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Download: LG Spectrum User Guide

What else could you possibly need to know about this phone?  The answers lie within the pages of the LG Spectrum User Guide which we have posted below for everyone’s pleasure.  We have already broke the news about the phone’s release date and a full set of specs.  Have at it.

Download:  VS920_manual.pdf

Cheers ___!

  • Prime7

    Page 1: “Buy a Galaxy Nexus instead.”
    Pages 2-108: (Who cares?)

  • Anonymous

    Why would anybody want to download this USELESS GUIDE???Lg stinks so badly…Plus i am still reading my Galaxy Nexus 108 page guide. That’s a real guide……

  • I wish they would slap android on the enV touch.  My husband is still rockin’ that phone since I went to android. LOL

  • Disappointed

    So this is absolute confirmation this is not GSM-capable, therefore not a world phone. I guess all of the previous speculation was just unfounded rumors. This is sorely disappointing.

  • Guest

    Trying to come up reasons I should give two $h1ts about this phone, and I’m struggling to even justify one.

  • Guest

    Global or not?  Thought it was supposed to be but don’t see it listed here.

  • I’m sure this will become the new “it” phone. 

  • I always like LG’s dumb phones.  But their smartphones are just garbage.  Put stock Android on this and it’d be ok.

    • DanSke

      Even their dumb phones come up short. I had a LG Dare and that device was a POS if I’ve ever seen one. Laggy, random re-boots, no updates/support and even trying to go online was out of the question. Unless you had 20 minutes to waste just trying to load a scrambled, text riddled page that would eventually time out or crash.

  • LGSpectrum4Life

    O.M.G. My phone is almost here!!!!!! Bing and knock-off TouchWiz here I come! saf;dklhjsgfjaehk.jswsjaegbekjf <—-that excited!

  • MFG

    I think a total of 4 people have been waiting for this.

  • Anonymous

    Why does it seem like LG never has the delay issues on Verizon that all of the other phones do?  I mean I don’t remember the Revolution having any major issues and it seems like the Spectrum is on track for an ontime launch as well. 

    • I think I figured it out.  The next phone that we all want needs to be completely un-hypebeasted.  If it seems that no one wants it, then the companies should do just fine at releasing.  Just a thought. 

      • Anonymous

        Hahaha, that could be.  I feel bad for LG.  They always seem to be late to the party and that seems to hurt them.  I mean if it weren’t for the Galaxy Nexus, I would probably pick this up.  I like the looks of it moreso than the Rezound and the Razr personally.

        • Anonymous

          Styling looks god, as does the screen (720p IPS).  However:

          -Adreno 220 is a fail for 720p gaming
          -Launcher looks like a clunky TouchWiz clone (and TW by itself it already pretty lame)
          -I won’t TOUCH anything running anything with 2.x stock  in 2012
          -4GB internal storage + 16GB microSD card?  Those are specs circa early 2010.  Why can’t we just get 16 or 32gb internally + an empty microSD slot for adding more IF WE NEED IT!!??   These new Gameloft games are getting terribly bloated, so I want as much internal storage as possible for apps, with the external card reserved for my media files.   

          • Anonymous

            I already have the Galaxy Nexus so it’s a moot point for me, but you have to expect GB for any phone coming out before March I would think.  I mean look at the phones that came out with Froyo after CES.  So I can’t really fault them for that.  LG was good at updating the Revolution fairly quickly considering they had more powerful phones out as well.

            I’m not a big gamer period, but definitely not on my phone so I really don’t care about the GPU or the space for games.  I’ve not dealt with actual Touchwiz before, but my wife has the Revolution and it’s not too bad.  I don’t think it’s as overbearing as Sense (had a Thunderbolt before the Galaxy Nexus).

    • shdowman

      Because nobody gave 2 $h!t$ about this phone and it completely flew under the radar. Amazing what can happen when people are so singularly focused…

      I’m sure it is a fine phone (maybe), and it’ll likely get more advertising than the Nexus. We just were waiting for something different. 😉

  • Barbacoa

    Yes lets jump on the phone it will be AWESOME…………