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Contest: 10 Premium Redeem Codes for Koush’s Tether App Up For Grabs

Koush’s Tethering app is all the rage these days in Android. It has given those that aren’t interested in rooting, an opportunity to tether from their phone to a computer with little hassle. Tato has actually given it some good run here at CES and would definitely recommend it.

To celebrate its official release this week, Koush handed us 10 premium redeem codes to get a set of DL readers up and taking full advantage of their data packages. After all, you do pay for it, so why not use it however you want, right? That’s probably a conversation for another day. 🙂

So here is the deal. To enter to win, all you have to do is tell us how much data you consume on average each month and if you use any sort of tethering service on a regular basis. Simple enough?

Later this evening when we leave the show floor, we will pick the 10 winners.


  • Mustang5Oh

    I currently use about 4GB per month and want this due to traveling a lot to better stay in touch with the wife and kids while on the go!

  • Anonymous

    I’m averaging about 1GB/month and I don’t tether.  

  • Scott

    I think i tend to use between 1 and 3 gigs a month, just depends on how bored I am!

  • well over 5gigs.  i stream a lot on my galaxy nexus.  mainly netflix and hulu.

  • Cmonnats23

    I use about 5 gb per month now that i have started using google music 😉 Used to be around 1.5gb! When i had my D2 i tethered all the time! Not sure of the app name :/ new with my GNex not at all!

  • Topsitee

    A wireless tether premium subscription would allow me to share my 4g with my family rather than having to pass my phone around on trips! As far as data I am unlimited so I don’t keep track but the rest of family is on the Verizon capped service, therefore my phone because a hot commodity! Please hook me up so I can share the love!

  • Anonymous

    i use about 3.5 GB each month…..i use wifi
    tether at times

  • Anonymous

    I use less than 1 GB a month, tethered, I’m sure it would at least triple.

  • I use 2-6 gb a month when I don’t tether and 40gb when I do tether. I currently pay for a verizon tether plan 🙁

  • Anonymous

    Ummm, for this month I’m looking at about 235.58GB so far. I however do not tether due to my phone, T-mobile Galaxy S not playing nice with Linux.

  • 12HLKKFJBEA I like it very much!

  • felix

    I use less than 1gig

  • My usage varies, depending on how many trips I go on.  Pretty sure I average around 2-4GB, Sometimes higher if I spend a weekend where there is no Internet, and I have to tether the laptop.  I use the beta versions of Wifi Tether, and EasyTether Pro (got it when it was Amazon’s Free App of the day).

  • SlicK

    I use around 6 GB a month of data on average and I don’t use any sort of tethering service on a regular basis, although I would LOVE to if I had the opportunity to use Koush’s tethering app.

  • Lisk

    3-4GB typically – though I have used more and less. I use tethering every so often.

  • Shane McKeever

    Most of my data @ home is Wi-Fi via Broadband, and there isn’t 4G (yet) where I reside.

  • Shane McKeever

    2063.53 MB Average, per my VZW analysis.I have free Wi-Fi tether app to run all of my coworkers’ devices who have AT&T, because they have no signal:)

    • Shane McKeever

      Most of my data @ home is Wi-Fi via Broadband, and there isn’t 4G (yet) where I reside.

  • JD Rudd

    DL, I have never been able to tether before! I would love to get my grubby hands on this and see what all the rage is about. I work in a place where we have no wifi at all and I would LOVE to be able to do this. Hope you’re having fun at CES! 

  • Mr ilheis

    I use 3GB of data a month on average. Now that I have a G-Nex and I still have the Inc. with no data it would be nice when I’m out and about to tether the In.c to the G-Nex. using this App.

  • Drewfus0929

    I use about 12 gigs of data, most of it streaming music. Some tethering when the internet at school is failing.

  • Ryan Bianchi

    Used to pull 8 gb on the ole Droid X. Now since getting the nexus I can only imagine the 4G kicking it up into the double digits. Would love to ditch the VZW mobile hot spot on my bill though

  • Ryan Bianchi

    Used to pull 8 gb on the ole Droid X. Now since getting the nexus I can only imagine the 4G kicking it up into the double digits. Would love to ditch the VZW mobile hot spot on my bill though

  • Seeryn

    Use about 1.5gb/mo on the phone. 600mb on the iPad.
    No tethering normally only on occasions where I simply can’t use the phone or iPad.

  • H H

    I use wireless tether on my droid 2g mostly for work when on the road.  I average about 4GB a month. 

