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DROID RAZR Fastboot 6.11.744 Files Released

DROID RAZR developers have been in need of a break to really get their ROM and development community kicked off. That time may be here thanks to infamous Moto file leaker daywalker04 over at XDA who just released the 6.11.744 fastboot files.

To my knowledge, these files are similar to what we had in the SBF days of old and should act as a safety blanket of sorts in case you soft brick your RAZR. By flashing these in RSD Lite, you should be able to recover your phone for the time being.

Jump on these now before they disappear into the abyss.

Via:  XDA, DroidRzr

Cheers MistaWolfe!

  • lilschil

    Simplified method: http://tinyurl.com/c3fz3jz

    RAZR = Phone of the year! ( http://tinyurl.com/cz2m9qf )

  • Markopolo1022

    Has anyone try this. Please. Let me know. I rooted my razr. N i want to go back to stock. .. update n than reboot… thanks anyone.

  • Anonymous

    Only a matter of time and Razr owners will taste some ice cream sandwiches

  • Anonymous

    I don’t own a droid razr but that seems like a very odd amount of files to release, is it 6 whole files and one broken bitmap?

  • Nkmett15

    I don’t own a DROID Razr, but after using it at my local Verizon store and seeing just how snappy and quick it is stock, I think a good custom ROM would turn this already great dual core phone into a complete beast. With that in mind and the cool design, if I was going to buy a new phone tomorrow, the Razr is what I would choose.

    • Alexander Garcia

      AMEN to that!!!

    • If motorola unlocks the bootloader their phones, Moto is really gonna go up and up, I think beyond all expectations.

      • Anonymous

        if this phone had an unlocked bootloader (or if they ever do) there is no question it would be the phone to have the only reason anyone and everyone jumped on the Nexus wagon was the unlocked bootloader and ics but you can get ics on any decent device heck i have it running on an OG droid and a DINC and with a phone like the RAZR an ICS build will kill the nexus.

        • That is absolutely not the reason I for one chose the nexus over the Razr.  The reasons are far too numerable to go into.

          • Anonymous

            Sounds like you just read nex-life and have not had any real use with the razr. Ics and an unlocked boot loader, which automatically brings the dev community with it, look at the GSM razr it is going crazy with all kinds of roms and support, the phone is lighter and about half as thin as my nexus with extended battery just so I can get kinda close to 10-12 hours out of it. And the whole bezel thing with the razr, the nexus had one too and then they put in the lte radio and good by bezel hello belly. And for the screen its good but I see more pixels on this screen then I did my razr, the whites seem dirty on the nexus while there was a little bit of pixelation on the battery in the notification bar. And for those who can see it hit one of the soft keys and look at the highlight just looks dirty.

  • Anonymous



  • Mrhug3

    Oh happy day!

  • As of now we aren’t sure yet what Motorola has allowed fastboot to access yet, but it could mean we have access to /boot and /recovery which means we could get some custom kernels and recovery.

    • Douche Bag

      Fat chance.

      • Knowing Motorola you’re probably right. Good thing I bought a Galaxy Nexus.

        • Anonymous