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Contest: 10 Premium Redeem Codes for Koush’s Tether App Up For Grabs

Koush’s Tethering app is all the rage these days in Android. It has given those that aren’t interested in rooting, an opportunity to tether from their phone to a computer with little hassle. Tato has actually given it some good run here at CES and would definitely recommend it.

To celebrate its official release this week, Koush handed us 10 premium redeem codes to get a set of DL readers up and taking full advantage of their data packages. After all, you do pay for it, so why not use it however you want, right? That’s probably a conversation for another day. ūüôā

So here is the deal. To enter to win, all you have to do is tell us how much data you consume on average each month and if you use any sort of tethering service on a regular basis. Simple enough?

Later this evening when we leave the show floor, we will pick the 10 winners.


  • RickX93277

    I’ve never even looked at the amount of data that I use.¬† When I checked it has been around 1gb, I have been doing less than normal the last few months, but would love to get a good tether app.¬† I can’t wait until a good wireless tether comes out too

  • Anonymous

    3-4 GBs, no tethering service. 

  • MWK

    I use approximately 5 – 6 GB monthly for work and some play.

  • I’m on an¬†unlimited¬†plan and usually consume about 4-5GB of data a month. I tether a couple days a week with WiFi Tether and it works wonderfully. There’s nothing like going on a road trip and having 3 passengers surfing the internet on their tablets and laptops.

  • T4rd

    I rarely go over 3-4 GBs.  I tether a lot at work though to test VPN connections for soldiers/officers to connect to their work resources while at home (which they need to often).


  • M.D.

    Between 4-5 GB’s a month watching netflix, HBOGO on the train going and coming from work.¬† Had the free mobile hotspot on TB until verizon took it away with an update.¬† Don’t want to root and would love to be able to find an app that would let me use it again for my daughter’s tablet, while we’re in the car.

  • I use around 7-13GB a month and I tether when I am in a pinch… I don’t believe because we have “unlimited” we should use it for everything… That is why my wife has to have a¬†ridiculous¬†tiered plan! If i was going to use it for home internet ,I would pay the measly 30 bucks a month to VZW…

  • Josh Gray

    6-10 GB’s. Depending on how much traveling.¬†

  • Anonymous

    working in sales and traveling mean constant tethering for me. use it for work during the “day” and infotainment at night. Running¬†
    CyanogenMod for tethering, but may have to switch to a non-rooted 4g for work in the coming weeks. this would really save me

  • 2 gb ish on my bionic! ūüėÄ

  • Anonymous

    My wife and I tether for a total of about 2GB of month. She currently uses PDANet as she is unrooted on her Incredible. I use (without much success) Wifi Tether for Root on my Galaxy Nexus.

  • Only about 1G/month. ¬†Still mostly use WiFi at home and the office.

  • Anonymous

    Even on a grandfathered unlimited plan, I rarely breach 2GBs since I’m always around wi-fi and computers. As a contractor though, tether is hella useful for me when I’m stuck on client site without access to their network (usually the case on govt sites). wireless tether on root ftw!

  • Michael Black

    I use between 6-9 GB per month tethering to 2 different laptops and a tablet. I currently use the googlecode wifi tethering app. My fiance tethers the same devices while I am work on her OG Droid running CM7 (yes it is still running strong).

  • I use about 1.5 g of data a month. But if I could tether my Samsung Nexus to my Samsung Tab 10.1 I would make use of my 5 gb (unlimited) Verizon plan.

  • angermeans

    Between 4 – 6 gb per month

  • Jsingleton29945

    On average I use 15-20gb, I’m always on the road and use it to do.homework, ill appreciate any kind of help!

  • Zachary Manville

    I use about 1 GB of my unlimited data each month, and I have never used tethering for data. I think that’s all I needed to say. Good day kind sirs and possibly madams.

  • Richard Tubbs

    My average is 2.11GB. This month I hit 3.47GB!

  • Casy Laib

    I use about 3gb-5gb a month depending.  Only a little tethering but I will be traveling a lot more soon so will end up tethering a lot more.

  • m0stwanted1

    I consume on average about 5-7 GB per month streaming netflix and youtube like its my job.

  • Norgeloki

    Already bought it. No regrets!!!

  • Anonymous

    I use around 1.5GB to 2.0GB a month. I use WiFi tethering a lot when traveling.

  • Davy Brandler

    Unfortunately¬†I use a very small percentage of my unlimited plan and don’t tether. I would love some Koush goodness to help me tether!

  • Anonymous

    between my wife and I, running on the OG DROID, we clock at <2GB/M without any tethering. I would love to tether, just been afraid to since all the rumors claim that VZW shuts you down if they find out. Any help guys? That tethering app could really help…

  • Drudroid

    Around 10Gb

  • In the last billing cycle(in which my GNex was purchased) i broke 5 GB of data for the first time, and I usually average about 3.5GB. I use the basic wireless tether for root users

  • Jim

    Use between 3-5GB a month.  Would love to be able to tether to my Fire.

  • KmEnZ

    I used to use about 5 GB a month because i was using Easy Tether, but after i got my new DX2, i could not install it on the phone. I havent been able to tether since. ūüôĀ¬†

  • On average I use about 4-5 Gig on my T-Bolt, and I dont have any tethering right now.¬† Gotta love Verizon for being grandfathered into the unlimited plan for data…

  • Eric

    I run cm7 with the wi-fi tether built in, rocking a droid incredible ( OG ) and use about 2GB a month.  Sometimes, my kids connect their ipod touches though wi-fi and watch netflix and everything works great.  I will be upgrading to a 4g phone shortly and have been waiting because I do not want to loose my free wi-fi

  • Hbo1ulises

    I use around 4 gigs a month since I just got my Droid Razr. I used to tether for the family on trips but now I don’t have the wireless tether. Please hook me up.

  • Seth

    about 2 GB/month and no tethering b/c i’m not rooted

  • Dmlangdon

    I typically use between 2-3GB/month with peaks and valleys between and tether my Fire when I need to.

  • Josh Parish

    I use about 2-3GB a month. I haven’t used tether since my OG Droid died around the time I got the Bionic.

  • Cooperboy

    I use about 2 GB of data per month. LOVE TETHERING!! We bought Moto Xoom Wifi tablets for the entire family this Christmas (four total). When away from a wifi network, tether on! Absolutely awesome.

  • Brazola1

    i use about 3-5 gb amd tether when possible

  • Dean Milord

    Use about 6GB a month on my phone along. ¬†I have My OG droid, Droid X & now (active) Galaxy Nexus. ¬†All my phones have been rooted (incl’d Droid 2, Droid Inc 1 + 2 & Droid 3) and I now have a TouchDroid (HP Touchpad) running CyanogenMod & sometimes MIUI, which I tether to with my phone. ¬†Would love to have Koush’s tether app it would help a ton with my laptop & netbook tethering too!! ¬†Can’t even mention the amount of data I gobble tethering!!! XD

    ** Still on my unlimited data plan – Love being old (grandfathered) LOL

  • mightyq

    I tether my tablet to my Droid 3 and use about 3GB a month….

  • mortality dave

    i have maxed my 4g to 152gigs in one month using wireless tether.

  • Anonymous

    I use about 3GBs a month and do not currently tether. Pick me!

  • Kris Brandt

    Around 5 GB a month. ¬†I tend to tether in emergencies, but I love showing it off to iPhone users. ūüôā¬†

  • Davros

    Must have forgot about this while having cocktails and shooting craps ūüėČ

  • Runningwildenum1

    using PDAnet and about 4GB to 5GB a month

  • About 6 gigs. Used to tether on my Droid X before P3 said Verizon implemented something in like 2.3 or something where they could track it… while back, don’t remember completely. Anyway, stopped after that.

  • Mastabrozif

    I use about 4GB on average a month that is a with a little bit of tethering because I don’t like have to be connected to¬†Ethernet¬†in college.

  • Christian Bennett

    <10 gb a month. The stock Android wifi tether work great on vzw nexus with some help from a widget

  • Jremmy

    2.3 GB/month

  • Anonymous

    4,7 gb monthly

  • I probably use about 2GB a month with no steady tethering option at the moment. With tethering?… sheesh, I’d probably gobble data like crazy.

  • Mustang5Oh

    I currently use about 4GB per month and want this due to traveling a lot to better stay in touch with the wife and kids while on the go!

  • Anonymous

    I’m averaging about 1GB/month and I don’t tether. ¬†

  • Scott

    I think i tend to use between 1 and 3 gigs a month, just depends on how bored I am!

  • well over 5gigs. ¬†i stream a lot on my galaxy nexus. ¬†mainly netflix and hulu.

  • Cmonnats23

    I use about 5 gb per month now that i have started using google music ūüėČ Used to be around 1.5gb! When i had my D2 i tethered all the time! Not sure of the app name :/ new with my GNex not at all!

  • Topsitee

    A wireless tether premium subscription would allow me to share my 4g with my family rather than having to pass my phone around on trips! As far as data I am unlimited so I don’t keep track but the rest of family is on the Verizon capped service, therefore my phone because a hot commodity! Please hook me up so I can share the love!

  • Anonymous

    i use about 3.5 GB each month…..i use wifi
    tether at times

  • Anonymous

    I use less than 1 GB a month, tethered, I’m sure it would at least triple.

  • I use 2-6 gb a month when I don’t tether and 40gb when I do tether. I currently pay for a verizon tether plan ūüôĀ

  • Anonymous

    Ummm, for this month I’m looking at about¬†235.58GB so far. I however do not tether due to my phone, T-mobile Galaxy S not playing nice with Linux.

  • 12HLKKFJBEA I like it very much!

  • felix

    I use less than 1gig

  • My usage varies, depending on how many trips I go on. ¬†Pretty sure I average around 2-4GB, Sometimes higher if I spend a weekend where there is no Internet, and I have to tether the laptop. ¬†I use the beta versions of Wifi Tether, and EasyTether Pro (got it when it was Amazon’s Free App of the day).

  • SlicK

    I use around 6 GB a month of data on average and I don’t use any sort of tethering service on a regular basis, although I would LOVE to if I had the opportunity to use Koush’s tethering app.

  • Lisk

    3-4GB typically – though I have used more and less. I use tethering every so often.

  • Shane McKeever

    Most of my data @ home is Wi-Fi via Broadband, and there isn’t 4G (yet) where I reside.

  • Shane McKeever

    2063.53 MB Average, per my VZW analysis.I have free Wi-Fi tether app to run all of my coworkers’ devices who have AT&T, because they have no signal:)

    • Shane McKeever

      Most of my data @ home is Wi-Fi via Broadband, and there isn’t 4G (yet) where I reside.

  • JD Rudd

    DL, I have never been able to tether before! I would love to get my grubby hands on this and see what all the rage is about. I work in a place where we have no wifi at all and I would LOVE to be able to do this. Hope you’re having fun at CES!¬†

  • Mr ilheis

    I use 3GB of data a month on average. Now that I have a G-Nex and I still have the Inc. with no data it would be nice when I’m out and about to tether the In.c to the G-Nex. using this App.

  • Drewfus0929

    I use about 12 gigs of data, most of it streaming music. Some tethering when the internet at school is failing.

  • Ryan Bianchi

    Used to pull 8 gb on the ole Droid X. Now since getting the nexus I can only imagine the 4G kicking it up into the double digits. Would love to ditch the VZW mobile hot spot on my bill though

  • Ryan Bianchi

    Used to pull 8 gb on the ole Droid X. Now since getting the nexus I can only imagine the 4G kicking it up into the double digits. Would love to ditch the VZW mobile hot spot on my bill though

  • Seeryn

    Use about 1.5gb/mo on the phone. 600mb on the iPad.
    No tethering normally only on occasions where I simply can’t use the phone or iPad.

  • H H

    I use wireless tether on my droid 2g mostly for work when on the road.  I average about 4GB a month. 

  • unvincible

    I normally only use about 1GB a month because I’m mostly at home on wifi. But now that I have the G-nex I used about 3GB the first day I had it. Ha. And I’d like to be able to tether without rooting so Koush’s app sounds great to me!

  • tether tether tether

  • I average 14 gb a month with the help of wifi tether apk

  • Anonymous

    I use around 5-6 gigs right now on my rooted Bionic, no tethering, just enjoying the 4g we finally got a few weeks ago (when it is up that is)!

  • Matt S

    I’m usually floating around 2gb, helps that i spend most of my time with wifi access. When i need to tether i tend to break out wifi tether for root users.

  • I only use about 8GB a month on my TBolt, and I use WiFi Tether whenever possible!

  • About 2GB then I get throttled down. From there on I can¬†probably¬†get another 200MB. I would so love Koush’s new tether app ūüôā

  • Anonymous

    I use about 5 gigabytes of data per month for Netflix and music. Google music is a data vacuum. Kids love Netflix while at restaurants. And we eat out 5 times a wweek. Since I got the galaxy nexus I haven’t tethered. I would use my DX tethered to my wifi xoom in the offices boxes they block streaming music. I would also tether in restaurants for the kids to watch cartoons on xoom.

  • Anonymous

    On average, I use about 2GB a month (not very flash heavy) and I’ve been using Open Garden to tether to my buddies Xbox, since he doesn’t have the internet where he lives yet. It’s worked well enough to scrape by in MW3 matches!

  • i use about 6-8 GB a month, usually streaming music and podcasts in the car… and checking my news feeds!

  • Brian

    Around 1gb per month before the nexus. Not sure how much these days, but I tether when im out and need to get some work done!

  • Sidra

    I’ve been averaging around 1 GB a month, but I just started using Google Music, so it’s sure to go up! Don’t tether much, but it’s a lifesaver when my home internet goes out, which is all too common.

    I once had the power go out at 3am while I was studying for an exam. I was able to use my phone to tether and spent the next two hours studying in a dark room lit by candles and my laptop screen.

  • Nick20719

    I tether about 7-10 GB’s each month on unlimited and that was with a Droid X. Now my girlfriend who has a Droid 3 has been wanting to do the same but is afraid of rooting, and is afraid of me rooting it because if i’m not there and something goes wrong with her phone, shes screwed haha. This would be wonderful for her!

  • About 4GB every month. Most of my drain is streaming google music. I don’t tether often, but I sometimes do use the tethering abilities of CM7 on my LG G2x to do so. So sad that the lg g2x is at end of life…never again LG.

  • Scott Corey

    Usually a little under a gig. I don’t tether much, generally when my apartment’s internet is particularly awful.

  • Don’t have a tethering plan on my Galaxy Nexus and wouldn’t like to pay VZW an arm and a leg for the privilege to use the data I’m paying for on any devices I want ūüôĀ I use about 7-8 GB a month.

  • I tether a couple times a week usually at school because the Wifi there is sketchy depending upon what building you are in. ¬†I usually use WIFI Tether but it occasionally times out. ¬†I use about 5GB of data a month on average.

  • Time4tim

    I use between 2 and 3 GB a month. I currently use Easy Tether. Would love to try something a little easier to load.

  • NDroid

    I use about 1 – 2 GB depending on whether the music i’m listening to is local, or on the cloud.¬† I rarely tether, but find it essential when I visit the in-laws who have no internet (yes, people without internet exist).¬† I’m not a tether abuser, but do wish I had the option when it is necessary.

