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Video: Quick Software and Hardware Tour of the Asus Transformer Prime

The Asus Transformer Prime is set to launch some time within the next couple of weeks, although a firm date has continued to avoid us. We have seen some pre-orders get the green light from major retailers like Amazon, while others were left with cancellation notices. We were told from Asus to expect the “week of 12/19 or later” if that makes it any clearer…

But anyways, we got our hands on a Prime early and were able to put it through a quick walk-through video last night. In this clip you will see a tour of the outside, a brief look at the custom software Asus has thrown on it, and finally, a comparison to some of the other tablets and phones in the game. Overall, I’m highly impressed with it so far – now to get to the real testing to see if this puppy is worth the $500-600 price tag that accompanies it. ¬†


  • Anonymous


  • Ryan C

    I just got my Transformer Prime in the mail today and after i played with it for awhile i tried a check software update and there was one..? anyone else know what is was? it was not ICS.

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  • Krollins1

    already have mine ūüôā

  • Anonymous

    do want…

  • Anonymous

    Hey Kellex, a lot of us would like to see how the WIFI signal is…

  • God dang it DL.¬† I was trying to find reasons to not like the tablet so it would make the next few weeks easier for me waiting for its official release, but there you go showing me how awesome it is, and have given me every reason to love and want it again.¬† Every single day my anxiety rises haha



    • Anonymous

      What color?




          Got mine around noon. Charged up and it is def a thing of beauty

      • Ryan C

        Same day i ordered mine (32GB gray). its estimated delivery is Friday the 23rd. Its currently in Oakland California however. 

  • Nice!¬† Isn’t this the tablet that comes with a removable keyboard?

  • Anonymous

    Got mine today.  Been charging and loading apps for the last couple of hours.

  • As much as I would love to have a new Prime..I cant imagine getting rid of my old TF.. I am typing this on my TF running Ubuntu with a Prime Dual boot.. I mean I would love mine so much i couldnt ever get rid of it..

  • mines saposed to be arriving today from best buy!

  • Herpderp

    You’re a blow hard Kel.

  • DroidzFX

    Big Bezel…little bezel….what do you want.

  • Mario Mendez


  • Dear Santa,
    I’ve been good this year. I took out the trashes, clean the dishes, hold your…I mean… my SO bag at the mall…on a Sunday. I will never as you for anything again…until my birthday.

  • amazon finally gave me a ship date….1/25-2/5…

  • gimlet72

    Looks great, wish I had one, my pre-order was back-ordered.

  • Stewie

    “We have seen some pre-orders get the green light from major retailers like Amazon, while others were left with cancellation notices.”

    Well, when they are planning on releasing 100 units to the US for the launch, you¬†can’t give the green light to everyone now, can you?

  • pretty sure the little arrow at the bottom will be for making sure you’ve got it lined up when connecting it to the lapdock

  • Anonymous

    Studdering and jittering on the Xoom? What broken ass Xoom did you get? Mine deffinately doesnt do that. 

    Does anybody else’s Xoom do that? Like I seriously paused the video and homed out just to verify smoothness of changing homescreens and going into the app menu and I cant duplicate what Kellen is talking about.¬†

    Oh and since everyone hates on Motorola bezels, the Transformer Prime’s bezel is huge compared to the Xoom. There thats the only bad thing that can be said about it.¬†

    • Anonymous

      … with 3.2 my xoom is ok. But for the new generation: prime FTW.

      • Anonymous

        I wanna make it clear that the Prime is superior to the Xoom in everyway….im not trying to say otherwise. Well except bezel…..

        I just remembered though that my Xoom is unlocked and Im running Tiamat….so maybe my results are invalid because its not pure stock(which was “pure Google” for those who dont know).¬†

        • Anonymous

          The Xoom can be jittery at times running stock.  It is much better running 3.2  but still kind of there.  Hopefully ICS will run a bit better on it.  As for the bezel, I think that is one thing the Xoom has a problem with, the other is the sub-par display.  The Prime looks to be much easier to hold and keep your fingers off the touch part of the screen.

    • Billy Gardiner

      I don’t know about the Xoom lag at all, but regarding the bezel, he was saying that the bigger size of the bezel was a good thing, not a bad one. ¬†The main complaint, from what I can tell, is that the bezel was too SMALL and people were touching the screen when they were trying to hold the tablet comfortably. ¬†I don’t personally have a tablet but I would imagine that this could be a big problem if you have big hands/fingers. ¬†I think the size of the Transformer Prime’s bezel is the right size for comfortable holding during operation (it’s basically the same size as the iPad’s bezel from how it looks).

      Just my thoughts.

      • Anonymous

        I’m not sayin which is better or worse. It’s a matter of preference. I just had to throw the bezel deal in there cuz everyone hates on Moto’s bezels no matter how big or small they are.

