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Early Alpha Build Of Official CM9 Launcher Up For Download, Customization For All 4.0.3 Devices

CyanogenMod 9 is slowly coming together behind closed doors, while we all wait anxiously for it. Every now and then we get a peek behind the curtains of the mad men that bring us CM and today is one of those peeks, and boy is it a good one. We get to see the official Ice Cream Sandwich launcher for CM9 and you can download it and take it for a spin, as long as you realize this is still an alpha build. 

The Trebuchet Launcher is made for 4.0.3 devices only, but other than that only needs root to run. As with most Cyanogen, the focus is on customization. Here is a list of a few of the settings that are already working:

  • Custom number of Homescreens
  • Enable/Disable Persistent Search Bar
  • Separated Apps/Widgets in Drawer
  • Resize Any Widget
  • Show and Fade Scrolling Indicator in Homescreen and Drawer
  • Enable/Disable Auto-Rotate
  • Drawer Apps Sorting (Title, Install Date)

There are more planned features, like infinite scrolling and screen transitions between the app drawer and the home screens. There is flashable .zip and also an .apk that you can replace in your /system apps for however you would like to install it, but be warned; you should make a backup. Head on over to the XDA thread for the instructions.

Via: XDA

  • Jim McClain

    when are they fixing this camera on the gnex?  transferred some of my old pics of my original droid to my Gnex, when I blew them up the looked great,when i blow up pics taken with my gnex they look awful,very distorted and both phones are 5 megipexil

  • Anonymous

    I want this for Gingerbread D: . And I DO NOT want someone to tell me to try TeamSyndicates, I hate that launcher.

  • Anonymous

    Its a similar concept to Nova Launcher. Modified from the stock launcher.

  • Ulnek75

    i have never rooted my phones so i just want to know if i need to be rooted to use this launcher or is it something new with ics that i don’t have to be rooted?  i just know that previous cm stuff you needed to be rooted.  thanks.

    • Anonymous

      Second paragraph, First sentence

  • I cannot wait for CM9 on my GNex. Stock android is nice, but I’ve become to accustomed to CM7 on my OG D1.


    ummm….. CM9 is far from being worked on behind closed dooors…. the alphas and betas of CM9 are all over XDA for various devices as well as the Trebuchet launcher has been available for a while now…..

  • Anonymous

    Does any one know of a way to switch up the soft keys or even apply a background to the soft key area?

  • Pseudoelf

    I want vertical scrolling app drawer. With a side swipe to get to the widget drawer, then vertical scrolling widget drawer.

    • You can find the roadmap for this online. That’s one of the “to do” features.

  • VanillaSuckMyIce

    Android really sux =D lately. If there were any true alternative to Android, what would it be? iOS sux dix harder, anything else? Is Windows starting to look good?

  • Cehrl7

    On a side note..a tip for Galaxy Nexus owners. From the lock screen, you can check out notifications from the pull down. Just in case people didn’t know.

    • Anonymous

      that only works if your nexus does not require a pin # or a pattern to unlock the screen

  • EC8CH

    What happened with CM using ADW launcher?

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  • Or you can just build CM9 right now and flash it. Thats what I am doing. I make my own build and flash it.

  • Michael Forte

    Now just need my Nexus to try this out. Hoping to have it by the end of the week or early next week.

    • EC8CH

      what did you do with your Bionic? Ebay?

      • Michael Forte

        Yeah most likely gonna use EBay or Swappa to sell it.

        • VanillaSuckMyIce

          Good luck with that. There are like 15 Bionics on sale at Swappa. Better post it for like $200 if you want it to sell. It’s sad cuz it is such a great device that the developers have abandoned. No loyalty.

  • I would much more highly recommend Nova Launcher with a combination of switching the DPI to 241. gives MUCH more screen room and usability and with Nova launcher you can switch it to a 7×6 grid with no downsides. Not to mention nova has many more features than trebuchet as it is.
    Nova: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1389071

  • Any idea when the official 4.0.3 ota is coming?

  • Erkleehoo

    Unrelated, starting today no one can hear me on calls unless I turn on speakerphone. Nexus. Anyone else anything similar?

    • Richmelchr

      had that problem on my DX last year, bad microphone. got the phone replaced for free under manufacture defect.

  • Any idea why the Verizon Galaxy Nexus doesn’t have 4.0.3 yet?? Can’t use this unless we are running a custom AOSP ROM. I’m waiting until they are more stable before I flash.