  • I use around 7GB/week, I have an unlimited plan, so this would be awesome!

  • Jafunk

    I use tethering typically to get my wife’s android phone online without paying for two data plans.

  • Anonymous

    I use about 4-5g a month. Good thing my og droid’s unlimited grandfather for my new galaxy nexus

  • Elo777

    I use around 3 gigs/month on a unlimited plan. Listening to music, slingbox and checking weather radars and such due to my weather hobby.

  • I would love to not be bothered by VZW slowing me down. Also, the tethering app I use right now is very unreliable, and stops every once and a while. Blarghl.

  • On my old 3g anywhere from 2GB to 6GB depending on how much time I spend streaming. I did pay for tethering for a while when I was more on the go with my devices, I stole it for a while of course, I pay for the data they sold me, I feel as if it’s mine, even though my contract states otherwise. Damn fleecers.

  • Paperycandy

    I usually consume about 2 gigs of data, but since Koush’s tether app came out, I’ve been using more :p

  • Carlos

    I use about 3 GB per month and do not have a tether app, would love Koush’s app.

  • Iamkeeler

    I use around 600mb of 3G and 2gb of wifi. Sadly no tethering because 3G doesn’t seem worth it. But I’m getting the GNEX on fri so who knows.

  • Anonymous

    I use EasyTether Pro at the moment and use around 4GB per month, but I’m very sure Koush’s app is much much better, and more well-supported! Go Koush!

  • I use about 2-3GB a month. Mostly Google Music, Nav and Podcasts. A 1.5hr commute one way keeps the data connection going. I don’t tether, but have tried Wireless Tether just to see it work.

  • I average 5GB/mo during ‘light’ months, and then upwards of 20GB during ‘heavy’ months. All of that is on device only, but I recently dropped my crappy TWC for my shiny brand new VZW 4G LTE.

  • I use about 4gb a month. ¬†Try to stay under 5gb to keep off their radar.

  • Jascias Israel

    I tether about 3 gb a month. My school wifi seems to never work. So a lot of my time studying in the library is tethered.

  • Anonymous

    I had unlimited data with Sprint using an original Palm Pre. ¬†I would tether my laptop and my tablet to that device and use somewhere between 4-5 Gb per month. ¬†I’m now sporting a Galaxy Nexus on Verizon with a data cap and I’ve been watching my data usage closely until I find out how much the normal activities of my device consume. ¬†I haven’t done any tethering on Android yet, but I would love to get my laptop and tablet back up and running with Koush’s app.

  • I use between 5 and 6 gb a month. I have the unlimited data plan and when I tether I use the wireless tether for root users app mostly… I have played with barnacle abit also.

  • Vettezx

    I only use about 7gb a month, but more if I can tether since I really dont know how to root my phone. I have a Galaxy Nexus and sure would love to get full use out of it. The only tether app I have used is easy tether. Tks.

  • Davros

    I use 1.5-2 Gb’s a month. I only tether when I have to. like when my internet goes down or we lose power.

  • Hon

    I average around 10-15 gigs a month on Verizon LTE using Pdanet.

  • Anonymous

    3GB data a month on VZW 3g connection. I don’t tether as regularly as i’d like to.. usually tether my tablet when im in an airport.

  • Robert Causey

    Roughly 5gb/month and I am currently using PDA net. But i’m always open to explore new options ūüôā

  • Anonymous

    3-5 GBs a month, without tethering. I would like to have the option to tether when necessary but don’t plan on using it as a home internet substitute.

  • raoul duke

    it varies but id say i average about 10 – 15gb/month. google music and general internet. i use to use the root wifi tether but its not working yet on my gnex. i tethered my cm7 touchpad at work when it worked.

  • Derickpylant1130

    i’m currently at 6.4 gig with 12 days left in this billing cycle and have been averaging between 8 and 9 gig with no tethering yet on my galaxy nexus

  • Prdangelo665

    Since my bionic i was averaging 15 gigs. Now with my G-nex i am doing 25 gigs without breaking a sweat. I only tether wirelessly. Netflix is a huge contributor to those amounts. . Koush would rock on this fine piece of machinery

  • Anonymous

    about 5-6 gigs a month, without any tethering

  • JD11669

    I am averaging 5-6 GB per month on an unlimited plan. I don’t tether currently because I am not rooted and REFUSE to pay more to Verizon for the ability. I am a genealogist and would love to have the ability to log on and update Family Trees while with family in other states but finding wireless connections in the hills isn’t so easy.

  • Michael McHale

    I dont tether currently and have used 5.36 gb since 12/15. 

  • Hire me

    Just got laid off and could really use this. Now it looks like I may use way more in my new quest for a job. I use approx 3-5 gb per month with my galaxy Nexus. Could really use this. :-/

  • Larry

    2-3 GB, no tether.

  • I use on average 6 GB from watching movies and downloading music to brawing the internet.

  • Anonymous

    I usually use 2.8 or so gbs. My regular internet is Roadrunner Lite so sometimes I Chrome to Phone links so that I can download them on the faster 3G network. I tethered at school to use my Nintendo 3DS because the Wifi in the dorms wasn’t compatible with it.

  • Je49424

    I use my phone all day for my galaxy tab and Blackberry Playbook along with my HP Touch smart PC as I couldn’t afford Comcast anymore. I’m already at 32GB this month with my cycle restarting on the 17th. I also use my phone for work so tethering is HUGE on my beautiful Galaxy Nexus. Thanks Kellex and Koush!!

  • Aaron Victoriano

    On average i consume about .90Gb of data each month. I use my wi-fi as much as possible. I probably would start a tethering service especially since i got double the data now for verizon. But no i dont use that service yet. But hopefully soon!

  • Lance

    i use on average 7 to 8 gigs a month on my phone and currently have no way to tether and take advantage of the unlimited thunderbolt 4G i have .. hope i win..

  • Sloop

    I just got my LTE phone a week ago but have been paying for “Unlimited Data” since July when Big Red stopped letting people get the Unlimited Plan. ¬†I have used 2GB this week so that would mean I average about 8GB a week. ¬†I haven’t used any tethering services yet and I could really use Koush’s Tethering app to get some more return on my investment as my Transformer is due to get ICS any day now . . . . . . . . ¬†

  • I use about 2 gigs every month, and If i need to I use wireless tether

  • Yancey

    Probably about 2GB. Not a huge power user. I havent used any tethering so far but it would be useful with my job and traveling.

  • Anonymous

    I use between 10-15GB a month currently. I do tether with WiFi Tether, but I really like koush’s app. It looks…cleaner

  • Curtadamwill

    About 4.5 a month but i havent tried to tether but i want to try sometime

  • Anonymous

    20GB easy. Google music and tether will do that to you lol…

    I live on a college campus and the internet is simply terrible. Not to mention i’ve seen a friend run faceniff and fine 130 accounts, i ONLY tether. All day, every day. IDK what i would so without wireless tether, now all i need is to keep my nexus from overheating every 10min… or this XD

  • I used 5.2 last month, 4.8 the month prior…so roughly 5gb a month ūüôā

    I occasionally use wireless tether from XDA when I’m visiting family and they can’t get service to their I-devices :p

  • Anonymous

    About 1 GB…..on 3G. Once I get a Galaxy Nexus……prolly 10-15 GB I hope. No tethering, but this app would be awesome for when I go to my dad’s house. Wifi-less ftl ūüôĀ

  • Professandobey

    Since I got my (Verizon) Galaxy Nexus, I’ve used about 10 GB, without any tethering.

  • I average about 3.5 GB a month on 3G.¬† Gotta love the Starcraft 2 video streams!

  • The past two years it was about .5 GB a month. Now I seem to use a bit under 2 GB a month. My Droid was rooted and I tethered a few times on vacation (averaging less data per day than under normal use), and no tethering on my Nexus yet.¬†

  • Timothy Bracken

    I typically consume about 4gb of data a month and only tether when i travel.

  • Sundawg102

    5.5 gigs a month… and that’s without any tether since big red restricted me ūüôĀ

  • Risen Ashes

    I’m a road warrior I use PDA Free Version but it doesn’t do secure, so I have to RDP into my PC at home to login to most sites, what a hassle, I Wish I had a wife to tether to but Koush would be even better, I’ve had 2 wifes neither could transfer data very well.

  • Godfrey2009

    4-5 gigs a month and I haven’t tethered my phone in a few months.

  • Aaron


    Teather via wifi teather. Use for work as hot spot to update software code for work.

  • Anonymous

    I average about 3-4 GB per month, and am too cheap to pay for tethering.¬† A code for this app would sure be swell. ūüôā

  • about 2 gbs, don’t use a tether app currently, used to back when I had windows mobile phone.

  • Technomandfw

    2 to 3 gig, and none is from tether currently

  • KTM406

    Using PDANet at approx 300MB / month.  

  • KTM406

    I guess i’m a lightweight… 300 mb is all on HTC Incredible 2. ¬† I occasionally use tethering (non wi-fi) to get work email out on the road. ¬†

  • Anonymous

    Anywhere from 1-4 GB’s…it varies depending on how near Wi-Fi I am.
    I don’t tether too much out of fear and general confusion…I never familiarized myself properly with tethering since it’s inception, sadly.

  • James Bradshaw

    I use 25-30 GB per month on my bionic. Tethering daily with PDA net. 

  • AlanPickrell

    About 3 gbs since I got my Nexus.

  • rodneyam1

    About 3GB a month on average. I used to use PDAnet (free version) until they started blocking secure sites on Macs, as well. Their block didn’t work on Macs the first year or so I was using it.

  • Tavares1914

    I use about 5-8GB a month depending on what I do (Netflix). I do not currently use a tethering app.

  • Anonymous

    My first month with the Nexus and I have used just under 2gb, with Google Music using the most data. I used to tether infrequently on my DX but once VZW started cracking down, I stopped. I am hoping Koush’s app is truly undetectable.

  • Anonymous

    i use less than 1 GB per month, and I tether only infrequently – just when traveling.

  • I use around 2-5GB per month checking ~40 websites multiple times daily, streaming Pandora, watching videos on devour and vimeo
    I have yet to use tethering on my GNex(just rooted and installed AOKP 3 nights ago)but used it quite often on my DInc, OG and G1. At first I used easy tether and PDA net. When I first rooted my OG I used wireless tether for root. On the DInc I would use the built in GB tethering or the hacked VZW mobile hotspot.
    Its awesome that this works with Linux!

  • eduardo vera

    i burn through about 5 gb a month and i usuallly use wifi tether by open garden

  • RaptorOO7

    Awesome, I hope I can get a code, but if not I will support him regardless.

  • Mike Woods

    1-2GB month and have used Verizon tether as well as android tether.

  • Matthew Wilson

    I used about 2.7 GB/month. I tether when I’m in a pinch using Wireless Tether for root users (when it works).

  • Droidinmind

    Tethering my wifes kindle fire to my droid razr, rooted and SQlight hack, reading droid life and no need for this….. thought I would enter any how!!!! So far this month (2 days left) used 5.7GB!!! (average is 4GB)

  • Anonymous

    I do about 4gb a month streaming music during work.  When I travel, I would love to tether to not have to pay for wifi or be limited to my phone.

  • Daniel Archibald33

    3-5 Gbs a month for me and i have used the verizon wifi hotspot but would love to have a premium code for the tether app. it works awesome for me so far

  • Anonymous

    According to my Galaxy Nexus I have used about 2GB this month. That seems about as much I use every month

  • blunt420

    i use alot lol constantly surfing and reading about 8gb a month i do use tethering often as i travel and hate paying hotels to use their wifi it should be free stop offering me your lousy coffee and stale muffins give me free wifi instead lol

  • I used to pull about 3gb a month on my old pixi because it was free on big red, but now I have a stock gnex and kinda miss the tethering feature

  • I use about 3.5 GB a month on my phone… on my computer? abotu 100GB… but I do not use any kind of tethering app (used to use when I had my LG voyager!)

  • awesome contest!

    I use around 7-8GB in an average month, and currently pay for the unlimited wifi tethering.  What a rip off! $29.99 to use my already unlimited data? blech

  • I use about 1-3 GB per month, with a few ROM downloads, a lot of apps, and a LOT of browsing (mostly DL and The Verge; nobody else comes close). I don’t tether too much right now because Wireless Tether doesn’t work all the time, and when I do, it’s mostly tethering my friend up who cannot access the¬†WiFi¬†at school for some reason so I can help him with his Minecraft mods. Also, a wired tether would be so nice because when my home internet goes down, I have no options because my desktop doesn’t have WiFi.

  • Mike Bohde

    I use an average of 8GB a month. Tethering comes in very handy at work to avoid dealing with their firewall. A code would be very appreciated.

  • Azrith

    1-2gig a month, the content to feed my left handed albino midget porn addicition is lacking.

    No tether yet w/ stock GNex

  • Anonymous

    5GBs a month, no tether

  • Being able to tether more reliably with a great USB tether app would help me upload my Android tweaks so much faster! I occasionally use a wifi tether, most recently so my cousin’s kids could stream the Jetsons movie on their kindle fire. My monthly data usage used to be around 2GB, but now that I have LTE (GNex) I really want to make use of my unlimited plan

  • Nugget W

    2.5GB, Everyone uses my phone on the road.

  • Anonymous

    I use around 3GB per month and do not use tethering regularly (because I don’t believe I should have to pay for something I already pay for).

  • schmiggy

    Im generally under 2GB, mainly because I am on WiFi so often.  Kind of sucks because I have both unlimited and 4G but rarely get to make the most of it.

    • schmiggy

      Ya i didn’t put the right email address, so here it is.

  • Tsteege

    I push between 4 and 5 GB on average.  I use to WiFi tether on my rooted OG Droid, but just us the USB tether on my G-Nex.  Thanks for a chance at these guys.  Keep up the great work!!

  • I use 12-18GB a month. ¬†Work blocks EVERYTHING and tethering is a nice way to bypass that! ¬†I previously used PDA.net but Kouch’s Tether works without the admin install needed on our machines.

  • Around 8 GB, I’m not a heavy user, but my parents think I use too much. I use as much of the lite tethering apps as I can. You can’t blame me for being cheap, can you?

  • steven ross

    I use between 1.5 to 2.5 gb per month, not tethering. ¬†Verizon caught me when using wifi tether using wifi tether for root so I haven’t used tethering in a while. ¬†Would love a new option.

    Thanks DL and Koush

  • Hidden Tendency

    About 4GB using WiFi tether 

  • Anonymous

    Only able to use a Big Red air card for my internet access at home.  Average over the last 3 mths according to the Verizonwireless account info 19225.22 MB.

  • Chuckles724

    I use on average about 3 GB a month…I just recently got a new phone…its a RAZR and Im not ashamed to say…and I havent rooted it…and have not used it for any tethering…before my new purchase I used wifi tether on my OG! Kinda miss it every now and then.

