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Google’s Androidify Update, Bringing The Holiday Cheer To All Fanboys And Girls

Time to update your Android-selves with Google’s newest additions to the Androidify application.  Reindeer antlers, mittens, scarves, and even candy canes can be found for your fashion-savvy Android character.  Looks like there is some New Year’s items to decorate yourself with too.  Fun times!  As an added bonus, did we mention these make great Twitter avatars?

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Via: Google Blog

  • Anonymous


  • Stu Pidassol

    lol, user reviews claim it FC’s on galaxy nexus.

  • dang lol beat me to it . stoooooopid refresh

  • Anonymous

    Fart apps have more usefulness than this. 

  • lame

    I didn’t know people still use this app . I thought it went south like angry birds

    • Angry Birds has sold 350 million copies and Rovio is growing faster than Facebook, Youtube or Google ever did…

      Source: Peter Vesterbacka, Apps World Europe 2011.

  • Anonymous

    How are the canadians from South Park supposed to make me forget Verizon sucks?

  • Is it just me or does the second guy from the right look like a personification of those pegs from the game of Life?