        The Xoom’s bezel is perfect IMO and is comfortable for me to hold like this.

        • Michael Forte

          Sick wallpaper! Mind sharing?

          • Anonymous

            Sure. Btw it was a bitch to get looking right because my Xoom’s display is better than both of my laptops screens. So I couldnt see the light rays coming from the lamp on my laptop but I could on my Xoom.¬†

            I didnt make this but I did darken part of it to make it look better on the Xoom. 

  • Anonymous

    … yes! prime! yes!

  • That one speaker on the back is most likely just bass. Bass is omnidirectional, but does need a significant source (i.e. holes for the speaker). The high frequencies are directional, so you need more than one (i.e. 5.1 surround sound needs 5 high frequency speakers, and one bass). However, they can be placed behind hard objects to use them for amplification (i.e. they are probably attached to the glass, essentially making the entire front panel a speaker). This is the same way string instruments work (yes, the sound hole on a guitar is not as important as you might think).

    • Anonymous

      Great information!!  I was wondering how the acoustics were going to work.  Has anyone torn one of these things apart yet to see if there actually are separate speakers inside?

      • Anonymous

        its not officially released. I’d venture a guess that none of the lucky sobs who got it early are volunteering theirs to be torn down yet.

    • Anonymous

      Apparently you don’t know much about the classical guitar….

      • That was a very simplistic explanation (and as far as the tablet goes, mostly speculation). However, I am sure that you know way more and simply refused to provide any alternative information… because that is how the internet works.

        • Anonymous

          The strings vibrate, go through the bridge into the face of the guitar, causing the entire guitar to vibrate at a certain Hz. The body causes the air inside the guitar to vibrate at the same Hz. Without the hole, the guitar would make almost no sound, like an electric guitar not plugged into an amp. -_-

  • wsnydes

    WHY DO YOU TAUNT ME SO DL?!?!?!?!?!?!

    just like everyone else, i have no idea when i’m getting mine.

    seriously though, it’s good to see what i’m waiting for anyway.

  • Anonymous

    I really think tablet makers need to start putting the more powerful camera on the front.

    • Anonymous

      Agreed, and while they are at it get rid of the camera on the back.  i used the one on my Galaxy Tab about 5 times, mostly just to try it out, but I have never wanted to actually use it as a camera, its just too fricken huge.  The front facing cameras though are another story.

      • I saw Switchfoot in Austin a few monthes back, and there was a dude that held his ipad up filming the ENTIRE time. He must have been jacked. My point is that some people use it, and I have used it (infrequently) on my Transformer

  • Xray49er

    I want one so bad This will be my christmas gift to myself after christmas

  • Keith Sumner

    Do want!

  • Dshudson

    Can’t buy until GoToMyPc is on Android¬†unfortunatly, I send them hate mail once a week!¬†

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, I got one and didn’t realize the Asus My Desktop thing only works on the same wifi connection. It’s not the only reason I want the tab so I can do without for now.

      • Anonymous

        It also works over the internet via Google authentication. ¬†I’ve used Splashtop on my TF in my car, wifi tethered to my Droid, to control my desktop PC at work. ¬†¬†

        • Anonymous

          Splashtop is a separate app from the stock Asus one right? If so, thanks for the alternative. I just wish Asus could have baked this in.

          • Splashtop was added to the TF in an update. ¬†You should have access to it in the ASUS MyCloud application.

          • Anonymous

            Ahh. Sweet! Can’t wait to get mine. Was told by Best Buy that the only way it will be here by the 25th is by the grace of God.

            I can only wish for my Christmas miracle!

          • Mark Conley

            I had per-ordered mine and just got a delivery date at 2am. Jan26-feb9….:(

    • Have you ever tried TeamViewer?

    • Anonymous

      I use TeamViewer It is free and works over all connections. Does awesome

      • Anonymous

        Thanks for the tip…I never heard of this. Just downloaded it. Goodbye logmein!

        • Anonymous

          Awesome product. Works very well. Your welcome

    • As far as I can tell, it already is:¬†

      Anyway, I wouldn’t really know, since I just RDP to all of my computers (but then again, I am a sysadmin for 4 servers, so that’s a norm for me).

    • Anonymous

      Splashtop Streamer is the way to go. 

      Over the same network, you get a perfect version of your desktop, good enough to stream movies and play flash videos. 

      Over the internet, it’s decent, a bit laggy, but works really well.

    • GoToMyPC is on Android for 3.0 and higher.¬† Works on our new Galaxy Nexus phones!!!

  • Anonymous

    The Eee-Soos Transformer Prime?

  • Mine was delivered this morning.

    • Keith Sumner

      Pics with a note that says “Josh Phillips 12-21-2011 u mad bro?” or it didn’t happen.