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Verizon 4G LTE Outage Happening Now? (Updated: Service Restored?)

Last night, we reported that DROID RAZR devices were running into a SIM card issue that was killing their 4G LTE. Original theories suggested that the issue was specific to the micro SIM used in the RAZR, but we are now seeing a variety of devices across the country dropping to 3G or 1X including the Thunderbolt, Rezound and more. My personal RAZR – which was working just fine – has flipped to being stuck on 3G  within the last 30 minutes here in Portland, OR. We could be on the verge of a nationwide 4G LTE outage.

And we should point out that this does not appear to be affecting every single person with a 4G device at this time, but there have been enough reports that we have reached out to Verizon for some help. Once we hear back, we will let you know.

Could be your answer to the Galaxy Nexus delay

Update:  Verizon has responded with this comment regarding the 4G LTE outage:

Verizon Wireless engineers have been working to resolve an issue with 4GLTE service that is affecting some customers’ 4G devices.  3G data and voice devices are unaffected.  All customers’ voice calls and text messages continue to go through. In the past 24 hours, some 4GLTE customers have reported their devices are operating on 3G data service where they would normally get 4G.  Some have reported no issues, others that data access is either intermittent or unavailable.  We are working to resolve the issue as quickly as possible.

Here’s to hoping we see something change for the better very soon. We know that some of our readers have been experiencing an outage since yesterday afternoon.

Update 2:39PM:  After losing all service for 2 hours, I now have 3G back in some capacity. Anyone else?

Update 5:12PM:  Checked my RAZR and 4G LTE service is back up and running. Anyone else?

In the comments, 4G LTE or no 4G LTE?

  • Mark G.

    I just got my Deois Razr and It drops to 3G about 90% of the time and about 5 times now it says “no data connection”…… very disapointed!!!

  • Rcannici

    Razr in Portland Oregon still running 3G only. Sim Card issues still. I didn’t pay top dollar for all of these issues. I really wish 4G LTE would have been perfected before it was launched in the Portland Metro Area. This is a load of crap as far as I am concerned.

  • Awd111980

    I have the Droid Razr and the Droid Charge. My Razr will always drop to 3g while the Charge always has 4g LTE, called Verizon last night & the technical support representative that this is a Motorola issue and Motorola should have an update to correct this issue by the end of this month…should being the operative word… 

  • Dpry3580

    Got my Razr when it came out. I’ve NEVER lost full 4G; outside always 5 bars, 3 inside, just outside ATL. It only drops to 3 when I go to Rome, 1.5 hours from ATL. I wouldn’t consider trading this for anything else available. With ICS coming to it soon, even better.
    Typing this on my Lap-dock 500 by the way. This thing is amazing! Way better than the 100. Much better than any tab I’ve had. One device, 14″ screen, full keyboard, web-cam, full size SD slot, 2 USB ports, VGA out, Ethernet port, etc.
    Finally completely happy with a setup. Full size laptop with no booting! And 4G speed where ever I go (3g were less developed). Even then, can still surf without WiFi. 

  • Want 4G now!

    My HTC Rezound 4G worked last night but today only get 3G service in Seattle.

  • Anonymous

    Back on the saddle again. in Orange county CA. since 6:00. required a reboot. 4G and 3g working great.

  • RKA

    Intermittent problem with Droid Razr since Tuesday. Went to first Verizon store. All Razrs in the store had the same SIM card error. Employees did not bother to check with corporate. They replaced SIM card. Didn’t help. Went to second Verizon store, told they are experiencing network problems on a small number of Droid Razrs.  Today ( Thursday) I am getting No service, 3G service and 4G service occasionally. No variant of Verizon service is staying up.

  • Joey Kangaroo2010

    If you turn off your phone, remove battery, sim card for 30 seconds should fix this issue. Worked on thunderbolt and bionic.

  • Tboltuser

    JEEZ!  Back to 1x here in northern Cincinnati AGAIN TODAY.  Come on Verizon!

  • razr – back up and running as of 6AM in the ft.meade area (central md).  is also working fine in annapolis.  my wife’s bionic was also back up at the same time.

  • Anonymous


  • RLJSlick

    My Zoom still say that there is an error with my Sim card.  So I think the 4G is still down in my area (WI)

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous


  • Happy razr

    Back on in Detroit!!!!

  • Jamarcus White

    I still have no 4G here in Cincinnati and while my Bionic says I’m on 3G I cant access the Market or Browser.

  • Dc3mech

    Still out in Seattle, 7am … Droid Bionic

    • Dc3mech

      Verizon must be watching DL… back up at 7:15.

  • Jerry

    as of 8:45 am on thursday I have no 4G and limited 3G.  the 3G symbol on my status bar is white when it used to be blue.  Data doesn’t seem to be working.. 

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous


  • Jason

    Back up in Minneapolis.

  • Anonymous

    my Bionic doenst have any issue bot my Xoom has the error message

  • I Can C Uranus

    No 4G on my 3G iPhone!!  What gives!!??  Come on Verizon….. One more day!!  Let me feast on some Ice Cream Sandwich!!

  • dreamline

    after reboot, back up and running on 4g in nyc. . . 

