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i’m Watch – The Newest Android Watch On The Streets Is Here, Finally

Smartphones are so 2011.  This year it’s all about the smartwatch.  If you have been looking to combine your watch and your smartphone, then definitely give i’m Watch a look.  i’m Watch has combined all your phone features into a classy looking watch that fits just perfectly right on your wrist.  With a dedicated Bluetooth connection, i’m Watch can make calls, check emails, and all the other great features you would expect from a smart device.

The watch was designed in Italy and it shows.  With classy colors and silicone bands, the i’m Watch is definitely a conversation starter with anyone next to you.  Depending on which color options and materials you choose, price varies.  But the pricing starts at about $350.  The watch runs Android 1.6 and I don’t think it’s the type of device that you should worry about being updated to Ice Cream Sandwich anytime soon. Gallery down below followed by a link to i’m Watches site. 

We had a few minutes to play with the product and you can definitely tell that the device runs Android 1.6. You can feel a bit of lag scrolling from screen to screen, but let’s hope that the company who makes the watch has a few more kinks to work out before they officially launch the watch for global sales. Would anyone be willing to rock this sporty piece around town?

Online Store.

  • RAGMAN27

    This is absolute a ripoff you can find better watches for $40 that run FULL STOCK ICS with camera microphone and speakers these people are just ripping you off… U agree?

  • Matthew Rosidivito

    +1 for the concept, -8 on the execution.

    Android 1.6? A gazillion dollars? The only thing they got right was the form factor.

  • I actually stumbled upon’d this yesterday… I was like wtf is this some China made Apple watch product haha… interesting idea, but doesn’t float with me!

  • Blah

    testing.. sorry

  • ddevito


    not buying one

  • Jisaac16

    They started working on the ICS update but then, as anyone who has been to Italy knows, they went on strike.

    • RAGMAN27

      ORLY? I would buy one then if it also had better resolution and softkeys and camera 😀

  • Raven

    That thing looks hideous.  I would never wear it.  But, what I would love is a normal looking watch that could link to my phone via bluetooth and give some basic interactivity like caller ID, incoming text messages, and appointments.  I have found a few poor attempts, but nothing I would actually wear and most are not even available any more.  Why is this so hard to get right?

  • It looks like a prize in a Crane Game seen outside of a grocery store.  And I’d only spend the price of a game for it too. 

  • djembeman

    MotoActive costs too much too! I might be really interested in that if it was priced competitively with the iPod Nano.

    • RAGMAN27

      Its now almost $100 now… and motorola is supposed to release a STOCK froyo rom next month (of course made for the 240×240 screen res) 😀 CANT WAIT!!!

  • To expensive for such low end of a product. Make it $100-150 and slap froyo or gingerbread on it, and it’ll be my daily watch

  • David

    I love everything about it but the 1.6 and the price.

  • Nex-Life

    For $350…..No ICS, Not even Gingerbread….No thanks! Come back when you have a 720p+ Displaying ICS.

  • Joelseph

    Hilarious.  They avoided getting sued by Apple with a ‘m.

  • Anonymous

    Someone alert Dick Tracy!

  • Earl Echols

    Can you tell time in sunlight?

  • Rich

    If I buy a watch for 400 bucks, I’m buying a Bolivia diamond watch for 400.. though this is cool and just shows what you can do with Google on devices… 

  • Pantherdagger

    i would need bifocals for my trifocals to see it 

  • I have just one question. Who the ____ wear’s a watch these day’s?

    •  I do. I have a Casio digital watch, has 2 time zone displays, 2 alarms, a stop watch and countdown and as a special feature has a green illumination light.

    • Ueletesepeo

      I wear my ipod nano as a watch. I would love an android phonewatch, not sure about 1.6 though. Oh and they definitely need to work on the name.

    • Anonymous

      The majority of people living in civilized countries.  Although I guess there’s always a clock on the wall in your classes at junior high, right?

    • Anonymous

      I’m 26 and haven’t worn a watch in probably over ten years!

    • Anonymous

      Watches are sorta out for the kids, but I used to have a thing for watches. I have many different styles for whatever situation I’m in. I bought my first Rolex almost 25 years ago (Holy crap the price on those things have gone through the roof). I have a couple cheap Luminox watches for casual and even a big Casio watch for working around the yard or working out.

      Watches will come back just like bell bottom jeans (which I loved back in the 70″s when I was a kid and teenager).

      • I’m a teen starting college in a few months, and collect G-shocks. I love the rugged look. But uh, not so sure about those bell bottoms…

        • Anonymous

          A pair of worn flare bottom jeans, a fat leather belt, pair of white high top Converse Chuck Taylors, big fat leather watch band…long hair for us guys…

          I enjoyed the 70’s when I was a kid.  But I had more fun in the 80’s!  Got married in 90…

          Now I play with phones and read phone blogs…

          Isn’t life grand… lol

    • Me. I have a lot of Swatch watches. They’re sleek, affordable, simple and nice. I used to just take out my phone to check the time but its less of a hassle (and distraction) to just turn your wrist.

