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Download: New Android Market Version 3.4.4


The newest version up the Android Market has popped up thanks to a long time friend of the site, bringing you all up to version 3.4.4. There aren’t a lot of new features from what we can tell, but you will see a new option to “Auto-add widgets.” It’s still unclear exactly what that means though. We downloaded an app that most definitely has widgets included and were not prompted to load them nor did it auto-load them. (Could be just the renamed Auto-add apps box, as has been suggested in the comments) Speed improvements are also supposed to be noticeable.

Download:  Market.apk

Cheers 0mie (2)!

  • oldphart

    I just got a Coby Kyros tablet and it doesn’t have android market on it and I am having a he** of a time trying to get this to work. I have downloaded market but the tablet won’t “establish a reliable connection to the servers”. WTF???

  • jhoñy


  • cris

    I dont know why my driod razr says i need wifi to download. 78 kb

  • chelsea

    Can you get Voxer & Instagram on here ?

  • Joshawks47

    I cant find this update. any tips? HTC evo

  • Alexis Bustos

    every time i try to install it simply states “application not installed” any one have any clue on what i might be doing wrong

  • bj1215

    can you install newest android market on a tablet? My android market is version 1.82.

  • bj1215

    I got an android 2.2 flytouch 2 tablet as an early christmas present a couple weeks ago.  Everything was working fine, I had complete access to the android market and was able to search and download all the apps and games I wanted.  A couple days ago I turned on my tablet and I get a notice that facebook has stopped working unexpectably and gave me the option to foreclose.  I went to my market and noticed that I didn’t have all the apps and games as before. When you open the market instead of seeing all the games, apps,etc, it is blank and says no match. I don’t understand how I can have the market for a couple of weeks and then all of a sudden nothing.  I previously had facebook installed, and when I went to go back and re-install it, it didn’t even come up. WTH? I tried factory resetting,didn’t work.  I tried installing the market.apk and it wouldn’t install.  I don’t even know who to call for technical support. anybody have any ideas?

  • Anonymous


  • Granted

    It sure would nice if they would fix the market for tablets so I don’t have to go to the damn browser market to leave ratings and comments for apps! So damn inconvenient and stupid! Plus they need to fix quite a few other annoying issues like having to press the buy button a the only way to view an apps permissions. I guess they had Corky from “Life Goes On” program the tablet market.

    Welcome to Android may I take your orderrrrrrr!?

  • Ok, I ran this on my Galaxy Tab 8.9, which still had the original honeycomb market on it, and it installled and is running fine.  Strange thing is that I now have 2 market apps in my app drawer.  The old version and the just release version.  There was no update to the original, it installed a brand new market.  Interesting….

    • Granted

      Can you rate and leave comments for apps in the new market on your tablet? If so I might actually install this!

  • Corymcnutt

    Mine still has 3.3.11; is there anyway to force the upgrade?

  • Geoff

    please stop with the GN screenshots!

  • J Dub

    I think it’s a shame Kellex just HAD to take the screen caps from the unlocked Galaxy Nexus. Rub it in much?

  • Anonymous

    OK, so who else has a Bionic and has trouble w/the market (even after this update)?  For weeks now the Market thinks all my apps are supposed to be tied to a different Google Account.  Even though when I’m signed into the correct one and browsing apps, it shows “installed.”  I’m getting very frustrated with this.  I can’t ever figure out what apps to update because the update notification shows the wrong Google Account and no apps show under “my apps.”  I’ve tried Market Doctor w/Titanium, no luck, I’ve tried uninstalling, tried deleting the other Google account, tried clearing data, all to no avail.  This has to be an issue with something in Blur, because I did try Eclipse not long ago and the market worked flawlessly.  Oh, and I’m on .893.

    • Keith Sumner

      I have the latest update and market and I haven’t experienced that on my Bionic, sorry.

    • Michael Forte

      No problems here. I only use one Market account though.

    • Daniel Maginnis

      this is a screen cap from the phone, right? maybe try going in to application settings and clearing the data from the market app. that has helped me in the past when i could not get google music to load my cloud properly.

      • Anonymous

        Tried that, no luck

    • MrToTo83

      Ya have that issue on my Droid3 if I run Stock no roms have given me issues. Called the market team twice, first time no clue about the issue, second time said they were working on the known issue. 

  • Steve Martin

    well since no one has said it yet then let me be the first to say it. GALAXY NEXUS SUCKS!!!!!!

    • guest

      Uhmm, why?


    it came trough on my gnex few days ago

  • Anonymous

    Obligatory “WHY IS G-NEX NOT HERE RAGE!!!!!!” post.. 

    • These have become just as annoying as the real ones.

      • Granted

        Yeah after reading so many little girl bitching about this damn phone, I sincerely hope once people get it and wipe their tampon tears away, that the phone somehow kills everyone who complained about it not being in there instant gratification hands.

  • Am I able to buy a Galaxy Nexus using this version of the market?

    • Magikkat13

      You should be able to. I had an HTC Incredible that automatically had an update one day which gave me this market. I liked it better. Them when I upgraded to my HTC Rhyme, it came with the old market. I was  disappointed so I found it here and downloaded it using the web on my phone. It works just fine. 

  • Im guessing that the app has to be made to auto-add widgets. I downloading an app last week, and noticed that it auto added an icon for the app in the far left window, in the top left spot. I was not too happy about that since it did it without my knowledge.  The App is Any.Do if you’d like to try it out. And its the first time I’ve seen that happen.

  • Tommy Thompson

    From AP.com “I think it’s because in ICS, what used to be known as ‘Shortcuts’ are now simply 1×1 widgets. If you notice ‘old’ shortcuts like Direct dial, etc. now live in the Widget folder. This change is simply for consistency moving forward.”

  • Shannon Vincelette Cormier

    Auto add widgets is the same as auto add app shortcuts, it’s just renamed.

  • PyroHoltz

    Seeing your screen shots from the GN are just saddening.

    • I just say to myself that it’s a hacked version of MIUI 4.0 with a customized theme from….oh who am I kidding. Verizon, release my damn phone!

  • Anonymous

    Weird that last night I got prompted to agree to license/terms for market like it was going to upgrade, but I am still running

    • Me too!

    • eddieonofre

      Me too

    • Pdiddy187

      Same thing here. But not now.

    • Same here. Also got it on my tablet running the outdated honeycomb version of the market.

      P.S. Does anyone know if this market will work on GTab 10.1?

      • Anonymous

        if you have a tablet and have stay with it the new market is distorted and not meant for tablets…as for the RAZR it looks perfect and runs smooth.
        does any one have the .apk for the market?

  • Brian

    Did you try it on ICS?