  • Anonymous


  • trina5901

    Hampton Roads Virgina.  I’ve been experiencing complete outage for the past couple of days on my Samsung Stratosphere.  I’d be happy with 3G or even 1G as opposed to my 0g :o)

  • Atabizi

    4G Back on in Hartford, CT

  • stephen jester

    Back up in running in Minneapolis!

  • Anonymous

    I am glad that someone’s it back up. I have not had a data connection since somewhere around mid day yesterday. It is rather annoying that I sold my GPS because I had my Android and I have to travel today so it should be fun using a paper map/directions.

    Edit: In North GA by the way.

  • 4G back in northern VA, DC area since this morning (12/8); Droid Bionic!

  • I noticed this Tuesday night called Wednesday morning and they didn’t reveal this at all but they said they would ship me a replacement droid charge because it was the phone.  So i’m getting a new phone ro replace the used one i bought on CL.  Lucky me.

  • 4g on bionic, sometime during the night – kalamazoo, mi

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous


  • Arda Akman

    4G back in Norfolk,VA

  • It’s A Samsung

    4G is back in New York City and New Jersey as well (confirmed on my Bionic, been on intermittent 3G all day).

  • LionStone

    4G back in SFO…I was in 3G all day so I didn’t even know til now.

  • Anonymous

    4g in kc

  • Jnmigr

    115 am est I finally see 4g on my bionic.

  • Jamaicawind

    Ok got 4G on my bionic in the washington DC/ Virginia area…it seems like everyone is getting there service back…if they still dont release this phone Friday i hope they have a damn well good reason for not doing so..

  • I See 4G, Bionic in Bay Area.
    Rebooted and there she was.

  • Thadius Billings

    back up somewhat in ATL. 4g is very sluggish

  • Anonymous

    12:17 am Thursday, 4G back in NYC!

  • Anonymous


  • Edswa96

    My Droid Bionic is back to 4g LTE at around 1800 pst.

  • 4G is back. Just ran a speed test and got my fastest result ever! 32.81Mbps! In Orlando.

  • Anonymous

    Too many questions in the titles of your blogs? 😉

  • Lisaysearcy


  • Hakr81

    i have LTE service back… but i don’t know if it’s trustworthy or not

    • Anonymous

      Where are you?

  • nothing in Michigan yet, atleast in the small kzoo area.

  • Anonymous


  • Guest

    Back up in Chino, ca

    • Anonymous

      Really?  I’m in Anaheim Hills and having no luck activating my brother’s phone 🙁

  • Anonymous



    My service is finally back up. And after reading a post about faster speeds, I check. And yes, right now, my speed is waaay faster. 25 down and 12 up. I hope the down time was a tune up

    • Diablo81588

      It’s faster because most people don’t have access to it lol

  • Pfrie4

    Still no 4g in dallas 🙁

  • Diablo81588

    LTE back up in Houston, TX

  • hmm

    No LTE since 5 pm in Baltimore, Bionic.

  • Radgatt

    4G in Greensboro, NC is back up! Now maybe the next will be out by Friday after all.

  • Anonymous

    Does anyone in Orange County have service?  My brother finally got his Rezound and I’m trying to activate it without any luck.

    • Anonymous

      O.C CA? if so, yes. Tustin/Irvine with a BIONIC with only 2 bars and in a bad area, 8.21 down and 8.84 up. 

  • Debits and Credits

    My coverage is still intermittent… much better than earlier today though 

  • Kbayard

    My Razr has been in and out of 3g and analog since 2pm EST today… 4g is no where to be found. A little more then, Yes, we know its down, would be nice to hear from Verizon. UNACCEPTABLE This just may be my game changer!

    • Jspumphrey

      Lol switch networks and you will have unacceptable network speed all day every day. Who cares, its a fairly new network and kinks need to be worked out as they continue to light up more 4g networks.

      • Kbayard

        right… wife has sprint with no issues. get off the “my network is perfect” idea.

    • Diablo81588

      Analog? Damn you must have an old phone!

      • Kbayard

        extremely… less than 30 days! 1x = ANALOG. Killing my battery in a matter of minutes.

        • Diablo81588

          1x is a digital service. There hasn’t been an analog phone for 10 years at least..

          • Kbayard

            funny, fully charged phone died in minutes, got extremely hot and was confirmed by verizon tech when on the phone “troubleshooting” the issue

          • Joe Fischer

            uhhhhh i dont think that has anything to do with a 4g outage…..

          • Kbayard


  • djembeman

    I have to switch to CDMA only mode to get data, that’s since 2pm MST. I’ve tried going back to CDMA/LTE mode several times since my data went out.

    Still down in Colorado Springs.

  • Jamaicawind

    so if 4g is back do we finally get that freakin nexus now? god damn..

  • B1gt78

    4g back up in el paso tx

  • Zephyrzypher

    After restart I’m still in cdma 1xrtt. Verizon I miss my 4g!

