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Skype For Android Receives Update – Sharing of Pictures, Files and Videos Added

Skype users, you may want to head on into the Android Market to pick up the latest release of the app that just went live. You will find things like a more polished UI and better video quality while chatting on Tegra devices, but the real show stopper here is the newly added ability to share things. And when we say “things” we mean files, pictures and even videos with your closest friends from across the globe. The sign in and out process has also been simplified, along with improvements to voicemail.

Market Link

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    no need for skype with gtalk..

  • Anonymous

    Can I now has video call in portrait mode?

    • Steve Martin

      thats been available for a long time on android. they even updated it a few times to make portrait video much better

      • Anonymous

        Doesn’t work for me. After seeing a very long list of 1 star reviews I think I’m not alone. Skype for Android is a hit or miss app.

  • Chad


  • Hoguy_e

    Does this mean that Skype works with Galaxy Nexus ????

  • I think “polished” is a fine word to use.  Mr. Cranky Pants.

  • Vaglvr

    another word for polished is refined. use it, don’t abuse it.

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