast from the great Pete Alfonso. Smooth as butter.

    Anyone have kernel suggestions?

    • Christopher Riner

      lean kernel is a nice one.  Also, a lot of people like the franco kernel.  I’m running matrix but I’m probably gonna switch tonight to something else and give ‘er a try

  • Lakerzz

    G-Nex: Fabolous IML7K Build 4 for now, but that can change at any giving moment!! 😛

  • Erkleehoo

    Nexus running Tranquil Ice with P3 kernel, new radios. Smooth, no problems with this ROM

  • Anonymous

    Galaxy Nexus on Verizon running GummyNex 0.5.6 and Imoseyon’s experimental kernels.

  • Anonymous

    None fit my criteria. I’m rooted and have a custom ROM and custom kernel but not a custom theme. I like the look of stock ICS.

  • Guest


  • Stock GNEX. Replaced a Fascinate that ran Superclean from first boot to final shutdown.

  • DBK

    Wow it’s almost 50/50 for Stock/Non Rooted and All Out. Did not expect that. Surprisingly refreshing.

    OG Droid
    -Project Elite

    Droid 2


    -Stock (Don’t really need to ROM just yet)

  • Angelrod111

    Rooted and stock, after trying EVERY Droid X ROM out there I have given up on custom ROMs, biggest waste of time ever!  EVER!  Every single ROM out there for every single phone has at least one bug or two….just not worth it.

    • DBK

      Well duh.

      You just have to use the ROM that works best for you and play with it. That’s how you play the game.

      ICS should streamline the game nicely though, so don’t walk away just yet.

      • jbonics

        best comment so far… if your a clone stay unrooted, noobs. first rooted to overclock then found all the wonderful root apps then roms. had to sbf. a ton of times its all about the rite setup 

        • jbon

          oops not that you care…. droid 2 @ 1.46ghz 3500 quadrant. MIUI ICS port with jakesbite mod, powerboost 2.2 faster than your stock dual core way faster. it all comes down to data speeds and verizons 3G blows. 

          • Josh Groff

            That ties my G2X almost (stock clock, rooted with ROM, kernel for under-volt.), but remember gingerbread doesn’t have full dual core support.

        • Anonymous

          Just because you don’t want to root/flash doesn’t mean you’re a noob.  I’ve been flashing phones ever since my OG Droid. But since Google clamped down on google videos rentals on rooted devices its really forced me to stay stock.

      • Christopher Riner

        agreed.  My phone (g-nex) was definitely nice and smooth when I got it, but after rooting and flashing a rom and custom kernel, my battery life and performance went through the roof.  I loved the stock features (ics is amazing) but I would have eventually gotten tired of the same thing, and roms give you the ability to truly make your phone one of a kind.  Its what seperates us from the fanboys.  Sure, it takes a little time to find out what rom and kernel work best for you, but that alone adds a whole ‘nother level of fun to my device.  I had a droid charge before my nexus and it wasn’t rooted and I hated the thing.  My girlfriend has that phone now, and its rooted and rommed and I don’t know why I never did it myself.  Yeah, it takes a little bit of time to get accustomed to playing with your phones software, but I love learning new things and after all I have accomplished my nexus I can’t help but feel a sense of pride for myself.  How about that–never saw it coming..

    • Philip A. Kaiser

      I was the same with my X before. I preferred Rooted with a nice launcher to give it a custom look. Worked for me.

      • except stock gingerbread reboots every 10 minutes lol

        • Philip A. Kaiser

          Ironically, mine never had that problem. I know lots of people do, mine just never did. I did use a reboot program every now and then. I doubt that helped, but I never suffered from the random reboots.

          • Ive had 3 different X’s because of that issue. i think it has something to do with google music.

          • Philip A. Kaiser

            Might be. I used to be weary of Storm8 and Zynga games as well. I think it was a heat issue. Run Google Navigation for an hour or so while charging and touch your phone, you could fry an egg off that bad boy.

          • Its the Not-Blur softwear. Running Liberty V2 and ive never had a reboot

          • Angelrod111

            Always the first thing I uninstall, never been a big fan of google music, uses too much memory!!

          • angermeans

            I owned the X twice it was a horrible horrible phone (do was the droid 2) only good Motorola devices Ive ever owned was the OG Droid (one of the best ever behind the Nexus One and now Galaxy Nexus) and Motorola Xoom. Then again I despise skins w/ a passion from the pits of hell. They have way to many problems. Moto lost me when they locked their bootloaders. I tried to use em both both devices (three if you count the X twice) let me down. 