    • Anonymous

      i’ve been flashing for the last couple of days. all the ones posted on rootzwiki are pretty stable. i’m on a 4.0.3 / cm9 hybrid build called trans3k, but also tried at least 5 others.

      • Hmm I’ll give it a try. The ones I’ve been reading about all have at least one broken item. I’m fine with trying new stuff, I would just like full functionality since I sacrificed that so often to keep my D1 running.

        • Keyan X

          GummyNex, RootzBoat, and Zygot3 are all also extremely stable, I’ve used all of them for more than a day.

          • Anonymous

            yea i was on zyg0t3 last night…then i saw that they merged a few and now it’s called axi0m. for some reason, didn’t like it as much…so switched again! 🙂

            can’t wait til more of them get on ROM manager so that flashing is easier.

          • VanillaSuckMyIce

            DT roms are mediocre. There has to be something better on the Galaxy Nexus than that, that you could use.

          • Anonymous

            give me some recommendations please. ICS has plenty of GUI customizations. i need something better under the hood.

          • VanillaSuckMyIce

            Sorry, don’t have a Nex so I can’t really help. I would say GummyNex though, because Kejar is just a better developer. 

          • Anonymous

            I agree I ran his for a few hours and it had some issue with the power button/ lock screen, I would hit the power button and it would either lag so bad the screen never came on or I could get to the unlock screen and it would but then it would turn the screen off.

  • kretz7

    So basically if you don’t have a galaxy nexus you’re screwed. Any chance we could see news for any other device?

    • why would you need a galaxy nexus?

    • Ginosylum

      shut it.  right befor this was a Razr artical.  Dont like it, go away.

      • kretz7

        I meant, will this launcher be available for other devices, but I could see how you could get butt hurt over what I said. 

        • Gino Fratto

          lol.. no, my but is just fine 😉  You have to have at least 4.0.3… if you have a rom for another phone running this, it MAY work, I don’t know.  I just don’t know of another phone running 4.0.3

          • Nexus S

          • Anonymous

            My dinc lol, but it runs much better on my nexus.

          • Anonymous

            hehe u said your dinc

    • When there’s actually something interesting to report about other devices, I’m sure it’ll be here… much like the RAZR post right below this one.

    • Erkleehoo


    • You don’t need a Galaxy Nexus. As the article states, you can use any ROM that is 4.0.3.

  • Jrm5021

    anyone else having problems with the backplate for the gnex? mine doesn’t seem to be fitting snugly on the back… kind of raised up. it’s more of an irritant than a true problem, but it’s driving me crazy!

    • Gino Fratto

      you may have just missed a clip.  Peal it back off and start clipping from the bottom up.  If you start from the top down it does not go on as smoothly.

    • Anonymous

      Did you use the normal plate over the extended battery? If not you probably just didnt snap it all the way in. Remove it to make sure nothing is under it then press it back in using more pressure around the edge.

    • Mine is the same. I have a cover on the phone, so you can’t really tell unless you squeeze the phone a little. I’m using the extended battery with the cover that came with the extended battery. It just looks like the lower right corner isn’t snapping down completely. I get the bottom snapped first, the side doesn’t snap…when I snap the sides, another side pops out. Not a big deal since i have the cover…but it’d be nice to have it go on completely. Again, that lower right corner doesn’t seem quite right…i might just have a piece that wasn’t cut just right?

    • Mkelleygcsi

      Mine has the problem under the camera, it is slightly raised and you can push it down. All the clips are completely pushed in so im sure it is just an issue with the backplate i have. Kind of annoying but a case covers mine all the time.

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  • It needs customizable toggles in the Notification window…similar to MIUI

    • Totally agree.  One that can toggle the GPS, not take me to the menu!

      • Anonymous

        Power widget?

        I just wish my GPS would work like it did on my DINC. Mine takes forever to connect to the signal. Forever to me is like 5-10 minutes sitting in the car waiting.

    • Yes, but that’s part of the OS and not the Launcher. That will be available in CM9.

    • Boblank84

      check out aokp if you are on the gnex.  Really nice rom with toggles in the pull down.  There may be others that offer that, but i have not tried them all.

    • Cyanogen Mod has this. This is just the launcher.

    • niallfitzy1

      in cm9 you install cmsettings and its in there 😉