  • Zephyrzypher

    Still none in SLC… maybe a restart wil help

  • Anonymous


    • Bionic

      fuckk off

  • Bionic

    Back on in South Bend, IN.  13MBPS down and 4 up

  • Kevin Rucker

    where are you at? I’m here in Cleveland, Ohio. I’ve never gotten that high…

  • Jspumphrey

    Back up

  • Kruck5566

    My 4g is back, and it’s twice as fast as before! I ran some speed tests just now and I’m getting above 20 consistently whereas before, I’d never get above 11…

    • Jspumphrey

      mine is still at the same speed high 30s lower 40s though

    • Bionic

      i usually get 25 and 10.  Its awesome

  • Ortizchief

    outage in kansas city too for about 1 hour 

  • Yay! Mine is back up in Troy, AL I was starting to go through withdrawals. 😉

  • Wiggyfife

    I’ve got the Droid RAZR in the Phoenix, AZ Metro. I never received the SIM Card error, but all day today, and even now, the most I’ve had is 3g periodically throughout the day, but more commonly not even 1x coveage. This sucks, but I’m kinda glad – not really – that its not only me suffering thru this issue. I’ve had this phone since release day, and has been a solid performer, other than today…

  • Joshieca

    Back with 4G around 4pm local in San Diego

  • Anonymous

    Still no 4g or stable 3g or 1x here in NYC. Lost my signal for two days ):

  • Valieth1337

    Its still out in waco tx on my droid bionic no 4g here either my 3g is out im pissed no eta no compensation nothing

  • 4GLTE *JUST* restored in Metro Detroit 8:55EST

  • My Rezound is still stuck on 3G

  • Anonymous


    • Diablo81588

      Ban this nuisance already…

    • Bionic

      you suck 5 dickss at a time dont you?

  • Anthony Agro

    No 4G LTE New Brunswick, New Jersey

  • Boner N My Pants

    I just want some Ice Cream Sandwich wrapped in a Nexus cone.  Verizon, you dicks, let me have my desert!

  • Anonymous


    • Bionic

      fuckk you and your mom

  • Michael Martinez

    Had no data all of yesterday, only can get 3g on my bionic right now

  • Yevgeniy_2003

    Jumping from 4g to 3g ,,,after 3 hours on 1x…in Oakland.CA.

  • Anonymous

    They must be doing final testing for the nexus. Lte doesn’t know how to handle that beast.

  • Everyone but me seems to have service restored =(

  • Lakerzz

    I was in Burbank Ca. all day working w/o 4g or 3g. Just got home to Lancaster Ca. and I now have 3g. (no 4g coverage here yet, uggg) Bionic :/

  • Anonymous

    4G LTE is back in Tigard Oregon. 

  • Rob

    Still no 4G here in Connecticut and 3G goes in and out as well.

  • Joe Fischer

    so what do you guys think? friday, the 13th, or the 16th? (I heard the 16th from my cousin who is tech support in the Cranberry, PA headquarters)

  • Just checked my thunderbrick… 4g alive and well

    • Bionic

      LOL thunderbrick.  thats funny

  • Anonymous

    still no 4g.

  • Emilio Figueroa

    Service restored! :D… Thank God, I was stuck on that 1X b.s. Not cool, Verizon, don’t ever scare me like that again. :O 

  • Darthseph23

    San Diego – since my last comment on the hard reset of my Razr, I have not had an issue.  In fact, I just finally saw the 4GLTE logo go blue during high data use.  Very nice.

    • Not in PB =( 

      But I think my zone was the last domino to fall, so maybe the last to restore? 

  • 4g back on in cali. 

  • Diablo6962001

    you’re still not getting that nexus!

    • Bionic

      no soup for you!!

  • Guest

    back on 4g in kansas. balance has been has returned to the force. all is well.

  • I could care less about 4G. All I want is my Nexus by friday.

  • Anonymous

    So, could this mean the Nexus is back on for Friday?

  • T Hall

    Spokane, WA literally just got 4G back.

  • bg

    nyc bionic – had lte working fine but part of screen went black so i powered down and powered up, only to lose all data connection.  

  • Austinljones

    Yay! 4Gs are back in Cincinnati!  No more sweet stinky 1x!

  • Diablo6962001

    i also have the tbolt in kansas. tried the airplane mode thing, no luck.

  • 1X here in Starkville, MS. No 4G or 3G. All data services dead, voice calls somewhat blocked.

  • droseum20

    well 4G is back up… now can we have our nexus… pretty please?

  • Aoholmes95

    My rezound hasn’t skipped a “beat”s urfing 4g all day. Just might wait for the next nexus . Thoroughly impressed with a finally bug free phone. I’m looking at you moto

  • Diablo6962001

    does that iphone 4 have google?

  • Ucit

    Have had trouble in Kansas City today. No 4G at work or out. 3G in and out also,

  • eddieonofre

    What is this 4G you talk of?

    Posted from my iPhone4S 

    • Bionic

      LOL, iphone fail

  • JoJoOnTheRadio

    Just got 4G back in Sacramento 5:05PM 🙂

  • Diablo6962001


  • Bythebayou516

    i have 4g

    • Bythebayou516

      oh and i have the thunderbolt in erie, pa. i also put my phone in airplane mode and restarted and 4g came right back on

  • Teh_jesterman81

    So far 4G is back in roseville, CA

  • Diablo6962001

    still on 3g in kansas

  • Onionscoop

    Data has been down in Milwaukee all data.. not even 3g… since 6pm i do get 3g intermittently.

  • Tony

    No 4G service or 3G service on my Razr

  • Mpw3000

    4G back in all its glory in San Diego! 



