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Want to Upgrade to 50GB of Box Storage for Free and Without Rooting? Try This Sneaky App

Box and it’s cloud storage service is apparently running some sort of free 50GB upgrade for owners of the Sony Xperia Play and various LG phones through the end of the year (yep, just 3 days left). Why we aren’t see it for every Android phone is beyond me, but Sony and LG likely struck some sort of deal to make their devices look more appealing. If you don’t own either though, you can get the 50GB thanks to a handy little app created by developer redphx. Previous attempts to get devices the free space were limited to rooted phones and forced you to edit your build.prop, but this new app allows you to get it by simply signing into your Box account.

*Note – One of the permissions does include Internet Access which may scare some of you since you are using your account login to get the deal. The developer assures us that “no email or password is stored,” but how can you really tell? Proceed with caution. I can say that my account does indeed have 50GB of storage now after using this app though.

*Note 2 – As reader ksat has mentioned, a simple password change in your Box.net account should ease your concerns after using this app.

Market Link

Cheers Adam!

  • Rich

    link broken

  • hal

    I can upload multiple files and folder using Bulk Upload function, but must upgrade to be able to download multiple files or folder. Anyway to work around that?

  • Asmack101

    Nice just what the Dr ordered

  • DroidDrool

    Thanks redphx!

  • DroidDrool

    My Sony Ericcson tahnks you, too!

  • arw01

    A sony tablet s gets 50gb instantly. Sweet.

  • Hi there, I’m redphx, the developer of this app. Thanks Kellex for posting this 🙂 
    no email or password is stored
    It is pulled out of Market but you can download the APK right here: http://www.mediafire.com/?6uzjl6hjtxtindl
    I’m working on Dropbox 3GB ( or 48GB ) promotion for HTC users. It worked on my account. Hopefully it’ll be released this weekends ( but not on Android Market 😀 )
    About your account information, as I said, “no email or password is stored”. But if you want to be sure, change your password first, use this app, and change back 😉

    • Support Topic: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1413382

    • Anonymous

      Thank you Redphx, you have mad coding skills. 🙂  I would really like the Dropbox app as well, please post when ready.

    • I would also love to have the dropbox app…. Please let us know when you have it posted.
      Thank you

      • send your Dropbox account ( email + password ) to redphoenix89 [at] yahoo [dot] com and you’ll have 3GB extra

    • Anonymous

      Hi Redphx, have you made any progress on the Dropbox app?  Just checking in…

      • send your Dropbox account ( email + password ) to redphoenix89 [at] yahoo [dot] com and you’ll have 3GB extra

  • Jordan Kessler
    • Anonymous

      DUDE, I just set up a Box.com account, and right when I was about to head to the market to download the 50gb box app, it was gone. Thanks for the new link!

      • Jordan Kessler

        You’re welcome! Like this so others can see it too

        • Anonymous

          Well do!

  • ed

    Market say not found, can anyone upload in other olace? Ty! 🙂

  • Link’s down 🙁

  • Tacosmell82

    could someone upload it since its been removed from the market

    • Jordan Kessler

      ^please and thanks someone

  • IceBergLettuce

    You unethical bro?

  • Dshel61

    Not available for Droid Bionic…

  • haywood

    It’s been removed from the market

  • Anonymous

    “The download of “Free 5-GB Box.com was declined because it was removed from Android Market.” Error message I get when attempting to download this.  BOO!!!

  • Granted

    Thank you for this tip Droid-Life, these are the kind of things that used to always be posted to the site. I changed my password and got rid of the app, but I don’t know, it still makes me somewhat nervous. But I also want to the thank the developer who put up the app for us, you are very kind indeed, so you have my thanks and praise.

    • you’re welcome 🙂 I’m happy that you like it

  • I’m getting a “upgrade error. Please try again.” message.

    • Brandon Beckerman

      me too..

    • You should try it again tomorrow

  • Sweet!

  • Topsitee

    Does box have a windows application like dropbox or is everything done online?

  • Justinlightner

    You guys are genius! I love this site and it is my first stop everyday and every time I browse the internet! Kudos!!!