  • fuzzy

    I’m in the 500Mb – 1Gb range. ¬†I used to tether with my rooted stock OG, but now just have stock GNex and no tether yet…¬†

  • Anonymous

    Looking back at previous statements, I use 2 – 2.5 gigs/month on average. I’m still on an unlimited plan, so I don’t think about that too often. It would be great if I could tether my phone to my laptop when I’m traveling. I don’t use any sort of tethering service at the present time. I’m unrooted. I used to when I was rooted on my old HTC Incredible.

  • I use roughly 6-8GB when im using pdanet.. but if im working a lot.. i use about 3GB.. DX2

  • Anonymous

    I average about 1-2 GB nowadays. I don’t really use the internet too much anymore – just browsing webpages. No streaming music or tv or anything. I have a tethering app, but not used on a daily basis. Only when I’m out on the road and there aren’t any open/free wireless spots do I use it.

  • jonathon johnston

    I use about 1-1.5gb of data (am on wifi when at home). I do use tethering at work (lately have been using the free version of Koush’s app) as we do not have wifi and occasionally I need to get a laptop outside of our network.

  • I just got my Galaxy Nexus and it still hasn’t been a whole month but I’ve used about 3.78 GB of 3G/4G plus about 1.2 GB of wifi. I cannot be sure of the numbers since I’ve had to reset my phone twice. Before that I had an OG Droid and would cap at a maximum of around 750MB. I still have about four days left in my cycle. Most of my data usage is due to my love for Google Music.

  • Jake

    According to Verizon I average 3.426 GB of data per month.  I do not currently use any tethering solutions, but I used to be able to use my stock Droid X as a bluetooth modem to tether pretty reliably with my macbook. I was always amazed that it was possible to tether it without a tethering plan or third-party workarounds. The bluetooth was pretty easygoing on the battery too.

  • I only use about 2 gigs but when I did tether I used 5-7 gigs. As you see I don’t tether anymore. :/

  • Jordan Friedman

    When I’m up at school I use about 4GB, and that’s without tethering. Hooray for unlimited 4G data!

  • Anonymous

    I use around 8GB but tend to keep the tethering to a bare minimum to keep from raising any red flags (and risk losing my precious unlimited data).

  • chdir

    I averaged right around 2-3GB a month. I don’t tether, but would find it useful as I am often out and about in places without wifi.

  • I use about 3-5 gigs a month and I don’t have a tethering plan… (yet…) xD

  • Drootz

    I don’t typically Tether unless I am on vacation and without wifi. But just my normal day to day use without tethering I can suck down anywhere from 5-8GB a month.

  • Alex

    on avarage 30-40 GB a month, PSN and netflix ūüôā

  • Mariano Saenz

    2GB without a tethering app

  • Solarix

    I use about 700MB-1GB of Data per month. The only time I tether is if I am traveling (2-3 times a year)

  • sevendayconstant

    Typically use about 1-2 GB/month but I could easily see that going up if I started tethering.

  • Yelohjigga

    I average 1.5-2 GB per month on my HTC thunderbolt; I tether occasionally in spots where my phone cannot pick up wifi network signals

  • I use about 3-5GB a month. I use WiFi tether, which is usually reliable, when I am traveling for work.

  • I use about 20ish gbs a month. I’m on verizon LTE with unlimited data. I tether like no other

  • duke69111

    I used about 1.5gb on average on my og droid, but the last month on the G Nexus I used 6gb of data.  No tethering. 

    Thanks for the contest!

  • Bigrednemo

    I use 3-4 gigs a month on 2 phones on 3g. ¬†I don’t tether at home because i don’t have 4g in my area yet, but I do when I travel to the in-laws. ¬†Wireless Tether has definitely come through in a pinch.¬†

  • Anonymous

    Does this work for the bionic? Anyone have one that’s using this app?

  • Anonymous

    Sporting the Motorola OG Droid x2 (Wife and Me)¬†Me @¬†322,588.9KB¬†of¬†Unlimited |¬†Wife @¬†0.066GB¬†of¬†2.000GB. We have 7 days left of the month.¬†I will be receiving¬†my ASUS Transformer Prime tomorrow and am upgrading both of our phones to the Nexus within the next month. The Prime is for business, and will be using it onsite mostly, so I will be utilizing my tethering a lot. Currently, I don’t use tethering, but did when I had my laptop. -FIN-

  • nathan meacham

    I use only about a 1 gig because I am on 3g with a very slow droid eris and am look to upgrade to 4g by getting the galaxy nexus here soon. Then I can unleash the power of 4g on my laptop.

  • Ritchiec87

    i use about 4gb worth every month on may beautiful galaxy nexus on verizon. I currently dont tether but would love to win a code

  • About 1GB for phone + tablet and 1.5-2GB on my PC. I don’t use/have any tethering but would start once I get the Gnex for some 4g goodness.¬†

  • Anonymous

    I’d have to guess about 2 Gigs on wireless and much more on my cable line. ¬†Thank God for grandfather clauses! ¬†I occasionally use WiFi Tether for traveling.

  • Dylan Hageman

    I use about 1.8-2.5 GB a month and I have unlimited data on verizon whilst using my Bionic. I don’t use tethering apps though. If I get this promo code I’ll¬†definitely¬†start tethering¬†

  • zach

    I use anywhere between 2.5 – 3gb. I haven’t setup teher on my Nexus yet.

  • Bpaulson79

    I do not use any sort of tethering app since my old app got disabled. I currently use anywhere from 2-8 GB per month depending on how much I am at work. I use my phone to stream video and music all day since I have NO radio in work vehicle. I of course use it to check on DL all the freaking time as well. I also love being grandfathered into unlimited data so I can’t wait until I get to upgrade my OG Droid to something new and shiny.

    • Dylan Hageman

      what do you do for work where you get paid to sit on your ass?

  • xix19

    I use roughly 2 to 3 gb and sometimes I tether with a USB

  • Anonymous

    I can tether for free on my phone without any need for an app…

  • Chris Mulliner

    On an average month, I use around 8-10GB’s. I work for a retailer, and my co-workers find it NUTS on how much data I use. Lot’s of romming! ūüėÄ

    • Chris Mulliner

      and I currently use Wireless Tether, (When it wants to work). 

  • Most months I use at least 6 GB. Yeah, it’s quite a bit, but I’m a nerd. What else am I going to do? lol

    I don’t use a tether app anymore since they blocked most of them. I’ve downloaded the free version of this app, but it says I need to call it in to activate it yet. Still need to do that.

  • Cdunnenterprise

    I use about 10 GB a months. I always tether because i travel. I tend to use PDANet but its not the cleanest of versions. I also use wifi tether via this silly widget that magically bypasses verizon blockage pf wifi tether.

  • Anonymous

    I use about 1.5 to 2GB with careful use of Wi Fi at home and work.  I have used PDA Net, and Cyanogenmod Google tether on my Droid OG.  Galaxy Nexus would enjoy unrooted tether.

  • I use about 4-6 GB a month and used to use wireless tether on my OG but I havent rooted my Nexus yet because its stock lol

  • Anonymous

    I use about 1600 megabytes a month and tether a few times a week, more so if I’m in school, using one of the recent Wireless Tether betas.

  • BobC43

    I am using about 4GB’s a month unless we are travelling then it is upward of 10GB’s. I use Hotspot to wireless tether.

  • I use 4-5GB, and I used to be able to tether for free via Bluetooth and USB with my Bionic to my iPad and Laptop correspondingly.

    I just got a Galaxy Nexus and both options now require a separate monthly charge from VZW ūüôĀ

  • 4-5GB a month!!

  • Ratonvaquero

    I use around 8-10 with 4g. No tethering but when I was on 3G I was using 3-4 with tethering – go figure

  • Brandon Corkery

    I use around 2-3GB a Month, and I use the Wireless Tether For Root Users

  • i use 10 -15 gb’s a month for movies, psn, netflix for the kids, and altogether my internet connection [have cancelled comcast]

  • Scottbroe

    I use about 4.5GB. I had verizon before they went to the limited data plans so i got UNLIMITED! Btw i dont tether at all with my Droid Razr.

  • Baljinder Singh

    2-3 GB data per month, would be nice to have tethering to connect laptop, but don’t want to pay Verizon another $30 for tethering

  • I use anywhere from 4-8 GB a month, but it really doesn’t matter considering I am still on an unlimited plan. I use Wireless Tether for the most part but if I had a Tether Premium key I’d use that all the time!¬† ūüôā

  • tyrion

    I used about 2 GB per month on the OG Droid…with my nexus, it seems like about 5-6 GB will be what I average…part of that is because I haven’t been using any wifi with the 4G phone. ¬†I use wifi tether and pdanet occasionally…mostly when I travel.

  • Anonymous

    Around 7 GB. Was using a wireless tether but connection kept getting dropped

  • Nevsdad

    I use about 5-6gs and I have EasyTether but rarely use it!

  • Chad A

    I use about 4gb month. I tether frequently.

  • Anonymous

    I use 4gb on average.. with the tether app I could get it to 8-10gb!!

  • Got Fragz

    I use about 3-5 GBs a month. And yeah I love using Wireless Tether for root users to tether to my laptop so I can get internet access anywhere I am. 

  • Grandmasterzino

    I use about 3GB a month, and that doesn’t count my tethering!! I tether all the time when I travel because Amtrak doesn’t have WiFi and I do all my business by train ūüôĀ

  • I use about 2.2GB and I do not have any sort of tethering app.¬† Wish I did though

  • tiptoptommy

    On average i use 2-4 gigs a month acording to verizon my wife uses closer to 6 for netflix streaming. TGFUD ūüôā i dont normally use tethering but i used to a lot. Not so much since my d2 took a dump upgrading tomorrow.

  • David Larsen

    My phone is rooted so I already tether, but my Dad’s phone is not, and he would love to be able to tether without root. ¬†He uses probably 4GB a month just streaming music and doing emails and normal stuff like that. ¬†He’s messed around a little bit with Verizon’s Hotspot service, but it’s just too expensive to justify paying for it month after month.

  • Jae Ho Shin

    I’m somewhere between 1-2 GB a month. ¬†

  • Stanger

    I use about 4GB a month. Rockin the Droid X and use my unlimited data plan to download ROM’s. I haven’t used a tethering app, but when i did, it was Wireless Tether for root users.

  • Ps5281

    I usually use anywhere from 10-12GBs a month.  Currently I am on day 16 and showing 6.083GB.  This is mostly through torrent downloading and Hulu/Netflix streaming.  I do the occasional tethering and have usually used Barnacle Tether. 

    Last month my gf used 78GB!!! ¬†I showed her how to use her new Rezound to download torrents and a season or two of Vampire Diaries that was allowed to constantly upload and you have her scared that VZW was going to take away her unlimited data… ¬†Yup, that’s my girl!

  • 4ish gigs a month on average. No tethering, but lots of music streaming! ūüôā

  • I typically use 20-40 gb a month. I play online poker and that uses a lot of data. There may also be some viewings of movies and such as well that takes up quite a bit. I use pdanet to connect my laptop… although not that happy with it. I have used wifi tether and some other ones in the market… but none of them are reliable enough. When you are playing for real money you can’t really take the chance of losing a big pot due to a bad connection… so I would love to have a shot at this, as I know he puts out good work.

  • Michael Russell

    10 – 15 gigs rarely tether.

  • I use approximately a gig per month – I’m usually good about being on WiFi
    I use a combination of Wireless Tether and the trial PDAnet

  • e134

    i use on average about 7-8 GB per month and yes this is just on my unicorn phone (GNex). I don’t use any tethering service at the moment because my battery life on the phone is too fragile to use up.

  • i use about 2gb on average per month. i don’t use tethering services.¬†

  • Anonymous

    I only use about 1.5gb on heavy months and haven’t done tethering yet…

  • Anonymous

    i use anywhere from 2-4 gbs a month, and i used to use wireless tether. now i am stock galaxy nexus with no tethering currently

  • Use about 5-8Gb per month and I don’t tether.¬† I might tether more if I’m picked for this!

  • Blake Buchanan

    I use close to 2 GB a month right now without a tethering service.  However, if I get the tethering app I will probably double it using my laptop for school at the clinic.

  • Anonymous

    2-4 Gigs. Don’t tether on a regular basis, but maybe once every two months!

  • I use about 6-8 GB a month, downloading and trying out all the newest and greatest apps, games and tethering my laptop. I use EasyThether that I got from the Amazon market for free! Awesome!

  • steven wandrie

    i dont tether because its too much of a hassle, but i do use around 5-6 gigs a months with my droid X

  • Anonymous

    I recently downloaded PDANet and I used over 4 GB this month….until I realized PDANet was $15. But normally its only about 2-3GB a month. I hope to win this because it would allow me to be able to be online in between classes.¬†

  • Sic4672

    I use about 2gb a month, currently I use the vzw hotspot app hacked. Would like a cross-phone solution for when I get a new phone.

  • I used to rack up about 4-6gb in a month when i had my rooted droid 1 with wifi tethering. Now i have the galaxy nexus and did not want to root the device. With the nexus, i use about 2gb now.

  • Chris Ryan

    I only use about 1GB on my Verizon unlimited plan, but would love to tether my laptop when I’m on the go. With school starting back up tethering will be my first priority.

  • Ryan C

    On my OG Droid, I¬†usually use about 2-2.5 GBs per month, with on phone usage, wifi tethering¬†for school ;p (shhh!) , home, and on the go with my T-Prime, and whatnot else, I love doing this. The only downside is the wifi tether drains the battery so fast, so i like to be able to keep it plugged in if it’ll be for a more than a few minutes period of time.

  • John

    10-20GB (sometimes more- if im out if town and have no internet) use to use stock vzw tether app on my revolution, now none on my rezound . 

  • Hockeypuck55

    I use 4-6GB of data on average. Currently I use wireless tether for use with my laptop.

  • I use 10 GB’s a month and use Wifi Hotspot

  • Anonymous

    I just switched back to Nexus after using the 4s for a couple of month… this would sweet to get…

  • Butters619

    I use 4-5 GB per month and regularly use wifi tether for my tablet and computer.

  • nwd1911

    1-2 GB/month.  Mostly use WiFi.  I had a rooted Incredible that I used Tether all the time when I would travel.  Just activated my Rezound, leaving stock for now.  Would love a tether application for my non-rooted device.

  • Dennis

    About 7g a month. Haven’t tethered since getting the gnex, but used pdanet and barnacle on my og droid.

  • Not sure how much data I use on average, but this month it was around a gig. I use no tether services, but I can guarantee that I will be using Koush’s if I win

  • Mrguipo

    2-3 gigs, and very occasianal tethering

  • MattInPDX

    Before I got my Bionic I would only use around 500MB/month. Now that I have an LTE phone I’m using around 2GB/month. I was pretty shocked to see how much more data I am consuming now. I don’t tether very much since they only recently released WiFi Tether for Root. But since that has been released I will probably tether more now.

  • Jhamilton12000

    I never used to use much but that changed once I got 4G. Now I use around 3GB a month. I don’t tether much but I plan to once I get a new tablet.