  • unvincible

    I normally only use about 1GB a month because I’m mostly at home on wifi. But now that I have the G-nex I used about 3GB the first day I had it. Ha. And I’d like to be able to tether without rooting so Koush’s app sounds great to me!

  • tether tether tether

  • I average 14 gb a month with the help of wifi tether apk

  • Anonymous

    I use around 5-6 gigs right now on my rooted Bionic, no tethering, just enjoying the 4g we finally got a few weeks ago (when it is up that is)!

  • Matt S

    I’m usually floating around 2gb, helps that i spend most of my time with wifi access. When i need to tether i tend to break out wifi tether for root users.

  • I only use about 8GB a month on my TBolt, and I use WiFi Tether whenever possible!

  • About 2GB then I get throttled down. From there on I can probably get another 200MB. I would so love Koush’s new tether app 🙂

  • Anonymous

    I use about 5 gigabytes of data per month for Netflix and music. Google music is a data vacuum. Kids love Netflix while at restaurants. And we eat out 5 times a wweek. Since I got the galaxy nexus I haven’t tethered. I would use my DX tethered to my wifi xoom in the offices boxes they block streaming music. I would also tether in restaurants for the kids to watch cartoons on xoom.

  • Anonymous

    On average, I use about 2GB a month (not very flash heavy) and I’ve been using Open Garden to tether to my buddies Xbox, since he doesn’t have the internet where he lives yet. It’s worked well enough to scrape by in MW3 matches!

  • i use about 6-8 GB a month, usually streaming music and podcasts in the car… and checking my news feeds!

  • Brian

    Around 1gb per month before the nexus. Not sure how much these days, but I tether when im out and need to get some work done!

  • Sidra

    I’ve been averaging around 1 GB a month, but I just started using Google Music, so it’s sure to go up! Don’t tether much, but it’s a lifesaver when my home internet goes out, which is all too common.

    I once had the power go out at 3am while I was studying for an exam. I was able to use my phone to tether and spent the next two hours studying in a dark room lit by candles and my laptop screen.

  • Nick20719

    I tether about 7-10 GB’s each month on unlimited and that was with a Droid X. Now my girlfriend who has a Droid 3 has been wanting to do the same but is afraid of rooting, and is afraid of me rooting it because if i’m not there and something goes wrong with her phone, shes screwed haha. This would be wonderful for her!

  • About 4GB every month. Most of my drain is streaming google music. I don’t tether often, but I sometimes do use the tethering abilities of CM7 on my LG G2x to do so. So sad that the lg g2x is at end of life…never again LG.

  • Scott Corey

    Usually a little under a gig. I don’t tether much, generally when my apartment’s internet is particularly awful.

  • Don’t have a tethering plan on my Galaxy Nexus and wouldn’t like to pay VZW an arm and a leg for the privilege to use the data I’m paying for on any devices I want 🙁 I use about 7-8 GB a month.

  • I tether a couple times a week usually at school because the Wifi there is sketchy depending upon what building you are in.  I usually use WIFI Tether but it occasionally times out.  I use about 5GB of data a month on average.

  • Time4tim

    I use between 2 and 3 GB a month. I currently use Easy Tether. Would love to try something a little easier to load.

  • NDroid

    I use about 1 – 2 GB depending on whether the music i’m listening to is local, or on the cloud.  I rarely tether, but find it essential when I visit the in-laws who have no internet (yes, people without internet exist).  I’m not a tether abuser, but do wish I had the option when it is necessary.

  • I use around 7GB/week, I have an unlimited plan, so this would be awesome!

  • Jafunk

    I use tethering typically to get my wife’s android phone online without paying for two data plans.

  • Anonymous

    I use about 4-5g a month. Good thing my og droid’s unlimited grandfather for my new galaxy nexus

  • Elo777

    I use around 3 gigs/month on a unlimited plan. Listening to music, slingbox and checking weather radars and such due to my weather hobby.

  • I would love to not be bothered by VZW slowing me down. Also, the tethering app I use right now is very unreliable, and stops every once and a while. Blarghl.

  • On my old 3g anywhere from 2GB to 6GB depending on how much time I spend streaming. I did pay for tethering for a while when I was more on the go with my devices, I stole it for a while of course, I pay for the data they sold me, I feel as if it’s mine, even though my contract states otherwise. Damn fleecers.

  • Paperycandy

    I usually consume about 2 gigs of data, but since Koush’s tether app came out, I’ve been using more :p