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Google Wallet For Verizon Galaxy Nexus Now Available For Rooted Users

Been hoping you could have access to Google Wallet on your Verizon Galaxy Nexus?  Well you are all in luck. The hard working folks over at XDA have  released a flashable file for rooted and ClockworkMod running Galaxy Nexus devices. If you still need to get your phone unlocked and rooted, then begin at this post here. Down below we have the basic list of instructions, but we do suggest heading over to the full thread for any support. Good luck and have fun. 

The instructions are not too hard to follow as long as you already have adb set up and working.  Here is the short list of instructions.  To access the files to flash, follow the link to the thread and download them from there.

  1. You should be in ClockworkMod Recovery for the following steps.
  2. Check you have the adb executable in your path.
  3. Run adb shell mount /data
  4. Run adb pull /data/system/packages.xml packages.xml
  5. Open packages.xml (this will be in the directory you just run adb in) in an editor
  6. Copy and paste the entire contents into http://guy.deserves.a.hug.at.lukegb….xml_fixer.html
  7. Click the “Fix it” button
  8. Copy the packages.xml file back to the original path (the one you were running adb in)
  9. Run adb push packages.xml /data/system/packages.xml
  10. Reboot your phone!

There is a ton of useful info at the XDA thread on making this work, so please head on over there and read up before attempting.

Via: XDA

  • Anonymous

    Just used it! All I did was install the .apk file found on the XDA site. No need for adb or different ROMS. My Galaxy Nexus is rooted, but nothing else. I had forgotten to make my Google Prepaid card the default. But after that, it worked!

  • Anonymous


    These boots are flawless for wearing in freezing

  • Anonymous

    no need to root .  just install and launch google shopper . then if you already have google wallet added as My Apps in market place (mine from owning a nexus s 4g) it automatically installs wallet when signing into a galaxy nexus. then launch wallet after launching shopper and it all works.

  • I love that the Google Wallet for 4.0.2 (pulled from Nexus S) installs and “just works” 🙂  

  • TheRealBeesley

    Just wanted to report in this worked great for me.  Used it twice today.  Mind Blown.  Cashier never saw anything like it.  Prob thought I’m a huge dork.   🙂  

  • I don’t have a CITI card and I don’t want to load a Google card.

  • Jafels83

    google wallet is also accepted at pay pass sites……therefore its useable at almost any convenience store, fast food joint, gas station….etc….etc…..and i live in a rural area. I would imagine pay pass is a hell of a lot more prevalent in biv cities. Regardless of isis google wallet and pay pass are already everywhere and useable right now…..thats why people are excited about it.

  • Anonymous

    slow going for me. 
    First ADB wouldn’t download
    Then I couldn’t get into CWM recovery (kept booting to stock recovery with an error message)
    then my usb drivers flaked out
    now, I can connect and get through step 4
    The problem is I can’t find packages.xml on my computer after I pull the file.  It’s simply not anywhere.  Yet when I push it back (just to see if something came over) it seems to work.
    Any ideas?

  • John

    I wish I could figure out why ADB no longer can no longer see my device while in fastboot mode. it did before i unlocked/rooted/installed CWR permanently.

    Strange because while in fastboot mode “fastboot devices” list my device but “adb devices” doesn’t list anything. i can even execute fastboot cmds & works fine. Otherwise, phone is unlocked & rooted. Rooted apps seem to work fine.


    • I’m having the exact same problem.  It’s hard to follow the directions when step one doesn’t work for me.  I think I’m going to go back to the pretty much stock backup I made and try this, even though it isn’t the method in the directions: 

      • John

        Ya. I’ll keep toying with drivers & see if I can figure it out. I’ve
        tried about every one known to man. CM’s modded one…to most of
        Samsung’s drivers.

        All work for the phone…none seem to work for ADB. I’ll update you guys
        if I figure it out. I would like for ADB to still be able to see my

    • Riky

      I’m having the same issue, but I just assumed that since it was running it in fastboot “mode” that I wouldn’t worry about it as long as the shell was working properly

      • John

        Ya. I’ll keep toying with drivers & see if I can figure it out. I’ve tried about every one known to man. CM’s modded one…to most of Samsung’s drivers.
        All work for the phone…none seem to work for ADB. I’ll update you guys if I figure it out. I would like for ADB to still be able to see my device.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Step 3 (adb shell mount /data) doesn’t work for me. It gives me the format for using mount.
    I’m on a Mac.

  • QtDL

    Step 11: Walk into VZW and ask to pay for something w/ Google Wallet.

  • Tomn1ce

    Does anyone know if the cases for the UK G-Nexus fit the VZW G-Nexus…..I know the thickness is not that much but I would like to be sure before I pull the trigger on a case….

    • Yes it does… if you look at certain cases on amazon it says both of the product numbers. I got one that did… fits fine. Very snug. Cruzerlite

  • Actually a friend of mine said his Verizon GNext just made a payment at Macy’s and he hasn’t done anything to it. Could this be partially working? Anyone else care to try at a Starbucks or something?

  • FortitudineVincimus

    Why? When most of the big dogs selected to use the ISIS system and thus a different NFC chip than the Google/Nexus choose, where can you even use this feature or in the future?

  • PSU_DI

    I installed the package on the thread then I did the steps above, it worked fine.

  • Bduncan6

    can someone explain what the big appeal of google wallet is?  serious question.

    • Anonymous

      Link your credit card to your Google account and pay for things with your phone.. Plus you look like a straight bawler when you pay for something with your phone.

      • spelling baller, “bawler” makes you not baller

        • Anonymous

          touche sir, touche

  • Jaime Ramirez


  • No

    cant wait until they bake this into some roms

  • i dont understand what step 2 means? when im in recovery and i check for adb devices it doesnt list any.