          • Raven

            Sorry about your luck.  I still use and love my rooted stock 2.2 Droid 2.  What was so horrible about yours?

          • Anonymous

            Neither did mine….and I kept using 4.5.596 that was supposed to be horribly buggy….it wasnt for me. EXCEPT for the keyboard I admit. Swiftkey X solved that and I continue to use it on my Bionic because I prefer it. 

            I really wonder what kind of crazy apps people had on their X’s that made them such crap. Seriously. Mine still to this day is rock solid. I refuse to sell it since its been so good to me. 

          • Philip A. Kaiser

            Mine is boxed up in my car. Might sell it but kept falling back on it in emergencies. Love that damn thing. Best phone I have ever had. This Nexus has some big shoes to fill. Time will tell.

        • Anonymous

          My sons X is still on a Froyo rom from way back. He won’t let me upgrade it because he says it is perfect the way it is for his needs….

          I have tried to talk him into letting me update his phone but he could care less about any updates.

      • Raven

        Same as me on my Droid 2.  Still running rooted stock 2.2 with Go Launcher.  Works perfectly, tethering when I need it.
        I just don’t see the benefits in starting over from scratch with various flaky ROMs and reinstalling my 544 apps would take quite some time even with Titanium backups.

    • John

      I go with roms for more customization. AOKP is solid. (for the gnexus)

      • Nex

        Exatly the same

    • J Dub

      Its because you are talking about ROMs on a phone thats got a locked bootloader. No custom kernels. 

      • Anonymous

        I agree… Yes they made lots of roms for the X but they were forced to use the stock kernel.  And the 2nd init workaround that eventually came out had plenty of flaws.

    • Snowbdr89

      even non rooted stock phones have bug!!!   im runnin tranquil ice v6.0h on my nexis an its way more smoother then it was non rooted on stock and my batt life blows any stock phone battery life!! 

    • STL32

      Same here. If these custom ROMs were the stock ROM then I’d be complaining to the OEM and Verizon constantly for too many or major things not working.

    • Langard13

      Flashing ROMs, radios and kernels are really for those with free time on their hands.

      • Mike

        Wrong. It’s about knowing what you are doing. It takes very little time actually.

        • Josh Groff

          Some people apparently can’t risk 5 minutes to flash a new one, since the download is a background transfer, that’s all it really takes. Firmware and radios on the other hand can be a little tricky for some.

        • Langard13

           I did the whole wiping, flasing ROMs, radios, kernels and restoring data. It’s really not worth the time. Keeping up with which ROM, radio and/or kernel to flash is tiring too.

          While it was interesting at first and I learned a lot, I have other things to do other.

      • Anonymous

        Flashing ROMs, rooting, etc. is like riding a bike. Seems impossible to learn, but once you pick it up, it’s practically unconscious.

        • Stacy B

          Actually I have to agree. The GNex was the beginning of my rooting/ROMing/modding experience and it seemed super daunting at first. Now that I have flashed a few things and experienced some of the common mistakes, I am not scared at all. I may not know a lot but I can sure try out new things daily and revert back if needed.

      • ok..im confused…because your sooooooooo unbelievably busy with your incredibly important job and many companies you run you cant take 20 min to rom a phone? get over yourself man….all the “likes” too. lol wow…
        people who act like they never have ZERO free time are just idiots…hey, you live in a glass house too?

        • So you’re mad that @0a95332c61d005c68a469029c6f4dcbd:disqus doesn’t want to take 20 minutes to put a custom ROM on HIS phone?

    • ostensibly

      disagree – I flashed CM7 on my X for the first time 2 weeks ago and I fell in love with the phone all over again. Then last week I accidentally dropped it in the toilet.

      • Monty Waggoner

        That story had the worst ending 🙁

      • Anonymous

        If I could find a decent Smart Dialer, I’d be all over CM7.  I went back to Liberty after JRummy came out of his cave… but  Liberty 3 is SO bad, I’m just about tempted to go back to CM7.  I’m holding out for ICS though before I do… I really am that lazy.

        I need a working camera before i upgrade. 

      • Anonymous


        My son still has a Droid X and he will never let me change the rom on his phone because it works perfectly and he doesn’t care about updates. He is still on a Froyo rom… lol 

        I tell him there are major updates since then but he just doesn’t care.  The phone is perfect for his needs the way I set it up on that old rom.

        I wish I had the patience to stick with something that long. I would go crazy.

      • Anonymous

        I think I’m the only x user that uses wrist strap, I’ve never dropped it.

