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Newest Swype Beta Released in a Variety of Colors, Multiple Phones Supported Including Galaxy Nexus


We here at DL love ourselves some Swype.  But you know what we love even more?  Themed Swype.  So, when we stumbled upon this treasure chest of different themes we just couldn’t resist sharing it.  For those who have troubles choosing which colors they want, don’t fret. There are enough choices to have a new color every day of the week.  But, there are a few different versions available so make sure you install the right ones.  Depending on which phone you have, will determine which version you need.  If you are a G-Nex owner, make sure to download the apk’s from the G-Nex section on the bottom.

Update: Well, the amount of traffic we sent over has crashed their site. Cheers, DL community! You can grab all the themes here for now. Thanks for the mirror!

We can’t host the apk’s ourselves, so head on over to JBThemes for the full list and download links.  No root required.

Via:  JBThemes

Cheers Green Orange!

  • djdarkknight96

    My site is back up with mirrors on there too!!! The new page is here: 

    Also check out the PinkRibbon theme for swype here:


  • djdarkknight96

    Thank you all, especially Droid-Life, for checking out my themed Swypes. My site is back but will take some time making a page that will handle the mass demand of themes for Swype. Use the mirror page: http://androidpassions.com/forum/index.php?/page/index.html/_/app/dark-swype-by-djdarkknight-r15  for now until I can get a dedicated page ready for the demand. These are modded versions so you will have to remove the original beta before you can use them. Thanks again!!


    DJ Darkknight

    • Kaixin

      After I install the RedSwype-v5-Gnex.apk i am able to use it for normal texting, however as soon as i try and swype, there is a lag and the keyboard disappears back into the tray and nothing is inputed.  Have you seen this error before? I’ve reinstalled numerous times and keep experiencing the same problem 🙁  Love the interface though!

      • djdarkknight96

        I have seen that issue with the red swype, try one of the other colors to confirm it’s the red only having the issue and I’ll try and make a fix. Thanks for letting me know!

        • Kaixin

          Used the new version and working perfectly!!!  Thanks for keeping tabs on all the responses form your users, loving it!!!!

  • does anyone know why the swype wouldnt fit to the size of the screen? thats what happened to me.

  • RaptorOO7

    So where do you the themes now that JBThemes account has been suspended, at least that is the message that appears when you click the link above.

  • DriverTiculitis
  • Anonymous

    MultiUpload – http://ln4.me/3dwff
    MegaShares –http://ln4.me/3dwff
    RapidShare – http://ln4.me/3dwff
    FreakShare – http://ln4.me/3dwff
    MediaFire – http://ln4.me/3dwff
    x7..to – http://ln4.me/3dwff

    • Anonymous

      You suck.  DIAF.

  • Anonymous

    : This link says his account is “suspended”. 🙁

  • Chet Stovepiper

    so swype is free and you can get it on their site but not for the gnex but it works on the gnex so they get sites taken down that give their software more functionality

  • Agreed with the others I thought this was offical from swype.

    ********************FOUND ALT LOCATION**********

    took a few google searches but i found the original thread. It states it is only for the gnex so each will have to check. I reccomend subscribing to the thread or just keep checking back.


    • Jordan Kessler

      Link there doesn’t work, says “Account has been suspended” on his upload site =(

  • Anonymous


    I’ve tried Swype a couple of times, but could not get the hang of it.  I looked at the included tutorial, but I would like to know, is there a good way to learn to use swype?

    • You just draw a line through the letters in a word…drag your finger from the f to the i to the n to the g to the e to the r. For double letters, draw a circle over the letter. That’s it, really.

  • Anonymous

    Whoopie do…the title is a little mis-leading. Anything to get the interwebz fired up for the day I guess. Give DL a break…they are usually pretty spot on. 

  • Anonymous

    Im using Swype on my GNex. Was it still not officialy supported? First install said it wasn’t supported. Uninstalled. Got bored and tried installing week later and it worked. Been using it since.

    Also, the link is telling me the account is suspended.

  • someone post a link to an alternate location…

  • It literally just went down in the last 3 min cause i read it here and went to it on my phone and yup, down. Came back here to verify…yup, totally down. sucks ass as i was just about to DL a theme 🙁

  • Mneighbo

    i’ve been using and love SlideIT.

  • It says this account has been suspended!

  • Looks like the site is down.  Way to go DL! HAHA.

  • anyone have the link for the download for GNex ICS outline?

  • yup, me too. wonder why? Too many downloads from?

  • Anonymous

    Account has been suspended, anyone else?

    • Anonymous


    • gilrain

      Yep. I would imagine the publicity of this post alerted Swype to the unofficial version being distributed here, and they notified the themer’s host.

      • According to the themer, it’s just too much traffic.

    • Anonymous

      Yep. I guess someone wasn’t happy about hosting unofficial software. Oh well, it will make the rounds elsewhere.

  • Grahaam

    do you need to be rooted to run this? i downloaded and installed apk but nothing happens

  • Joe99

    folks with the small keyboards need to grab the APKs further down under where it says “these only work on gnex”…

  • ErrolAZ

    I too love swype but was impatient for them to support my GN. So I tried SlideIT and found that it is even a better solution. Give it a try while you wait…you just may like it. BTW, I do not work for Slide or invest in the company. Just happy I found it while waiting

  • Meh, I’ve been over Swype. I much rather use Thumb Keyboard

    • Anonymous

      My thoughts exactly. I used it for a while but now I use SwiftKey X and love it!

