This Google “Time” Smartwatch UI Concept is Neat


Smartwatches are all the rage these days. Everyone seems to want to feel more connected to their smartphone, a product we already can’t peel our eyes away from for two minutes. We have seen Pebble, one of the more highly regarded products, along with I’m Watch, what may be one of the worst smartwatch attempts in history. There are choices to be had, but what if one was completely Google-inspired? Take this Google Time concept for example.  (more…)

i’m Watch – The Newest Android Watch On The Streets Is Here, Finally

Smartphones are so 2011.  This year it’s all about the smartwatch.  If you have been looking to combine your watch and your smartphone, then definitely give i’m Watch a look.  i’m Watch has combined all your phone features into a classy looking watch that fits just perfectly right on your wrist.  With a dedicated Bluetooth connection, i’m Watch can make calls, check emails, and all the other great features you would expect from a smart device.

The watch was designed in Italy and it shows.  With classy colors and silicone bands, the i’m Watch is definitely a conversation starter with anyone next to you.  Depending on which color options and materials you choose, price varies.  But the pricing starts at about $350.  The watch runs Android 1.6 and I don’t think it’s the type of device that you should worry about being updated to Ice Cream Sandwich anytime soon. Gallery down below followed by a link to i’m Watches site.  (more…)

I’mWatch Might Exist After All, the Colorful Android Watch Gets an Official U.S. Unveiling

The world was first introduced to the concept of having Android on a watch some time early this year from a company called i’mWatch. Most of what we saw was a bunch of renders leaving skeptics in the room (that would be us) to assume this product would never actually makes its way to the market. We may have been proven wrong, as the i’mWatch team has introduced their product officially in the states. From what we can tell though, the product won’t be available any time soon in the U.S., but with their announcement coming at the ARM conference this past weekend, we are at least getting closer.

So what is i’mWatch? It’s Android on your wrist. The MotoActv product that Motorola introduced will probably end up being much more polished and stable as they are a mega-company, but the i’mWatch team appears to be at least focusing on more than just the OS. These watches actually look pretty nice. They have a variety of colors, plus luxury versions to fit almost anyone’s price needs. Speaking of the OS though, it’s a custom version of Android that has its own app and music store that will be on display at CES in January.

A video has been released that details the product, starting with the foundation and going all the way through the team itself. If you want to get straight to the watch, just to the 2:30 mark.   (more…)