  • Aram Peers

    I use about 3-5 gb of data on my droid Bionic! I have Unlimited, unthrottled data and often travel but have no means of using my laptop ūüôĀ B/C of verizons restrictions and 20$ tethering… (AkA i use no¬†tether app)¬†

  • Hefendaz

    I use around 2 gb per month on 2 different phones, both Bionics and I used the hack for the built in tether when I have to. Work phone and a personal phone, I try to balance my use so 1 doesn’t get too high.

  • I go 6GB a month when I didn’t usb¬†tether¬†my laptop. When I do I average 10 to 12GB.

  • A.C.

    3-5 gb, not much teathering though I use (for now) Easy Tether Pro.

  • Marc Harrison

    I use about 3-4GB a month so far but just but I’m sure that will grow the more I start doing on my Gnex coming from the og. ¬†I don’t currently use a tethering app although I’d like to.

  • I average about 4gb per month. and the thing is i just moved into my 1st apartment and i have no internet and the Tether App is the only thing getting me by. i would purchase it but i am Broke. I miss my Parents House lol

  • I’ve been using andrioid’s wifi tether since I got my Nexus One, Nexus S and I’m using it right now on my Galaxy Nexus. Paying twice to use your data is utter nonsense and the US seems to be the only one eating up the carriers message of greed. I use about 7.5 gigs a month. I love Koush’s work and can’t wait for CYM 9

  • Xzombiex66

    I normally Float around 2-4 GB per month.

  • DaveP0639

    I use about 4 or 5 gigs per month. I do not tether very often though….

  • Anonymous

    I’m lucky enough to be around a wifi signal most of the time, so I can limit my data usage to around 5-10 GB per month. ¬†I usually use pdanet to tether.

  • Christopher Heuer

    I get around 2GB a month, not using tethering.

  • Andrew

    About 1.5 GB/month and I do not use any tethering service. ¬†It’s a great time to start … with my new GNex!

  • JS

    Depends, ranging from 2-5gb depending on media streaming and travel away from home. and yes I use tethering services. I’ve tried my tablet via bluetooth, rooting to tether and no would like an unrooted option

  • Ssglemieux

    I am in the US Army and me and my team travel alot, we are not always in the best hotels and most of the time we dont have wifi. So I use my phone to provide that service. My usage averages around 10 Gig

  • Anonymous

    I use about 4-5 gigs a month and I love me some tether!

  • I average more than 2Gb a month. ¬†However, I just got my first LTE phone and I am going to tether to my personal and work PC so I am going to go way over that.

  • Chucky76

    I use about 10GB/month and I tether with wifi tether

  • Robert Walters

    I average 5gb on Verizon’s Network and who knows how much on my wifi. I would like to target with my laptop and a key would make that happen

  • Adam F.

    I use around 8 gigs a month and I use the built in CM7 tether app.

  • I use about 100gb a month, teather to use Xbox and Laptop at school! save me $ 30 a month!

  • Brodziea

    5.01 gb per month and I use PdaNet!

  • Brodziea

    5.01 gb per month and I use PdaNet!

  • Anonymous

    I use between 1-2GB per month, but since I got my NEW Galaxy Nexus with 4G I surpassed that already this billing cycle. Right now I use no tethering.

  • kasing

    Well I only have a 500Mb data plan, so in average I use it till it’s finished!

  • kasing

    Well I only have a 500Mb data plan, so in average I use it till it’s finished!

  • varies from less than a gig to a few gigs. I tether when I need to but I haven’t had as much of a need to lately. It’d still be nice to have a premium app for it!

  • i used 1.6 last month… sorry to all you tiered data plan folks, i should definitely cut back haha. no tethering for me… yet.

  • Petersen5

    I use around 5GB a month on my new Nexus. I use PDA net for my Computer sometimes.

  • I use about 4-6GB a month depending on what I do. ¬†From checking Droid Life everyday during history (shh ūüėČ ) to downloading many ROM’s to my Rezound, its great to have unlimited 4G, unthrottled data. ūüôā

  • Anonymous

    PDA net 2gb per month

  • Greg Robinson

    I use about 5-6 GB a month and use wifi tether.

  • Michael Forte

    I use about 3.5 GBs a month and only tether when there is no other internet source available. Definitely useful in a pinch.

  • Dlgoodsell

    3.5 gb with out any tethering, but I would love to do some tethering

  • Firelight

    I had a DX and now have the GNexus on VZW. I used the DX with PDANet for ages. Comes in real handy during some of my work in areas without open WiFi. Since I’ve changed jobs and phones I’ve found that I need the tethering less – but with my new laptop I tend to hook-in about once a week for 15 minutes or so of email checking.

    Data wise РI miss having unlimited everything. I monitor my data usage (3G only here in eastern NC) but I tend to use ~1.75 Р2GB per month. I grab a few podcasts everyday and that tends to be the big data guzzler along with Google Music. 

    Absolutely love Koush’s tether app. Downloaded it as soon as he released it and have used it a couple of times now. Would like the full functionality, for certain!

  • *droidz*

    2.5 Gigs a month. Tethered during the promo and haven’t since.. have missed it a few times for sure though. I think paying for tethering on an UNLIMITED or even more so LIMITED plan is just a crock. Its like getting an HD Cable box and having to pay an extra fee to access the HD content… oh wait… (All BS!)

  • I use about 2.75GB per month, used to have WiFi Tether… helpless right now

  • Half ¬†gig every month. ¬†I use it on the road (Road Warrior) for upload and download of critical Docs when away from wifi. ¬†I am always in clients homes and when I need a doc or have to send one out, that is how I do it – if Koush made that easier, Give the¬†genius¬†another candy bar! ¬†I’m a fan – and so was my droidX!

  • +14GB Hands down


    I use about 2GB per month (unlimited data) and tether only when I don’t have free internet readily available (on vacation, etc).

  • Anonymous

    I have unlimited data and I consume between 2 – 3 gig monthly. Most of my consumption is while home on wifi.

    I use wifi tether when needed but I like to keep my options open…¬†

  • Pauly2277

    I usually us between 13 an 17 gigs, depends how much netflix I use, wifi tether is usaually the culprit mostly because it’s easier than sharing a connection to hook up my ps3

  • Deslotnick

    I don’t use any tethering service on a regular basis, but I’d like to start (wink wink)…on average, I think I use less than 1gb/month, sad I know

  • Jeffrey Garcia

    I use about 10GB each month, including my phone, ps3, tv, and computer. I don’t use tethering on a regular basis, but would like to more for on the go! ūüôā

  • Dan

    I usually use about 4 GB every month. I spend a lot of time on Wi-Fi so I don’t get a ton of use out of it. I don’t regularly use any tethering because I’m not willing to pay Verizon’s premium for it and I’ve yet to root my phone. This would be a great reason to though. Keep up the good work DL!

  • miketb34

    5 gb of data and barnacle to tether ūüôā

  • Bbjunkie23

    I average about 4 – 6 gb a month. Not currently using a tether app but would love this one :p

  • Mosely23

    3gb per mos. very little tethering…

  • Maui88

    I use about 4-5 gigs of data peronth without tethering. I consider myself a power user and would love to have a tethering app that does not require root! I have unlocked my bootloader, but i dont want to root. This app would be perfect for me!

  • Zachary Baltrip

    Since I got my G-Nex and have redeveloped my passions for flashing ROMs (came from DROID Charge, not much stuff to flash…) I’ve blown through just slightly over 10 GB last month. I live out in the boonies and all we get is dial-up (yes, I’m serious, 56k…) so when I need to use the Internet I tether my phone because even it’s 3g connection is much faster. And yes I may lag when I play Star Wars the Old Republic, but dammit, at least get to play! ūüôā

  • AngryTurd

    Wow, I’ve only been averaging 236 MB the last few months. Probably cuz I’m still on my OG Droid. This app could have come in really handy the last 2 nights since my home internet was down. Ugh! Wish I would have had it set up. I don’t use a tethering app currently but used barnacle in the past.

  • Anonymous

    Anywhere from 2-4 GB per month and Wireless Tether, but it sucks the life from my battery.

  • I tether via OpenGarden and use approx. 60gb per month.¬† I have to tether for work though, or else I wouldn’t be able to have the job I have.

  • I wanted a tethering program for unrooted users for the longest time. I use about 1-5 gbs a month on my phone via grandfathered into unlimited VZN 3G. Im going to try the Koush trial¬†tonight to see if it works on my DX, fingers crossed.

  • Vtxtank

    I use wifi tether with mobile hotspot. I use about 10 to 15 GB / month. Between killing my battery and keeping it constantly tethered to a charger, I am making it barely. Would have an air card but employer is too cheap to foot the bill even though we have to send information to them constantly. Hope to get one of Koush’s free codes!!!

  • I use about 5gb of unlimited goodiness through my droid 2 in a week. Since i’m at work and school most of the time i tend to use my phone as a laptop. I used to use wifi tether until it got locked down. ¬†¬†

  • Anonymous

    I typically only use 5 to 7gb a month. I like tethering my laptop on my lunch break so I can tinker around the internet without every other site being blocked. (Thanks government network)

  • Anonymous

    I would never use to tether app that would be against the terms of my contract but I use about the 4.5 gigs a month

  • I am always using my Barnacle Wifi Tethering app. I use about 2-3GB of my unlimited data when not tethering and use way much more than that when I tether to my computer. I love¬†tethering¬†my G-Nex with 4GLTE to my computer because it is so much faster than my current internet service. +1 for tethering.¬†

  • DJValiC

    VZW and 2.2gb threw my DroidX. I have been usingp wifi tether from google code

  • gobronx

    I’ve never tethered since first attempting after getting my Dinc2 and learning that Big Red was, yet again, cock blocking the capabilities of a nicely manufactured product.

    Although I grandfathered the unlimited plan, I use about 150-400mb per month.  Sad.  

  • Jason Lee

    I have an HTC Thunderbolt. I use about on average 4 GB per month. But i do have an unlimited plan. I use the Android WiFi Tether app. I don’t use it too often but its very handy in some situations.

  • Richard Durand

    I use about 3.5-4gb of data each month, I dont currently use any tethering app or service but I definitely would if I had one.¬† Verizon lte is way faster then my ISP and wifi, and considering I have unlimited data pack I’m sure I could put it to good use! c:

  • Anonymous

    I use about 500MB per month.  I used wireless tether on my OG Droid until Verizon blocked it, now its tetherless.

  • Jrm21_83

    15-25 GBs a month. Wireless tether for root

  • I use around 3-5 gb a month. ¬†As of now no tethering, but bout to buy a prime. So will be soon

  • Tferrell7368

    I use between 2 and 4gb a month, I have an Asus Transformer that I tether to. Thanks for the chance to win!

  • Anonymous

    I use about 4GB/month. At the moment I’ve never tethered but I have been in situations where it would help great deals.

  • Kolrone

    I tether and use an average of about 3-5GB per month

  • Peter Fong

    I’m at 10gb usage from phone use alone, average tethering usage is aboout 3 – 4 gb

  • Anthony

    2-3 GB a month, don’t tether now though because it would [email protected] me…..

  • I am on Verizon with my original unlimited data plan. On my OG Droid I used around 700MB a month using just the phone but find myself tethering every couple of months on various trips to places that have ungodly slow internet or high priced options.

  • Ebourlet

    October  November   December   Average   5740.56 8108.94   3859.20 5902.90  

    Use USB tether very little but do need it once in a while 

  • Jamie E.

    I use between 2 and 4 gigs in average months.  I only tether when I need to where the Internet connection is really limited, so only probably 3-4 times per month tops, but it still comes in handy to have.

  • Use about 1-2gb a month. Depends how much I surf at work. No tethering yet. =[ Looking to start a tethering addiction.¬†

  • I use about 3GB/month. I do not currently tether.

  • Mark Woods

    I consume about 2G per month on average. I don’t subscribe to a tethering service today – and that’s why I want this app! I’d love to tether my Kindle Fire, or the iPads floating around our house.

  • Anonymous

    Use about 1-2GB of tethering a month.  Use the beta version of the rooted WiFi tether for Galaxy Nexus

  • Less then 1GB a month when I had my OG Droid. My home internet was faster then that 3g. Now that I have my Nexus, 2GB. I don’t have a¬†tethering app now.

  • Anonymous

    I consume about 3 gigs average per month. This number has been going up ever since I got the Galaxy Nexus. I have tried other tethering apps but most have failed and I refuse to pay Verizon in order to be able to tether.

  • I’m 5+GB a month and growing. ¬†Wife got me a new laptop for Christmas so I’m learning Android. ¬†Can’t connect and sync while at work on the LAN so now using my phone. so the 5+ will grow pretty quick. ¬†ūüėČ

  • Anonymous

    I average around 1GB a month. I also do not use any tethering service on a regular basis.

  • xcite10

    3GB No tethering…

  • Between my wife and I.. 2GB on average. I do not use a tethering app but I am looking for a great one!

  • AngryTurd

    Wow, I’ve only been averaging 236 MB the last few months. Probably cuz I’m still on my OG Droid. This app could have come in really handy the last 2 nights since my home internet was down. Ugh! Wish I would have had it set up. :/

  • Don

    Usually about 3-5 gigs per month depending on the amount of google music streaming I do per month. ¬† Have tethered my laptop a few times but don’t on a normal basis.¬†

  • I have not had my phone for a month yet, as I have the Galaxy Nexus bought on day one of¬†release. ¬†So far I have used 8.5GB. I have been¬†lately using to to tether to my laptop since the 4g wireless tether is faster then my current Qwest internet service : (. ¬†Luckily for me I’m¬†grandfathered in to the unlimited data plan with Verizon. Oh and I’m using the WiFi HotSpot / WiFi Tether app that Droid-Life¬†recommended last week. But my trial has expired! Dang!

  • Justin Howard

    I use around 1-2 GB on average

  • spoink89

    I currently only use about 1gb of data in a month. ¬†This is largely do to the fact that I don’t currently do any tethering. ¬†I refuse to pay Verizon any more money for such a “feature”. ¬†This option should be allowed on any data package as long as one doesn’t go over on their data.

  • tyler cole

    I use like 20gb a month with wireless tether for xbox and some usb tether with pdanet

  • Jeff G

    I use about five gigs a month and tether when i am up in the hills.it works great

  • I use about 4gigs a month w/o tethering.¬†

    btw HELLO Verizon reps who read this blog

  • Anonymous

    I use approximately 7GB/month using the built-in Wifi Tether on SkyRaider Zeus 1.3 for my Thunderbolt.  Primarily use tethering to VPN into my work machine from my laptop!  #WIFI-WINNING!

  • SniperDroid

    I tether with Tethering Widget, and I still don’t hit 1 gig a month.¬† Don’t pick me though, I’m happy with what I’m using… I just wanted to lend my KUDO’s, and wish Koush a vast amount of Good Karma for his work!

  • Anonymous

    Around 3 Gigs. Only tethered when I needed to do some real work while away from home a couple of times. Used Wifi Tether on my old rooted Droid, and it was way faster than crappy hotel wi-fi. Haven’t rooted my Bionic yet, so Koush’s app would be a life saver. Free version works great but time is running out already..

  • Anonymous

    I use about 4GB a month for Google Music and web browsing!

  • Anonymous

    right about 6gb a month

  • Armorthane

    I use around 1GB a month, give or take a few bits. I don’t use any apps to tether though…

  • Justin Conner

    I use on Average of 15-20 gigs a month, and I use PDAnet! 

