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Galaxy Nexus Prices: Still $299 at Verizon Stores, $289 with Accessory Bundle at Costco

With no release date in sight for the Galaxy Nexus, we at least have a solid idea of what the price will be on contract. Verizon shelf slips are most definitely listing the phone at $299 on new 2-year contract, something we have expected it to be for quite some time. You will have to trust me that full retail is $649, it just couldn’t fit into the picture.

In related pricing news, we have word out of Costco’s camp finally. According to a reader that stopped by his local store, the display model had a price of $289 attached that includes an accessory bundle. What was in the bundle? From what he saw in store, it’s not as eye-popping as some of the previous bundles we have seen and should get you a “leather pouch, car charger, and screen protectors.”

Still no word on a release date. Cross your fingers that Verizon’s 4G LTE network holds up for the next 24 hours or so and you never know what could happen.

Cheers Eugene and Harish!

  • Uskot

    I hate Verizon,to much bull shit.

  • Anonymous


  • Wrench

    Unless there is more than what that picture is displaying, I see 299 + 95 (optional bundle), which seems to be more than 289.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Called Today and they stated release was pushed back with no date in mind… cool. -_-

  • Anonymous

    Y’all are a bunc of babies. It’s a phone. If your life is really revolving around this you need to find a girlfriend.

  • I call B S

    I call BS on 99% of the things posted regarding the galaxy nexus availability. that guy at best buy says they have 10 of them in their cabinet, take a picture of them with a piece of paper next to them and put today’s date on it. Send it to dl then we know it’s the real deal. So many claim to be a rep of some sort and says they have them, if you are then take a picture and send it to D L. Come on people STOP THE LIES ! ….. whew! Where the Tylenol !

  • just called local costco…

    “expecting a delivery of nexuses tomorrow but need to call tomorrow to see if it’s in stock.”

    dgaf if you believe me or not.

  • i0BAY

    we are 100% waiting on verizon. i work at best buy mobile. and we received 10 of them yesterday. now they just sit in our cabinets …. huh. i thought about stealing one. oh and retail is $799 btdub.

  • I just called Costco and the guy said he has it in stock, but is not allowed to sell it until the 9th. (He has paperwork saying that) so I’m 99.5% sure it’s gonna come out tomorrow.

    • Dominick DeVito

      it’s delayed due to software issues. Word on the street is that it’s Google not VZW. yikes.

  • FknTwizted

    Ok guys let me help u out I work as a premium indirect agent which means we get the same time vzw does. We have them in fact I’m typing this from mine. We are waiting for the go ahead.. I can confirm stats

    32gb model
    comes with ear buds
    Data cable
    Charger head
    Info book
    And yes white box.

    Ill tell u this it is light weight and half the thickness of a TB.

    Hope that helps put u guys at ease.

    • OG Droid

      Are you hearing anything about possibly be released next week?

      • FknTwizted

        Haven’t heard a date or a move date but if we have them usually we get them no more than a week prior. But our last update was Dec 9th still but that could change. But our Corp said hold till we get the go from vzw.

  • stupidV

    We just got word from our verizon rep that the new date is the 15th….

    XXX– FYI – looks like the Nexus will be on the 15th. That’s the tentative launch date… Could be pushed back, but looks good so far.

    • Dominick DeVito

      i heard it’s Google delaying this due to “software issues” – whatever that means, and that it’s not Verizon.

  • Jothen2002

    My costco just told me its coming today and she will sell it to me tomorrow..hmmmm??

  • stacey

    Costco doesn’t offer an exteneded battery and a dock for the Nexus upon purschase? That’s kinda suprising since they throw one in (as a mail in rebate) when you buy the phone, or at least they do for the DROID RAZR. I think I’ll be getting the Droid RAZR just becuase of the extra stuff taht Costco offers you for free when you buy the RAZR, and I use USB mass storage and SD cards a lot for my car audio system.

  • Bio Shnev

    That is not a bundle i work at Costco and that is what all phones come with and they still might come with some docks not sure yet

  • E-boogie

    My local best buy has it but won’t let it go until they hear the word, and they don’t know the date yet of course.

  • Dominick DeVito

    I heard the phone is getting cancelled

    • Anonymous

      Please don’t feed the trolls.

      • OG Droid

        Yeah the three moto trolls on this site are waiting and watching.

        • Dominick DeVito

          I hope what I’m hearing is just raised excitement

      • Dominick DeVito

        wish i was wrong

  • Carl Woolsoncroft

    this phone has more delays than the Bionic.

  • bigrob60

    This almost makes me wish I was on a GSM carrier so I could order the unlocked version and have it already.

  • Ninjamaster

    Just called the three closest stores to me here in Charlotte, NC.  Two said that they heard it was “sometime next week” and the other said “Dec. 15th”.  Either way, all three of them confirmed that it was definitely NOT launching tomorrow.  Thanks for yet ANOTHER botched phone release this year, Verizon.  What’s that make the count now? Three, if you count the Thunderbolt, Bionic, and now the Gnex???

  • Earleepa

    I hope I’m around long enough to take a GNex out of the box before they put me in a box.

  • One thing I know is it will be a Thursday or Friday, that is the pattern they seem to follow.

  • Anonymous

    Not sure why my post was removed, but I think some might be interested in knowing that Buy,com has the Glaxay Nexus unlocked for $375, only $75 more than what Verizon is asking, and hundreds less than others are selling it for unlocked.