    • Robbins876

      You need to add ADB to your environmental variables in your computers system properties.  Also, if you’re getting “awaiting device,” you need to install the samsung drivers and manually add your phone though device manager.

      • no i have adb installed properly. i was able to unlock the bootloader and root thru it. i dont know whats the problem

  • Interstellarmind

    …definitely waiting for a one-click root.

    • Actually the Nexus is simple to root.  It’s about a 4 click root.  Plus if you go through the steps to do it, you learn what that “one click” is actually doing.

      • Actionj15

        I’ve rooted before with one touch roots (HTC Droid Eris) and im happy to go through the process of rooting the Gnex. Its fun to remember all of the things you did and, like you said, know what these one click roots are doing! 🙂

    • Riky

      There is one. Go here: 

  • mchlkrieger

    Next up, DL will show you how to fap with your Nexus.

  • J Dub

    Seems like there are still some kinks to be worked out.

  • Anonymous

    Can anyone tell me where to buy a Nexus dock for the Verizon version. I’m talking about the media dock that was previewed on one of the videos on here a couple of days ago. 


      go to mobilecityonline.com or htcpedia.com. they aren’t available. they are the same as the gsm version… same phone… so same dock, not out till the end of the month, both are 54 bucks. 

  • Anonymous

    i don’t get google wallet… if isis: verizon, at&t and t-mobile, is fighting this to try to create it’s own system its hard to believe that this will take off

  • smokeey

    I cant get ADB to recognize my LTE nex in recovery mode!!

    • can you even use adb in recovery mode? pretty sure that you use fastboot when in recovery mode.

    • exactly thats where im stuck. in step 2

  • Anonymous

    Kellen: Just did this myself last night.  If it force closes every time or doesn’t show up in your app drawer after flashing, you must wipe data and cache on your phone.  The easiest way to install is to put the zip on your internal storage, download rom manager if you dont have it. flash clockwork, then tap install rom from sd card, choose your wallet zip file, then check the 2 boxes to wipe data and dalvik cache (you should probably check backup too, just to be safe). This will work 99% of the time, and fixed the problem for me after many force closes.

    • Anonymous

      That worked perfectly. Thanks

  • bedoya9

     this One explains its way easier for people that are finding this hard.. and it was a Vide..


  • Matthew Arthurs

    Tested at local Cranfords… This works flawlessly on my Gnex cdma

  • Jared

    Honest question: Who the $&@* is using google wallet?

    • Jared Kirk

      No idea.  Apparently everyone that isn’t named Jared 😛

  • Jerry Lange

    holy **** those instructions dont make sense to me. 

    • Stephen

      download the file in the link and install zip from sd when you are in recovery mode.

  • Keyan X

    Tried a flashable zip yesterday, and even though Wallet worked fine, I found that it broke my camera. So waiting on a more polished version

  • Alan Paone

    Isn’t there a flashable clockwork zip somewhere? whenever the instructions involve adb there’s got to be a more user friendly way!

    • David Faber

      I don’t even know what adb is.  The instructions are remarkably unhelpful unless (presumably) you have some significant experience with Android mods.

      • Keith Sumner

        I’m thinking the Nexus wasn’t a very good choice for you guys….

        • Granted

          Aaaaaaahhhhhhhh, way to be helpful and assume some jackass elitist attitude. But I’m sure you have never asked for help. Unless when you asked the hooker “Where do I put my boner ma’am?”.

        • Don’t be like that.  The Nexus is a great phone for any level user.  You just can’t take full advantage of things like this and roms unless you are a “power-user.” 

      • Brian Walls

        its honestly not that difficult. DL and just about any other significant android site have put together some pretty good tutorials on the subject. The ugliest part is installing the Android SDK, which actually is pretty simple if that tells you anything. From there its just executing some command line stuff as shown. Look around for some tutorials and you’ll get there with more ease than you think i bet. Good luck 🙂

        • Granted

          Kudos on a friendly, helpful reply to this query.

  • Jared Kirk

    Yay hopefully everyone will stop complaining about this now 😛

  • KevinC

    hmm, no way i’m typing my credit card info into a version of Google Wallet hacked up by amateur programmers.

    • Anonymous


    • Anonymous

      Agreed, but wouldnt you load up a Google prepaid card with 20 bucks at a time to play around with it? Limited exposure that way…

    • Anonymous

      I agree on inputting my credit card to an unknown source…but “amateur programmers”? In what way are these people “amateurs” for hacking Google Wallet and managing to port it over to the Nexus with Verizon trying desperately to stop them the entire way?

      • KevinC

        i mention that because if google were to steal your information with google wallet, you could get them into trouble.  it’s a lot harder to go after anonymous programmers  coding out of their basement if they steal your financial information

    • Granted

      I don’t even have the Nexus and that exactly my first thought. Even hackers with good intentions can still be lead astray, and there is no way I would trust my credit in their hands. I don’t understand why the Nexus doesn’t have Google Wallet, but I’m also so busy I don’t have time to research the dumb ass reason.

    • Anonymous

      Ignorance is bliss. It must suck being dumb and not understanding how computers work. Look at those instructions… none of those instructions involve pushing code to your device. All it does is enable Google Wallet that is signed from Google in the zip. But okay, be afraid.

      That, and that’s not how Google Wallet works. Fail all around noob.

  • not in a big hurry to use google wallet. good luck though.

  • Does this still let you use Google Movies and Google Music?

    If not then fail.

  • Unfortunately this method is still spotchy. Not 100% working for all users.