  • i use around 2.5-3gbs a month. ¬†I use tethering not so far not on a regular basis

  • i usually get about 3 gigs out of my unlimited plan just because i USB tether right now and i download a lot of emails daily and am constantly on facebook and twitter, readin up on DL nonstop. i would really like to be able to cut the USB cord and just have my phone sitting next to my laptop or whatever i want to tether. ūüôā

  • Jeremy Beaver

    On a good month I’m using just over 2gb (on a grandfathered unlimited plan). ¬†When tethering I’m mostly using PDANet. ¬†That’s when I can’t get one of the other WiFi tethers to work right.

  • nobody

    Currently I rarely tether (just got a smart phone 2 weeks ago so not much of a chance). On cable I use around 45 to 60GB per month; on the phone so far I’ve used about 200MB

  • TonyTone

    I use around 4GB/month. In the past, I used PDAnet and Wireless Tether. Since I’ve had the G-Nex I’ve been waiting for a DL contest for Koush’s tethered app. Hurry up and email me bro.

  • Anonymous

    I hit 5 GB in the first week I had my first 4G phone (GNex!). but I usually hover around 2GB.

  • John Davids

    I use anywhere from 1.5GB to 4GB on a monthly basis. I tether occasionally here and there, but use it primarily as a backup, should my¬†hard-wire¬†ISP ever go down in the middle of a fanatical SC2 match ūüôā

  • waveGuide3e8

    With my OG Droid I used to use less, but in the (almost) month since buying my Galaxy Nexus (launch day) I’ve used 2.89 GB.
    I don’t always tether, but when I do, I use Wireless Tether for root users. (Stay thirsty, my friends)

  • 6 GB of data, no tethering yet

  • simo

    1-2GB I use wifi tether

  • Typically 1 to 4 Gigs a month depending on how much I stream Slacker…

  • Bretton Key

    I definitely am a hardcore date user. I’m on Verizon and average about 5 GB+ of data a month. ¬†I would use this service regularly because I have many times where I need to connect my laptop in remote locations.

  • Anonymous

    anywhere from 3-10 gb a month depending on if i download a bunch of music from gmusic for offline use

  • Anonymous

    I use about 1.5 gigs a month. I’m on an unlimited plan but I don’t currently tether. I would love to do so though!!!

  • Anonymous

    Average about 17.5gb a month. Low as 13, high as 22. No tethering, tried rooting once, couldn’t get it. Since my 760 broke, this would be perfect.

  • Dgoller

    I probably use around 2GB a month, although I’d probably use more if I tethered. I’m too cheap to mess with tethering right now.

    • Highwire

      but the kind of tethering referred to in this article is all about saving money by using what you already pay for…..

  • Driverx125

    10 GB. I use it to tether to my Xbox and my laptop when I travel…I travel alot these days and i am¬†constantly¬†connect in my truck with my tablet going.

  • I use around 8GB a month, based on Netflix and Shazam or Pandora. Rarely, I use EasyTether, but it’s been effective each time I used it so far.

  • I used to Tether on my OG, and would use around 50GB a month, currently on my D3 I don’t tether though, and I use around 20GB or less a month (Wifi @ Home)

  • Jacobp1997

    I used over 8gb last month….. With out tether, lol atleast i hav unlimited. Lol

  • I use about 3GB a month. I don’t normally tether, but have a need where it would be a life saver while on the road for work.

  • Anonymous

    I use about 2 gigs a month on average and I used to use tether a lot but not anymore

  • Between two phones around 45 gig a month, use PdaNet once in awhile.

  • Bmedic1999

    I am up to about 8 gigs a month. My daughter is up to 5 gigs a month. ¬†I tether in my sleep. ¬†I am a tethering crackhead. ¬†Is there a rehab program out there. ¬†Btw…unlimited plan gonna get spanked by my provider soon.

  • Mason Lammers

    My wife and I tether off of my phone though Wireless Tether, or if on my computer use EasyTether Pro for a little speed boost and charge of the phone.¬† If I got a free one, my wife would be able to use internet while I am not at home since she won’t let me root her phone!¬† Damn small town Nebraska doesn’t offer internet service.

  • My first SMARTPHONE was the HTC DROID INCREDIBLE.¬† My second SMARTPHONE is currently the SAMSUNG GALAXY NEXUS.¬†

    This is the first time I’ve ever heard of TETHERING….and all this time I thought everyone was referring to TETHERING as a rope, chain, or the like, by which their SMARTPHONE is fastened to a fixed object (self) so as to limit its range of movement.OOPS!¬† LOL……

  • tlspatt

    normally about ~2GB although I just got this new G-Nex so that’ll change with my unlimited plan grandfathered. ¬†I’ve downloaded a few tethering apps but haven’t had luck getting them working even though I’m unlocked and rooted. ¬†maybe this one will work??? ¬†

  • King Minestry

    I use about 50gb of month on mine.  I use it for my laptop when im on the road for work. And i download movies with it

  • 2.0-2.5GB per month. I only tether when my home cable internet fails. ¬†Thank you, Verizon, for your reliability!

  • Angryunibrow

    1.21 gigawatts!!!I tether to my Delorean

  • Jonathantheunicorn

    I estimate my data to be about 10GB a month. I tether occasionally when WiFi networks aren’t doing it for me.

  • Paul

    I’m using tethering when I go to my vacation house on the lake and it is awesome. ¬†But with update on my Droid X my tethering no longer works since I get some stupid website pop-up from Verizon asking me to pay!!! ¬†I need this new app to get things working again… ¬†

    I’m sure there is another way but I haven’t won anything since I got a free pint of beer at a mountain bike event… ¬†

  • Endisky

    I use about 2-3 gigs a month using wifi tether… I would use ALOT more if XBMC had an android port!

  • Gnexismybaby

    On the road as an IT consultant I use tethering between 2-5 times every day to either a tablet or my laptop just for work. I use it constantly for the kids in the car for their ipods. I use about 25gb per month of my unlimited plan.

  • Andrew Stargardt

    I use about 8-9 GB per month without tethering.  I have installed the free version of this app yesturday (setting up my new Nexus, boo Bionic) but have not been able to use it yet.  I live in a 3G zone so I try to use WiFi while home but at work and when visiting my family I have 4G coverage and stay on that network.  I have Chrome on my work laptop but my employer does not allow updates and recently blocked all usage of Chrome on their network so I have been looking at a tethering app to fix my problem and be able to use Chrome daily again.  I never wanted to use an app that would tip off Big Red that I was tethering for free and lose my unlimited data so this is the perfect solution!

  • Anonymous

    I use about 3GB a month and PDANet has been my savior for a looooong time. Until now that is!!

  • Chris Wilkey

    I would estimate my current usage at about 1.5 to 3GBs a month.¬† With my Galaxy Nexus and 4G it’s been going up steadily.¬† I do not use a tethering service.

  • I use about 3GB per month. No tethering application.

  • Anonymous

    I use around 2 or 3 gb of data a month but thats only network.  I have wifi on as much as I can.  I have used easytether in the past and it worked well.  Would like to give this app a try.

  • I use only about 1 gig a month and don’t currently tether much. That will change when my TP gets here next week. I am currently using Wifi Tether 3.1beta on the G-Nex.¬†

  • Anonymous

    About 2gig a month. Dont currently teather

  • Anonymous

    3-5 gb a month with no tethering, but I have a corp data plan.

  • Jvick

    I would say that I use BTW 20-30 GBS….I dont have internet at my house so I use PDAnet through my phone. Id like to try this app out though…I have Verizon unlimited to so its nice and convenient.

  • Tim242

    I use 5-9 gigs per month. Only 2-3 gigs of that is from tethering. I use WiFi Tether, and Easy Tether Pro.

  • comJontxpp

    10 gigs no tether atm

  • Anonymous

    It’s almost been a month since I’ve had my Galaxy Nexus, and I’m approaching 2.5 gb.

  • I use about 3 gig a month.. 1 of those three gigs is tethering. ūüôā ¬†

  • Dazzla08

    I use about 30 gb a month and thats to stream netflix through my tv and listen to google music at work. I’ve never used tethering before but have thought about it now that i have the Gnex

  • Alexvela35

    I usually use about 3 to 4gb a month. And never used any tethering app before

  • Anonymous

    About 3GB.Haven’t¬†had to tether in a while but you never know when u might need to.

  • i use about 3-5 GB mostly pandora, netflix. ¬†I do not have any sort of tethering plan (no need with root :D)

  • Plinko

     12 GB. No tethering.

  • Anonymous

    I use around 3-5GB/month, and do pay for the mobile hotspot feature. (too much of a chicken to try to do it against the TOS but wouldn’t mind being able to use USB to help with the battery life a bit..)

  • Jmasterj

    I use easytether occasionally and use ~2GB a month.

  • Tyler

    I use somewhere between 1-2gb per month i think,¬†that’s¬†number has gone up since i can use my phone more now because of the better battery life. But the main reason i need the app is because my internet at my college campus is HORRIBLE so i need to tether to get a solid connection. Just need that update to come to my phone to fix the status bar problems the phone has so i can connect up to the 4G LTE in my area.

  • I use about 2-4GB on my DX. I don’t currently tether with any apps at this time.¬†

  • I’ve never¬†tethered¬†before & I’m new to Android. Got my GNex when it came out and have used just about a Gig of data in just under a month.¬†

  • Sanchezl99

    Im at about 1.8 gig per month eve since i got the Galaxy Nexus

  • Saxguy45

    I am at 16gb right now and I don’t tether… Yet

  • Ghozes

    I averaged less than 500mb/mo. Have done occasional usb/wired tether but I don’t know how to do it wireless tether.

  • Anonymous

    I use about 12-15gb a month. Who needs wifi when you have unlimited data with LTE! Also I don’t tether

  • Anonymous

    I use 3-5 Gigs every month, and I have a rooted GNex using wifi teather

  • Anonymous

    About 3gb… been tethering since my xv6800 and ppc kitchen rom days. ¬†Can’t live without it, especially for college football on espn3 while traveling.

  • Use about 3GB a month and only tether when i have no other options so maybe once a month.

  • Shannon Hoff

    I have used almost 10 GB last month, when Google Music decided to redownload all my music again for some reason.  I normally use about 1GB.  I want to use a tethering app, and have in the past, just  been too lazy recently.

  • Alana

     I use 10 GB a month. I stream music and videos. No tethering.

  • Doan

    I use less than a gig on most months.  I occasionally tether, but no official tethering service.

  • Airboss1998

    I typically tether about 2 gb per month, using Easy Tether!  Thanks.

  • Terry R

    On average I use about 5-6gb per month… ¬†with my thunderbolt I would use about the same unless I was traveling then it would double…. tethering usually a laptop & Xoom – unless im traveling then another phone and another laptop also…. but have since upgraded to a Gnex.¬†

  • Daniel Marchena

    Im up to about 12GB per month on my line and about another 5 on my wife. I dont do any tethering right now. My Touchpad and Nexus dont mix well

  • Anthony Alves

    I use about 5 GB a month with unlimited plan. I live at my brother’s house and parents house. So at my parents I use their wifi and I have to tether at my brother’s house. I use PDAnet and is limited…. A lot.

  • Teng247

    I use about 3-4GB a month.  I rarely use tethering right now since everywhere i go has wifi but when i do its usually at work since were so locked down here at work

  • only about 1 gb a month without tethering.

  • Edwin M

    I use about 6-8GB a month (Thank goodness for Unlimited 4g goodness). I use open garden on my HTC Rezound which is very easy to use after I unlocked my bootloader and rooted it.

  • Jothen2002

    Im at about 4- 6Gb a month…It all really depends on how my crappy mifi is working fro my pc at work. See here in the Sierra Nevadas the only internet choice is the closest Verizon tower…and my phone actually has more reliable internet…So often I use the phone as my workstation…So yeah tethering would be¬†awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Chris :)

    I tether around 4gbs a month. My friends and I travel all over the country to ride roller coasters and tethering is a life saver on a road trip of any length

  • Anonymous

    no tether since I got my Bionic, ~2GB/month

  • Ralph Culbertson3

    I purchased the Galaxy Nexus and it shows how much data i use. Anyway in the month I’ve had the phone, it shiws i have used roughly 4.5 gigs.

  • Koz

    I use about 800mb/month but I don’t tether and i’m still on verizon 3G.¬† Never bothered rooting my phone to do tethering because its pretty pointless with 3G

  • Kgbrown247

    business pro for 7 offices in southwest region with 300+ employees. 10’s of satellite offices, few customers. On call 24 hours. Use my phone for tethering all types of devices and troubleshooting.still have unlimited data and don’t plan on switching carriers.

  • The last four months or so, I was using anywhere from 6-11gb because I was streaming Netflix on my lunch break every day.¬† Now that I’ve stopped doing that, I use around 4-5 gb.¬† The only time I ever tether is at a hotel that makes you pay for internet access, and I don’t travel often.

  • I average about 7gb’s a month using my wireless tether app on my Nexus. ¬†Use it all the time for work (to get around filters) and at home for net browsing.

  • Oaxican509

    I use about 5-10 GBs a month, at the moment i dont use any type of tethering tool, i used too use wireless tether on my OG Droid back when it was rooted, main reason i used wireless tether cause i was leaving on my own in a single room apartment and found out that i could share with my 3G data connection with my laptop, and then hooked it up to my ps3 and xbox 360 to play online ūüôā

    Srry for my grammar.

  • 3.4 Gb last month¬†

  • Schoat333

    I use around 7GB per month, and thats without tethering at all. What can I say, those Gnex ROM’s are big files. ūüėČ

  • Markopolo1022

    I use about 10 gigs. A month. Average. .. all basically music videos. .. n. YouTube. … I hack my razr n use its own hotspots without paying the extra money for it. …

  • Anonymous

    I use wifi tether if i’m in on the go. I average about 4gigs a month since I discovered google music.

  • Sk102704

    I use about 2-4GB a month.¬† I don’t use any tethering apps¬†right now but I would love to use this one with my new WiFi only tablet!

  • I use about 5gb a month and I am not currently using tether.

  • Marty B

    I used 3GB

  • Pooyaan

    I use 1.5 GB per month

  • CN

    I use about 700MB with no tethering.

  • Thealok

    2gb tethering on 3g

  • Tyler

    I use on averge 1.6 gb a mouth and have used PDANet on occasion.

  • Kmulliger

    I use 4-5 geebeez per month on my phone with the aid of using Wireless Tether from time to time. I’ve been using Koush’s Tether app since it came out and it’s been so easy Young Frankenstein could do it! All it needs is an “easy” button!

  • tdweng

    I use about 1Gb of data month from my cell phone and use both the wired and wireless tether on my OG Droid

  • Tyrian

    I use 2-4gb a month and use Wifi Tether as needed.

  • Anonymous

    I lose at internets… I only use less than 500MB.

