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Motorola: Another XOOM LTE “Small Project” In The Works

Motorola is out and about on the week of CES contacting customers who have XOOMs, looking for people to take part in another one of their infamous soak tests. Two interesting things about this one – “We can’t positively confirm that the project will go forward” and Moto says that the people participating, “must have had their Xooms upgraded to LTE to take part.” The email mentions it is a small project, so don’t expect Ice Cream Sandwich. 


Thanks for joining the Motorola Feedback Network. We may have a small project for owners of Motorola Xooms on Verizon. Participants must have had their Xooms upgraded to LTE to take part.

At this point, we can’t positively confirm that the project will go forward, but if it does, the timing will be fast and we thought it best to prepare a group to provide feedback.

So, if you can live with some uncertainty, please take a moment to sign up here.

Thats all the information I have to share at this time. If you sign up and meet the conditions of the project — and it actually goes forward — more will be provided.


– Matt
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Let us know if you get the update and notice any changes.

Cheers C and H!

  • T Hall

    I got sick of waiting for Moto to update it and now I have ICS thanks to XDA.  Xoom sucked before now it is awesome!

  • Azndan4

    Yay motorola! Just kidding.

  • Bobbyhill

    So, Motorola didn’t show anything particularly new at CES, just some stuff we’ve already seen. No ice cream sandwich, no news on unlocking boot loaders, no quad core technology, nada. What the hell was that teaser about? Just a Droid Razor with a beefy battery with no other improvements? They had the perfect opportunity to steal the show at CES by surprising us with some new astonishing products, but all I see are rehashes. I mean, the RAZR MAXX should have gone to another carrier AT LEAST. And, if some of the comments here are true, they’re out to lock the boot loaders on the Zooms. My gosh, the thing doesn’t even have ICS while the competition does. It’s almost as if Moto is purposely shooting themselves on the foot and throwing away every golden opportunity. Moto, as a loyal fan boy, you have shattered my heart. This doesn’t mean I’ll move on, I’m just deeply disappointed.

    /whiny rant

  • Boogieman


  • Andrew

    Moto fail

  • KevinC

    i already got the update and now my bootloader is locked.

  • Jadam6118

    Boom Locked botloader!!!

    • Jadam6118


      • Andrew

        Why do they still bring up the Xoom? It just makes people angry and regret buying it.

        • Anonymous

          im so glad i won one

        • Ryan Young

          F*** people