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DROID 4 Still Set for December 22 Release?

We were told a couple of weeks ago that the first “DROID” 4G LTE slider – aka the DROID 4 – has a better than average chance of hitting store shelves on December 22. According to a document that popped into our inbox today, that still appears to be the case. Now, we probably do not need to remind you that these things change, but again, these things can change. So if you were looking to harness the power of LTE on the 4th edition of the device that started it all, you could be in for a treat this Thursday. We just need Verizon to make it official.

To recap the DROID 4, here are the official specs, how it compares to the RAZR, and a look at the accessory lineup that should be ready for launch.

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  • Anonymous

    So today’s it. Hopefully Verizon will make the official announcement for tomorrow. We’ll get the relief that Gnex buyer’s got last week. I’m wayyyy to ready to upgrade my device to hear about a pushback date.

    • Www Blah

      Amen to that but knowing verizon that is wishful thinking if we havent heard anything yet. 🙁

  • Carlos

    Went to 4 Verizon stores, no one knows what a Droid 4 is.??????????????

    • Www Blah

      I went and they said they know what it is but dont know when it is coming.

    • Whtefur

      Me, too!  The manager at one told me that a Droid 4 has not even started to be designed by motorola yet!  So much for competent management

  • salsa

    Does anyone know if we will I be able to wifi tether with the D4? Will it require root? Really debating…should I cancel my order for the gnex and opt for this? Not sure if I can deal with no physical keyboard. :/

    • Anonymous

      Nothing but the stock features will be available when this phone is released.
      It is almost identical to the Droid Razr and that was rooted like the
      same day it came out. Once rooted then you will able to have Wifi Tether
      apps from devs. Also if you want you can get the Gnex now and then when
      the Droid 4 is released and you find out what you want to know about
      it, you can exchange it. Verizon even extended their return policy for
      the holidays to the 15 of Jan.

      Yes though I do agree, physical keyboards are a must for heavy texters; which is why this must be my next phone

      • salsa

        After I posted and before I read your reply, I had that same thought…this is a Droid razr with a keyboard, so I Google’d “wifi tether Droid razr” and found instructions on how to root and wifi tether. I thought about getting the gnex too and seeing if I like it but don’t like paying the restocking fee if I exchange. I may just wait til this comes out so I can play with both.

        • Sam

          If you buy from Best Buy, there’s no restocking fee.

          • salsa

            I guess I know where I’m going for lunch! Thanks!

          • Anonymous

            Unfortunately I’m not due for an upgrade until Sept. 2012 so I have to pay full price. So I gotta go with Verizon online because its $150 cheaper through them.

          • Best Buy Price matches Verizon

          • Anonymous

            How so online though? Best Buy shows $799 for the Gnex and Razr. Verizon has them for $649. I don’t want to have to drive an hour there then back.

          • Www Blah

            If you go to Best Buy can you still get your $50 upgrade if your upgrading?  Just wondering?

  • Phlux

    I need an opinion. My contract is up January 15th. I’ve been OG Droid for nearly 2 years (and loving it), but I think it’s time for change. I’ve isolated my options to D4 or G-Nex. I’m really itching towards G-Nex but I don’t know yet..

  • I want a chart showing how it compares to the Galaxy Nexus!

    • Raven

                   4G LTE    Physical Keyboard
      Droid 4:    Yes            Yes
      G Nex:     Yes             No

      Droid 4 FTW!

      • Raven

        Well, the board messed up my formatting, but I think you can figure it out.

    • Whtefur

      Biggest difference I have found is that the Nexus does not support Swype, even the beta version.

  • Anonymous

    After spending some hands on time with the Galaxy Nexus, I now think that I will be holding off for something more “durable”. Samsung hardware feels cheap and frail for a $300 phone!

    I may just be retiring my OG DROID for a DROID4, we’ll see…

    • Anonymous

      Might as well wait for the D5 since it is probably headed for a January release. 😀

  • Brandon Sobotta

    I will keep my Droid 3 with ICS, if hash code manages to port it over to the D4, then I may switch.

  • Niklas

    After experiencing Verizon’s LTE speeds with the LTE hotspot I use for work, I just had to have LTE on my phone. However, I require global GSM capabalities and a physical keyboard. I’m glad the Droid 4 is coming out soon.

    • Joseph

      For business users or people who travel often, there aren’t really any other good options besides the global Droid slider series. Too bad lack of choice isn’t a good thing. Anyway, I’ll be getting the D4 when it comes out.

      • Barris

        I’m getting the D4 because I need global GSM and a keyboard. I agree that it’s not a good thing that Motorola is the only company making high end global sliders. If only another company came out with one too. That way, I can tell Motorola how I don’t like non-removable batteries, bloatware and their skin by buying elsewhere. Monopolies are bad.

        • q`Tzal

          I suppose we could all get off our lazy duffs and root our Moto Droids but I just want to whine about it until they start acting like Microsoft.

      • Marc

        I agree, the Droid # series are really the best option for corporate users because of the lack of options in this category.

    • Mark

      This is going to replace my Droid 2 Global.

  • Sam

    Photo of the rear of the Droid 4 with the back cover removed:

    Source: http://www.droidforums.net/forum/droid-4/184408-official-df-droid-4-pre-release-thread-4.html#post1918002

    • Tom

      I saw that at droidforums.net before the D4 tester pulled it.

    •  Well this confirms beyond a shadow of a doubt that the battery is not removable (at least not on the fly).  What was Motorola thinking?  So regarding what another poster wrote, this phone is worthless for those who travel, unless you plan to carry one of those big external battery powered chargers.  No thanks!!!  Looks like I’ll be forfeiting the keyboard and going with the Rezound.  Too bad because I really wanted another Moto.  I love my OG Droid.

      • Anonymous

        I have a small Rayovac Platinum Lithium Ion Power Pack Charger .  not bulky at all.  About half the size of my D1 and a cord attached to it.  No biggy.

  • Anonymous

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  • Anonymous

    Thank You, I saw the headline and was like omg don’t tell me it’s not coming out this week. Can’t wait for something official and to get this HUGE upgrade to my Droid X. (full price unfortunately)

  • Dominick DeVito

    thank god, how often is a document like this wrong?

    • You mean the accessory doc here that puts the release date at Dec 8?

  • meandyou

    Yes, yes and more yes

  • h0LL3r

    this is likely my next phone.. (still got the OG Droid) but will try and check out the verizon store for the nexus tonight. if that thing impresses me enough I may not wait for 12/22 or longer… 

  • Muddy B00ts

    Do you know anything new about the transformer prime release date?

  • Corey Foltman

    on a side note…whats going to replace the Octane? will they switch back to a more box like phone like the EnV line?

  • Anonymous

    As a owner of a GNEX, I can officially say that I am a Motorola fan. Hoping to see what Moto brings to CES. 

  • pheroo

    may be getting it. gotta check it out in stores first.

  • Atabizi


  • Sam

    A mod over at droidforums has a source who is a device tester that thinks 12/22 is unlikely: http://www.droidforums.net/forum/droid-4/184408-official-df-droid-4-pre-release-thread-4.html#post1914025

    Normally I wouldn’t give it much credence over Droid Life but he was spot on about 12/08 not happening, and he posted a few photos of his device (including one with the back cover removed) so he likely has some inside info.

    I guess we’ll find out in a few days…

  • Anonymous