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Hulu Plus Worked on the Galaxy Nexus Yesterday, No Longer Does Today

Within the last 24 hours, something happened to Hulu Plus. As you can see from the screenshot above, it no longer works on the Galaxy Nexus, yet did yesterday and every day before that since launch. It’s tough to tell what the Hulu team is doing or what their reason is for this sudden change, but we have reached out and will report back if we hear anything.

Cheers Richard and everyone else on Twitter!

  • Works now.

  • Johndrakenumber6

    For what it’s worth…

    I had an interesting conversation with the customer support rep when I called to cancel my service.  According to him, the issue is legal, not technical:  each device allowed to connect to Hulu must first be approved by EVERY Hulu content provider.  There are over 200 providers, most of whom follow the lead of the the major players, ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC, Viacom and the WB.  He said that’s why they announce support for a few new devices in batches, every few months.

    Based on this info it doesn’t sound to me as if Galaxy Nexus access is going to happen any time soon.

    The rep killed my account for me and credited my credit card for the last month’s payment.

    PS: It seems to me that I’ve read before that the NBC and the other providers who actually own Hulu have had second thoughts about the venture.  I’m now wondering if they’re actively trying to kill it.

  • Genius

    I started my free trial 6 days ago and was enjoying it on my GN. Lucky for me this didn’t happen 2 days from now or I might have been stuck with an $8 fee for something I couldn’t use. 

    I don’t get how it can work and then suddenly not be supported but oh well, seems like they’re only costing themselves money.

  • Anonymous


  • Chet Stovepiper

    cancelled my hulu today because of this

  • Dave Estey

    Aww boo. Eargly waiting to get back on this. Was so excited that it worked on my GNex when I found it 2 days ago. Esp since it wasnt supported on my ole DInc. Nice having this and Netflix since we are not paying for cable right now…

  • Alpine2g

    Hulu plus sucks anyways! 

    • The f***? 

    • Anonymous

      Yep, commercials even with fee based hulu plus.  Boo.  Kinda off topic though.  😉

  • Anonymous

    It’s little things like this that drove me to buy the 4S…like it or not iOS has support for everything…I miss everything about android but I love the app store and the amount of accessories available for the iPhone is insane…hopefully someone at XDA finds a work around for Hulu plus

    • Anonymous

      I know what your saying. If I had one thing good to say about ios it’s the app store. Almost always will their be something better in the ios market than in Androids. I wish we had a better market, although it is getting better it just hasn’t caught up to ios. And the accessories thing is simply because their is only one I*hone released per year so of course their will be more accessories. 

    • Tenncasey

      It’s not the fault of Android, it’s Hulu’s fault. They’ve done this crap with tons of devices like the PS3.

    • JennyGerson

      Hey iNfAMOUS, do you and the other soccer moms have weekly meetings to discuss the latest grocery apps?

  • Tkampka

    look, if you want hulu plus, which my wife uses all the time on a droid x (rooted and not supported), an asus transfomer (which isnt supported) then just buy for 99cents the following from the market. Flash Video Browser. Works on anything running 2.3 and above. There you go, any program online to your device, no questions asked! Your welcome.

    • Josh Nichols

      Not compatible with ICS.

      • Tkampka

        have you tried it? The dev said that it should work and that he wanted to know from anyone if it didn’t. don’t tell me, it works on everything that I have that is rooted and not rooted, including honeycomb. He said it should work with ics.

    • Not really helpful for anyone running a device more than a year old.

  • so the ex-communication of android has begun. 

    • Who?


  • Earleepa

    It’s all about the benjamins.

  • Anonymous

    my gnex won’t activate data. any help?

    • Anonymous

      for the first time? If so, did you call Verizon to activate?

      • Anonymous

        It won’t let me. What number?

        • Anonymous

          It’s inside the Verizon red folder that ships with phones. I can’t remember what it is…

  • define “worked” because whn it did run i had issues with it such as the control not working and it not showing the video just audio

  • Gunther

    Just get DroidLu and forget about paying the Hulu Plus fee to watch Hulu on your Android device.

  • Anonymous

    Here’s what I got from hulu regarding my RAZR.

    “Hi Mike,

    Thanks for your email. I’m very sorry that we don’t currently support your Android Razr. Because Android phones and tablets each have a different set of specifications that we need to take into account, we’re only able to support a select number of them at this point in time. While I don’t have a time frame to share right now, we’ll be adding new Android devices regularly.

    Again, I’m sorry for the frustration. We’re working hard to bring Hulu Plus to a wide variety of Android devices as soon as possible. Thanks for being patient with us in the meantime. If there’s anything else I can address for you, please let me know.

    Thanks, Casey C. Hulu Support”

    • Anonymous

      This was sent on the 21st.

    • Thats because with 700000 activations a day they want their money. Dont worry it will come. Just like netflix.

    • yuseflb

      exact word for word message I got from a different person on their “support team”

  • Mcrutchf

    This is what irks me the most about Android.  Even though my device is newer and better,  your older, lamer device can have the best apps

    • Anonymous

      It’s not a problem with Android, it’s a problem with the content providers being control freaks.

  • Patrick Da Silva

    could this have anything to do with root or unlocking the phone?

    • Nick

      Never rooted or unlocked my phone, kept it completely stock and it doesn’t work anymore either. 

      • Anonymous

        Thanks for the confirmation.

        Also, Kellen, they’re not sad… They’re literally blue.

  • Patrick Da Silva

    same way here
    i was able to play hulu yesterday and i tried like 20min ago and got the same message

  • Nerdy Desi

    They also said they would add support for the Droid Charge back in July and still nothing! Sometimes, the Android fragmentation really gets to me and I feel jealous of the iOS users.  : (

    • Anonymous

      its not fragmentation in the senseyoure referring to. ive been watching hulu almost daily on my galaxy nexus. this is intentional.

    • Soriont09

      I always wanted to try an iphone and went to the 4s last month, returned it with in three weeks for a Galaxy Nexus. It has it’s flaws just like everything else. There are no less limitations (many more actually), they’re just deferent types of limitations…3g (going from 4g LTE to 3g will make your brain smash up against your forehead), everything is blue, no text rap (???), your phone’s UI looks just like everyone in your office/school/playground…I’m glad to be back.

      …but yeah, I had Hulu for a couple of days then suddenly it was “not supported”, Rosetta Stone’s Totale did the samething…

  • lol, Money, Honey.

  • Anonymous

    Just in time for my train ride home for the holidays >:(