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Tuesday Poll: State of Your Android Phone – Rooted, Stock, or ROM?

It has been a while since we asked the DL community how their phone rolls when it comes to rooting. And since a certain root-friendly device was released last month on Verizon, it’s about time we ask again to get a feel for it all. Are you unrooted and sticking with what the manufacturer has provided? Are you rooted, but not interested in changing anything substantially? Or did you go all in and toss on a custom ROM, theme, kernel, etc.?

As always, feel free to leave your setup in the comments – specific phone, ROM, theme, and kernel are appreciated.

How does your phone roll?

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  • Gage

    I have Droid Bionic rooted with Superuser Elite will i lose root when i get a OTA update?

  • Does temp root count as rooted?

  • Granted

    Saints Row: The Third Purple Penetrator Bat, rooted, Sexzual Assault ROM, Caramel Popcorn kernel skin stuck at the very back of my tongue, underclocked to 584.632.€+*6, I ran over Aaron’s foot with my Jetta and I always wanted to copulate with his sister but I moved before I could facilitate the sticky-time.254.

  • Q

    Galaxy Nexus stock.. no reason to mess with it

    • Cmoney0619

      That’s what I thought until I tried some of the roms out. Makes a great phone even better!

      • Granted

        I’m beginning to see an insecure pattern with the answers to everyone who posts that as their setup. My response to this response being case and point evidence.

  • The Guy From the Corner

    EVO 4G running R3C0NF1GUR3D ROM and Toast Kernel with LunarUI. Holding onto this configuration until GNex on Sprint…

  • Anonymous

    I’m on HBOOT 1.50 on my EVO 3D and after reading about all the crap users have to go through in order to use it I’m holding out until Revolution and do it.

  • Jim McClain

    everyones favorite word is  ‘bloatware’  the nexus has 32 gig,i dont see anything they put on there that is taking up much room

  • wow majority are stock unrooted? crazy

    • Anonymous

      And that’s only of those who read this site, which are generally enthusiasts. CRAZY!!!

  • edwards311

    Still hanging on to the Droid X…..rom: CM4DX on GB kernel, OC’d to 1.15ghz and currently themed w/ ICS Purple in support of the BMORE RAVENS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    AFC Championship here we come!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    With so much RAM and dual core CPU’s in today’s phones, most people don’t want root, only because once you root a phone it becomes a high maintenance phone as oppose to a non-rooted phone is low maintenance. I had the Droid 1 for two years and I was rooted and themed and use several different kernels and it was something I always had to stay on top of. Updates, sometimes the camera didn’t work, or I could not get MMS messages, or something. For the most part I don’t even have to reboot my phone everyday now like when I was rooted. Plus the main reason I first rooted was because of that ugly grey status bar. Now with todays black or blue bars it actually looks pretty good. My phone runs great, and performs even better, I don’t want to tether cause i have allot of kids and they will always want my tethering on when I get home. My 4G is so fast i can’t even think of 3G anymore. I’m just happy with not having to mess with it every day. 

  • All you uneducated*  ( *have not taken the 10 min of reading time on flashing roms ) people who act like flashing a rom is impossible…or takes…SOOOO much time to do….You clearly have no idea what you are talking about…go play on itunes…you belong there. 

    • Raven

      I have rooted all 4 different Android devices that I have owned, yet I have never flashed a ROM.  Why?  I just haven’t seen anything that made me interested enough in doing it.  I doubt flashing a ROM would take that long.  It is the reinstalling of the 544 apps that I have installed (even with Titanium Backup) that does not interest me much.
      * I am a Computer Systems Engineer, Linux System Administrator, and Java programmer by trade.

  • Anonymous

    Does anyone know if there is a ROM for droid X in ICS verision that actually works?