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Asus Facebook: Original Transformer Ice Cream Sandwich Update in the “Process of Being Approved by Google”

Over the weekend, Asus confirmed to a concerned “OG” Transformer owner that his device was indeed getting the Ice Cream Sandwich update. From the looks of it, as soon as Google approves the new firmware, we will then be in business. Congrats to Asus’ social networking skills and keeping their worried customers in the loop.

Via: Facebook

Cheers Michael!

  • ICS was made available for the Asus Eee Pad Transformer 101, in the last days of February. It takes a few minutes to get installed and improves the performance of your Transformer.

  • ICS was made avallable about a week ago. Works wonderfully.

  • I just love social media. They are an icon of the modern society already.

  • Anonymous

    Wish my facebook page had 4 thousand likes lol.

  • Anonymous

    Wish my facebook page had 4 thousand likes lol.

  • Ahsan

    Look at Motorolas page, and everyone asking for unlocked bootloaders. They haven’t replied to a single post!

  • Sebastian Encina

    Why do so many people want to be friends with Michael? Who is Michael?

    • Monty Waggoner

      I don’t know but I want to be his friend now!

  • Bionicman

    hells yea as much as i like honeycomb, ICS would be amazing on my Transformer. cant wait! come on google 🙂

  • yay my tip got used! cant wait for ICS on the TF.. i currently use Roach’s ROM and love the ICS theme on it.. but ill gladly go back to stock for the official thing!

  • Van Hicks, Jr

    Can’t wait, CM9 is going to be [email protected] A$$ on my Transformer!

  • Pmagent2013

    i wish i had 4,000 fried requests. 🙁

  • Anonymous

    so gonna put ICS on original transformer with having the banded screen bug on the prime so bad bah fix my prime ICS first

  • KnightCrusader

    At least I know I got 3999 others like me waiting to be your friend… I was beginning to think it was just me. 🙁

  • Mark Slomski

    omg yes i can’t wait now. hopefully asus will do a good job with the update and make my og look and feel like a brand new tablet.


    Holy crap..4k friend requests..come on kellex…gotta get ontop of accepting them.. 🙂 lol

    • Bjorn

      thoes are “Likes” not Friend Request-

      • Galaxynexus15boss

        No the left side is for friend requests the right side is notifications

      • GNEX(MOTOX)

        ugh, yea..don’t know where your coming from, those are friend requests…right side is notifications..

        • He’s logged in as Droid-Life, those are page likes. Notice how there is no messages?

  • looking forward to it

  • Bjorn

    Looks like Michael Sullivan works for Asus and commented on his own question-

    • Pilotbluemike

      thats me and i dont work for ASUS ha

      • Bjorn

        oh lol

  • Anonymous

    4K friend requests O.o

  • Dan

    Im still waiting on ICS for my galaxy nexus :/…….lol

    • Anonymous

      Heck, I’ve been waiting for Gingerbread. 

      • Still waiting for Cupcake 🙁

        • Nexussss

          Where’s the beta?

        • TLW

          One of my employees showed me their new phone running Donut.  I lol’d.