    • Anonymous

      The problem is the Droid X, not the ROM scene. 

    • Anonymous

      Disagree; Got Virtuous Unity, MIUI, and CM7 (triple boot set up ) on my device, both run flawlessly. Over clocked to 2.1 GHz as well and they’re running better than the stock ROM along with more compatibility amongst apps.

    • Anonymous

      Likewise with me.  I tried a bunch of OG droid ROMs and DX roms.  None of them worked as well as the stock builds.  Something was always missing or broken.

      Lately for me, the biggest reason to remain “as is” is Google Video rentals… if you’re anything but stock, it wont let you rent videos which is huge for me.

    • I thought the same thing but it’s more the phone than the ROM’s problem with a locked bootloader its too much hacked and mashed together running a pure AOSP build on the NS4G is much better.  Get a GNex and you won’t be upset with how ROMs run on it.

    • Anonymous

      There is nothing wrong with stock for those that don’t want to mess around and for those that don’t have problems with stock. 

      I used to have the Droid X also and can’t help but think if you had problems with every rom ever made the problem may not be with the roms….

      By only having a Droid X how can you make the conclusion that every rom for every phone has bugs and are not worth it?  Sure there are some issues out there, but I’m sorry…. your statements make me think that you are not fully informed about what’s going on.

      You should move to a phone that has an unlocked bootloader and then ask someone else to help you. I think with some help you will find things are not as bad as you think.

      Lots of people have issues and many are caused by user error.

    • mikeym0p

       I just flash Stock optimized ROMS like Redemption ROM, the reason I bought a Nexus was for stable stock experience, and ROMs with views like Lou are perfect for meeting the middle ground between performance and stability.

    • BAHAHAHAAA! OMG! and you think the STOCK phones don’t have bugs? are you KIDDING ME? look at the nexus?…there’s a huge list..the bionic…thunderbolt…..the rom devs are the ones that fix all these things the developers apparently have no idea how to do…….

    • if it wasnt for Team Whiskey making the vibrant roms and adding deodexing…i would have thrown my cell away because the stock setup is garbage. Roms are amazing…Cyanogen roms are so HUGE they have gone corporate with their roms….just sayin.

  • chriskeo

    Thunderbolt, rooted, CM7 (slayher’s build, don’t think there is technically an “official” build)

  • Thunderbolt. Bamf Forever 1.11, Ziggy’s most recent kernel. Day and half battery or more with moderate use. I’m keeping this phone for a while. 

    • BAMF team did a fantastic job on cleaning up HTC’s mistakes.

      • It’s made me love the phone. BAMF team did wonders. I’ve had no problems from any of their roms. 

        • Anonymous

          Great ROMs. Wish I could say the same about the Thunderbolt’s dev community. I couldn’t get my hands on a Nexus soon enough after seeing all the immaturity in that anti-social circle.

          • angermeans

            I know what you mean. Their was some good work being done, but their was a lot of nonsense going on. Then again I think the Tbolt attracted a lot of common users and the many problems drove them to search for any option to get them fixed and that caused a lot of immature people to join the Tbolt community. The devs for the most part were awesome, but the people that those roms attracted was a different story.

          • teambamf.net is a very friendly and helpful community. I don’t know about other places though.

      • angermeans

        BAMF was the only good thing about my Tbolt. I hated that phone and was happier than hell to drop it on its face once I got the Galaxy Nexus. Good riddence.

        • I have the phone now and I plan to keep it for a while. It’s very fast with zero issues, thanks to BAMF. I have upgrade coming up soon, but I think I’ll the TBolt for now, it just works.

  • Well, rooting implies god-like control, and I have that over all cheeses once I eat them. I’m gonna say yes, we can root cheese. Metaphorical root, if you will. 🙂

    • Anonymous

      Favorite cheese? i like seatown cheddz

  • Anonymous

    Still waiting for the boot loader to be unlocked on my Razr …then let the roms begin…

  • Darthseph23

    RAZR, so obviously no rom support; Haven’t rooted yet since I still have a warranty.  Don’t run much of the stock though – everything is clad in the wonderful Go Package – Launcher, SMS, Contacts, and so on.  I only see the BLUR elements (if you will) when I use the dialer or set up my alarms or go into settings.

  • MR. O

    My phone is a thug. GNex thug edition. Suited with what I believe is the best ROM out, GummyNex. What’s up.

