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DROID 2 Global 4.5.608 Full SBF Released

The 4.5.608 SBF for the DROID 2 Global has been released for those of you that may need a safety blanket of sorts. Should you do something horrible to your phone while tinkering, this file if flashed in RSD Lite can save you. Get it now.

Download:  VRZ_A956_4.5.608_1FF_01.sbf.zip

Via:  Droid Knows

  • Bano

    Does anyone have another link to this? Megaupload was seized by the US government and the link no longer works.

  • Any chance that another link will pop up…  seeing as though MegaUpload has been wiped off the face of the internet and all…?

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  • Here is a much quicker download link. http://bit.ly/AfqlnP.

    • A bunch of us at XDA and droidforums found the R2D2 SBF after it was lost just 2 days after the gingerbread update. It was released WAY before then but everyone thought it was the Droid Pro SBF and it wouldnt work so people deleted it. Luckly someone was selling it (errr) and a guy bought it and it worked (saved me and allowed me to update to 2.3). So technically we didnt get it for almost a year after launch too lol.

  • After flashing, is this rootable?  If so, with what app?

    • Anonymous

      The new Windows tool used for the RAZR and D3 should work. Supposedly works for all Moto devices. Check the RAZR root section, might be easier to find.

      • Thank you,  It has been so long since I’ve messed with the inner workings of my d2g that I had pretty much forgot about the D3 Root tool.  I noticed some overall sluggishness lately, and was thinking about wiping and reflashing after checking out the status on developer roms like CM9.

  • Anonymous

    What the heck?  Isn’t it a bit late?  Does anyone even still own this phone?

    • this phone is only a little over a yr old. most ppl who signed up for contract when it release arent due for an upgrade until the summer of 2012.

      • Anonymous

        This is true…. I guess I have to remember not everyone buys almost every new phone that comes out.

        It’s great that this is leaked for those that have it! Everything that makes things easier helps…

    • Pantherdagger

      I downgraded from a D-Inc because I like the D2G better

    • Raven

      I still own it, love it, and will use it until my NE2 in September.

  • Anonymous

    We have not one but two D2G’s in the family this is doubly welcomed news. In fact I just did a restore yesterday if only I waited lol. 

    • Schodel

      yes it is rootable after flashing 🙂 and yes there are still links for this file 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Yesss – finally! A quick way to recover the phone after mess up (instead going all the way back to 2.4.330 then OTA to 4.5.608. Nice! Thanks!

  • J. Gilbertson

    AHHHHH!!!!! Best News almost ever! Tired of flashing back to froyo/ota up and flashing new roms. this will make things much easier!

  • This is cool. Just when we thought Verizon/Moogle didn’t care about these anymore. It’s nice to see.

    • Anonymous

      They don’t. It was leaked.

  • Coldness

    Wait, what? How old is this damn phone? Is this a joke? I’m so glad I decided to continue to vote with my pocket and help Motorola die. 

    • You aint too bright are ya son?

    • Anonymous

      The fact that there is still support out there for devices like this is a testament to the quality of the products that Motorola has built. How many people around here just picked up a Nexus and finally. just now, retired their original Droids? Try and tell me there is a single device out there, made by anyone else other than Apple, that builds hardware made to last like that? What a dumb statement. Essentially, you are a hater of Motorola because 2 years later, there is still support and a community for their devices. That’s what you are pointing out in your statement. Think, type, re-read, edit, and then post.

      • Yea, my mom just got my OG Droid and is loving it, 3 years after it came out…

    • Raven

      A year and a quarter or so, and I still love it, and I will use it until my NE2 in September.

    • Anonymous

      Its only a year old dude. STFU. 

      Not everyone buys a new phone every 6 weeks like you think. Also Motorola isnt going anywhere. So you “continue to vote with my pocket” doesnt mean jack. For every young(and stupid) American that snubbed their nose at a Motorola product, 300 Chinese bought it. 

      Plus Google bought Motorola…..so you “continue to vote with my pocket” and help Google die?