  • Anonymous

    Rezound has been on 1XRTT for hours now in Palm Beach, Florida.  TXTs don’t seem to be going through either.

  • Bionic

    Out in South Bend, IN.  I have to put my Bionic on CDMA only in order to catch a 3G signal.  

    Not a big deal, its just growing pains for the best network in the country.

  • Creaturecreation

    Good thing i saw this post i thought i had let my phone run dead wifi tethered last night and it killed my 4g.  I had no internet when i woke up.  Now im surfing 3g getting between 30 and 100k so ill survive till 4g is back on.  Its strange how the whole network is so connected that it can all fall at once.  Guess thats the disadvantage of 4g is stability.  I wont complain cause when its going i can get up to 40MB a sec on speed test and i always pull at least 2MB a sec on torrents or web.  Wish i could get a Nexus but this Samsung Charge does me fine.

  • Anonymous

    4g is a go in Kansas city …

  • Cncchowder

    I’m new to verizon and am also experiencing a full 4G outage for the last few hours (and no 3G at times). Am using a Droid Razr and have been on the outskirts of Portland (Beaverton and then Clackamas) Glad to hear this is just an outage and not indicative of Verizons service (that I have only had about 5 days).

  • Anonymous


  • JoJoOnTheRadio

    Damn, my 4G was just fine until I accidentally dropped my Bionic causing the battery to pop out, now it keeps switching constantly to 3G & No Service the past couple hours.. :/

    • JoJoOnTheRadio

      In Sacramento BTW..

  • Bdiz13

    I work for a verizon dealer, 4g users can change their mobile networks to cdma under settings> wireless settings> mobile networks> network mode> cdma> then perform a soft reset you should have at least 3g coverage consistantly

    • Diablo81588

      Not always true. I’m sure the culprit is eHRPD again, which is required to access all data networks on Verizon if you have a 4G phone. So, even if you change it to CMDA only, its still not going to connect you directly to EVDO.

  • BobS

    bionic working on 3g only in  Minneapolis

  • MDagg77

    I can’t get 3G internet on my Droid Charge, ONLY way I can get internet on my phone is Wi-Fi @ home!!

  • Darthseph23

    San Diego – 4G is off, have had 3G all afternoon.  I got hit with the “SIM card unauthorized” statement around 1200 local time.  I had no issues before that, including yesterday.

    My guess is they are resetting the entire LTE grid in an effort to clear the authorization issue.  I still have cell service and 3G data so I’m not too concerned.  It is an annoyance, and I’m very glad I don’t work at Verizon right now.

    Hard reset (Vol Down + Power) has brought it back for now.  I did get another “Sim unauthorized” earlier.

  • Jonathanzlevin

    No 4g in west Los Angeles Thunderbolt

  • Guest

    My Rezound has neither 4G nor 3G now.  It has dropped back to 1xRTT.  I’m in an area with very good 4G and 3G coverage.

  • Anonymous

    Hrm, spoke too soon and back to 1X now. Which is better than the no data I had earlier in the day. (West Los Angeles for those not reading threaded) But not as good as the 3G I had. At least I was able to get in on today’s 10 cent Market apps before everything hit the fan!

  • boltBabe6

    Got 4g bk on my TBolt…Springfield, IL

  • Teh_jesterman81

    Roseville, CA….Finally just got some 3G service, but still no 4G. Wonder if we will get a credit for this crap

  • got 4G and have had it all day, wouldnt have even known their was a problem if not for Droid-Life

    • Diablo81588

      Consider yourself lucky. I’ve had complete data loss for several hours up until about 15 minutes ago, when 3G came back on momentarily. Unfortunately, it was moving along at a brisk 100kbit/s. Now its back to dataless again.. =(

  • Tami King

    I’m in Inland So Cal…getting a good solid 1x signal

  • Anonymous

    fuuuuuuuuuuuu…still nothing.  tbolt in SF

    • Anonymous

      4g back up in SF!

  • Jeglum1

    I’m getting a good 1x

  • Jarreddanner506

    Yeah I am still having intermittent issues with both 4g and 3g on my lg revolution… Yes I bought one of those phones. And no data to some and back to none.. Nothing helps.

  • Anonymous

    Rancho Cucamonga, CA  only getting 3G here…

  • Chevy

    Had 3G momentarily, but now no 3G or 4G on Bionic in Philadelphia

  • Mark Slomski

    No 4g or 3g data in Wilkes-Barre / Scranton P.A only phone calls are going through but it is snowing here.

  • Pfrie4

    droid charge here in dallas..only got 3g

  • Abacusparr

    I actually noticed this yesterday, I was on 3g most of the day. Droid charge. Thought it was just my phone, guess not!

  • Anonymous


  • Arda Akman

    I had 3G for about 2 hours, after a reboot now only have 1X. Norfolk,VA on T-Bolt

  • Fyrcity

    My RAZR is now useless. My sim went out so I took my phone to a Verizon store. They were more than happy to replace my SIM. only problem was, they didnt know the network was down. They did the whole computer thing to install the new SIM. But with the network down, the new SIM can’t activate. Now, I have no phone service. WTF????

  • Anonymous


  • Steve

    No problems on my cm7 droid X 😉

    But I still want my GNex!

