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Galaxy Nexus Simulator Spotted on Verizon’s Site, Get Your Device Overview Early

Want to get your virtual hands all over the Galaxy Nexus early? Jump past the break and click the link to Verizon’s simulator page for the device. You’ll find it all…well, except for a release date. It’s almost like using the phone in a cruel chalkboard scratching sort of way.  And is this a sign that the landing page for the device has been built and is about to go live? Maybe.  

Simulator Page

Via:  Android Forums

Cheers Mooem!

  • I went ahead and went through everything in the Home Screen portion of the simulator.  Who ever put it together doesn’t know what a widget is.  🙂

  • VerizonHater

    Contacted 2 local corporate stores on my break at work about 20 min ago…  First one said they couldn’t hold one for me and that they still don’t know a release date.  Second one said they couldn’t hold one for me (apparently it’s first come first serve in Akron, Ohio), but that they open at 9 am and that they just got approval to sell the Gnex TOMORROW!!  15 hours until I’m holding Ice Cream Sandwich goodness!

  • Does anyone know if this phone had native wifi calling enabled? It’s horseshit that VzW doesn’t support GV integration.

  • Samsung Galaxy Nexus was just officially announced by Verizon and will be available tomorrow! Thank goodness for “Tebowing” worked like a charm!

    source: http://www.businessinsider.com/official-galaxy-nexus-launching-december-15-for-300-2011-12