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Gameloft Offering All Android Titles For Just $0.99 Starting December 29 Through January 5

Starting this Thursday, Android gaming fanatics will be able to score all of Gameloft’s Android applications for just 99 cents a title.  Woot!  The deal ends next year on the 5th of January, so don’t miss out.  Down below is a short list of a few games that will be available:

If you don’t want to take the chance on missing out on any of the deals, then you can follow Gameloft on Twitter.

  • NoBrainer

    Check out the START date – it says DECEMBER 29th – if you buy now you are paying full price.

  • http://twitter.com/ChristianLeeLiv Christian Lee

    Spent $16 and got over $100(MSRP) of games. I figure even if I play them once it’s worth it…. Oh, did I mention I used a Christmas Gift Amex card? MUHAHAHA FREEE… FREEEE!

    Seriously, if it wasn’t for Droid-Life.com, I’d be in the dark on Android happenings. Thank you, and continued success in 2012 (And please, just merge an.droid-life.com it will bump that community number up considerably – plus I forget to look there)

    • http://twitter.com/ChristianLeeLiv Christian Lee

      FYI for board, 
      Modern Combat 3 does not appear to be included in the deal.

  • Jay96815

    Did they cancel this?  Their website says iOS games are on sale .. the Android page doesn’t mention a sale.  The games are listed in the Market at full/regular rates .. 

  • Vinzky

    I don’t see the 99cents deal in the android market. Can s1 confirm this?

  • Goldy

    Does anyone know when Chess with Friends will be coming to Android? Zynga has done such a great job with the other games but it definitely needs to be running this one cross-platform

  • Anonymous


  • Ogy Ego

    Oh how awesome! But all of that games aren’t supported on my brand new Galaxy Note :)

    Way to go Gameloft!

  • Anonymous

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  • Michael Black

    I won’t purchase any of Gameloft’s games until they support the Transformer.

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  • Anonymous

    Am i the only one who buys all these games in the sales, then never plays them?

    • Anonymous

      I’m there with you.  

      All I can think about is my battery draining faster than a pierced basketball when playing….   and then I after a few days I forget the game is on the phone. 

      • Anonymous

        First thing i did when i got my gnex was fill it up with games, the only one i really ever play is gta3!

        • RaptorOO7

          The sale would be great if the apps actually were supported on the Galaxy Nexus, but Gameloft shows only 1 game that is compatible.

          • John


        • Anonymous

          I’m still not able to hear any audio in gta3 on my Gnex so I’m assuming it probably works for you?

          • Anonymous

            Yeah works flawlessly

          • Rsvoboda72

            I had the same problem, do a complete uninstall and a full reinstall. It worked great for me and I dont have any issues now with the sound.

          • Anonymous

            Thanks for the responses ^^
            I did a complete re-install and made sure to leave the screen on with no interference and it works now. 

          • John

            which game?

          • http://twitter.com/darkzero7 Anthony

            To my understanding the update for GNex doesn’t patch correctly. So do as the others say and just to a full uninstall/reinstall. Should work fine after.

        • John

          that game really worth it? i’ve been contemplating getting it

          btw, which phone do you have?

          • Anonymous

            It’s great! well worth the money! I have a GSM Galaxy Nexus

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        I also

  • Gunther

    Modern Combat 3 will go on sale for $0.99 as well, but only for one day!

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  • Anthony Armando

    i want order & chaos, damnit.

  • Anonymous

    Hmm might take them up on this

  • Anonymous

    The only time Gameloft games are worth any money are during the holidays

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_DWZFYHNW3L5OQHTDPX5XFP4FS4 Laurie

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  • Edwin M

    Sweet, more games I will probably play once then abandon like a sick cat!

    • Jrm5021

      sick cats > tebow

    • Anonymous

      Nice and classy, Edwin.  

      • Edwin M