  • Tazkven

    Give me my data back, data back, data back, data back, data back …

    • Tazkven

      It worked, lol … 4G back up in Louisville, KY

  • Charlie Landin

    i had 4G up until 5 mins ago now im on 3G

  • B1gt78


  • Phone says 3G…certainly is moving at the speed of 1X though. Oh how I miss 4G…seems like just 10 hours ago I was blazing through the interwebz

  • B1gt78

    my first 4g outage on my razr =P

  • Sp4rxx

    3G back!  @6:31pm EST Cleveland, OH area

  • Tboltranger

    No 4G LTE as of 415 pm EST in Northern Virginia on Thunderbolt.

  • Wolfgang

    Its probably because the Nexus is supposed to replace the Droid Charge, which, it too was delayed for an LTE outage!!

  • Austinrgoebel

    Back on 3g

  • Evga27

    Mine was out for 2 hours today. reboots didn’t help. Still waiting on an OTA for my Bionic from Moto…

  • Zephyrzypher

    4 bars with1x… oh wait I have 3g now… nevermind back to 1x. I’m down to wifi now… get it working verizon!

  • Christopher Riner

    Yeah, in western Virginia we are completely down and out.  Only thing keeping my phone alive is wife.

  • B1gt78

    3g here in el paso tx

  • Mwildberg2

    I’m still down with 4G and 3G. Radford, Virginia

  • I have nothing (LTE or CDMA) in Rockford, IL. Thanks goodness for WiFi!

  • Rangleskov

    razr – had 3g on eastern Shore of md. crossed bay bridge and had 4g for a second and then lost everything. 3g and 1x are intermittent since 5pm.

  • Sp4rxx

    I’m down and out data-wise – no 4G or 3G as of 6:19 EST, Cleveland, OH area; but i can still make calls

  • Droid

    3g back in detroit area-pretty slow though. no 4g. bionic

  • paj

    At least being a Bionic owner I’m relatively unaffected by this…

  • LeviSnuts

    Bionic user here.  Had no data yesterday 1:30-5pm then I got 3G overnight. Still no 4G since yesterday.  3G is occasionally out too.  New York City.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    No issue in 3g only mode, man.  


    4G down since 2PM CST, no 3G or 1X at that time as well till about 5 PM CST.  3G is up and down for the past 15 minutes.  Bionic in STL metro area.  

    Verizon chat rep stated “I understand. I’m sorry for the inconvenience on the data being down. We are aware the 4G service is down and you are not able to use the 3G or 1X. We are working to get the service issues received, but at this time we have no estimate of time.”

  • Sk102704

    Yeah my 3G is coming and going. Bionic in Connecticut.

  • Barlog

    I was having problems with my Bionic since last night in San Diego county, but it’s back up and working fine now.

  • Nick

    I’ve even been losing 3G off and on.

  • srk

    Well, no data problem on my Blackberry Storm 2.  I guess that’s one plus for the device.

  • Efini93

    No 4g in Dayton OH

  • MJ Lindamood

    No 4G LTE for me here in Baltimore. Stuck on 1x but not dure for how long; I’ve been using WiFi all day.

  • Anonymous

    My 3g keeps cutting out too. Central NY Bionic.

  • Gtosmw

    just got 10g lol

  • Anonymous

    3G seems to be back here.

    EDIT: And… it’s down again. So much for that short burst of 3G.

  • Update: As of 6pm EST I now have 3G service intermittently back on my phone; still no LTE (DC suburbs.) 3G was back until I started posting this comment (First Rule of Returning Data Service Is Don’t Talk About Returning Data Service!)

  • TheRealOGDroid

    “3G data and voice devices are unaffected”  Really….someone tell that to my OG Droid which hasn’t been receiving any calls today, and texts are taking over 2 hours to get through….

  • Shannon

    Mine is in and out and 4G is not working just 3G when it wants to.

  • Bigdaddyellison

    SIM card  auth error off and on all day.  No data when I have the error.  Xoom and Razr both.

  • Brandon Schlack

    Got 3G and voice on my Bionic in Portland, OR

  • Christopher Dean

    NC, Rezound, 1X

  • Anonymous

    No 4g in Lakeland, FL. I have 3g though in on the Bionic.

  • BayRyder

    3g but only when switched to CDMA only for networks

  • Eagle23

    I live in Tampa and my 4g and 3g are not working.

  • Minneapolis – No 4G, 1x earlier this afternoon, back on 3G now.  Thunderbolt CM7

  • Glove08

    1x since at least 1:30 pacific

  • Sk102704

    No 4g and 3g was gone for quite awhile. Bionic in Connecticut.

  • I was on 3G service this morning/afternoon (to save battery life on my Bionic, which suffers from the data loss cycle issue) and then lost all data connectivity late this afternoon. After speaking w/ 2 Verizon Customer Service reps, I got sent on to tech support, and apparently the issue is also affecting some 3G areas as well as 4G (tech rep said she’d try to update the alert that customer service sees so they know it does affect 3G as well.)

    Northern VA area : No LTE, no CDMA data (not even showing a No Data Connection Available icon in the status bar).

    On a related note, they (both customer service and tech support) indicated that the planned software patch for the Bionic should be hitting this Friday (Dec 9th), with another patch slated for January (possibly ICS?)