    • GNEXLover

      That’s because your post was out of context for an old phone, not for the Galaxy Nexus.

      Troooll troll troollll

      • Anonymous

        Excuse the F*** out of me for making that mistake. Not sure you even know what “troll” means, or should I say “Troooll” so you can understand me.

  • bummed

    I just spoke to a salesman at RadioShack in Cypress California he told me the bulletin he has shows the galaxy nexus on 14 December so the 13th date may be legitimate. I called 10 other RadioShack and none of them have them in stock yet they said. also tried five Costco’s in the area and they said they do not have anything yet either

    • CoFoltman84

      but radioshack doesnt always get the phones on release day. also, some radio shack stores get them to sell before other radio shack store…

  • Anonymous

    Buy.com has a pretty awesome deal for an unlocked Nexus, only $375!  That is only $75 more than what Verizon is selling theirs with a 2 year contract.  More info at: http://www.buy.com/prod/samsung-gt-i9020-google-nexus-s-unlocked-phone-us-warranty-black/226205137.html?listingid=177770355

    • GNEXLover

      Check before you post stupid/incorrect links. This is for the original Google Nexus S not for the Galaxy Nexus.


  • Michael Dris

    First time commenting! Figured I’d share the little info I just got from the local Verizon store in CA

    Spoke to Verizon the minute they opened, and was told 12/12 was the date, but that they would know more on Monday. Hope that info helps anyone else struggling to make it to the next ‘release date.’

    But my OG Droid literally died yesterday (2 years to the day from which I
    bought it) so I’m holding out for the GN by bringing my Blackberry
    Curve out of retirement.

  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous

    I’ve uninstalled everything on my phone.  No more room.  Can’t wait any longer.

  • Christopher Heuer

    Crossing my fingers that Costco will have the same bundles they did for the Bionic/Razr and your guy just didn’t see it…

  • Anonymous

    “All we are saying, is give Nexus a chance”

  • Mark Wilk

    I’m honestly confused at this whole Nexus launch. Why haven’t they announced a date? From an outsider’s perspective it looks like this phone is ready to launch yesterday.

    I’m not trying to be facetious or rhetorical, does anyone with insider info know? Does this happen often or am I only noticing it now because I want this phone?

    • This is very weird and uncommon.. so yeah, would be nice just for verizon to say something

  • hmm. i think i’ll wait for Best Buy to sell it on GSM

  • Anonymous

    so starting to look like tbolt all over again. 

  • Anonymous

    Just remember to the eyes of people who don’t read tech blogs there’s been zero mistakes with the launch.  Possibly one if you count the system saying the 9th earlier this week and it winds up coming Mon/Tuesday, but that’s just a couple days.
    It’s not that they don’t care about their customers, they just don’t care about the obsessed tech blog commentators.

    • nice story brah.

      • Anonymous

        I knew the simple minded could appreciate it!

    • tjmonkey15

      I agree.

    • I agree, but this answer isn’t going to play well here….

      The whole “Verizon isn’t pimping this device like they are the RAZR” is good for us.  That means more devices available at launch.  If Verizon doesn’t sell enough of them, then Google might rethink releasing a future Nexus device.

      • Anonymous

        I agree it sucks and is annoying.  It’s just the people threatening to do all kinds of things as if their kid is being held hostage is just getting ridiculous.


      just another rumor.

  • fingers crossed for tomorrow

  • Anonymous

    so whats the deal with the release date? I just called my local verizon store and asked to reserve a gnex for my upgrade later this month, the man said the phone is releasing tomorrow. 

  • Anonymous

    This is one of the worse phone launches ever. Makes me want to cancel my Verizon service. It feels like Verizon could careless about its customers.

    • Anonymous

      I think you meant “couldn’t” care less about their customers. If they could care less, that just means that there is more room to care less for their customers than they do already, which arguably could even mean that they very much care about us, which they don’t.

    • Anonymous

      How do you figure? The only thing Verizon or Sammy announced was the fact that the phone was coming soon. Well, guess what? It is still coming soon. Just because you listened to rumors and now you are upset has nothing to do with anything they have said or done.

  • Anonymous

    My friend who works at Verizon had 10 on Tuesday, and was already secretly holding one for me on Friday. Their weekly all employee meeting got moved up to this morning for the launch tomorrow.  They were told this morning that the release is now TBD.  Man, Verizon has managed to screw up so many launches this year.

  • Zebra

    Just to add fuel to the rumor fire, I called my local verizon store just now and they told me Nexus was definitely not going to be available tomorrow and was pushed back until Monday.

  • ASheepHerder

    continued saga with useless information.  price has been known since the first lte device.  $299 on contract; why would it be any less then the other devices at their first launch.

    pathetic aSheep you are.

    • TheBigMan

      sad but true.  we try not to look into the light.

    • HappyBro

      you mad bro?

    • IDoSheep

      baa baa baaaaaa…

  • The Forbes article is reposting an article here:


    that is from December 7th

  • Anonymous

    The real reason for the delay: Verizon is afraid Apple has a patent on releasing phones.

    • Cleveland

      Lolololol, This is the funniest thing I’ve heard all week! Hilarious 🙂

    • Apple Lawyer

      Wait… I think we might have that one. YES!

  • Anonymous

    They are probably the left over cases from the droid bionic. So don’t be surprised if it fits a little tight.