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i’m Watch – The Newest Android Watch On The Streets Is Here, Finally

Smartphones are so 2011.  This year it’s all about the smartwatch.  If you have been looking to combine your watch and your smartphone, then definitely give i’m Watch a look.  i’m Watch has combined all your phone features into a classy looking watch that fits just perfectly right on your wrist.  With a dedicated Bluetooth connection, i’m Watch can make calls, check emails, and all the other great features you would expect from a smart device.

The watch was designed in Italy and it shows.  With classy colors and silicone bands, the i’m Watch is definitely a conversation starter with anyone next to you.  Depending on which color options and materials you choose, price varies.  But the pricing starts at about $350.  The watch runs Android 1.6 and I don’t think it’s the type of device that you should worry about being updated to Ice Cream Sandwich anytime soon. Gallery down below followed by a link to i’m Watches site. 

We had a few minutes to play with the product and you can definitely tell that the device runs Android 1.6. You can feel a bit of lag scrolling from screen to screen, but let’s hope that the company who makes the watch has a few more kinks to work out before they officially launch the watch for global sales. Would anyone be willing to rock this sporty piece around town?

Online Store.

  • RAGMAN27

    This is absolute a ripoff you can find better watches for $40 that run FULL STOCK ICS with camera microphone and speakers these people are just ripping you off… U agree?

  • Matthew Rosidivito

    +1 for the concept, -8 on the execution.

    Android 1.6? A gazillion dollars? The only thing they got right was the form factor.

  • I actually stumbled upon’d this yesterday… I was like wtf is this some China made Apple watch product haha… interesting idea, but doesn’t float with me!

  • Blah

    testing.. sorry

  • ddevito


    not buying one

  • Jisaac16

    They started working on the ICS update but then, as anyone who has been to Italy knows, they went on strike.

    • RAGMAN27

      ORLY? I would buy one then if it also had better resolution and softkeys and camera 😀

  • Raven

    That thing looks hideous.  I would never wear it.  But, what I would love is a normal looking watch that could link to my phone via bluetooth and give some basic interactivity like caller ID, incoming text messages, and appointments.  I have found a few poor attempts, but nothing I would actually wear and most are not even available any more.  Why is this so hard to get right?

  • It looks like a prize in a Crane Game seen outside of a grocery store.  And I’d only spend the price of a game for it too. 

  • djembeman

    MotoActive costs too much too! I might be really interested in that if it was priced competitively with the iPod Nano.

    • RAGMAN27

      Its now almost $100 now… and motorola is supposed to release a STOCK froyo rom next month (of course made for the 240×240 screen res) 😀 CANT WAIT!!!