  • Lataviadaddy

    Thanks but I’m going to start my new years resolution early stop STEALING ISH

  • Teng247

    why not just sign up for Dropbox?  I believe they give you 50GB free right off the bat

    • Lane

      Dropbox Rocks! You get 2GB for free once you “join” and this link gives you & I both 250MB more FREE. Go to Referral Status
      once you join & you can get 250 MB per person that you invite to Dropbox (up to 8GB FREE) db.tt/jBbIKrs

      Dropbox is Awesome!
      You’ll appreciate the additional FREE GB’s once you see that you can transfer Pics, iTunes,
      Mp3’s, data and video amongst your various devices (I haven’t really looked into video saving so you’ll have to experience that for yourself). Everything you “drop” into your Dropbox folder syncs in a matter of seconds with the devices linked to your account. Save to phone – it’s now on your computer, computer to computer, computer to phone (the easiest way to transfer songs). I have my Desktop, Laptop and my Droid X linked and it makes transferring things so easy. Especially since you cannot connect a USB to most smartphones. Take a moment to look into this link db.tt/jBbIKrs  I sure appreciated getting the referral I got. a few months ago (I now have over 8GB of space for storage and it didn’t cost me a penny)

    • you only get 2gb and have to do a referral pyramid scheme to get 8 more

  • Anonymous

    Happy New Year to RedPhx! Thnx Kellex and Adam for letting us know.

  • thanks worked for my personal gmail and theming email hello 100GB cloud storage

    • Nerdy Desi

      How did you get 100gb of storage again?

      • Anonymous

        Two separate emails, 50GB each..

  • John

    aw no “cheers Adam” 🙁

    • It’s there now. Spaced it initially. 🙁

  • Anonymous

    Got it.  Awesome.  Thanks!

  • Beth in Chicago

    Very cool! Thank you!!!! 🙂 

  • Tony Cooper

    Installed and worked flawlessly on my “Sony” GNex.  Uninstalled and changed pw after use.  Thanks Kellex for the tip.

  • good thing I already have a free 50GB from Box because of my Touchpad 😀

  • Drootz

    Why does the app say box.com and this says for Box.net……same thing?

    • Iamkeeler

      It was box.net and they just switched over to box.com. So they are the same thing.

      • Yeah they were Box.net forever, but it does look like they have changed. Updated the post. 🙂

  • Anonymous

    My “Sony” Droid Bionic thanks you! 😉

    It’s been a while since I have said this… I LOVE DROID LIFE!!! 🙂

  • Anonymous

    wow that was easy.

  • Works great, Thanks! *GNex*

    • Roshan John

      ditto. can’t believe i have 50gb of cloud space! wtf am i gonna do with all this. 

      … can i put movies in here? 

      • without paying to upgrade, you are limited to uploading 100 mb files, so you probably won’t be able to upload movies unless you break them up into .zip or .rar files

        • ah WTF that’s lame, it defeats the purpose of free 50gb altogether.

  • Good deal.  Already had this though with my HP Touchpad.  Too bad it won’t up me to 100 GB.

  • Core

    sweet. thanks kellex

  • This is basically theft.  The promotion is only for people who purchased specific devices.  Flagged as inappropriate on the market.

  • Does the file size limit increase to 1gb also?

    • Found the answer. The file size limit is increased from 25MB to 100MB

    • Hep

      Looks like it ups it to 100MB.  You can check under your account settings below where you change your password.  Mine says:

      Max file size: 100 MB — Upload files up to 2GB 

  • Anonymous

    I can’t seem to find where to change the password, can anyone tell me where to do it?

    • QtDL

      My Account>Account settings>Account tab. You should see password info towards the bottom of the page.

      • Anonymous

        Thanks for the quick response!!

    • Mike C

       Have to do it on their website, not the app

  • QtDL

    Worked perfect on GNex. Uninstalled app after use – still have 50 Gb. Changed my password for good measure too. 🙂

  • Crstamps2

    Does it work on G Nexus ICS? I have tried and tried and I only get an error.

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    • John

      yes, works fine.

    • Anonymous

      do you already have a box.com account? if not, need to do that first.

    • Anonymous

      i had the same problem… been using dropbox for a while now.

    • Worked fine on my Nexus Prime.

  • Signed up for basic 5Gb  then downloaded the app. Worked perfect. 50GB storage now shows on my  account . Sweet deal. 
    Thanks for the link 🙂

  • Mike C

    It does work, and you’ll also get an email from Box with referral link that allows you to invite friends who will also get 50gb

  • Anonymous

    OMG. it worked.

  • ksat

    Do we know if this app needs to run persistently or just a one-off use?  If just a one-off, then do it, and change your password!  

    • I uninstalled right after using it. Still have 50GB. It must apply some sort of coupon or code to Box.net to get you the 50GB.

      Changing password after is a great idea.

      • WootyWoo

        This says the offer expires next december, this may be a dumb question, but does the 50gb stay after that time, or once i sign up i keep it “forever” ? Thanks!

      • Anonymous

        Effing sweet find! Worked like a charm and I think they are looking at what the phone identifies itself as when it checks into the app. I don’t think its a coupon code, but I have been wrong before. Anyways, 50G free is SAWEET!