  • I got nothing.  in Boston, MA

  • Tylerscochran

    Back on in Southern MN.

  • fartbubbler

    I got nothin.  No 4G, No 3G, No Nexus.  

  • sog805

    No data connection whatsoever in ventura county, ca

  • joshua northrup

    their being punished by hackers for continually botching the nexus release

  • Robert

    in Spokane wa and have do data service at all, even tried to switch to cdma mode only and did not help, Droid Bionic

  • Anonymous

    Down to 1x on my Thunderbolt. 

  • Eric815

    Nexus is being delayed because of 4G outage. Otherwise would have been released Friday. Verizon will not release a premiere 4g phone on three heals of an outtage. Same thing delayed Tbolt in the final days

  • Ddillon

    Stuck on 1x in Nashville area. I’d have posted sooner if this signal wasn’t so slow…

  • 3G in Des Moines, IA is back…

    Edit 2 minutes later – it’s gone, no data again.

  • Aaron G

    Go to Verizon website right now and click on the bottom right part of the page where it talks about “Verizon 4gLTE America’s fastest most reliable 4g network”  click, and you will get a page not found!  Looks like they can no longer pretend….lol!

  • Anonymous

    Thunderbolt here. Went to 1X around 1pm EST, 4G came back about 3:30, back to 1X around 5, still 1X. Indianapolis.

  • David

    no 3g or 4g in san jose for more than a few hours…

  • Bsturk510

    Wi-fi is all I have

  • Finally got 3G back here in Orlando. I’m using the RAZR with CD MA only. That wasn’t working earlier.

  • Jj

    Was about to fxz my bionic till I read this

  • Cincinnati has no 4G, and my Stratosphere won’t switch to CDMA only for nothing. Grrr.

  • Anonymous

    Got the sim error earlier and then lost 4g and can’t pick up 3g either a computer worker with a. Charge is also experiencing the same thing.

  • Pennywise

    Bionic, Michigan, no data coverage whatsoever.

    To clarify Verizon’s statements, they did not say that 3G was unaffected on 4G devices.  They said that 3G devices are unaffected.

    4G devices are experiencing data connectivity issues (this includes 3G).  The issue is network-side and is being working on aggressively.

    • Ryan154729

      My Charge is not work what so ever on 3G or 4G. Also Michigan 

    • Tazkven

      My Girlfriend has a Droid 3 (3G device) and has lost data as well, she said she only shows 2 bars and has no data, Oddly enough my Tbolt shows just 2 bars and no data as well, I should be showing all bars and 4G … Im not even getting 1x

    • JCS

      OG Droid, 3G’s been solid all day, no data 1x issues, GA.

  • Pyoung34

    No 3g or 4g on my Razr. San Francisco, CA

  • Ryan154729

    its out in Michigan!

  • No 4G here in DFW, TX

  • Anonymous

    They tried to blame it on the razr lol. I guess another month for the nexus to come out.

    • Christephor

      so how do you feel about no ics for 6 months hahahahahahaha

      • Anonymous

        I have never complained about the new moto UI lol. I can live with it even if they razr never gets ICS.

        • Christephor

          i know i just thought it was funny cuz your such a moto lover!!!!! i love when you get into it with people one of my favorite reads on dl

          • Anonymous

            lol you are funny. I love all type of nice products. I actually like gs2 because it has good specs, but it still lacking sound quality and build quality. It does have good camera, processor and display 🙂

      • Anonymous

        How will you feel with a plastic device, just 32 of memory, weak radios, bad camera and bad gps?

        • JCS

          What are you talking about?  The mythical Nexus?  Might as well have named it the Unicorn…

          • Anonymous

            the nexus will fail.

  • Anonymous

    Was getting intermittent 3G and a split second of 4G a few hours ago. Now it goes straight to voice-only 1x. This has been going on for the past two days.

  • Mj2332166

    Thunderbolt down……. In Michigan , no 4g, no 3G and barely 1x…

  • Anonymous

    My Thunderbolt has been on 1X since I got up this morning.  I’m strangely comforted to know I’m not the only one.

  • guest

    i can’t even turn on my mobile network 🙁

  • Anonymous

    Some of you should be happy that you lost 4g recently. Yesterday I was completely stuck on 1x, today I was on 3g, now I’m forced to use my wifi at home. I normally use 4g since I have a big data plan.

    • Keith Sumner

      “Forced to use my wifi at home”

      lol first world problems #whitewhine

      • JCS

        George is obviously responding to the question at hand, not how to feed the starving kids in Thailand.  #a$$hat

  • Jj

    3g sucks balls.

  • Aaron G

    Love that….3g is unaffected huh?  I just tried to activate a coworkers RAZR and it failed and also removed her old blackberry from service.  So, I called Verizon for get them to switch the phone back and figured I would see what would happen if I took my Bionic and tried to connect to the 4g since I mostly operate 3g to save the battery.  3g has been great all day by the way until I tried to connect to 4g, it didn’t connect and won’t connect to 3g anymore either!   

    • Pennywise

      3G devices are unaffected.  4G devices are affected. The Razr is a 4G device (read: is affected).  I’m sure an OG Droid would take right off.

