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Contest: 10 Premium Redeem Codes for Koush’s Tether App Up For Grabs

Koush’s Tethering app is all the rage these days in Android. It has given those that aren’t interested in rooting, an opportunity to tether from their phone to a computer with little hassle. Tato has actually given it some good run here at CES and would definitely recommend it.

To celebrate its official release this week, Koush handed us 10 premium redeem codes to get a set of DL readers up and taking full advantage of their data packages. After all, you do pay for it, so why not use it however you want, right? That’s probably a conversation for another day. ūüôā

So here is the deal. To enter to win, all you have to do is tell us how much data you consume on average each month and if you use any sort of tethering service on a regular basis. Simple enough?

Later this evening when we leave the show floor, we will pick the 10 winners.


  • RickX93277

    I’ve never even looked at the amount of data that I use.¬† When I checked it has been around 1gb, I have been doing less than normal the last few months, but would love to get a good tether app.¬† I can’t wait until a good wireless tether comes out too

  • Anonymous

    3-4 GBs, no tethering service. 

  • MWK

    I use approximately 5 – 6 GB monthly for work and some play.

  • I’m on an¬†unlimited¬†plan and usually consume about 4-5GB of data a month. I tether a couple days a week with WiFi Tether and it works wonderfully. There’s nothing like going on a road trip and having 3 passengers surfing the internet on their tablets and laptops.

  • T4rd

    I rarely go over 3-4 GBs.  I tether a lot at work though to test VPN connections for soldiers/officers to connect to their work resources while at home (which they need to often).


  • M.D.

    Between 4-5 GB’s a month watching netflix, HBOGO on the train going and coming from work.¬† Had the free mobile hotspot on TB until verizon took it away with an update.¬† Don’t want to root and would love to be able to find an app that would let me use it again for my daughter’s tablet, while we’re in the car.

  • I use around 7-13GB a month and I tether when I am in a pinch… I don’t believe because we have “unlimited” we should use it for everything… That is why my wife has to have a¬†ridiculous¬†tiered plan! If i was going to use it for home internet ,I would pay the measly 30 bucks a month to VZW…

  • Josh Gray

    6-10 GB’s. Depending on how much traveling.¬†

  • Anonymous

    working in sales and traveling mean constant tethering for me. use it for work during the “day” and infotainment at night. Running¬†
    CyanogenMod for tethering, but may have to switch to a non-rooted 4g for work in the coming weeks. this would really save me

  • 2 gb ish on my bionic! ūüėÄ

  • Anonymous

    My wife and I tether for a total of about 2GB of month. She currently uses PDANet as she is unrooted on her Incredible. I use (without much success) Wifi Tether for Root on my Galaxy Nexus.

  • Only about 1G/month. ¬†Still mostly use WiFi at home and the office.

  • Anonymous

    Even on a grandfathered unlimited plan, I rarely breach 2GBs since I’m always around wi-fi and computers. As a contractor though, tether is hella useful for me when I’m stuck on client site without access to their network (usually the case on govt sites). wireless tether on root ftw!

  • Michael Black

    I use between 6-9 GB per month tethering to 2 different laptops and a tablet. I currently use the googlecode wifi tethering app. My fiance tethers the same devices while I am work on her OG Droid running CM7 (yes it is still running strong).

  • I use about 1.5 g of data a month. But if I could tether my Samsung Nexus to my Samsung Tab 10.1 I would make use of my 5 gb (unlimited) Verizon plan.

  • angermeans

    Between 4 – 6 gb per month

  • Jsingleton29945

    On average I use 15-20gb, I’m always on the road and use it to do.homework, ill appreciate any kind of help!

  • Zachary Manville

    I use about 1 GB of my unlimited data each month, and I have never used tethering for data. I think that’s all I needed to say. Good day kind sirs and possibly madams.

  • Richard Tubbs

    My average is 2.11GB. This month I hit 3.47GB!

  • Casy Laib

    I use about 3gb-5gb a month depending.  Only a little tethering but I will be traveling a lot more soon so will end up tethering a lot more.

  • m0stwanted1

    I consume on average about 5-7 GB per month streaming netflix and youtube like its my job.