  • Thunderbolt, running a moddified version of cm7 with an ics theme. Touchpad Cm7, evo view clever name here rom 2 (hc). verizon Xperia play rooted (saddly locked bootloader), droid 3 cm7, og droid cm7 i think (haven’t used lately). 

  • Rob rollings

    You forgot “Rooted, multiple custom ROM backups in various states of customization”. But I guess that’s a little long. 

    But, currently a T-Mo G2 running Virtuous Quattro RC1.

    • Someone might have a little too much time on their hands 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Stock on my G Nexus, I’ve been rooted ever since I was on android but honestly I really have no reason too since the tether works without it and screen shot is built in.

    • Philip A. Kaiser

      Ad remover is reason alone for me to root. 😉

      • Anonymous

        Yes that is probably the only reason I can see now but honestly they are not bothering me at all.

        • Philip A. Kaiser

          I went ahead and just unlocked the bootloader and rooted right out of the box. If you ever decide to unlock, it clears your device and I wanted to be ready for anything coming my way. As fate would have it, I hit up a rom last night. runs great. Just got a tweek tip today and hopefully, I will be up to 24 hours of use.

          • Anonymous

            Yea I know it will wipe it out but I’m waiting for another, possibly new reason to actually root it. 🙂

          • What ROM are you using?

          • Philip A. Kaiser

            Project Android.

  • I was rooted with a custom ROM, but couldn’t find anything stable enough to stick with for more than a couple weeks.  I went back to stock and don’t mind at all.  Still better than iOS any day.

  • TJ Evans

    Would be rooted *and* rom’ed, but Bionic choices still lacking in the ROM department … I have 2 older droids (OG Droid, Droid2) that I don’t use anymore that are rooted & rom’ed, Can I get half-credit?  🙂

    • Anonymous

      chuck testa.

    • Big EZ

      You should try eclipse, it is extremely smooth.

    • Christopher Riner

      ive heard that droidth3ory has done some great work for the bionic.  Haven’t seen it myself, but a lot of people running his axiom rom for the nexus have posted in other forums about how much he did for the bionic.

      • Anonymous

        Im running one of his ROM’s actually. LOVE IT.

      • I’ve been using his Zygot3 2.0 and it’s been working superb so far. Google Wallet works right out of the box, too!

        It’s unfortunate that droidth3ory stopped doing development, though.

        • Christopher Riner

          I know man, I absolutely loved his rom!  My battery life with the matrix kernel was un-frickin-believable.  I had some screenshots posted with like 15 hours and still had 40%  (no 4g, auto brightness and plenty of idle time, but still).  I would have stayed with it but I love how codename has the lte toggle and you can change the softkey colors (I even used a softkey mod from romtoolbox to get special icons, and the colors of those could even be modded through the codename onscreen settings).  

          I’m using franco’s kernel now, it has INSANE standby battery.  I did a battery swap, got ten hours of sleep last night, and then woke up with 80% battery.

    • jbon

      my boys on liberty rom running mostly 3G unthrottled (powerboost 2.2 mod)getting 2 1/2 days on a charge. good luck mr no options charge that baby twice a day

  • Galaxy Nexus, AOKP ROM Milestone 2, imoseyon’s leankernel 1.5.0 (newer versions kill my battery comparatively), thirdeye theme

  • Jonathan La Farr

    gnex – 4.0.3 codenamedroid 1.1.1 rom – 1.35ghz lean kernel – red softkeys – superNex

  • Anonymous

    Captivate rocking ICS. All due respect, what now Samsung.

  • Goblueboy

    I like the look of the stock, I just put a custom rom on because I wanted volume+. GummyNex was stable enough.

    • Evan Knofsky

      Volume+ works fine on stock

      • Goblueboy

        Didn’t work for me?

  • Why buy this phone if you’re not gonna root it?

    • Anonymous

      is there a rooting method for cheese yet?

      • Philip A. Kaiser

        Quesadilla… If there was a hardcore way of eating cheese and it had to be rooted, a quesadilla would be it. Carne Asada Quesadilla for the insane batshit crazy rooters.

    • fartbubbler


  • Anonymous

    waiting for sick overclock. I can barely live without tether. pretty much waiting for cm9
    EDIT: Unlocked the bootloader right as I got it. (on a mac) 😛

  • Dan

    stock, not rooted, not unlocked galaxy nexus

    • ? Why not? That’s what this beautiful machine is built for 🙂

      • Granted

        Probably because that is what he likes. I like to stick my antique ice pick into people’s brain-stems, do you want to know “why” about that also? No one is content, bunch of smegma lovers with their incessant questions.