  • 9Jenkins

    4gb, on average

  • Anonymous

    about 3 GB a month. Haven’t been tethering but that will probably change soon ūüôā

  • I use about 2GB a month and never use a tether app

  • NghtHwkX

    I use an average of just over 3 gigs/month, occassionally used to tether off wifi tether, then came Gingerbread on my D2G, now I occassionally use PDA net. But if I need my laptop, I just use places with Wifi hotspots.

  • moneymaker19

    I use bw 3-4GB a month..  I tether my galaxy tab and when my nieces and nephew come over I tether their Kindle and PSP. This would be great

  • Champlification

    I use an average of 8GB a month.  Looked back and I used around 0.5GB on 3G and my first month on 4G I used 6GB.

  • Anonymous

    I use between 1gb-10gb per month depending on how much I like my roms (go through about 5-10 in a month), and how many pictures I take (for things such as weddings, parties, other social events). On top of that, I build websites¬†regularly, and i don’t like to be home when I’m doing so, sooo my tethering app(s) get a lot of use.¬†=P


  • I was averaging¬†around 2GB a month until I got my Nexus and it jumped up to almost 6GB last month (loving my 4G!!!) I am at 2GB so far this month

    I use WIFI tether currently and have started using Koush’s free version of his tether app. Works well!

  • KRDM

    I actually only use about 1 gb a month on a normal basis. I’ve tried PDANet without much success. I’d love to try Koush

  • Andrew

    Currently am using around 3-4gigs a month. Using wireless tether right now when I am on the road with the family (works great for tablets/laptops in the car!) and in places where we get no wifi!

  • I use about 4GB/month and tether with wifi tether

  • avg. 2GB a month, still use PDAnet

  • Ice456789

    I would love to tether as I did on my rooted OG droid, but I’m on a non-rooted nexus. I used to use it alot but now my data usage is about 12gb.

  • PAJ

    2 to 3.5 GB/month.¬† I tether when traveling where there is no WiFi or it is pay for (airports, hotels)…

  • I use around 1GB a month but currently have wifi at work and at home, so that helps a lot.¬†

  • Kevin Kelly

    I use about 4 Gigga Wiggles per month, and I’ve been known to use a tether app from time to time. ¬†My city recently got hit with LTE so I tether my phone every week when I need to catch up on my television shows because my LTE is faster than my ISP’s service.

  • Anonymous

    I use about 1.5GB/month, and that’s mostly streaming audio. I don’t use a tethering service because I’m too cheap to buy a good app.

  • i use about 12-15 gb a month because i have verizon’s $30 unlimited plan and mostly use it to stream flash video or wifi tether to my tablet for remote desktop¬†

  • Russell Rogers

    I use around 2GB of data a month, but I do not use a tethering app right now.

  • Anonymous

    Until I got my GNexus i used 6-7 GB/per month with Wifi Tether, less now since WT doesnt work on my gnex ūüôĀ

  • Mark Nowey

    About 5 gb’s per month, a little tethering here and there when in a jam, after trying koush’s alpha and beta Tether app however thats changed dramatically!¬†

  • I use about 2GB/month. Used to use wifi tethering when I had my droid 2 but haven’t used it on my galaxy nexus as much.

  • Kwickcuts

    I use easy tether and some times mobile hotspot but that kills my battery on average i use 6 to 8 gigs but i have peaked as high as 15 gigs. i use mine for accessing my servers and general surfing

    • Kwickcuts

      forgot to mention i also use oovoo to stay on touch with my oldest soon while he is away on the marines makes it easy to stay in touch while i am on the go

  • TheAndroid1

    I use 2.1gb per month (of course, right above the cap, good thing I have unlimited ūüôā ).

    I use the built in tethering when on a ROM, otherwise I have to pay Verizon.

  • Anonymous

    I use, on average, about 6ish gigs a month on 3G. ¬†That’s a lot of netflix (my son). ¬†I don’t have a tethering app I use, but it would be super useful. ¬†PenTeleData tends to have…extended downtime around here….

  • Anonymous

    i use about 3gb of data and i used to use a tether app but since upgrading my phone i no longer have  the app. i would love this one 

  • Anonymous

    I’ll be honest, I probably only use about 2 or 3 (only) GB per month from my data plan – grandfathered into unlimited fortunately. The remainder of the time i am using my wifi at home.

    I used to use a tethering app, but just havent gotten around to rooting my D3 yet. Figured I would be getting the D4 in a short while, and didn’t feel like taking the time.

    Anyway – yah. So thats it.

  • bdbaba

    2GB month.

  • George Gianakis

    I use 3GB a month and will be using Koush’s tethering app when i win a copy tonight.

  • 5-6 gigs a month on 4G using wifi tether!

  • Anonymous

    Just took a look and over the last 5 months I’ve averaged 112GB/s per month.¬† No, I don’t torrent anything ūüėČ

  • I use between one and three gigs a month, depending mostly on larger app store downloads, even though I’m on an unlimited 3G plan that I am going to try to hold onto as long as I can. I’m courteous and use my home internet or wifi hotspots when I can. It’s always nice to have a backup should the home connection go down or there be no hotspot in the area, though. In the summer my usage goes up a bit because I go camping and obvious neither of those two options are available.

  • Jdmaker1

    I use just over 2GBs a month. ¬†I used to tether occasionally to watch NHL games with PDANet. ¬†But, I’ve been doing it less and less because it wasn’t reliable. ¬†Now that I have a 4G phone, I’ll probably start using it some again with Koush’s app.¬†

  • Javikid

    About 3 1/2 GB and share some with my little one for his DS3

  • Michael Quinlan

    I use about 150MB (yes, that’s megabytes) per month, with no tethering for now.

  • Anonymous

    12 gb a month and I use easytether

  • DodgerDroid

    On average I use 6.5 GBs a month without tethering. I recently rooted my G-Nex to get wifi tether so I’m pretty sure I will double my monthly average. With my old Droid X I was averaging around 10.5 GBs with tethering but it was always a hassle because the phone would always randomly reboot or freeze. I would love to be able to tether through USB so my battery doesn’t die out so quick.¬†

  • I use about 3-4gb of data a month and use WiFi Tether¬†regularly¬†for use with my Kindle Fire, desktop, and my laptop.

  • Anonymous

    About 3.5GB per month. thank you unlimited for those months when I shoot up above 5.

  • sballalien

    2GB, no tethering.

  • J Vino

    I use about 5gb a month and don’t currently tether.¬† Haven’t rooted yet.¬† I miss the tethering feature on my rooted OG droid.¬† It was slow but worked great in a pinch!!!

  • Lee Stovall

    2.5+ gigs a month on my phone w/ unlimited data .. PHEW. i tether whenever theres a need like when the wireless goes out at work, power goes out or just want to show it off and get all those who are blindly ignorant i*hone lovers to be jealous of the power that is DROID! this is all done through my OG still running after 3+ years. 

  • Benjamin Chow

    about 2GB a month… i dont tether… costs too much.. LOL

  • I played lots of¬†tether¬†ball does that count?

  • AJE

    15-20GB a month

    i use the wifi tether app on the Gnex

  • Anonymous

    I don’t plan on roooooot soon, so this is something I was about to buy. I have used nearly 7 gigs since Christmas. shmeh shmeh shmeh. I won’t give in to the 30 dollars a month I MUST RESIST

  • Franzie3

    I use my phone to tether for grabbing music off of my home computer to move over to my laptop for when i DJ and forget some music or if i need to go grab a quick song and have no wifi access.  I also use it to tether to my Xoom tablet while at work since the company locks down and filters internet websites (not Droid-Life though).

    I usually vary between 3-4Gb a month on my unlimited plan, I have used less and more it all depends.  Recently more has been used because i use google music a lot more in the car

  • i average 4.5geebees a month

  • I use about 4 GB of data on my Razr (glad I have unlimited data). I don’t tether very often but this will be nice when I do and may do it more often.

  • Ryan

    I use about 1.5 GB/month and I don’t tether at all.

  • Jorge Fernandez

    i use about 5 to 7 GB a month, i dont use any official tethering service :p

  • Anonymous

    I don’t think I even use 1GB a month…I pay for my home Internet so I’m always on wifi

  • Flavy

    I use about 2 -3 gig a month, but currently don’t do much tethering.

  • xtcvapor

    I use 5gb/month on average with 400 or so being tethered

  • I use a little over 4 gb per month since i have HBO go though i might start to eat up more lol. I currently do not use any sort of tethering service.¬†

  • I average about 2GBs per month on average, sometimes more sometimes less. ¬†I just downloaded Koush’s tether app yesterday actually, the free one as of now. But I have yet to tether anything yet. Maybe when I do, Ill get to suck up more of my unlimited data!

  • Anonymous

    Without tethering at all, just on my Gnex (and Dx before it!) I’ve been averaging about 7 gigs a month.

  • df2rools

    I use about 8GB and I want to start tethering to my other devices since I just got a new one!

  • Alexander Amato

    Consume about 3 GB a month. Occasional tethering. Have used a variety of tethering apps based on what worked at the time (PDANet, EasyTether, Klink, WifiTether, Tether built into my old Incredible 2 with CM7).

    Currently using klink primarily but it is a bit clunky. I would love a Premium code to Koush’s Tethering app. App is very well put together and working well on my Galaxy Nexus.

  • Anonymous

    About 3GB, but getting higher now that I have Galaxy Nexus. LTE speed is blazing, but I have to plug in for sure while tethered.

  • I have no idea how much data but I do a fair amount of Pandora and Google Music streaming and would probably say 20 gigs. I tether pretty frequently too since I fly alot and theres generally no free wifi.

  • anywhere from 2.5 yo 5 gb a month on average

  • 15-30GB , i used the Bionic tethering hack so i can use the regular mobile hotspot for my computer

  • Sean Cahill

    I use ~4 GB per month on average. Use Wireless Tether with new GNex and used Barnacle with old trusty OG, but only when absolutely necessary.

  • @area0052

    I use anywhere from 3 to 5gb a momth depending how flash happy i am that month. Until recently ive nothadmuch use for tethering but with my job its almost necessary and koush’s app is awesome

  • My wireless line consumed ~1.7 gigs of data last month. Actually glad this little exercise made me look.

  • I use about 2 GB a month. currently I have PDAnet but dont’ use it real often.¬†

    Once my Transformer Prime arrives i plan on tethering that very often 

  • Fdkatz

    What me worry about data usage with unlimited data plan? Actually use less than a gig. Occasionally use pdanet.

  • Steve Thornton

    I use about 10GB+ a month and I use wifi tether. USB would be great on battery life.

  • Djnitehowl

    I use about 4-5GB a month, without tethering. Don’t know how tiered people can survive.

  • I use any where from 2 gb min to about 5 gb a month. ¬†It mostly depends on how much driving I do. When I go out of town I will tether my phone.

  • Justinlightner

    I use about 10-15GB a month and I tether regularly with my phone.

  • Tmcmenamin23

    I use about 2-3 Gb per month, tether with EasyTether for USB or Wifi Tether.

    Rooted Bionic YEAHHHHHHHHH!

  • Bluedevils0000

    I would say i average 25-50gb a month just because i use my 4g connection to download movies then use my hdmi port to play them on my tv. Saves my family movie rental fees and we dont have cable so we used to rent quite a few. We also have no wifi at home so i could definately use this for my laptop to save me from running to a hotspot.

  • Anonymous

    I use about 4-6 GB a month and tether a couple times a month when I need internet access working outside.

  • I use around 4GB / month. ¬†Haven’t tethered since I switched to the Bionic, but was a frequent user of Wireless Tether when I had my OG Droid. ¬†Really makes traveling for work much more enjoyable, as I don’t have to deal with crappy hotel Internet service…

  • Derek Ross

    Since release, I’ve used my Galaxy Nexus to chow down on about 4GB of mobile data. I don’t tether that often, maybe a few times a month for a few minutes here and there.

  • Anonymous

    3-4 gigs a month…mostly music and vids when i am working!

  • DBK

    I use a hair over 2GB a month using PdaNet. Only really tether my tablet (PdaNet Tablet) when in travel.

  • Badinage

    I have never checked how much data I use and I don’t use a tethering service. But, I would love to start using a service because I am about to become a full-time RV traveler and will depend completely on my tether for service! Help a fella out.

  • dhartland

    I use 2 or 3 gigs a month, but I never tether.¬† I’ve been looking to start now that I have a Nexus and I’m away from home often.¬†

  • Rentedlunchbox

    I tether almost daily as I travel to install new centers for my company, I am consistently above my business data rates at about 5-7gb of data usage a month. Only because my company does not want to pay for a mifi lol.

  • matt lindsay

    I use around 3 a month and I used to use wifi tether as my home internet

  • miscreant

    I use somewhere around 4gb/month just on the phone alone. Have to stream music regularly, and the girlfriend uses it for netflix on the regular. She just loves the GNex screen. I don’t use any tethering as of yet. But I planned on it, as I am opening a business as we speak, and in an effort to save money, I will use my phone as my internet! Viva unlimited data!

  • Djjoshnickell

    I use around 2.5 gigs a month not tethering. I do have unlimited data.

  • 2.5 ¬†or more GB per month, no tethering… just downloading apps and files, automatic uploading of pictures and videos through Google+, streaming music with Google Music and the¬†occasional Netflix movie or show…

  • Hans Kwazneski

    I used the bionic tether method, but then I got the Nexus, and just been using the Wireless tether option (which is horrible by the way) I use about 80gb a month primarily for web browsing/skyping with my wife in america while on watch, who’s going to raid a Navy base on a Sunday night anyway? Love everything Koush has done thus far, would love to give this a shot too ūüôā

  • Real4life72

    I use on average 2116 per month. Would love to be able to tether.

  • Anonymous

    I use roughly 2GB a month. I don’t tether regularly, but I do tether occasionally when I am not in range of wifi.

  • I use anywhere from 800MB to 4.6GB a month, without any tethering, on just one phone. If you combine with the other phone on my account that has data, it goes to 1.2GB to 6GB.¬†
    The few times I have attempted to tether it was largely for emergency work (as an IT worker) when I was away from usable WiFi or LAN and on-call… or to connect my old OG Droid which I keep largely as a PodCast handler and for extra media consumption in my car or at my desk.¬†

  • Daniel Aceves

    I use about 15 gb a month. I tether with easy tether but it has been buggy lately with my new Gnexus:) i would a tether option

  • I have been using about 700MB to 1GB per month on the original Droid, but my first month with the Nexus, I have passed 2.5GB (most of that is music streaming though, and testing for Koush during the beta period). I have used wireless tether on occasion during trips, but I do not tether on a regular basis.

  • Anonymous

    When I was on a 3g device anywhere from 2-3gb. With LTE around 6gb per month. I use tethering occasionally, in remote areas or people’s houses that don’t have wifi.

  • Anonymous

    I still can’t get the Samsung Driver to work with my Galaxy Nexus in Win XP 32bit (Work computer). Anyone else having this issue?

  • Sschaper

    15-30 gigs, no tethering. But it would be handy out and about, if I needed it.

  • Joel Wickham

    I use 2-3GB/month not tethering.

  • Under 2 GB even though I’m on unlimited.

  • I only use about 2GB because I am almost always on WIFI. I don’t tether.¬†

  • Mnash78

    I use about 3GB a month, but have never tried a tethering app because I wasn’t sure what exactly they did.

