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Microsoft To Bring Xbox Live To Android and iOS Devices?

According to a job posting, Microsoft is looking to bring Xbox Live to other mobile platforms besides their own. Along with the posting, a developer who works closely with Microsoft confirmed the info to Business Insider. If this pans out to be true, then we can say, “au revoir” to Microsoft’s marketing scheme of listing Windows phones as being the only ones with Xbox Live built in.  A clip from the job posting reads as:

“As the team inside IEB (Interactive Entertainment Business) dedicated to mobile experiences, we work closely with console software team and Xbox LIVE services team to bring the latest and greatest gaming and entertainment experience to mobile platforms including Windows Phone, iOS and other mobile platforms.

As Android users, we don’t even have an official way of signing into our Xbox Live accounts yet, so an entire app that would include games would be fantastic.  No time frame has been stated, but rest assured we’re looking out for one.

Via: Business Insider

  • Jzwerlz43

    its about time i tried some third party apps but all of them were horrible. cant wait to see if this happens

  • Prime7

    It will be better than the Windows Phone 7 version by virtue of it being optional. The WP7’s permanent Xbox LIVE tile is basically bloatware to me.

    Also, I’d like a PSN app.

  • If your looking for a free app to notify you when one of your xbox live friends goes online I recommend 1337pwn.com XBOX Live Friends: https://market.android.com/details?id=com.pwn1337.android

  • Fred Buecker

    I look forward to this greatly. Currently using Spark360 and they have some weak security.

  • Android already has a couple of XBL apps.
    That you sign in, see friends, messages, games, achievements, etc.
    The only thing you can’t do is play XBL games.

  • Tyler

    I could care less about the games but having the ability to check friends online from an official app would be nice.

  • Granted

    This is awesome news,I can’t wait! The only currently to log into your account was using third party apps, and there was no way in hell I was trusting my login information to some developer I don’t know. Regardless of how honest their intentions would be I’m just not cool with the thought of having my account exploited or hijacked. And even if they were to say that the login happens strictly through Microsoft and not their app, well it’s too much trust to put into an app like that.

  • Job huntin, bro?

    What’s wrong?

  • Anonymous

    Sorta old news…the official Xbox LIVE app is already available on blasted iOS: 

    However, apologies if this isn’t what this post is talking about.

    Also, as a veteran Xbox LIVE subscriber, such an app for Android would be extremely invaluable.

    • Anonymous

      Spark360 is a great replacement also almost has a Xbox live feel to it.

    • Jam120992

      the games would be nice

  • Anonymous

    There is a really nice steam app that just came out. I wuv it.
    Anywho, where is the PSN app? Herp Derp

    Add me on steam?

    • Anonymous

      A Steam app?!?! Where? Market??

      • Anonymous

        It’s not official, but it is really nice.

        • Anonymous

          Sweet, finally!! I’m a huge Steam fan, so this is pretty awesome.

          However, Valve really needs to hurry and develop a dedicated Steam app, where you can actually make game purchases from the app. Going through Steam on your phone’s browser to make purchases is a headache.

          Doing so through an app would be much easier and would definitely save time.

          • Anonymous

            Valve can’t count. How about this: portal 3, half life 3, steam Android app. Mmk?

          • Anonymous

            Honestly, I have so many games under my belt(currently playing) right now that I would seriously rather have a well-developed dedicated Steam app than any more games. lol Also, Portal 3 hasn’t been announced yet, and Half-Life 3…well….that game is hiding under a well hidden rock somewhere in the middle of no one. lol

          • Anonymous

            Just kidding around 😛 but seriously. Portal or die. Space. Space. Do you play portal? I notice you are a gamer on steam…

  • Anonymous

    If they plan to make it as robust as they plan to make it on Windows Phone this will be pretty cool.  XBox was the only reason I contemplated WP7 before moving to Android from my BlackBerry Storm.

  • Anonymous

    There is an Xbox Live i*hone app. :/

  • They finally realized that they should help along the fact that they make more money from Android than WP7 😛

  • if anyone plays call of duty. im usually on during the week. “MEAT JAVELIN I”

    • Anonymous


  • Domikinzu


    • Domikinzu

      yay me!