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XYBOARD WiFi Models Quietly Go Up for Pre-order at Motorola Store Ahead of CES

Remember earlier when we mentioned that it would make sense for Motorola to announce a XYBOARD WiFi (essentially a XOOM 2) during CES? It now looks like that is exactly what will happen thanks to an early pre-order posting of all 4 models on Motorola’s webstore. Both the 10.1″ and 8.2″ models in 32GB and 16GB sizes can be had at anywhere from $399 up to $599. The specs all match up to the 4G LTE variants that Verizon is selling, aside from the lack of an LTE radio that is. A note on each product page mentions that orders will ship the “week of 1/18.”  

You will probably also notice that the name “DROID” has been removed since they are not tied to Verizon. For whatever reason though, they did keep the name XYBOARD.

Via:  Motorola

Cheers omar!

  • Anonymous

    1. Retarded metrosexual name.
    2. Overpriced.
    3. Will likely never have unlocked bootloader.
    4. Gay name.
    5. Last-gen SoC.
    6. No expandable memory.
    7. Did I mention the douchey name?

    • “metrosexual name”
      ROFLMAO oh god please shut up. You coulda just said “I hate the name” but you had to try to be clever….ugh.

  • Sporttster

    Locked bootloader you say??? No way in hell I’m buying it….tired of their crap. Seriously considering taking the Razr back because of it…got a few more days yet….

  • jbonics

    i got it motorolla is just conducting a test in partner with google to see how idiots buy one of these paper weights when they cant afford to support there kids, or they are about to get forclosed on, or there getting evicted, repo, whatever. 

  • I honestly don’t understand why I’d buy a tablet over a netbook or laptop at these prices. It’s ridiculous. Do companies not realize this?

  • My Xoom Wifi works fine for me. Just waiting on the ICS update!

  • Anonymous

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    • jbonics

      spammers suck d

  • Anonymous

    my buddy’s half-sister makes $73/hr on the laptop. She
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  • I feel like the pricing could be a tad more aggressive.

  • You know whats crazy.. Its cheaper to buy a tablet than a phone off contract.. Its also cheaper to buy laptop than a phone or tablet.. The worlds gone mad!

  • I’m not buying any tablet until google releases its official google tablet and I can get the reviews on that

  • Speedbump1

    Price has to come down. They never learn. Greed. Or maybe a joke.

  • Anonymous

    They blew any chance of getting my money with the Xoom. Failure lasts, and it takes more than a nameplate change to dig into my wallet. If I buy an android tablet, it’ll be the Prime, and that’s even doubtful if they don’t overcome the overall lack of smoothness in the OS. 

  • Anonymous

    I dont know, it seems like since i got my nexus, i dont think i need a tablet anymore. Besids a big screen, i dont see the benefit of one. The screen size on the nexus is perfect for my multimedia needs and yet, its more portable than a tablet. With ice cream snadwich, tablets are not needed, in my opinion. Can someone point out a beneft of having a tablet besides the screen size?

    • Anonymous

      It really is the screen size, for me anyways.  But I use it for business, in meetings and such.  I really like having a larger screen for note taking and documents, or for the few times I need to VNC into my desktop to open desktop apps.  I could just as well bring my laptop at this point, but the tablet is a little lighter.  Even so, had my employer not bought the tablet, I doubt I would have one.  It’s awesome to have in meetings, but not $600 awesome.

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  • Now that the 8.2″ one is WiFi only and $399, it’s a hard choice between this and the Sony S Tablet for me.

  • Anonymous

    Well look at that. Everything is $100 too expensive to even reasonably justify purchase. Progress?

  • raphael gray

    more than a Prime… Motorola please #killyaself for these prices

  • Ruel Smith

    Let’s see… $599 for a Tegra 2 Xyboard 32GB, or $499 for a Tegra 3 Transformer Prime 32GB… Which do you think most people will buy?

    • Anonymous

      It’s not running a Tegra 2.  It’s a TI OMAP4 chip instead.  Other than that, the pricing is pretty crazy on Motorola’s part.

  • Trophynuts

    still over priced….give me the 199$ range Google Tab damnit 

  • Fholtz

    I bought the 32GB Xoom Wi-Fi on date of issue for $599, the same price as the Xyboard 32GB. However, the Xoom has an SD slot so I can add 32GB additional memory and have a handful of little cards loaded with media. The Xboard has no SD slot. The Xyboard has a better screen than the Xoom and and is thinner, but I cannot fathom a reason to upgrade. Oh, other than the Xoom faithful (and there are a couple of us), most people considered the Xoom to be a disappointment. I do not expect to see a Xyboard in the wild.

    • Anonymous

      Considering all of the Tegra-exclusive games stilll out there, the OG Xoom is arguably more appealing to the gaming crowd. Also, I fully expect the Xoom to get ICS before any Xyboards do.

      Yup, a leftover new Xoom for $329 or $349 or whatever they are going for nowadays is a far more compelling deal than a new Xyboard 10.1, and a Xoom Family Edition would be a better deal too.

      • There are like 10 of those tegra exclusive games…big whoop.
        Still I agree on the value front, though I’m interested in the Xyboard 8.2, I wanna know what that subwoofer is like. I’m a sucker for good audio…just can’t afford it most of the time.

        • Anonymous

          Haha–>”big whoop”

  • No one is buying a LTE version not a Wifi version. Were moving into QUAD-PROCESSORS while these have dual-core processors. Just wait till they go on a fire sale or something.

  • Anonymous

    Too many cheaper tablets with comparable or better specs, a little late to the party.

    • Uhh Xoom? You can’t be late to a party you started, though a certain fruit-bearing tablet probably deserves that credit more than the Xoom.
      If I were them I’d have scrapped the idea when Nvidia started sending out word on the Tegra3 like I imagine they did. Maybe they had a contract with Texas Instruments and were obligated to get this out?
      Whatever, I’d take one of these over everything BUT the Prime…I’d just wait for the price to come down a little first.

  • Jose

    All these tablets are lame.

  • Anonymous

    Clearly Motorola still hasn’t learned in regards to price.  I mean $600 for a dual core 16GB 10.1 WiFi tablet… seriously?

  • Anonymous

    Unlockable bootloader?

    • Anonymous

      I also want to know this since the wifi versions aren’t tied to verizon. Who are you going to blame now Moto.

  • Anonymous

    Still $599 for a tablet. Am I missing something? Do these tablets come with a happy ending or what?

  • ShopDroid

    Overpriced and inferior spec.  Then there is that crazy name….  Moto!

  • Anonymous

    i actually think they will sell the wifi versions.
    the build quality should be superb.

  • Anonymous

    the 8.2 is a great size.
    old specs though.

  • No ones going to buy it so it doesnt matter

    • Rfslsf

      I have to disagree. I work at a vzw store, and we sell a lot of XYboards. Many people can’t justify the monthly data on each smartphone, but they will keep their crusty old flip phone and get a tablet instead. Much easier to justify that cost when everyone in the family can use it. Try to remember,the folks on here are enthusiasts and don’t necessarily represent an average cross-section of the genpop 😀

  • Too late. I’m holding a Transformer Prime.

    • Anonymous

      asus is king but it is $100 more.

      • Its actually 100$ less. The 10.1 32gb TF is 499 and the 10.1 32gb XYBoard is 599

    • Haha just saw your unboxing video man! I got mine last week.