  • So far I’m at roughly 60GB and I have used WiFi tether and Easy Tether in the past.

  • Daniel Castro

    I consume over 2 gigabytes of data per month. Do not use any tethering. Yet.

  • vinaaga

    About 70GB. I currently pay for the wireless hotspot and tether to my xbox for Netlix and Hulu Plus, etc. I was grandfathered into the unlimited plan

  • Jackmcd5225

    Anywhere from 5GB to 10GB, on Droid Bionic with no tethering currently:(

  • R3it3rz

    I use way too much. The wife says im on it too much. I disagree. I currently dont have a tether app ūüôĀ

  • Anonymous

    I usually run between 1 and 2 gigs.¬† Sometimes less.¬† Never really tether much since I’m usually near a wifi signal.. but wouldn’t mind a reason to do it more often!

  • i waste about 2gb a month which is my ,onthly limit on tmobile. I use to use easytether but then it wouldnt want to work anymore.¬†

  • SS38ST

    i use about 13GB

  • Nelly547

    I use around 5GB per month using WiFi Tether on my Gnex.

  • s2k_848

    Currently at 5,980,813.0KB of Unlimited on
    Usage Cycle 30 of 31 days…I maybe tether like once a month in a pinch.

  • SysWiz

    5g/mo. I use the built in tether when i need to.

  • Sparhawk2k

    I use 3-7 GB each month (lets guess the average is about 4.5 GB) and I haven’t used much tethering but I’d like to…

  • Mmoreimi

    I have an unlimited plan and have been getting about 3 gigs per month on my rooted incredible running MIUI with wireless tether built in.¬† I just picked up the Rezound and oh my… haven’t rooted it yet and don’t have tethering on it….would LOVE this ūüôā

  • I average right at 1GB a month and use tethering to an ASUS Tablet on an occasional basis when in a remote locale out of WIFI range, aka when I go camping.

  • I use about 3.5 to 4 gb per month, and I somehow am able to use the native tether app on my phone rarely without detection.¬† It’s pretty weird….

  • Chris Wagner

    On Average 4-5 gb Tethering + Phone

  • about 6.5Gb a month depending on if my boss is in the office.

    But in reality I only tether using PDA tablet to my transformer. Was always tethering on my DX before verizon brought out that update

  • At least 20GB a month and usually Wifi Tether.

  • Anonymous

    i use roughly 12gb a month. i have been using easy tether about  once to twice a week

  • Xhaxol

    I rarely tether, and I usually the built in wifi tether in cm. I average 5-7gb a month. 

  • Anonymous

    On average about 2GB/month, with light tethering

  • Anonymous

    1GB no tethering

  • BestDeathEver

    I currently use about 2GB per month, but havent tethered yet.¬† That’s why I’m really interested in Koush’s tethering app.¬† I’d love to start.

  • Anonymous

    On my phone it would be around 20GB a month, 2GB on 3G/4G. Data for all my gadgets, definitely somewhere near 100GB. I do use wifi tether, just not on a regular basis.

  • I use about 5 geebees and tether whenever my ATT flash whore buddies need some data because their on a 200mb plan. ūüôā

  • Andrew Steger

    I use about 2gb a month.¬† Don’t tether much, usually only when my son or girlfriend gets bored in the car and they want to surf the web on my tablet.

  • Interpol818

    5-6 gb per month. I have unlimited data plan. I stream video and audio

  • Anonymous

    I use 10 GB/month. No tethering service.

  • Reginomusa

    I’ve really never checked, I have a grandfathered in unlimited data plan. I used to just connect my phone to my laptop, before Verizon put a stop to it being very easy.

  • 10-12 gigs.Most on wifi.

  • Anonymous

    I use about 2-3 GB/month depending on how much traveling I’m doing.¬†I don’t have to tether all that often, but when I’m traveling to rural locations or am in a different state, then it’s very handy to have!¬†

  • Anonymous

    I use about 5 gigs a month on average, and I used the tether built in to CyanogenMod, up until I got my galaxy nexus. I don’t want to root just yet, so Koush’s tether app would be a great addition to my stock device.

  • I use about 1GB a month on my OG Droid and do not currently use a tethering app. When i get the Galaxy Nexus soon im sure ill use WAY more than that and i would love to tether to my laptop in my 4G service area! I hope i win!

  • 2 GB use on average. (More this month setting up Nexus). Frequent user of wireless root based tether.

  • ~3GB/month but would give tethering a go.

  • Corey Smith

    At least 2 GB a month if I don’t have access to wi-fi.¬† Would probably use more if I didn’t have to pay for tethering. ūüôā

  • Id say that I use around 5 to 6 gb on average since I tether to my laptop at work ¬†with my rooted OG.

  • gamer7790

    I use about 2-4gb every month… and that’s with out tethering. And I am in need for a tethering application… ūüôā

  • Anonymous

    Currently sitting at 5.494GB  on my Bionic, the wife is at 1.680GB for her D3. Neither of us tether. 

  • I average about 2GB a month. I use the built in wifi teather that comes with CM7.

  • Lizz.0

    I use about 3GB (combined with my husband)¬†a month without tethering. I would LOVE to be able to tether my Prime when I finally get it ūüôā

  • Tex

    I use less than 2gb a month since I’m usually near wifi, however my mom who would get this if I win is in the 10+gb range..

  • Anonymous

    I use about 4.5 gigs a month. I little more this month with a new phone. And I tether a couple times a week.

  • GirrafeRink

    I use around 7GB a month on a Thunderbolt with Easy Tether. However, not very much of that is used for Easy Tether because it’s so buggy!

  • Craig LeBaron

    I use about 3GB a month and don’t normally tether unless i need something that i can’t pull up on mobile.

  • Anonymous

    Anywhere from 1.5 GB to 2 GB, no tethering currently

  • I use about 3GB/month too. Not using any tethering app at the moment because none of them seem to work on the gnex. Not barnacle or open garden.

  • Jer85008

    I use around 2-3 GB per month on average, now that I have a new phone that actually works with wi-fi (yes, I’m talking about you, Droid X). As for my tethering habits, I plead the 5th on that…

  • I normally use about 2gb but since I got the galaxy nexus i already hit 4gb for my current month. I use tethering occasionally to work remotely as well as a backup at home.

  • ChickenDinner

    I use 15+ Gigs a month! Tethering is my only source of internet and since I have unlimited I take full advantage of every gig! ūüôā

  • Mark

    about 4 GB a month hardly tether because I have a lapdock

  • Sonic_44

    A typical month for me is about 8GBs a month which include new Roms, checking DL 200 times a day, and Wifi tether for when my coworker’s i*hone doesn’t have data.

  • Seibon

    I use about 3 GB/month and tether occasionally.

  • Jillian Goings

    Recently, somewhere around 8GB/month.
    Yes, I definitely tether – the computer at my job has dialup… that it shares with another computer, a phone, and a credit card machine.

  • Shooter_454

    Since I have unlimited I use wireless tethering all the time,most of the time its in the car to run my samsung tablet for the kids to play on..I use @ 15-20 on average.

  • Daryel Villavicencio

    I don’t tether… but I still use around 7-10gb per month.¬†

  • Leearmijo91

    i used from 10-15 GB a month but i know for sure i would use more if i had this awesome app. could definatly use it my home internet sucks big time.

  • I use around 10GB and I’m not using any tethering app right now.

  • Anonymous

    I rarely go over 1gb a month, and I’ve always been too chicken to tether, but it would help immensely to allow me to work on my laptop from the road.

  • I use between 3-5GB/month.¬† I use Wifi Tether sometimes, but it’s hard on the battery.

  • J3ss3 Priest

    I average about 7 GB per month, i just got my GNex though and im at 5 gb within the first 2 weeks .. im currently rooted thanks to Kellex.. and i use wireless tether when im running 4g usually to play COD!!

  • Branshaw09

    I use about 3-5 gb per month, but don’t do any tethering. I would love the opportunity to tether in my tab wifi though. Pick me!

  • Famouzstarzz

    easy answer i use UNLIMITED DATA! woot woot now hook it up ūüėČ

    (fyi usually run right around 6-7gigs a month)

  • Scott Sacha

    I use about 4gb a month and I use the siriusxm app almost all day why i am at work and also use jetflicks. 

  • Kenny B

    2.5 to 3 gb. PDANet for now. Would love this for my RAZR.

  • droidrev71

    I average about 10-12gb a month. I use tethering about once a week with the wireless tether app. Simple enough ūüėČ

  • tsetsefly

    3GB, mainly use tethering in airports and long car trips

  • 9ten11

    I use around 2gb a month but iys going up with lte. I use wifi tether mainly.

  • Anonymous

    Probably around 2-3 gigs. I don’t use tethering much now, as I don’t have a laptop, but next year in school I’ll likely use it a ton. Especially if I get a tablet, too.

  • I use 3Gbs of data a month with no tether, most likely would be more if i tethered¬†

  • S Allen

    I use about 8gb per month and have not tethered. ¬†My computer doesn’t have a Wifi card (it’s old). ¬†I was planning to look for a good USB tether option this weekend to connect to my computer, so this would be perfect!

  • Josenj

    I use about 8 to 10G. Per month and I use wifi tether for root

  • jen

    almost 2gb/mo. no tethering but I just got a kindle and this would be perfect!

  • Felix Unger

    I average .75 GB a month on my original Droid unlimited data plan.

  • Bharath Ramesh

    I average close 750M-1G a month, I dont tether normally. I had to do it once when I was traveling in a bus and the bus didnt have wifi.

  • Justin

    I consume about 1gb a month of data. I currently don’t use any tethering apps.

  • Fdcguy

    I average about 1.4GB a month. I don’t tether but have been known to use my hotspot for the less fortunate out there….*Cough*iPhone users*Cough*

  • Mholton12

    I usually use around 8 because I love to try different rooms and I use wifi tether for almost every thing because of were I live so internet speed is very limited

  • Myself, I’ve upped from an average of 1-2 gb on my OG droid, to 4 gb on my Nexus..¬† I’m rooted and use wifi tether … Of course, USB tethering would be great since it will charge the phone while it’s tethering!!

  • Greg

    I have 4 android phones on my family plan all rooted with wifi tether that is rarely used.
    Dinc 2gb per month on average
    DX2 1gb per month on average 
    D2 400mb per month on average 
    Razr 15gb last month

    Also all phones have unlimited data plans. 
    I currently use a Droid incredible but when I get a 4g phone I expect to use a lot more data and Tether more.

  • Anonymous

    I use 4- 6 GB/month between my phone and tethering to my laptop. I use barnacle wifi, and open garden wifi tether… They all are very slow even though I have a 4G/LTE phone.

  • I really don’t know. I’ve got unlimited data so I’ve never checked. I hop on wi-fi for the heavy stuff since 3g speeds around here just don’t cut it. If my router craps the bed I imagine I’d be up to about 3gigs a month.

  • john watson

    Use about 6GB Monthly,,,Old School PDANET…FTW…LOL

  • Anonymous

    Sometimes 5 gigs with tether.

  • B J Books

    2.5-3GB/month.¬† I’d use more if I was tethering. ūüėČ

  • Eric Cox

    I use about 1GB a month normally and more when I travel for work. I use wired tether when I travel because customers don’t always have a guest WiFi, also my company does not want to pay for all of us traveling people to have mobile cards.

  • Mbentleychp

    I TETHER MY WIFE TO MY PHONE AND GET ABOUT 5 GB’S A MONTH OUT OF HER (she sure does complain alot).¬† I was hoping the contest was for a new wife but Koush’s premium code would be great too.

  • I would estimate I use about 20 to 30 gigs in a month.¬† I have wifi at home and work and am constantly on my phone and do a lot of video streaming, (watching live pro Starcraft 2 streams right from my galaxy s2 is boss) but i spent 3 days off of wifi last week and used about 3 gigs doing so.

  • Andrew Vanderwall

    I use about 3-4 GB/month and I use wifi tether at home because all my parents have is dial-up. I know, right?

  • Jaefisher

    I use between 3gb & 5gb a month. I usually tether to my wifi only tab

  • Anonymous

    I use about 5-10GB per month.  Have used PDANet a bit in the past.

  • Anonymous

    Verizon is going to love this thread. lol

  • I consumer around 2.5GB a month and only use tethering when I cant find good WiFi. ¬†4G tethering does come in handy when available.

  • Alphabets13

    ~8GB/month. streaming sirius/tune-in, etc all day at work 5 days per week adds up. i used to tether, haven’t done so in awhile. saw this app last week, very interested and would love to get it free!!

  • Eric Shelley

    I’ve been averaging 8GB a month for the last three months. I use easy tether or Wifi tether depending in the situation.

  • Pmsburman

    I use about gb a month rarely tether.

    • Pmsburman

      2 gb

  • Egyptrocks3959

    I use 2gb a more

  • I use about 2 – 3 gigs worth of data cause Im constantly on wifi. Use tether when in a pinch but would like to use it more

  • Bradley Michael

    i use about 2.5 gb a month and when i need to tether i use pdanet

  • I average about 4 GBs of data a month. ¬†I only tether when either my cable is out (not often), my cheap router is being screwy (too often), or I am on the road and need to use my laptop (a few times a month). ¬†

  • I average about 4 GBs of data a month. ¬†I only tether when either my cable is out (not often), my cheap router is being screwy (too often), or I am on the road and need to use my laptop (a few times a month). ¬†

  • I use 3.25 GB per month. I currently do not tether as Big red costs too much and i do not want to root my phone.

  • Anonymous

    Avg. 1.5 GB per month. Tether when it’s needed only.

  • Anonymous

    I average 2gb when not in wifi area. But do you use wireless tether when needed. I used about 4.5gb in the month of December using wireless tether cause my parents back home didn’t have wireless.

  • Rick

    my average usage is about 2 to 3 gigs of no tether but would love to own an awesome tether app, that actually works, for my phone.

  • Mrdixon

    I use 2-3 gb a month wireless tethered to my transformer from my original droid

  • JustJosh4

    I usually end up around 2GB a month.  I used to use wireless tether some before Verizon started to crack down on it, but no more.

  • Core

    i use about 4 gig a month and i usually don’t tether, but when i do use pdanet

  • Core

    i use about 4 gig a month and i usually don’t tether, but when i do use pdanet

  • Jason Maggio

    I use 2-3 gb a month and haven’t used any tether app besides this one on my bionic

  • I am not a big user. ¬†Some months are worst than others. ¬†But i would say i use about 2 GB/Month. ¬†I refuse to pay for a hotspot option because i would only use it once or twice a month. ¬†So having USB tether would be awesome!

  • I think about each month I use about 4-5GB, and the occasional tethering for some downloads so comcast can’t track it ūüėõ

  • QtDL

    On average I use about 2-3 Gb/month using Pandora, etc. Now that I have Netflix and Hulu+ I will be tethering a great deal more….especially in a few days when my new Transformer Prime arrives! ūüėÄ

  • Anonymous

    I’d say about 2 GB per month. I don’t tether, but I’m not closed to the idea.

