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Galaxy Nexus Docks and Accessories Delayed Across the Pond, Time Table for U.S. Release Now Really Uncertain

There are more than a few of us that have been eyeing UK retailers on the daily to see if they have flipped their “Coming soon!” signs for Galaxy Nexus accessories to “In Stock!” With the U.S. plastic piece of junk car dock disappointing everyone and the HDMI dock no where in sight, ordering from across the pond may be our only option to get real accessories. Well, we are going to have to wait longer according to Clove UK. They were once projecting a late January launch, but have now switched to the end of February. Also, sites like Expansys are hoping to have the 3-pin car dock in stock this month here in the U.S., however, we wouldn’t be surprised if it didn’t make it either. MobileFun and Amazon UK have pushed their dates out as well.

Via:  Clove, Expansys, MobileFun, Amazon

  • Try to find two DV casette cases and make this: http://imgur.com/a/wruWi#0 I’m going to add in Micro USB to HDMI® MHL Adapter soon to the bottom case and boom you’ve got yourself a media dock for less than $12.

  • Anonymous

    why is there even an issue?

  • This is retarded. All this crap should be available the day you can get the phone.

    • Harryballs1234

      Like my Motorola RAZR?

      • Jdstell

        Yea, with Android 2.3, locked bootloader, and MotoBlur. Enjoy…

  • J Dub

    What I want to see from the next Google I/O: remote control integration for Android.

    Dock your phone to the TV and control it with your Android tablet and vice versa. With ICS out now supposedly unifying tablets and phones I hope to see this feature in Jelly Bean. I know Google said there was a lot they left out of ICS to meet a time deadline.

    I want to easily and seamlessly plug my tablet up to my TV for viewing and use my phone to navigate stuff like Netflix from across the room. Would be awesome for traveling. Was pretty cool hooking up the tablet to the hotel TV for Netflix viewing. What was not cool was having to get up to find a new show to watch. 

  • Kellex please alert us when a dock makes use of the 3 pins!

  • EC8CH

    Need 3Pin Landscape Dock ASAP


  • Firelight

    I bastardized my DX car dock to work with my Galaxy Nexus. I routed a small hole on the side – threaded the USB connector and tada! Granted I still have to manual connect it – but I don’t have to unplug the power cord to the dock itself and the dock holds it just right with the cover-insert removed.

  • Will

    umm on a different note, did everybody lose their Lte.  I think 4g is down.  all 4g phones here at work are sitting in a 3g state.  uggh

    • Jack

      Hey my phone is sitting in a 3G state too!!!  oh wait…. that because WE DONT EVEN HAVE 4G in my area.  STOP BITCHING!! lol

  • That’s it, I’m done waiting.  I just ordered a universal car dock that I can use without having to take my case off.  I wanted the three pin connectors, but this is getting kind of silly.

    • Jarred Sutherland

      Link? Would like to have one that I don’t have to remove my case with.

      •  I went with this one:


        You can basically take your pick of universal car docks on Amazon.  Just read through the reviews and make an informed decision.  I chose this particular one because a person said it fits their Thunderbolt (which is a big ol phone) and it also shows a picture of a large phone with the case still on within the dock.    Hard to go wrong for $13 and the ability to return it if it doesn’t work out.

        • psuturtle

          Probably going to do something similar.  Waiting and waiting to spend $60 on something doesn’t sit well when I can spend $20 on something that will do it just as well (but might not be as pretty).

          Has anybody found a decent universal gooseneck mount that plugs into the 12V lighter socket?  Not all that interested in the window mounts (suction cup marks on the windshield scream “break into my car and steal something”).

    • You saved a ton of cash too for just having to plug in the phone when you want to charge  +1 to you

  • Chris

    Any reason why there are so many delays? I didn’t know if y’all had heard anything.

  • Anonymous

    I had the dock for my DX… used it never.

