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MotoACTV Rooted For Those Wanting More From Their Android Fitness Watch


Good ol’ Android. It doesn’t matter what it’s running on, you will almost always find someone out there willing to hack on it, and that’s just what happened with Motorola’s MotoACTV fitness watch. As you can see from the video above, the device is no longer running Moto’s custom fitness software, but is instead cruising along rather smoothly with the Honeycomb launcher, Android Market, Youtube, Google Maps and more. With fairly lower end specs compared to phones just released, I’ve got to admit that I’m surprised to see it running so well. The again, the insides are essentially what gave the OG a solid 2 years of life.

If you are interested in rooting, you can find full instructions at the CMW link below. And by no means does this look to be a difficult process.

Via:  CMW, Engadget

  • Anonymous

    I would like to do this but I worry about when an update comes out for the actv will I be able to update and also can I go back to stock if I would need to.

  • Anonymous

    Wait a second…..it’s a Motorola product…..so where are all the iNexus idiots to troll about it’s bootloader/bezel/poor signal/doesn’t have Nexus in the name?!?!?!

    Thought Droid-Life was only about flaming everything that’s not a Nexus…..

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  • gv321

    Hmmm, so could a sneaky user use this hack to make calls via Google Voice? Is there a microphone on the unit? Just wondering…

  • Todd Dion

    anyone do this yet…. i cant seem to get my cpu t find motoactv when in fastboot mode

  • Havok702

    You should make a video tutorial on how to do this!

  • Sean27030

    A little to James Bond-ish for me…lmao

    • Blood

      It just needs a front facing camera lol

  • Anonymous

    Does it still perform its original functions as a fitness watch?

  • how do u type on these small things 

    • Vanhalen500

      Binary code

  • Kuboo99

    But what version of android is it running? 2.2, 2.3? 1.5?

    • … the UI is Honeycomb, so 3.x.  Pay attention. 😉

      • Lmrojas

        Actually its just the launcher not the actual OS that is still 2.3

  • Anonymous

    I wouldn’t mind owning one of these for my workouts! And I would also love to mess around with it’s software.

    But as others have said their would have to be a big cut in the price for me to even seriously consider it.

    • Yeah today is looking like an outdoor running kind of day. The gym is going to be a disaster for the next month. Post holiday people and then all of the New Years resolution folks.

  • Thelegendodavid

    thats sweet!!! Id buy one if they werent so damn expensive!!! Good price would be 100bucks for one of these bad boys.

    • Thelegendodavid

      And if they improved the battery too….battery life sucks

      • Battery life after the latest update is 10x battery actually. I was getting incredibly frustrated for a while there, but Moto appears to have actually done good work with the latest update.