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Verizon and Motorola Announce the DROID RAZR MAXX and the Purple RAZR


Not to be out done by the impressive lineup that AT&T just got done announcing here at CES, Verizon has popped off with two new DROID phones to add to their collection (well three technically if you count the DROID 4). The new DROID RAZR MAXX which is a slightly thicker RAZR, but with a beefed up battery and then a purple version of the original DROID RAZR are both on their way.

The MAXX can reportedly last up to 21 hours on a single charge with steady use, however, Verizon wasn’t specific as to how big the battery is inside. And other than it now being 8.99mm thick (regular RAZR is 7.1mm), the specs remain the same. Motorola must have heard the cries of those of you who weren’t excited about the original RAZR’s non-removable battery. Well, this one likely won’t be removable either, but it should last you a bit longer.

The other phone is a purple RAZR. Yep, purple. Nothing else has changed.

Both phones will be available in the “coming weeks.” The RAZR MAXX will be priced at $299 on contract with the purple RAZR landing at $199. That must mean that the regular white and black RAZRs will also drop to $199?

Images and press release below.  

Verizon Wireless And Motorola Announce New Additions To DROID Family At CES 2012

New DROIDS and New Colors – Verizon Wireless and Motorola Have Something for Everyone

LAS VEGAS, NV and BASKING RIDGE, NJ — From the 2012 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES), Verizon Wireless and Motorola Mobility, Inc. (NYSE: MMI) today announced an expansion of the DROID RAZR™ family. In coming weeks, customers will see the DROID RAZR™ by Motorola in Purple and the DROID RAZR™ MAXX™ by Motorola. Both new DROIDs are powered by America’s fastest, most reliable 4G network and build upon the successful DROID RAZR by Motorola.

DROID RAZR – Thin, Powerful and now in Purple

DROID RAZR in Purple will debut in the coming weeks with 16 GB on-board memory and gives customers a third stylish option from which to choose. Regardless of color – classic Black, pristine White or Purple, the DROID RAZR is equipped with the same great features that let customers search the Web or download more than 300,000 Android Market™ apps at breakneck speeds on the Verizon Wireless 4G LTE network. The DROID RAZR in Purple will be $199.99 with a new two-year customer agreement.

Taking DROID RAZR to the MAXX

The DROID RAZR MAXX by Motorola will join the DROID family for customers who want all the great features of the DROID RAZR, but need a smartphone that overachieves. DROID RAZR MAXX is designed for customers who spend their days and nights multi-tasking. This smartphone is a marathon runner with enough endurance to let customers talk on the phone for more than 21 hours straight on a single charge. It’s the longest-lasting smartphone on the block, and at just 8.99 mm, the device is still impossibly thin. The DROID RAZR MAXX comes equipped with 32 GB of total memory and will be $299.99 with a new two-year customer agreement.

The DROID Family by Motorola Complete with Tablets

The DROID family also includes the two recently launched DROID XYBOARD tablets by Motorola. Both boast the blazing speeds of Verizon Wireless’ 4G LTE network and the power of dual-core 1.2 GHz processors for lightning-fast Web browsing and multi-tasking. Customers can select what size XYBOARD they want to command by choosing either the 10.1-inch or 8.2-inch DROID.

Ice Cream Sandwich Update

DROID RAZR and DROID RAZR MAXX are powered by the Verizon Wireless 4G LTE network and run on Android™ 2.3.5 Gingerbread, to be upgraded to Android™ 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. The DROID XYBOARD tablets will also be upgraded to Android 4.0. Both DROID smartphones will be available in Verizon Wireless Communications Stores and online at www.verizonwireless.com in the coming weeks.

Additional Features and Smart Accessories

A full suite of accessories that extend the power of DROID RAZR and DROID RAZR MAXX by Motorola are also available from Verizon Wireless. Accessories compatible with both DROIDs include the 10.1-inch Lapdock 100, 14-inch Lapdock 500 Pro with built-in webcam and Ethernet connection, HD Dock, HD Station and vehicle navigation mount. Plus, each device has all the software needed to customize DROID RAZR or DROID RAZR MAXX to the fullest. Stream music, photos and videos from home or work computers straight to the smartphone with MotoCast™, or automate everyday tasks by creating rules using Smart Actions.

Data Plans

Customers that purchase a DROID RAZR or DROID RAZR MAXX will need to subscribe to a Verizon Wireless Nationwide Talk plan beginning at $39.99 monthly access and a smartphone data package starting at $30 monthly access for 2 GB of data. Customers that purchase a DROID XYBOARD tablet will need to subscribe to a Verizon Wireless Mobile Broadband data plan starting at $30 monthly access for 2 GB of data.