      I’ve always been intrigued by the prospect of a phone watch. It seems like a great idea on paper. Its almost impossible to lose or forget about. Its Always with you. Maybe not at THAT price but I think I’d like to try one one day.

    • David Gonzales

      Suunto X10 sucka!

      • Jboogie1289

        Suunto Elementum Ventus Brown Leather bro!! Sweet pieces!!

  • Anonymous

    when its more than 100 dollars over the MotoActiv then perhaps they should rethink things just a bit. 

  • Djlowproz

    I’m Watch..oh nevermind

  • I have SonyEricsson LiveView watch and early adopters problems aside its a great idea. I know whos calling, can read email, sms, FB chat etc without even taking out my phone. I can fully control music player on my phone and use various plugins that extending functionality. Who cares what kind of OS it has? I charge my LV once for 3 days and it’s ok with me. So dont judge this device before testing it out cause phone companion in form of a watch is a brilliant idea and can really boost Your productivity. Just make one for WP7 (in form of Nano 6th gen) cause i ditched Android 2 weeks ago and not planing of going back. 😛

  • Mike Snyder

    454MHz proc…bahaha!  Straight from the manufacturer’s website – “The i.MX233 applications processor based on the ARM926EJ-S™ can run at speeds up to 454MHz and is targeted for cost sensitive consumer applications.”  Where’s the ‘Cost-sensitive’ part of this?!?!  And Android 1.6?  Might as well be based on Window Mobile 5.0.  Did you also happen to notice that ALL of the apps have titles that start with ‘i’m’?  i’m FB, i’m Tweet, i’mages…LOL.  Besides, who the heck would want to share a picture on a 1-1/4″ square screen (1.54″ diag = 1.54^.5 = 1.24″x1.24″)?  Good idea, bad attempt to make it work.  Playing music, answering your phone, and checking email/text (NOT sending ANYTHING) would be enough to make this device work…minus 80% of the price tag.

    • Anonymous

      Exactly, do you really want to be that idiot that’s talking to his watch? lol

  • Anonymous

    Might as well put a “kick me” sign on your back.

  • balls

    why all the hate comments about specs / 1.6? its a watch people not a super computer

    • Ueletesepeo

      No, it’s a smartphone that also acts as a watch so the more up-to-date it is, the better.

  • Topsitee

    That’s going to be one interesting keyboard. And talking to your own arm is sure to outweigh the cool factor of having a phone watch

    • Anonymous

      Talking into your hand is better then talking into nothing. People just look crazy. at least if you were holding your arm up , people could tell that you weren’t talking to them.

    • BroRob

      Talking in to your watch is cool… Chuck and Casey do it all the time!

  • Anonymous

    Nothing like having portable devices that sync with your portable devices to tell you what your other portable device is doing at the moment. Seems a little redundant, no? More like lazy.

    • BroRob

      Bro, I heard you like portable devices for your portable devices… so we’ve made a portable device for your portable device for your portable device for your portable device, next up on Pimp My Portable Device, brought to you by West Coast Customs, paid for by MTV.

      • Anonymous

        Thanks, I was about to make an “xzibit meme” if you didn’t do it already lol

  • I’m watch? No I’m stupid? No no I’m on crack if I fall for this stupid thing for the price?

  • Zoloft_User

    Just wait, in about a week or two, we will be hearing from Apple on how they had this patented three or four months ago…

  • Brian Worhatch

    Great product except the price. Cut it in half and subtract $25 then we can talk.

  • TC Infantino

    Uhmmm, no.  The days of having a huge watch that was also a calculator, Dick Tracy communicator, whatever, are gone.  One of the reasons I liked having a cell phone was that I could ditch my watch, I need to know the time I pull out the phone and check.  Plus they are damned ugly.

    • Anonymous

      When I saw it, the first thing I thought was “Dick Tracy” lol

  • I already pre-order it, it’s luxury tech item.

  • And by rooted I mean the bootloader being unlocked.

  • How about a story about the Nook Tablet bootloader being unlocked and developers working on porting CM9?


  • DanSke

    Two word. Hipster Gear.

    • Anonymous

      This is completely UN-hipster.

      • Hipsters don’t wear watches, too mainstream. Or have smartphones.

  • i just got a motoactv and use the watch attachment. Mainly for the gym, but i can see the promise of a device that interfaces with the phone you have in your pocket for taking calls or checking messages. Lots of potential and its the first step to having arm computers to interface with my HUD.

    • RAGMAN27


  • Wow!…and you think texting while driving is dangerous now.
    All kidding aside, if they can get LeBron James or one of the Kardashians to wear it for a few days I’ll bet they’ll be selling like hot cakes. Kinda sad, but c’est la vie.

    • Jonathan Hunt

      Rethink your post.  Would either of them use Android?  😀

      • They use greens…show them enough greens and they’ll…well… you should know the rest.

