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Quick First Look: DROID RAZR MAXX With Its 3300mAh Battery and the Purple RAZR

droid razr maxx


Looking almost identical to the original DROID RAZR, we have in front of us the DROID RAZR MAXX. At first glance, you probably would think that this is the same exact phone, only Motorola thickened it up a tad by somehow upping the battery from 1780mAh to 3300mAh. Yep, that’s a ton of battery juice. The rest of the specs all remain the same when you compare it to the regular RAZR, but this phone – according to Motorola reps – will get you through 2.5 days of streaming music, 21+ hours of talk time, and even more when sitting idle. This is clearly the Android phone for the daily grinder that can’t seem to find the time to plug in their device every few hours.

First impressions? Truthfully, I’m a little mad that this wasn’t released originally instead of the DROID RAZR. At 8.99mm thick, it is still incredibly thin and would have given the Nexus a real run for top dog status knowing that it had such a massive battery inside. It feels great in hand with that added thickness over the regular RAZR, but it is definitely not “thick.”

For more shots, including some of it compared to the Nexus, hit up the break. Purple RAZR also below.  


So, there is your purple DROID RAZR. There are absolutely no differences from this to the white or regular RAZR other than color. Well, that’s not 100% accurate. This phone will land at $199 on 2-year contract, as Verizon is cutting out the SD cards on these three non-MAXX versions going forward. Once the purple version and RAZR MAXX are released, all regular RAZRs will drop to $199, meaning they only have onboard storage. Now, you can toss in your own SD card if you like, but at purchase, it will not come with one. The RAZR MAXX then, will drop in at $299.

  • tlspatt

    okay, Kellex, since we all only have a couple days until the 1/15 return deadline: MAXX or G-Nex?  a phone that I can use because the battery actually does last all day, or a phone with a great OS that dies by noon?  the plastic back cover on my GN probably won’t last 731 days with me constantly swapping the extended and original batteries, never mind the fact that I can’t even put a case on it when I’m pulling it apart every day at lunch… obviously the MAXX won’t get all the dev love the GN is, but how has the RAZR fared and can they crack that bootloader so we can ditch Blur? 

  • Bionic

    3300mah is huge.  Usually I dont buy phoens with a non removable battery but I would buy this if I needed a new phone.  Awesome..

    Only this that still concerns me is when/if your phone freezes, pulling the battery is the easiest fix.  What does a person do if their Razr maxx freezes or has the black screen of death?

    • kringger

      Pressing the power and volume down buttons for a few seconds will do a hard reset.  I’ve had to do it a few times on my Razr after the screen stopped responding to touch.

  • bezel is huge. battery is yumm

  • While I HATE that this doesn’t have the 720p and 13MP camera the Chinese version has (Moto you just can’t make a phone with out holding something back can you!!??), I just realized one huge advantage this creates for smartphone consumers.

    This is the first LTE superphone with a stock 2000+ mAh battery.  2012 could be about HTC and Sammy crossing the line in the sand and finally releasing some high end phones with realistic battery life.