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Swype Finally Figures Out How to Support Ice Cream Sandwich, Update Coming “End-of-Month”

Golf clap for the Swype team? By the end of January, they should release their latest beta with “official” support for Ice Cream Sandwich. As you all know though, the developer community had this up and running back on December 22 and has already released a dozen or so themes for it as well. But hey, we all love official stuff. 

Via:  Twitter

  • Any update on this?  Would love to have an ‘official’ version…

  • Anonymous

    Hey, what day is it?

  • Dan

    OK, so one feature I actually like on my iPad keyboard is that when I’m in a e-mail field it puts the @ symbol on the front so I don’t have to switch to it, any Android keyboards that do that?  die hard Swype user btw.

  • Swype is really amazing, but considering how far superior the ICS voice recognition is, they should really give us the option of not installing Dragon voice recognition.

  • Anonymous

    *Golf clap*

  • Tom Burgee

    Nice attitude towards Swype, wasn’t it this blog that gave away several copies of Swype beta back in the day? no doubt bringing in at least a few more loyal readers, like myself. 

  • Tom Burgee

    Nice attitude towards Swype, wasn’t it this blog that gave away several copies of Swype beta back in the day? no doubt bringing in at least a few more loyal readers, like myself. 

  • QtDL

    I think I am one of the few that never got into Swype. I used it a few times and it took me way too long to compose a message that way. I type way faster using the stock keyboard.

    • But do you type using only one finger? With Swype, I only use my right thumb, and it works just amazingly well.

      • QtDL

        Yeah I tried a few diff ways but just didn’t get the hang of it – oh well 🙂 I have a co-worker that swears by it though – he’s got big mitts and can’t stand using the stock keyboard.

  • Prime7

    I don’t think I can go back to using the retarded Swype Installer after simply installing from a .apk file for the hacked version.

  • how did you get those swype themes to work? on m ine it didnt fit to the size of the screen and was really small 🙁

    • you have to scroll all the way down to the last sent of links.  the file names should say ‘color-v5-GNex.apk’  i made the same mistake the first time i tried to use them

  • Anonymous

    hey, hopefully ics will be on tablets by then.

    Swype, y u no let me pay for you in the android market

  • Anonymous

    lol so funny that they r going to release a BETA version by the end of the month. I love rooting

  • Anonymous

    I’ve noticed that the developer version lags a bit on my Gal Nex

    Also is there a way to make it use Google’s built-in voice recognition?  Its far superior to DragonDictsuction – especially in noisy rooms.

    • Anonymous

      I agree. dragon is slow and not as accurate

    • Unexpected62

      I was worried about that…. so dragon totally replaces the stock microphone icon and google voice to text? This is bad especially now with ICS – the real time speech translation is sooooo gooood.

    • Yes it’s easy to use Google’s voice recognition instead of Dragon Dictation (which actually works a little better then Google’s from my testing), anyway when you’re in a message and have swype open just pull down the notification bar and click “Select Input Method”, from there you can pick “Google Voice Typing”. Once you’re done dictating it defaults back to swype. 

      • Anonymous

        Thats really horrible ergonomically.

      • Anonymous

        Also you’re crazy thinking that DD is better than the ICS VR.  ICS actually works in loud rooms.  DD just sits there and keeps listening… and listening… and listening…

        Its borderline unusable.

        • Don’t shoot the messenger here…..I’m merely putting it out there that I’ve had better accuracy when speaking at a normal fluid pace with DD. Granted I only use either option in quiet rooms with little to no background noise, and I’m by no means saying one is better then the other. I do like how GVR transcribes the dictation better then how DD handles it, but for the most part I’ve had to make more corrections using GVR then when using DD.

  • Killimansorrow

    How are you going to link to your own post about themes when the link in that post has been dead since the first day?