  • Foxtrot21alpha

    350 price tag!? Android 1.6!? Pentile screen!? Laggy!?!? Ill jus go buy a nexus1 put a strap on it

  • GCurry

    Not good enough, but good start.   Back when watch LEDs were red, and Timex was in and Intel had just gotten in, Intel stumbled, realizing that electronic watches weren’t about time-keeping.   They were, as always, about jewelry.   Still about jewelry.

    Give me something that looks like a Rolex, inductively charged on my velvet covered nightstand charger, and maybe you’ve got a market success.   Of course, *I* won’t be able to afford it.  😉

  • Who wants to recharge the battery in their watch everyday? It looks awesome, but I’d pass.

  • Anonymous

    Not even sure if dinosaurs were still roaming when 1.6 was released….

    • Anonymous

      It was a long time ago. It came from a time when Blackberry and Microsoft were relevant in the smartphone business and Apple’s lawers were bored and had nothing to do. How times have changed.

  • Anonymous

    In all seriousness, I would like to know what the estimated battery time is on this bad boy. Do you really want to be “that guy,” charging your watch at work. That is a little too geeky for me if you have to plug in all your crap when you get to work. A phone is one thing, your watch is a bit much.

  • Anonymous

    So, there you were, sitting in the boardroom across from your boss and coleagues discussing the upcoming layoffs and your role to the company. Then, your watch beeps and a text message scrolls across your wrist for all to see. It says, “What’s up fu__face? Let’s get high and bang some hoes!” As you sit there in silence realizing everyone in the room read that, you think to yourself, “I paid 350 for this, should have stuck to my seiko.”  

  • Anonymous

    Kellex got a pink one i bet… For testing and review purposes of course. 😉

  • DJyoSNOW

    Isnt that price more than a new jazzy phone…and out dated out of the box OUCh.

  • I would have named it imma watch. 🙂 

  • Anonymous

    Wow. An android watch might be cool!
    *looks at le price tag*

    • Anonymous

      looks at the 1.6 FUUUUUUUUUU

  • Anonymous

    I don’t care how small it is, is there any reason at all why anyone would ever release a device running Android 1.6 in the year 2012? And theres no chance in hell that anyone would buy this with a $350 pricetag, its rediculous. I would rather buy an ipod nano.

    /end rant

    • Gueast34567

      Expect a lawsuit from apple, For creating tthe Android nano

  • Jspumphrey

    If I want all the info the watch provides me, ill just pull my phone out of my pocket.

    • Anonymous

      But this watch will allow you to check your calls, and texts and emails! Let me see you phone do…. oh… wait…. nvm.

  • Bawboh

    Hell yeah I’d rock this thing around.

  • Dliuzzo110

    This would actually be kind of cool as a Bluetooth device that you could pair with your exsisting handset

  • No ICS!? Total deal breaker. My water bottle at least has gingerbread… GOSH.

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    • TheAndroid1

      Nice job being subtle.

      I’m sure this won’t be taken down fast.

  • Not for $350! Maybe $19.95.

  • Ian Wilson

    Is the bootloader unlocker? Does it have a removable battery? PenTile screen? Rabble rabble rabble

    • shdowman

      G-Nex pwns this!!!

      • Anonymous

        I want to see you wear your G-Nex as a watch.

        • xformulax
          • Anonymous

            Ha, that’s awesome.

          • Oh snap.

          • Egee6

            Hahaha nice man

          • Anonymous

            Best response ever.

          • ChuckNorris

            Chuck Norris Approved!

          • Anony1234

            You used the wrong finger to take the picture though

          • Predator

            The Predator is jealous. All it needs is a collapsible blade, Cloaking, and a tactical nuke to self destruct.

          • Anonymous

            do you have a tablet? lol

          • Anonymous

            That my friend was wonderful! My boss was sitting next to me as I opened your link and I could not help but laugh notably out loud, to which my boss looked at me as though I were crazy, luckily he’s an android enthusiast and a future G’Nex owner.

          • Jdstell


          • Anonymous


          • Anonymous


          • Jvrcb17


  • Anonymous

    “Would anyone be willing to rock this sporty piece around town?” No. Not if its running Android 1.6. Nice idea though.

    • Anonymous

      …actually I am on there www, they look pretty cool

      • Anonymous

        nevermind. 400mhz processor.

        • balls


  • Anonymous

    Not sure why I would want this either unless you can root it and “motoactv” it?

    • Anonymous

      For 350, might as well just buy the MOTO..

  • Anonymous

    And this sync to your existing cell phone?

  • Hager98

    Hell ya….dont know how much id use it…but def would buy it……

  • Anonymous

    Anyone sense a lawsuit coming??

    • Guest


      • Anonymous


        Rashad Gattis

        • Anonymous

          The booth does look a little appley doesn’t it?

          • Anonymous

            they probably have it patented… -_____-

          • Liu zong

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          • Anonymous


            Rashad Gattis

    • Anonymous

      they put an “m” next to the “i” so no problem there. lol