  • PyroHoltz

    Only about 1GB/mo but when I travel that goes up considerably.¬† Haven’t tackled the D3 tethering hack but once I drop a custom ROM on to my latest defective replacement, I’d be all over Koush’s tether app.

  • mugsy77

    2-3GB per month here on a truly unlimited plan =)

  • Dacatalyst41

    I average about 6GB a month and no i dont use tethering currently but i will when i buy my new tablet

  • Josh R Ingram

    4GB a month and I don’t tether. I’ve been debating starting and this would be a great excuse.

  • JT

    OG Droid < 800mb per month
    GNex ~ 1gb per month
    Tethering a netbook *as needed*
    Tethering my work scanner to send orders via web when on the road far from hot spots.

  • Dakotadk810

    700mb-1gig per month… I used to use EasyTether but couldn’t keep a strong signal in it.

  • Tony Cooper

    ~ 2 GB/mo and wifi tether at the moment. ¬†Works well, but I don’t think the phone can charge faster than the power pulls. ¬†It kills battery.

  • Joshua Newsome

    5GB thanks to so much streaming media. I tether infrequently since I haven’t found a solution I like yet, but my wife does at least 3 nights a week for work.

  • oddball

    2gb a month and I’ve never tethered before but I’d love to try it out

  • Kennie

    6GB/month w/ some tethering. Kinda iffy about VZW’s tethering policies since ICS shows that tethering apps take data ūüôĀ

  • Nhlpreds98

    I use about 2GB/month, tether Xoom to Nexus via wifi tether as needed.

  • I use about 2 gigs a month, and tether only half a dozen times a year–only when I need it.¬† I’ll be damned if I’m going to pay double just for those few times.

  • Anonymous

    I’m so glad you were willing to ballpark it.¬†

  • Anonymous

    I’m so glad you were willing to ballpark it.¬†

  • Anonymous

    I use approx 6.5 GB per month consistantly… wireless tether, pdaNet, an wifi tether! holla! This is my home network, xbox live, dvd player netflix data source. When i get home everything links up!

  • Anonymous

    I use approx 6.5 GB per month consistantly… wireless tether, pdaNet, an wifi tether! holla! This is my home network, xbox live, dvd player netflix data source. When i get home everything links up!

  • Between 3 GB and 5GB on a family plan, and mostly with a daughter who listens to radio, etc. via her 4G phone. Limited tethering with PDANet.

  • I use around 1 GB each month, on average. As for tethering, I use WiFi Tether (android-wifi-tether) when visiting relatives who don’t have the internet. (The horror! The horror!)

  • I use around 1 GB each month, on average. As for tethering, I use WiFi Tether (android-wifi-tether) when visiting relatives who don’t have the internet. (The horror! The horror!)

  • Anonymous

    About 2GB none at the moment since I haven’t rooted my Nexus. Which is why this would be awesome.¬†

  • Anonymous

    11-13gb a month. I use good ole wifi tether for android. But i did seem to notice faster speed using the usb tether on my old rooted droid.

  • Now that I have my new Galaxy Nexus I consume 8G to 10G and I have not used any Tethering application until now that Koush released the Alpha now official (non-root) tethering application I might end up using at least 15G each month.

    Hope you are all having a blast at CES and pick me as one of the winners.

    Keep up the good work at DL!

  • Jac white

    I use about 5 gigs per month….I used to use wireless tether in my og droid but have not rooted my nexus yet….but I still use 5 gig per month.

  • Anonymous

    I am so glad you were willing to ballpark it.

  • Anonymous

    I’m close to the 2GB mark but haven’t used tether on my Rezound yet.

  • matbag

    Use about 2 gb / month.¬† I used wifi tether on my OG Droid but haven’t used one on my GNex yet…hopefully soon?

  • Jewaymire

    Use about 1GB a month, but am desperate for a non-rooted tethering app.  About 5 times a day I am in need of, but lack, internet.

  • about 4gb and no tethering sevices

  • I use about 7-10GB+ when i tether as its faster than what i got for internet :/ luckly i have unlimited.

  • Nate

    I use roughly 5GB per month and i use Easy Tether as a work around.

  • Now that i’ve gone GNex i’m seeing about 3-4 Gb. On my old Droid X I never really eclipsed 2 Gb. Thank goodness for unlimited data!

  • KK

    About 1GB/month and I use wifi tether when I need to tether.

  • I use 5-10 gb and have used wireless tether and koush’s tether app

  • 2-3 gigs a month.¬† I tether my Galaxy tab 10.1¬†on the¬†train to work with the built in Mobile AP on my Galaxy S 4G.

  • On average, I use about 5-6 gigs a month. I always tether to my laptop while I’m in my dorm or at class cause the internet they provide suck. Now that I have my galaxy nexus I think I’m tethering more than I use my wifi at home.

  • 10 to 15 gigs….just on phone. I¬†don’t¬†use a tethering app anymore, but I’d like to on my new nexus!

  • about 2GB with no tethering

  • I use about 3GB/month and no tether option, currently staying unrooted.¬† HALP!

  • I generally use about 1.5GB/month and I use WiFi tether for work occasionally, but it destroyyyys my battery :’-(

  • Anonymous

    I use about 7-8 GB a month and I tether extremely rarely, and when I do it’s usually just for a minute or two

  • mikeym0p

    I use about 5-10GB a month, I do a lot of music streaming, not so much video.

  • Tetheringis Fun

    2 to 3 GBs. My office doesnt have wireless, so I tether pretty regularly.

  • Quyendg

    1.5 gigs per month.¬† No tethering…

  • Chris Lambright

    I use about 2.5 GB per month using wireless tether for root users, works great

  • Anonymous

    Anywhere from 2-3 GB

  • 4.5 gb, pdanet.¬† Like you said, I’m too lazy to root.

  • I usually use around 2 GB a month.¬† Used to tether on by old Droid, but haven’t tried to with my new GNex yet.

  • Anonymous

    3,772,711KB as of my last bill.

  • Carlosbarrerajr1975

    I use anywhere from 4 to 5.5 gigs a month. Good thing I have unlimited data.

  • Anonymous

    I use roughly 1 to 1.5 GB’s a month though with my new Nexus I was pushing 2 this month. I tether a couple times a week and I’m definitely looking for an easier solution.

  • Nothing wrong with a bit of truth.¬† If 4G was in my home area, I would do all of that too!¬†

  • JJ69Chev

    Average 3-5 gb. Min teathering. Do on occasion teacher my xbox

  • Bryan York

    Definitely love Koush’s work! I consume about 2GB a month! Don’t use anything yet.

  • I use approximately 4-6GB per month on average, and that’s with mostly use on Wifi…¬† As far as tethering, I haven’t used it since Verizon stopped cracking down.¬† Only have to use it heavily (2+ GB of tethering) when I travel for work because wifi in hotels sucks in the area I’m in.

  • Jesus Macabeee

    I generally use about 3 gigs a month. I tether on occasion, usually at the airport or when on a sports road trip. 

  • Andrew

    I use about a GB per month, I do tether, but it’s pretty rare.

  • Anonymous

    I use about 2GB a month without tethering. I used to use wireless tether on my OG Droid, but since I got my Galaxy Nexus, I haven’t gotten around to rooting it yet.

  • tethering

    about 50 GB, use tethering services when wi-fi service is slow

  • Well, I use about 8 GB on an average month, then about 10-15 on a high data usage month. I do a lot of driving across country to visit my father and he does not have wireless internet. To answer your question, I do not use tethering service for VZW or root app. Since I prefer complete stock, “Wifi Tether” does not work. That’s why I need a¬†seriously hot app by koush to get the job done! ūüôā¬†

  • Approximately 8.1273 GB/mo via wifi tether.

  • Ivan92116

    about 1GB and no tethering.

  • John

    Since I’ve had my 4G phone(gnexus) for almost a month now, I’m sitting around 1.5GB. I imagine my use will increase as time goes on. I use wifi tether from time to time

  • I’ve used PDANET for my tethering. I normally use around 2 GB a month.

  • Chris

    On my Droid X…it was like 2 GB tops.
    Now this month with my GNex, its up to about 10 GB plus I use it for wireless tethering all the time.

  • Trampacek

    I use about 2GB a month.  Was using tether all the time on my rooted Droid OC but since I got the Galaxy Nexus I havent been using it since I havent rooted yet.  This solves that problem.

  • Anonymous

    I use about 6 gigs a month and have been typically use Wi-Fi tether if I need to tether

  • Wes

    About 2 GB each month, and I¬†don’t¬†tether much.

  • 3.5 GB a month. Use wifi tether when the power goes out ūüėÄ

  • Anonymous

    Pretty close to 2GB a month on 4G. Currently using Wifi Tether for Root on my Galaxy Nexus. Still need a good USB option tho.

  • Anonymous

    5-15 geebees a month, rarely use the wifis to tether.

  • CXL

    2.5G per month using Pdanet

  • DevilMan

    I normally use Wifi Tether and keep it around 4-5GB per month.

  • Anonymous

    Well when I was on sprint I used wireless tether and never made it past 5 GB. I just switched to verizon on 4 GB plan , now I don’t use any!

  • Anonymous

    According to my GNex, I’ve used 2 gb’s this week alone. And I do like to tether. And will tether more when I get my tablet ūüôā then I can tether it in the car and let passengers watch some youtube or nfl mobile stuff. Just brain storming here

  • I use quite a bit since I usually use hotspot to tether to my tablet. Currently on a 5GB plan and that’s cutting it close so I’m sure I’ll be moving to a 10GB plan soon. I always feel like someone is watching when I use the tmobile hotspot app.

  • Last month I broke 9gb of data used.¬† I’m grandfathered in with unlimited, thank God.¬† I do not use any tethering on a regular basis, but the code would be going to my girlfriend, so she can dump her lousy 3G usb modem that she pays $60 a month for to big red, AND has a grandfathered unlimited thunderbolt.¬† Silly women.

  • Around 1.5-2GB, usually use pda net or wireless tether.

  • Frank Klun

    Upwards of 4-5 GB per month. I take the train to/from work so I’m tethering for at least an hour per work day.

  • Anonymous

    I use about 800MB each month (not much I know) and I tether about once every 2 months. This is why I will not subscribe to a tethering feature from VZW.

  • The Moma Dave

    About 4GB per month and I use Pdanet for minor tethering.

  • Yazz

    I use about 150GB a month since Im a DJ+flash phones+ use PSN+and of course download some porn¬†:/……..lol
    tethering is my pasion!!!!

    • Anonymous

      People with tiered plans say thank you btw. 

      • Yazz


        • That’s actually a serious remark. ¬†People should not be attempting to use 4G to replace their home internet connections. ¬†Spectrum is limited and there are¬†significantly¬†better uses of the bandwidth.

          • So you get to determine what is good use of bandwidth? Your starting to sound like Verizon…..

    • Anonymous
      • Anonymous

        If he is on 4G with VZW on unlimited like me its allllllllllll good! Since having the Galaxy Nexus I have downloaded near 20GB. I will not say what type of media. ūüėõ

      • Yazz

        i do use sprint!!!

    • Yazz

      Untill they disconect my service I DONT GIVE A DAMN!!!  lol

    • Emilio

      Yeah, like Verizon said, 50% of the data is taken by 1% of the customers, I’m pretty sure you’re like 1% of their data total. lol

  • Schrockdog

    With WIFI on campus and at my appartment i usually hover around the 3 gig range every month. I use to use the tethering apps all the time back when i had the OG 

  • KittyKittyBangBang

    9 GB! Lets just say I’m part of that Verizon 1% that getd throttled.

  • 5 without tether, 20 or so with. ¬†I tether regularly.¬†

  • Probably around 5gb a month, creating a wireless hotspot for my tablet when I need it.

  • Rhyde82

    i do about 10gb a month and i use the wireless tether app beta for the bionic…works pretty well¬†

  • Anonymous

    Around ~8 Gigs, no Tethering yet.

  • Mercurycougar871

    I use about 3gb a month, which is way down from what it used to be when tethering was as easy as oush has made it with this new app.

    • Mercurycougar871

      *Koush, doh

  • Xiermail

    First comment – does that mean I win ūüôā

    Now with the Gnex I am using 12 to 14/month.

  • gregmr

    I use about 4.5GB using Wireless Tether beta

  • Ben

    I use on average between 500megs and 1 gig each month. I do not regularly tether. Only when traveling

  • I use about 2gb on average on Verizon with unlimited data, though that is going up now that I got the Galaxy Nexus

  • I use about 3 GB per month and im always using wifi tether. Im gonna be using it a lot more once the PS VIta comes out :p

  • Pilotbluemike

    i use about 2.5 to 3 GBs a month .. usually use wifi tether on my GNex to connect my Asus Transformer to the net on the go. Works perfect!

  • anywhere from 1.75 GB up to 3 GB, no tethering currently

  • C M

    ~4gb. No tethering app at the moment. This would be great!

  • Anonymous

    Average month use 6.5Gb of data, currently use the official mobile hotspot as it’s been the most stable to use.

  • I use about 1.5G a month right now. I tether both wired and wireless as the case dictates. It comes in handy at work at least once a week.

  • Adam Horowitz

    I haven’t tethered before because I didn’t want to root. I use on average around 13 gb; blame Google Music and HBO Go for that. ¬†I just got a Transformer Prime, would love to be able to use my data for that!

  • EC8CH

    Don’t know…. never checked…. my data’s unlimited ūüėČ

  • i use approximately 5GB a month in data. I tether when i travel for my job which is at least once a month

  • 3-4 GB per month. No tethering yet. Would love to tether to my Xoom Wifi!

  • Keyan X

    Between 6 and 7 gbs a months, no tether

  • Preston Kiser

    I consume on average 5-7GB, though that includes a lot of ROM related downloads/flashing and restoring apps/data. I use WiFi Tether for the most part.

  • 5gb and no tether¬†

  • Anonymous

    Around 1.5GB used to use free wifi tether but it hasnt been working on my DX recently so kind of stuck right now!

  • I don’t have a tethering service but I use about 3GB a month. I’m on unlimited so I’d def use more if I could tether!

  • After getting 4G about 2-3 GB/month. And I wifi tether at college where the wifi isn’t always great

  • Kirsty Lawer

    On an average month, I consume anywhere from 6-7 GBs.

    Aug 2011 was my best month though, 10GBs of data!!! OM NOM NOM!!

  • Anonymous

    About 3 GB per month, no tethering at all.

  • Anonymous

    1.5gb avg per month and currently no tethering so this app would be great

  • Anonymous

    I consume around 2-3 gigs (have a 5 gig plan with t-mo), I would tether if I could >_<

  • Bill Chisholm

    On average I consume about 12 GB per month with an unlimited data plan

  • Mark Christian

    On average, 13GB a month… Some months more, some a bit less.¬†

    I dont always tether…

    *worlds most interesting man picture goes here*

    But when I do… I use the hell out of it!

  • tbaybe

    when i had my xoom i used 6+gb a month, now only about 2, but my son now has a 3Ds, so its on all the time again

  • I use about 3GB/month and I tether with wifi tether when I’m in a pinch. ¬†But it’s pretty brutal on my battery.

  • I use lots of data and I tether when necessary. ūüôā