For more information on Verizon Wireless products and services, visit a Verizon Wireless Communications Store, call 1-800-2 JOIN IN or go to www.verizonwireless.com.

About Verizon Wireless
Verizon Wireless operates the nation’s largest 4G LTE network and largest, most reliable 3G network. The company serves 107.7 million total wireless connections, including 90.7 million retail customers. Headquartered in Basking Ridge, N.J., with nearly 83,000 employees nationwide, Verizon Wireless is a joint venture of Verizon Communications (NYSE, NASDAQ: VZ) and Vodafone (LSE, NASDAQ: VOD). For more information, visitwww.verizonwireless.com. To preview and request broadcast-quality video footage and high-resolution stills of Verizon Wireless operations, log on to the Verizon Wireless Multimedia Library atwww.verizonwireless.com/multimedia.

About Motorola Mobility
Motorola Mobility, Inc. (NYSE:MMI) fuses innovative technology with human insights to create experiences that simplify, connect and enrich people’s lives. Our portfolio includes converged mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets; wireless accessories; end-to-end video and data delivery; and management solutions, including set-tops and data-access devices. For more information, visit motorola.com/mobility.

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  • Glad I got my Rezound and got rid of my Bionic. It’s gonna take some serious convincing to bring me back to Moto again.

  • what happened to that pic with the 720p screen and 13mp camera on the Maxx?  How come asians get that one and I don’t?  WTF….I guess I’ll wait till the summer when the Droid Razr Maxx HD hits

    • wait, actually by then the HTC Edge will be out making the Razr old and miserable…along with the Sony Xperia S which looks great and has a friggin television engine in it

  • omg these dumbasses are doing the same thing that they did with the original razr. motorola is going to crash again. the days of the og droid are far gone.

  • Sp4rxx

    “Motorola must have heard the cries of those of you who weren’t excited
    about the original RAZR’s non-removable battery. Well, this one likely
    won’t be removable either, but it should last you a bit longer.”

    Those 2 sentences have nothing to do with one another – charge has nothing to do with it being non-removable.

  • Marcus Schoen

    I know what your thinking: Motorola! How could you release an upgraded phone like 3 weeks after the 1st generation?! Its actually smart of Moto, if you look at it. Moto wants to get a RAZR everywhere, lowering the price on the original, and if you want to splurge, making the Maxx 3000000000000$ (JK, 300$ with 2 year contract). Now you only have Verizon to blame for the pricing. The RAZR takes about 600, 650$ to make and Verizon is selling it on a contract. They make more money when you buy a 300$ phone than a 10$ phone becuase they pay off more of the cost faster. So the only downside to the MAXX is that people who bought the original lost a 100$!

  • Mark

    What a bunch of whiny haters! Love my RAZR, even though I was VERY
    tempted by the Nexxus. End the end, the Moto hardware just won out.  After
    playing with both many times in the store. Just couldn’t stand the
    plastic flimsy back on the Nexxus, and no removable sd card. I’d rather
    have a serious water resistant case, but without a removable battery, higher capacity was the
    only thing I really wished for… and now it’s here. I will be swapping
    mine for a RAZR MAXX asap. I can wait a few more months for ICS. 

  • 3,300 mAh battery in the RAZR MAXX.

    • Anonymous

      Any proof?

  • Man get of the Nexus nuts, nothing special about that damn phone. Everyone is returning it.

    • Guest

      Got numbers to back that up?

      GNex is only one of the best phones on the market, but sure – nothing special.

  • RyanJChristian

    I was holding out in buying my next phone to see what the raze max was going to be about, but looks like they dropped the ball! Smh…Am I the only one who wished the galaxy note was coming to Verizon? Hate to switch carriers but the Note looks pretty dope, I might just have to switch over…

    • Tim242

      Gigantic, TouchWiz, locked bootloader, att network…need I say more? Get the Nexus and be happy!

      • RyanJChristian

        Just the thought of the AT&T gives me the chills..lol..yeah looks like I will probably be going with the gnex

        • Tim242

          You won’t regret it. The novelty of turning people’s heads using Google Wallet is priceless haha

          Sent from my Galaxy Nexus

    • RyanJChristian

      Or the gnex…

  • So now the Razr Maxx is THICKER than the Bionic running standard battery. Bionic still may be thicker with the extended than the Razr Maxx. But I’d take a removable battery phone over non any day

  • Guest

    Oh joy! A new color and a bigger battery.

    Next month they will introduce Droid RAZR MAXX Baby Blue.

  • U Mad Bro? No But Your Mom Is

    These are not the droids that you are looking for.

    • Peter Kelly

      You forgot to wave the left hand 🙂

  • Zebra

    …and next month, moto will announce the Droid RAZR Maxx HD and the Droid 5.