  • Ryan154729

    no 4G or 3G 🙁 

  • Haproot

    3g just returned Billings, MT

  • kornhusker1

    no LTE on my brand new rezound!  but do have 3G and boy it is slow.  Wont let me open app droid market

    • Kornhusker1

      Oops… forgot to say I be at Rochester NY

  • I thought it was my rom and messed with some setting and mad it worse lol.

  • Anonymous

    I’m in Montgomery, AL and we do not have data at all. We’re running on 1x only.

  • llwang

    I haven’t been able to connect to 4G LTE for a while, been having difficulty to connect to even 3G, and now I can’t connect to 1X, either.

  • WazzuCougar02

    No 4G on my thunderbolt or Xoom.

  • Dirkwan23

    Dirk in SLC with no LTE

  • Makes me wonder who gets fired when this stuff happens.

    • windexh8er

      Was just wondering the same thing.  Someone’s head will roll for a multi-hour national outage for sure – unless it comes down to a 4G hardware fault that they can point at Siemens, Qualcomm, etc…

      • They’ll probably point fingers even if it isn’t. “We had some hardware problems” but really it’s “Bob in the tech department accidentally flipped 4G to off and now we have to reboot the whole internet”

  • Anonymous

    The WAPocalypse is upon us.

  • NT

    Got 3G back on the Charge at 4:15 CT in Chicago

  • windexh8er

    4G is back up in Minneapolis, MN @ 4:18PM Central.  Pulled 17 down and 12 up on a Speedtest test.  Figured I’d help Big Red warm the pipes back up.  Now where’s my Nexus?

  • Dan Green

    Near SFO – “3G unaffected”?  No 4G or 3G, been on 1X all day.

    • parrothead

      have you tried disabling 4g, and going 3g only?   having 4g enabled on your phone can cause you to lose all 3g/4g data if the 4g network is technically “up” but it wont let you authenticate.  Going back to 3g only, which is still up & running, your phone wont try to authenticate to the 4g network, but instead try 3g, and you’ll connect.   4g is still broadcasting a signal, your device just can’t authenticate, or even if you can authenticate, something is going wrong on their end… if 4g is “up” but not working, your device will get confused and not try to connect to 3g, since 4g is “available”

  • thunderbolt, columbus ohio, no 4 g.

    • Joseph Ferguson

      same here on campus at OSU no 4g

  • Mike

    I was headed to a meeting and when i got to my car I couldn’t get a signal.  As a thunderbolt owner i thought my phone was messing up so i did several battery pulls because my phone kept staling on the restart.  1 min before driving past the exit i needed on the free way my phone finally starts up fully and i can do gps to get the right location.

  • Desisaurus92

    Is this why my razr keeps kicking me off the brower? I hate using my neighbors wifi cuz its SO SLOW lol but I’ve had to resort to using it all day. Sucks cuz there’s no wifi at work which means no internet :[

  • Sid6871

    No Data at all, Bionic in Utah. 

  • jon carey

    Statement about 3G working -its a falsie, my coworker and I have the Droid BIONIC and we have neither 4G nor 3G.. all they could say was sorry .. so I’ve gone almost 6 hours w/o .. wow..  Thanks Big Red!! C
    “Can you hear me now!!”  

    • Mike


      settings – wireless & networks – mobile network settings – network preferences (or “network mode”) – CDMA

      if that doesn’t work, reboot, and if it still doesnt work.. oh well haha, worked for me

  • Thekidpapparazzi

    Why is every company 4G going out?!?!?

  • 4G down, 3G up. (Houston)

  • Anonymous

    No LTE in Charlotte

  • Phoneman67

    They say 3g is working but i have no data at all

    • C-Law

      no, they said 3g only devices are working. You must ahve a 4g phone

  • Dbond45

    My Droid Bionic has not been getting any data coverage (even 3G) since early this morning.  I’m in Chicago.  

  • TommyZ

    Broken in Chicago… Thunderbolt

  • Anonymous

    Hudson Valley NY, no 4G but as far as I can tell 3G is just fine…

  • Now its off and on in Newark, NJ.

  • Haproot

    No I can’t here you now..

  • akhi216

    4G LTE is out in Greensboro, NC. Can’t get anything on the 4G LTE hotspot. The (3G) Droid 3 is working better than it’s ever worked.

  • parrothead

    Columbia, SC –  LTE down; getting SIM Auth error on Moto Xoom

    • parrothead

      I had 3G, but I rebooted, now I have nothing, not even 1x on the Xoom.   I can probably get 3G if I rebooted and removed the SIM card, and I’ll have to if its down much longer

  • Kevin

    No 3G or 4G and when I call Verizon CS I get a recording that they know about data issues with 4G phones and they are working to restore it as quick as possible. 

  • Zephyrzypher

    4g is still on in salt lake city- I’m using a samsung stratosphere… maybe it’s just certain higher performance phones

  • Anonymous

    we use the Bionic here at work – they are affected; my Rezound is also affected

  • windexh8er

    Just got 3G back on my Bionic in Minneapolis, MN – 4:03PM Central.  Have seen it drop and come back once already.  No 4G yet though.

  • Ganesha1994

    no 4g on my tbolt for past 2 hours…in las vegas

  • Coriolis

    I m rockin the Droid Bionic in MD. Needless to say, I waited to get home to confirm my outage on DL. Its been out for me for about 2 hours and counting. I hope they get it sorted out soon. Im really considering the G-Nex and I cant decide till its in my hands! Lol. Good luck to everyone, hope your 4G is up and running soon.

