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16GB DROID RAZR in Black Available Today for $199, White and Purple Versions Not Until January 23

Verizon just pinged our inbox to let us know that the 16GB version of the DROID RAZR in black is now available online for $199. The white and purple versions (our hands-on) will be available on January 23 for the same price. If you are confused as to what the “16GB version” is, I’ll try to clean that up. What Big Red and Motorola have done, is reintroduce the original RAZR with 16GB of internal storage and then left out an SD card, bringing the price down $100. Since they want to move the RAZR MAXX at $299, they had do something like this or this phone would have just been passed up. It should be noted that the 16GB version will still have an SD card slot, so you can simply swap in your own card to get additional storage. It really is the same exact RAZR that was released back in November, only it doesn’t come pre-loaded with external storage.

  • Woods77

    From my understanding there is no sd card slot on the 16GB phone. So you can’t add memory.

  • Tneel317

    Do you have to sign up for a new contract to buy it at this price?

  • Anonymous

    Yes, I am crying!  66 days later….$100 less.

  • Sporttster

    How bout pinging your inbox with ‘Motorola bootloaders now unlocked’…..like they had said they were going to do and then lied and didn’t….

  • Tneel317

    Do you have to sign up for a new contract to buy it at this price?

  • Anonymous

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  • Amazon had the RAZR for $1 a few weeks ago and still has it cheaper then Verizon.

  • Rp780

    i might have to jump on this because I don’t care how good a phone is i’m not paying $300+

  • Joe Fischer

    This is so stupid. I thought Moto was going to stop flooding the market? I don’t even like Moto but this is just annoying.

    • Releasing different colors is your idea of flooding the market? every automobile manufacturer must straight up piss you off then…

  • Eazy E Dlf

    I don’t see it

  • shdowman

    Reposted for the lolz

    So, I have a dilemma guys.

    I got the nexus before Christmas but
    had to return after for $ reasons. The rep at costco was cool enough to
    give me a stratosphere to use till I could come back. Not sure when I’ll
    have $300 again to get it so have been eyeballing this and rezound since I
    am stuck in my 2 year now. I am not happy with either choice, but what can I do…kids to feed and all that jazz.

    Advice, what would you all do? 🙂

    • Anonymous

      I’d get the RAZR Maxx if ROM’ing isn’t important to you. The screen is much nicer than the Rezound (imo, sAMOLED>SLCD; go compare for ourself and decide), and it’s faster. Blur-not-blur has really come up in the world; I actually like it better than stock, and I never thought I would even think that. In my mind, it comes down to the GNex vs. the RAZR line on Verizon; at least, until the Galaxy Note comes out (or something newer/better/faster/stronger).

  • reyalP

    Razr Maxx right around the corner! Nice phone and much better than Bionic. I would wait for the Maxx at this point.

    • Without an HD screen, I wouldn’t touch the Razr Maxx either.

      • Anonymous

        The difference between an HD screen and a qHD screen is pretty negligible at this size (unless you’re looking at static text from 2″ away). No sAMOLED is a dealbreaker for me with a phone purchase, but having an HD screen over a qHD one is simply a bonus. The advantage quickly disappears in real world usage.

  • Jim McClain

    should have just sold the big battery and a different back for the razor, like they did for the nexus

  • EC8CH

    Just avoid all the confusion and get a Nexus


    *chill every one…. it’s just a joke* 

  • Anonymous

    WTF? Droid news on Droid Life? LOL 😛

  • Anonymous

    Damn, I made out like a bandit; I bought the “Original” DROID RAZR™ with 16GB internal storage and 16GB pre-installed MicroSD card (of course, I swapped it out with [one] of my own 32GB cards) on December 5 for let’s say under $170.

    Best phone I’ve ever had; always had Unlimited Data but, never really took full advantage of it. Happy to report that I have just completed my first full billing/usage cycle with this MONSTER phone and I racked up more than 35GB in one month.

    Thank you Verizon and thank you Motorola. BTW, could’ve still returned it and wait one week and a half for the MAXX but, battery really hasn’t been an issue for (unlike some of the biased reviews and reports posted online).

    • 35 gigs on one phone?  Really?  This is the reason tiered data plans exist…

      • dtlorman

        You are the reason some people now have to endure capped data plans. If it were not for people like you, unlimited data would be generally available across all carriers…not something to be proud of…

        • after installing all my apps, music, and streaming some hd videos to try out new screen to my  new Gnex i reached 5 gigs for the first time ever and felt bad, after seeing people use 35 gigs, now not so much.

      • Drew21stmortgage

        Sorry, this was intended for the above post 🙁

      • HankGodwinsucks

        I use 128 gb…. suck it Fatty.

        • Anonymous

          You tell em’! BTW, how much does he really suck??

          • Alexander Moore

            I don’t understand your logic which allows you to justify your being an ass for the purpose of being an ass.

      • Anonymous

        I used to think this, but things have changed. I have unlimited and a 4G device. It gives me the ability to stream HQ Netflix (and run it 1080p onto my TV if I like), stream high quality audio, play games online, upload photos and videos to the internet, etc. I can blow through a ton of data in a month all while being completely legit (i.e. no rooted tether, though I do have legit, unlimited tethering, too).

        In this day and age, there’s very little that you can do on your computer that you can’t do on your phone, when it comes to data usage. Simply streaming high quality Netflix over 4G is enough to get you in the 100s of GB per month, and that’s something these phones come with stock.

        • Anonymous

          Absolutely true. And, for all intents and purposes, I wasn’t even trying; this month I will make more of an effort.

    • faber

      Fight the man

  • Mack

    Verizon likes motorola a little too much. 

  • Anonymous

    I knew this is what it was.  I don’t know why so many people thought the original was dropping to $199.  Although with the MAXX at $299 and the 16GB version at $199, you would think the original should drop down to $249 (if they are going to continue to sell the original that is).

    • Anonymous

      Why would anyone want the original RAZR with a 16GB card for $250? Give me the “new” 16GB version and I’ll add my own 32GB microSDHC card for <$35.  Less money out of pocket and 2x the card storage space.   That said, I think $250 for the MAXX is a more reasonable price than $299 and Moto and VZW should offer some sort of goodwill trade-in for all Bionic users to trade in towards the MAXX for $99 and RAZR 1 users to upgrade to the MAXX for $50 or so.  That would erase a LOT of a resentment towards Moto & Jah, at least amongst the DL faithful and power user types.

      For a brief period after the introduction of the 'new' 8GB iPhone 4 SKU a few months ago, VZW and some other stores (Radio Shack) were selling leftover 16GB iPhone 4s for $150 and, later, the same $99. 

  • spydyr

    it is temp. out of stock at the moment

  • Anonymous

    So after thinking it through I’m pretty sure its Verizon who is the reason we have a billion Moto phones that are incremental and over priced Galaxy Nexus and Rezound phones.

    It’s not the oem’s but Verizon who screams “dance monkeys” at them.

  • Edwin M

    At least Verizon is coming around somewhat as far as the $299 phones go. The new LG, RAZR, Rezound for $199 makes them more attractive to people. The $299 price points were getting a little hard to swallow.

    • troll

      Thats what she said