  • Norgeloki

    Already bought it. No regrets!!!

  • Anonymous

    I use around 1.5GB to 2.0GB a month. I use WiFi tethering a lot when traveling.

  • Davy Brandler

    Unfortunately¬†I use a very small percentage of my unlimited plan and don’t tether. I would love some Koush goodness to help me tether!

  • Anonymous

    between my wife and I, running on the OG DROID, we clock at <2GB/M without any tethering. I would love to tether, just been afraid to since all the rumors claim that VZW shuts you down if they find out. Any help guys? That tethering app could really help…

  • Drudroid

    Around 10Gb

  • In the last billing cycle(in which my GNex was purchased) i broke 5 GB of data for the first time, and I usually average about 3.5GB. I use the basic wireless tether for root users

  • Jim

    Use between 3-5GB a month.  Would love to be able to tether to my Fire.

  • KmEnZ

    I used to use about 5 GB a month because i was using Easy Tether, but after i got my new DX2, i could not install it on the phone. I havent been able to tether since. ūüôĀ¬†

  • On average I use about 4-5 Gig on my T-Bolt, and I dont have any tethering right now.¬† Gotta love Verizon for being grandfathered into the unlimited plan for data…

  • Eric

    I run cm7 with the wi-fi tether built in, rocking a droid incredible ( OG ) and use about 2GB a month.  Sometimes, my kids connect their ipod touches though wi-fi and watch netflix and everything works great.  I will be upgrading to a 4g phone shortly and have been waiting because I do not want to loose my free wi-fi

  • Hbo1ulises

    I use around 4 gigs a month since I just got my Droid Razr. I used to tether for the family on trips but now I don’t have the wireless tether. Please hook me up.

  • Seth

    about 2 GB/month and no tethering b/c i’m not rooted

  • Dmlangdon

    I typically use between 2-3GB/month with peaks and valleys between and tether my Fire when I need to.

  • Josh Parish

    I use about 2-3GB a month. I haven’t used tether since my OG Droid died around the time I got the Bionic.

  • Cooperboy

    I use about 2 GB of data per month. LOVE TETHERING!! We bought Moto Xoom Wifi tablets for the entire family this Christmas (four total). When away from a wifi network, tether on! Absolutely awesome.

  • Brazola1

    i use about 3-5 gb amd tether when possible

  • Dean Milord

    Use about 6GB a month on my phone along. ¬†I have My OG droid, Droid X & now (active) Galaxy Nexus. ¬†All my phones have been rooted (incl’d Droid 2, Droid Inc 1 + 2 & Droid 3) and I now have a TouchDroid (HP Touchpad) running CyanogenMod & sometimes MIUI, which I tether to with my phone. ¬†Would love to have Koush’s tether app it would help a ton with my laptop & netbook tethering too!! ¬†Can’t even mention the amount of data I gobble tethering!!! XD

    ** Still on my unlimited data plan – Love being old (grandfathered) LOL

  • mightyq

    I tether my tablet to my Droid 3 and use about 3GB a month….

  • mortality dave

    i have maxed my 4g to 152gigs in one month using wireless tether.

  • Anonymous

    I use about 3GBs a month and do not currently tether. Pick me!

  • Kris Brandt

    Around 5 GB a month. ¬†I tend to tether in emergencies, but I love showing it off to iPhone users. ūüôā¬†

  • Davros

    Must have forgot about this while having cocktails and shooting craps ūüėČ

  • Runningwildenum1

    using PDAnet and about 4GB to 5GB a month

  • About 6 gigs. Used to tether on my Droid X before P3 said Verizon implemented something in like 2.3 or something where they could track it… while back, don’t remember completely. Anyway, stopped after that.

  • Mastabrozif

    I use about 4GB on average a month that is a with a little bit of tethering because I don’t like have to be connected to¬†Ethernet¬†in college.

  • Christian Bennett

    <10 gb a month. The stock Android wifi tether work great on vzw nexus with some help from a widget

  • Jremmy

    2.3 GB/month

  • Anonymous

    4,7 gb monthly

  • I probably use about 2GB a month with no steady tethering option at the moment. With tethering?… sheesh, I’d probably gobble data like crazy.