    • Yeah same here but with the 3 pin connector i.could see myself using it since it wont be as much of a pain

    • I got the DX docks when they were on sale for $25 (an awesome deal on some seriously overpriced hardware).  Use them constantly, and won’t buy another phone that doesn’t have good dock support.  My phone lives in-dock in my car (where I use it with Google Music as a PMP) and on-dock when I sleep.  As a result, and this can’t be overstated, I never run out of battery.  It just doesn’t happen, since my phone always starts the day with a full charge and gets topped off whenever I drive somewhere.  This is with a standard battery, mind you.

  • Anonymous

    This is utter disrespect and an insult to their customer base. They expect us to pay $300 plus for a phone with sub-par battery (let’s face it ALL smartphones’ battery life sucks in comparison to other devices) Then they fail to provide accessories so that we can really use the phone for all the purposes we originally bought it for. THEN they release a “new and improved” phone only months later outdating what we currently have. What a load of crap.

    Yes, that’s the tech world for you but it needs to change. I miss the 90’s when you could just throw some AA’s in your Walkman / CD player and have them last forever. Plug in your headphones, tape deck adapter or into your stereo and enjoy. Bottom line… the industry STILL hasn’t mastered offering customers a positive user experience. Up yours tech manufacturers!

    • So you would rather use disposable batteries….f that and these accessories really dont effect the way you would use it a car charger will do the trick

      • Jarred Sutherland

        Some of us would like to have a decent car dock for GPS use. Granted I can hold it, but that obviously presents its own problems.

        • I understand but there are hundreds of iniversal.docks out there…
          This guy is saying his phone becomes useless because of accessories which is bs….

          • Pat Walsh

            I see both sides. however Car Dock would be AMAZING. Every time you get in the car just popping it in and it would charge while enabling GPS and offering sound through your car stereo….dream come true.

          • J Dub

            Exactly. Clean in-car integration. No fumbling for wires or trying to steer with your forearm while plugging in. Easy in and easy out. Clean install by hiding the charge and 3.5 plug wire under the dash panels.

          • Anonymous

            I’ve been using a Bluetooth wireless transmitter; pretty clean and clear sound all things considered. Best of all, though, is that the only wire I have to deal with is to charge my phone while playing (and that’s optional, but useful). 

          • Blootzm3

            the real bs is the fact that apple has tons of accessories and nexus doesn’t. and its bs that you cant see that. an added apple does that droid doesn’t

      • Anonymous

        Brian, i don’t think you really get the point of my post. 1. I wouldn’t rather use AA batteries, that’s just ridiculous. No… instead, beyond just the idea of batteries, I think consumers could stand to have an easier, simpler user experience, one that “just works” (like in the past when you just had AA batteries and used your device).
        2. I actually never said that my phone’s useless because of the lack of accessories. Don’t know where you got that from… (I actually use a universal dock btw) Rather, the experience I get when using my phone isn’t as complete as it should be. Sure, I can use a vacuum cleaner without all the accessories, but it would be a better over-all experience not to mention I could get many more uses out of the vacuum with the addition of the accessories. Same example for a phone. Again… point here is that manufacturers aren’t delivering the whole package, an over all positive experience here. They’re short changing us.

        • Blootzm3

          +1 well said

  • Bob

    LOL. …and that’s why I went back to the Rezound! Nexus was way over hyped!! Poor connection quality. etc..etc..

    • Whats the reason? Because the rezound has accessories? Thats pretty dumb and opinion is not fact you shouldnt need to gloat about a phone it just makes you look like a tool

      • Bob

        No, I went back to the Rezound because I now have a phone that actually works when I need it to! I returned the Nexus because I had NO 4G, Intermitent 3G, The speakers sucked, you couldn’t hear the phone ring even if it did. I had missed calls up the wahzoo.
        The Nexus looked great with Ice Cream Sandwich. But looks aren’t everything!
        And I don’t use accessories. I LOL that its another delay in a Nexus product/release

        • Anonymous

          Volume+ for the speakers…

          • You shouldn’t have to install an app to hear your phone ring.
            Everyone has a way to get around the flaws of Nexus and still think its a great phone. A great phone is one that works as it should out of the box!

