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Special Toy Soldier Android Mini-collectible Goes on Sale Tomorrow

Android mini-collectibles make great stocking stuffers, in case you were lacking some ideas this year. If you don’t believe me, look no further than this special edition Toy Soldier version that will go on sale tomorrow morning at 11AM EST for the holidays. Cute, isn’t he? The quantities will likely be limited as usual, so jump on into the Dead Zebra shop as soon as you can tomorrow morning to start hammering F5. You are allowed to buy two per address.  

Via:  Dyzplastic

  • StormbladeX69

    Got 2 of these bad boys! F5 FTW!!!


  • Anonymous

    Definitely buying!!

  • Anonymous


  • Ipirate

    I think these are cool but I will probably never buy one.

    They create a low supply to create a large demand and inflate prices to $20. I can’t stand stupid sh+ like that.

    3″ piece of plastic that does nothing but look cool for $20? Google needs to tell these guys to F off and make their own version of these then sell them for $10

    • StormbladeX69

      Actually they are only $10/each…


      if you found out they’ve always sold them for $10 would u still be mad, bro?

  • Treknologist

    Very cool! 

  • Andrew Elliott

    Off topic but just talked to my local vzw rep and he’s telling me Friday but i haven’t heard that anywhere before.  Asked him if that was confirmed and he said yes.

  • Ron Perlman’s Jaw

    Why does it have two faces? Shouldn’t the toy soldier’s head be where the Android’s head is?

  • Wheelhouse

    Really hard to care about any of this…. updates, toys, tablets, etc. when VERIZON and ANDROID have a flagship device, a game changer, an iPhone beater, arguably the best smartphone to date….which not only has been delayed far too long….God knows why, but there isn’t a peep out of Verizon. It’s honestly pathetic, making them look bad, and getting alot of customers pissed. Where is our damn Galaxy Nexus when Christmas is around the corner? 

    VZW has the dumbests Facebook posts on their page, offering deals on Blackberrys…really?!?!?
    Every single comment on there is about the Galaxy Nexus. Nobody cares about another phone, and it’s like they completely out of touch with their audience, while losing money every day on the GNex

    • Keith Sumner

      Shut the f*ck up, there are other things happening in the Android world. Believe it or not, some people couldn’t care any less about the Galaxy Nexus. Regardless, stay on topic or keep it to yourself.

      • Fixer

        you mad bro?

        • TROLOLOL

          he really sounds mad doesn’t he, bro?

          • Fixer

            yes he does bro!

  • Waaant.

  • Pretty awesome that Mr. Bell is bumping up a maximum of 2 per household for each day these are sold.

  • b00sted

    I am selling my customs if anyone is interested…


    also got this lil gem I may part with (I am looking at you Kellex)

    • I love your ICS one – good luck selling those 😉

    • Keith Sumner

      Would you accept trades? I deal in video games old and new…. email me

      keithsmnr @ gmail

    • Calculatorwatch

      Ha! I love the Han Solo one that’s awesome.

  • Ryan Becker

    How much do these guys cost?

    • Anonymous

      Usually $10 plus shipping

  • Oh god..another thing to start collecting ..Cookbooks and now this…

  • I’ll be adding it to the collection

  • Anonymous

    This bad boy needs a set of US Amy DCU’s and a Ranger Tab on that shoulder lol

  • Anonymous

    Android soldiers unite with a Nex….oh wait…

  • Anonymous

    Next time you write “goes on sale tomorrow”, put the term “Verified: Galaxy Nexus” in front of it.


    • Anonymous

      you mad bro?


    wow that looks awesome.. thats a gift for me !!

  • Awesome