  • this isnt working correctly for me. the actual keyboard doesnt fit the whole screen and is very small…. anyone know why?

    • renaissance.man

      Having the same issue

      • renaissance.man

        Site is a little confusing –
        Just figured it out.   The Galaxy Nexus links are labeled with the suffix “Gnex” in the names farther down in the site.

  • Dean2359

    Does swype support voice to text?

    • nwd1911

      Their last update included Dragon Dictation, which is a feature that has been integrated since Swype was acquired by Nuance.  I bailed on voice to text years ago, but use this all the time after trying it with the new technology.

      • Dean2359

        thanks for the reply,i only asked ’cause I didnt see a mic on the keyboard. How is Dragon used then?

        • katie

          its the little flame looking thing between the period and the smiley(or enter)

  • Tom Luley

    I think the best part of this post is the person swyping on the left looks like they are typing “sexy” according to the line…

    • It was “sexy” 😉

      • Christopher Riner

        hah! knew it.

  • Anonymous

    it would be cool if the people at Swype would let users who aren’t in the beta (but have phones with Swype by default like droid x) in on all the fun…  can’t tell you the last time it was updated (oh wait, back when the OS was updated, which I’m not sure added much of anything)

  • Darkideal

    Praise God! I’ve been waiting forever!

  • using stock ice cream swype. looks great!

  • Mike

    does anyone know how to get rid of the keyboard input notification whenever the keyboard pops up? its only started since i started using swype…

    • rcpa

      Why do people get so upset about the keyboard input notification?  It’s only there when the keyboard is up and you have more than one keyboard available and it’s there to allow you to change your keyboard to one of the other available keyboards.  Previous versions of Android used a long press on the text input field, which was a hidden feature that you wouldn’t know about unless you stumbled upon it. The notification provides a visual cue and goes away as soon as you dismiss the keyboard.

      It’s a good thing people.  And again, it goes away as soon as you dismiss the keyboard.

    • Anonymous

      I’m guessing it appears when you have multiple keyboards installed which is the reason why it started after you installed Swype.

    • Navigate to your system folder. Mount file system. Delete openwnn.

  • s2k_848

    Is it just me or is others having issues downloading?  I can’t download any of the ones for GN???  Connection Timed Out on all the links.

    • s2k_848

      Nevermind, links appear to be working now…

  • nemov

    The official word from Swype: “Official support for the Google Nexus and ICS is scheduled for the next
    release if the beta. Personally I expect this sometime around the
    beginning of February but may be earlier or a bit later.”

  • This isn’t official Swype beta though, is it? Swype installer is telling me that my screen size is still unsupported via beta.swype.com.

    • Anything that is NOT from Swype is not official. These are tweaked to fit the G-Nex screen. They work perfectly, Swype just has troubles doing things sometimes.

      • KevinC

        Actually ICS devices were only recently released, the G-Nex has only been out for a few weeks.  It takes time to develop a solid product that can work with the radically different screen size and shape, and not to mention OS.  They obviously want to get it right the first time, this is evident by past beta releases, which are usually fairly significant improvements over previous builds, with very few (if any) bugs.

        Give them a break, your assumption isn’t really fair.

        • Independent (and unpaid!) developers have managed to release a version that works, but the company hasn’t. I’d say his assumption is perfectly fair.

          • KevinC

            According to many comments, they’ve released a half-assed version that is basically just blown up to fit the screen.  these modified apks will ONLY work on the galaxy nexus.

            Swype has to come up with a solution that will work on the Nexus AND every other device they currently support.

            Maybe you and Tim-o-tato should learn a thing or two about software development before you unfairly criticize hard working developers.

          • Thank god for independent developers that take it upon themselves to cater to certain devices so the actual developers don’t have to!  Trust me, this is a good hacked version for Gnex, and is probably keeping more users for Swype than would without.

          • Christopher Riner


    • Yeah, I actually uninstalled that modded Swype version and downloaded another installer directly from Swype before realizing this wasn’t an official beta release.

  • nemov

    This is a very misleading headline. This makes it sound like there’s a new Swype Beta out that supports the GN.

    • RedBMaster

      That is exactly how it reads. I wouldn’t think droid life would post about illegal versions of Swype…

      • Anonymous

        It’s not the first time DL has linked unofficial software. Swype is still a free beta, so DL is not supporting warez.

    • Anonymous

      I agree… I thought there was a new ver. by the title also.

    • Dammit, this is exactly what I read. I removed swype, downloaded the beta installer, ran it, and got the same screen size error and was like “huh?”. And then I saw your comment. This whole post should be deleted so we don’t waste anyone else’s time…


      • P_xxviii

        Well just FYI SWYPE is working on the GNex albeit unofficially, but I have it on mine, the title of this thread made me think they officially updated swype for the Nexus but oh well…so this thread is not a lie you just have to go find where u can get swype on ur phone…

      • raphael gray

        Swype does work on GNEX it has for weeks and i installed this theme on my nexus last night and it works perfectly

        • Anonymous

          Wanna post a link?

  • I love Swype – been using it for quite some time on HTC Desire (original) – Quite some time!
    This looks cool – but last update seemed to make actual keyboard keys smaller (or was that just me?) … Off to Swype beta to see if I can update

  • Sexeh Swype lol

  • tbaybe

    gimme…. first the phone, then the themed swype!!!