          • Anonymous

            I like my Nexus, but there are some shortcomings that have made me second-guess it. The support for the Nexus is great (being completely open) and I like the screen size, build design, and quick camera (still not sure if that’s just software though). However, the camera quality is mediocre and it appears to have a more restricted frequency range on its speakers. The Rezound appears to have great hardware and is very appealing. However, I’m not convinced that the software support will persist (looking at the Thunderbolt) and the screen is smaller, but that would be my only complaints. 

  • Andrew

    I bet Woz wouldn’t be excited about this.

    Manufacturers need to step up their game and either make accessories themselves or push 3rd party companies to make them. Why does it seem like Android manufacturers hate money?

  • Hep

    So, what do the 3 pins do anyway?

    • Charge your phone without having to plug in the usb into the device directly….so you could leave the usb car charger in the dock and just put in or remove the phone without dealing with plugging anything into the actual phone….very convienant

      • Hep

        Oh cool, thanks!

      • Anonymous

        Has it been established the UK 3-pin dock will work on the LTE version or is that just assumed?

        • No the uk gsm nexus car dock does not.dit.verizon because verizons nexus is fatter but 3pin docks are universal as long as the phone fits

        • PSU_DI

          it was, but I can’t find the link to the confirmation.

  • Anonymous

    Looks like I have a reason to send that 3D-render of the GalNex to the prototype printer.  Anyone want to go in on a startup that makes car docks that are compatible with phone cases?

  • Pmagent2013

    This is one area Motorola really shines, they always have a lot of accessories right at launch. GO MOTOROLA!

    • Anonymous


    • Michael Forte

      That’s true. Motorola always has a full range of accessories ready at launch…HTC and Samsung… not so much.

    • EC8CH

      this is true

    • Anonymous

      very true. motorola is definitly the best about accessories right out of the gate, htc is so-so and well samsung is definitly at the rear when it comes to accessory availablitity. i have had several android phones from each now and that ranking plays out over and over again with every new phone.

  • You’d think that with the rate which people switch phones these days that they would want to get these out as soon as possible. 

    • Anonymous

      Or begin developing standard connections and universal docks so a wider range of phones could work without replacing accessories every time. I guess this is one area where the iPhone (by virtue of a lack of diversity) has an advantage, though that’s marginal since they did update the design. 

      • I completely agree with you. The main reason that I don’t buy these accessories is because they’ll only be good for a year or less since that’s about the amount of time between phones. 

  • A friend of mine visited the Samdung booth at CES last week. He asked about the Euro dock and the Samsung guy said the US Verizon GNex definitely would NOT fit in the Euro dock. He also said he wasn’t aware of any plans to make a 3-pin doc for the Verizon GNex. 🙁

    • Thwy woildnt know and we already knew it wasnt capatible

  • Anonymous

    but.. but.. this site (
    http://www.fommy.com/view-full-page.php?divid=Google&model=Google+GALAXY+Nexus&cat=Vehicle+Mounts&skuno=93056) says it will ship 1/23.. that’s next week.. please say it isn’t so :'( I NEED this 

    • I’ve been watching fommy also… I preordered mine a month ago from them! …any clue what the deal is?


  • Anonymous

    Kind of confused that it takes so long to get good accessories. There must be a lot more going into the design than it appears… 

    • Psuturtle

      The certifications required to ship to certain countries can make pushing out “simple” projects like these docks and accessories a major PITA.  There are a lot of various standards that need to be met to ship a product like this internationally.  That being said, it still falls on Samsung for lack of planning and/or poor execution.

      • These are very EASY products to design, manufacture, get approved in multiple countries, and launch.. this is just poor planning and execution like you said.

        • psuturtle

          In theory, yes the designs are simple.  However, if they ran into a certification problem, it easily could have trashed their schedule.  If a cert lead time is 6 months, there’s only so much you can do to improve that if something was resubmitted or submitted late.  I develop products for a worldwide electronics company, so I’ve seen this before.  Again, not making excuses for them as they should have known this wouldn’t sit well with a large market waiting to pounce on their product.  Just throwing it out as a possibility.

           But given they’ve not released anything to the US and are now delaying the UK/etc geographies, I’d venture to guess something bigger is going on here.