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LED Notification Light App for the Galaxy Nexus is Called Light Flow LED Control

Since the Galaxy Nexus has big and beautiful notification light, we need to make sure you are getting the most out of it. In one of our previous Ice Cream Sandwich videos, we showed you an app called Light Flow that allows you to customize, but have had enough readers ask about it over the last couple of days to give you a quick reminder. This app, is awesome for the G-Nex. If you were looking to utilize the multi-color functionality of your phone, I’m not sure there is a more intense app to do it with. 

There are both paid and free versions of it, with the full giving you the ability to customize a number of additional notifications. So as you can see in the screenshots below, this goes even beyond just giving yourself a custom color. You can set up vibrate patterns, notification tone patterns, have a different color per email address or phone contact, etc. I recommend the paid because it gives you the opportunity to customize so many more notifications, but you may want to test the free version first for a bit.


*Note – In order to use the app, you have to enable Light Flow in accessibility on your phone. You will see a pretty scary warning about how Light Flow can collect every single key stroke or piece of personal info about yourself. The good news is, that this LED Control app does not have internet access, and the developers for it are up front about that. So just know that the app has a warning – proceed at your own risk.

Market Links:  Full ($1.99) | Free

  • SamsungS3NewUser

    Can you use the lite or the paying one to personalise a light/colour for a contact, as opposed to or in addition to, applications? (i.e. if a certain person phones/messages/whatsapps etc then a certain colour comes on?)

  • StevenJ

    What does the standard notification light notify you about? Is it plain notifications like an app installed or a reminder or is it just calls , emails, texts? Ive been using the phone for 3 days now, have the pulse notification light setting checked, and h ave not seen that light go on once

  • This app originally surfaced to control Nexus One trackball lighting after direct access methods changed with GB. I do wonder if the color model is more accurate on the GalNex. Will find out later this evening! 😀

  • Andrew Moore

    Root isn’t needed on the galaxy nexus. Some htc phones require root to change permissions to control the led. You can deny root if you want.

    That led listed at the bottom of general settings is the amoled nacklight led. I’ve remobed the option in later versions of the app.

  • Lmi500

    Can’t seem to get it to work. Can you do a step by step video?

  • xxdesmus

    keeps locking up my phone. After using it the screen won’t turn back on…it’ll flash briefly, and then immediately shut off again. Needed to pull the battery and uninstall the app….what a waste of money.

    • You just have to disable the s6e8aa0 control at the bottom of General Settings, and it will fix this problem. I encourage you to try it again, because I was having the same problems until I found this.

  • Haproot

    When testing notifications I can’t turn the screen back on…..  What a pile. 

    • Haproot

      Finally got it working, but wow this app is wonky.