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Asus Transformer Prime has been Rooted.

The Transformer Prime has been rooted thanks to @TeamAndIRC with their soon-to-be-released NachoRoot tool. Not much else to say about that other than a release of the tool has not happened at this time. Sir Justin Case may be holding onto it until Ice Cream Sandwich is released next week on January 12, to make sure the exploit is not patched. 


Via:  @_viperboy_

  • Nvious1
  • Lmrojas1990

    Waiting for a worthy reason to root

  • JSIN

    yet another post that belongs on an.droid-life….

    • David Parrella

      Droid Life is more popular. Besides, who cares? Everyone reads both…

  • Anonymous

    Holy crap that bezel is HUUUUUUUGE! Seriously. I kinda wanted one until I realized how big that bezel is. 

    • 8=======D

      Don’t you own a Razr?

      • Lmrojas

        The bezel is fine. People are stupid
        Hold this with one hand, thannnnksssss

      • Anonymous

        Not yet. 

        I own the Cliq, OG, D2G, D3, DX, Bionic, Atrix 1 and Xoom though. Whats ur point? 

    • Jake

      Small bezels make it difficult to handle a tablet without accidentally activating the screen’s touch sensor.

      • Anonymous

        Then why dont people use their hands to support the back of the device instead of holding it entirely by the bezel? I have no problems holding my Xoom or activating the touch screen while holding it….even with one hand. My point is I dont want a tablet with a 1 1/2″ bezel. Its wasted space. 

        • Anonymous

          Yep, because there is air behind those bezels and no components. Asus didn’t have to make any compromises to make the device Razr thin.

  • Gribble

    I pre-ordered mine from Best Buy on 11/25 and received it on 12/22. Just in time for Christmas…

    • Lmrojas

      I cancelled on amazon on the 1st got it on best buy on the 10th got it in the mail the 28th

  • 10yck

    I want to order one as well.  I have been looking since 12-27-11 and cant find any online.  I went into the local Best Buy and the two sales guys I talked to did not even know that it is out yet.  They kept telling me that it wont be out until March.  I had to show them, on their website, that it is out of stock but that it was out.  Idiots.  I also love all the talk about rooting it, upgrade to ICS etc…  I can’t even find one to purchase yet so I can enjoy all the goodness that is the Prime.

    • Lmrojas

      Haha i went in looking for the dock, they told me asus held back ALL orders on the prime and acessories til July. Yes JULY. THEN i pulled out our prime out of her purse. Idiots were speachless

  • Brent Balzer

    Thanks… I’ll keep checking.  

  • JPC776

    I ordered mine from this link:


    I ordered on Dec. 29th and got it today.
    It currently says, “Sold Out Online” but every couple of days if you keep checking it will say, “Add To Cart”.

  • Anonymous


  • Brent Balzer

    Where can I find this at?  Checked all over and nothing in stock! GRRR!

  • Anonymous

    jcase is a god

  • guest

    Any chance this tablet is available anywhere?  Checking local stores and lots of websites and everyone says that it’s just out of stock. 

    Anyone know where it IS available?  Or is this going to be similar to the first release where it took a month + to find it available in a store near you?

  • bbalz

    Is this going to be on back order for a while?  Was trying to check a few websites and all say they are either out of stock or coming soon…