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Fujitsu Shows Off the World’s First Tegra 3 Quad-core Phone, Behind a Glass Case

Last night at PepCom’s Digital Experience, we swung by the Fujitsu booth since there were rumors of them having some sort of a quad-core Tegra 3 phone in Vegas. While they didn’t have it with them, they said to stop by their CES booth today because it would be on display. They weren’t lying, you are looking at it above.

Keep in mind that this is a prototype and may not be anything close to the final product. It was hooked up via HDMI to a TV though, running Riptide for Tato to ball out on. Overall, it ran incredibly well, we just wish we could have actually touched it.

Thankfully, they did have a life-sized flyer of specs for it. According to Fujitsu, this phone will sport a 4.6″ “HD-quality” liquid crystal screen, 13MP camera, Tegra 3 quad-core processor clocked at 1.2GHz, and is “LTE-compatible.”

Their plan is to show off a much more finished product at MWC next month. Also, from what we heard around CES this afternoon, there may be a handful of quad-core devices to drool over come February 27. While CES so far has been sort of uneventful for the most part compared to last year, February should be nutty.

More pics below.  

  • Ribkata

    the quad core is not going to make the battery last especially with that tegra 3 the phone has to be with the thickness of the  nokia 5800  and i doubt that this battery has to be something new but i havent heard about progres in battery making they only care about glass

  • Anonymous

    Why are the words fujitsu and phone in the same sentence?

  • Granted

    “Tato” put his balls all over the screen huh? Oh, no wait, you were talking in retardbonics.

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  • Anonymous

    I will gladly stay with.my GALAXY NEXUS…Nothing beats that quadcore or not..

    • Stating El Obvious

      Actually several phones, including the Rezound already beat it.

    • Dpry3580

      So did the Razr, by far.

  • Peter Kelly

    I wonder if it’s still waterproof and dustproof after you take it out of the glass case.

    • Anonymous

      Was just about to say that.. heh

  • 4 Gb of RAM!?!?!?!?! holy crap i’m ready to throw away my laptop

  • Anonymous

    now that’s gorilla glass

  • Anonymous

    now that’s gorilla glass

  • faber


  • Anonymous

    Is it the case that’s making the phone look so bad?  Looks like it got dropped a few times. 

  • Anonymous

    By the Way….that’s NOT Glass….it NEEDS to be Kept encased in ice AT ALL TIMES!!
    That Quad Core get’s SO DAMN HOT!

    • Anonymous

      Perhaps it’s a new clear version of carbonite

  • Michael Forte

    Looks kind of like the Galaxy Nexus only with physical buttons.

    • Android69

      Hopefully this can make phone calls.

      • Michael Forte

        Is that supposed to be a shot at the Nexus? I’ve had zero issues with making phone calls on mine.

        • Jamaicawind

          id have to second that i have had no problems making calls or even signal issues or anything for that matter

          • Stlwins

            My G-nex has no problems with phone calls either. I live in st.louis, so maybe its in bigger cities like NY or LA

        • Guest

          some people are just jealous. 

        • Android69

          I was actually on the Nexus band wagon just as much as the next guy. But hearing the dropped calls issue that some were having was disappointing.  With everything phones can do these days, holding a strong signal shouldn’t be an issue. I cannot take the risk of losing data for work.  Also I buy on contract so when I get a phone I make sure I’m going to be happy with my purchase for the full 2 years or longer.  Still rockin’ my OG, still happy. 

        • Dpry3580

          Ya right.

  • Anonymous

    Im gonna pass on this one. First of all fujitsu of all manufacterurs? And button? When are we going to see non nexus buttonless ICS based phones?

    • Davidukfl

      It’s a prototype, probably not running ICS.

  • Ahsan


    • Anonymous

      because studies show people don’t use it. Google even removed it in ICS and went with the homescreen bar widget instead. 

      • Ahsan

        I dunno, I use it a lot. And from previous posts I’ve seen I’m sure others do also.

        • Anonymous

          As has been said a million times, DL posters do not equal vast majority. I’m not saying people don”t use it, or that it SHOULD have been removed, just sharing 2 (unpopular) facts. The fact that Google’s reference design dropped it means many OEMs will too, probably not all, but many. Android is about choice. Add it back if you want or buy a phone with it. But in the macro view it is widely not used.

      • Michael Forte

        I use mine all the time. I missed it so much I added it back to my Nexus. Makes it much easier to be able long press to voice search from anywhere without going back home or even searching within apps.

        • Anonymous

          X2 I can’t live without it. I also moved the recent apps to long pressing home (like it used to be). I find I use the recent apps more that way than when I did with a dedicated button

          • Anonymous


        • Lakerzz

          There was an update in Nova Launcher to let you use the home button as “voice search”. I had added the search button as well until I found this feature. *press “home” for default screen then again for “voice search”*

    • Christopher Riner

      yeah, I mean, me personally– out of the 4 android phones I’ve owned, I’ve pushed it maybe twice.  BUT, I have seen a ton of people on here say they can’t live without it.  It does kind of suprise me that they took it off after keeping it for so long, but who knows. 

      On a side note, I wonder why the recent industry firsts haven’t come from the major players.  It’s like with that $100 chinese tablet that came out with ice cream sandwich like, immediately after the nexus–who saw that one coming? And now at CES–  I thought for sure there would have been at least a few rough mock-ups of some quad core phones, even if they were going to pull a bionic on us.  Kellex is probably right, tho, in a month there should be tons of concepts hitting the media.  

      I guess CES just came a wee bit early this year.

    • i hate that stupid thing. everyone does. 

      • Anonymous

        yep. never used it even once.

  • Anonymous

    Yea the MWC buzz is definitely quite high. 

  • Mack

    Does a phone really need a quad-core processor?

    • KevinC

      it allows for more efficient multi tasking and better battery life

      • Anonymous

        Still waiting for the “better battery life” on Dual-Core devices 

        • Get the razr maxx – 3300mAh battery with 21 hours of talk time…compared to 8 hour talk time on iphone 4s.

      • Stating El Obvious

        I love how you sheep just say this stuff verbatim about it improving battery life.  Wasn’t dual core supposed to do that too?  Quad core in a phone is not only ridiculously stupid, it’s also NOT going to improve battery life, especially with 4G and an HD screen.  

        • KingTroll

          Where’s your proof Stan?

          • Stating El Obvious

            Hmm…let’s see.  Common sense?  The fact that the dual cores suffer from horrible battery life?  What’s your proof?  Some sheep-like devotion to android?  Yea…

          • it’s called innovation

            “640K ought to be enough for anybody.” – Bill Gates, 1981

        • Uhhhh…I thought everyone knew.  The Tegra 3 has *5* cores; not 4.  The 5th core is ultra-ultra-ultra low power.  For the 99.99% of the time that you phone is not running an application which demands a lot of power (like a game) the rest of the time it uses just this single super-low power core.  This allows Tegra 3 phones and tablets to go a very long time in ‘idle’ mode’ without needed to be recharged.  When it is running high-power applications, like games, it is still more energy efficient than a dual core; simply because of progress made in the technology.

          So, yeah, a quadcore *can* use a lot less  power..if that Quadcore is a tegra processor from NVIDIA.


          P.S. And, yes, I do work for NVIDIA, but this is just to get the facts straight. Do a little research next time.


    • Android69


    • Anonymous

      One device to rule them all. It’d be awesome to be able to bring everything in your pocket, and be able to hook it up to anything. Until someone calls you in the middle of your project steering meeting.