  • Anonymous

    My thunderbolt has been on 1x for about a little over an hour.

  • Steelers for me

    The error message on my RAZR read:
    “SIM Card Authorization Error – The SIM Card may not be authorized for LTE service.  Please power down the phone and contact Wireless Provider Customer Service.”
    But I currently have 4G LTE in Dallas.

  • gadgetryan

    see what happens when Verizon tries to charge all those nexuses (nexi) at once!!

  • Mainephrame

    NO 4g or 3g stuck on 1x –Droid Charge–i factory reset while at gamestop, then called 611 after that didnt work and the first thing it said was outage in my area.
    I factory reset for nothing.  

  • tjmonkey15

    Person at Verizon headquarters: “Ahhh, so that’s what this switch does!”

  • HydroPyro

    We are already in a nationwide outage.  All 4G devices per VZW can totally lose connection to the network on 1X, 3G, and 4G.  They are reporting no known repair time to fix this issue.  I am in VA and one Bionic device died last night, tablet died at 1600ET, and aother Bionic on my account died at 1630ET.

  • Anonymous

    I noticed earlier today that my HTC Thunderbolt struggled to get a data signal and then finally defaulted to 1X. UGH!!!! here we go again. I wonder if the same fix will work as last time by going into the dialer and going into developer tools and finding modem settings and then turning the eharp thing to off??????


    I upgraded to a Samsung Stratosphere this past Saturday and I noticed that my phone kicked back to just 3G for a little bit early yesterday afternoon and then dropped internet completely. The kicker is that I tried calling Verizon’s “amazing” technical support last night and all they did was keep pointing the finger at me like I had accidentally hit something in the settings menu or something. Now today when I went into the Verizon dealership that I got the phone at they informed me that there was a nationwide 4G outage but it appears that people that have phones specific to just 3G aren’t being affected, A friend of mine with just a 3G droid told me last night that his internet had crashed completely too so who knows. Verizon is crediting me a dollar for each day that I can’t access the internet/4G network so I strongly advise that everybody else call too and get their credits for however many days they are without a 4G service.      

  • Anonymous

    THUNDERBOLT – 4G not working in New Haven, CT  5:00PM Eastern

  • Silencedelta

    no 4g in my area but i am getting the error and i dont even have 3g very angry 

  • LL313

    Looks like my 3g is back but still no 4g detroit

  • Jspumphrey

    No 4g, 3g or 1x on my razr checking in. Might as well be the OG razr. Calls and camera only.

  • Just called into to my Verizon Rep. He said that the outage started in the northeastern part of the US and just kinda moved its way west throughout the rest of the country. Also, I have a razr, and they said anyone have the authorization error should not get a new sim car because it will just continue to do the same thing. So we just gotta wait boys and girls. 🙁

  • Anonymous

    I have a RAZR, and Ive had the SIM error since yesterday morning. I had 3G most of the night, but today, no data at all. WTF?!

  • Famouzstarzz

    i betting big red finally decided to push out cupcake to all the samsungs and it killed the network 😀

  • Ericmarkwilliams

    Verizon saw all the post of us hating them for the GN delay and took down their network to give an excuse for no release Friday. LOL 

  • Anonymous

    1x only here in downtown Cleveland for hours,  I had some issues this morning, also

  • Mine just died in Dallas

  • Famouzstarzz

    just to clarify 4g is still up in Hawaii? ha ha

  • Haproot

    Someone activated a GNEX and it sucked up all the intertoobz

  • No data at all (3G or 4G) on my Droid Razr in Indianapolis, IN. Got the “sim authentication” error a few hours ago and powered down and back on. 4G came back for 10-15 minutes and then data just stopped altogether

  • LL313

    no 4g or 3g in detroit

  • Anonymous

    3G is at least back for me in West Los Angeles… but no 4G, on my Thunderbolt.

  • 4G LTE still up, Greenville, SC. Using RAZR.

  • no 4g in northern virginia on HTC Thunderbolt

    Totally interrupted my game of Mini Tower Btw 🙁

  • Verizon can’t blame this on the Galaxy Nexus, can they?

    • Anonymous

      They will probably spin it that way.

  • Mrwest45

    No 3G or 4G in Spokane, WA

  • NYCLawyer

    I can’t post.

  • Anonymous

    Growing pains?

  • Toyosup88

    No 4G on bionic in Rochester ny

  • Anonymous

    No 4G or 3G in orange county California.

  • Anonymous

    I can’t 4G, 3G or even 1X here in Sarasota/Bradenton right now.  WTF?

  • Aubreyvt

    Down in Atlanta GA. Only 3g sometimes.

  • theGlenn

    Charge – No data at all, downtown Chicago.

    • Famouzstarzz

      its a samsung its expected ha ha 😉

      • theGlenn

        I’m continually disappointed by this phone. The only reason it’s worth it is for unlimited LTE. 2.3 finally made this thing usable, and I still hate it.

    • theGlenn

      3G back up now, still no 4G.

  • no 4g – Kalamazoo, mi

  • Anonymous

    Baltimore has 4g

  • Clay921

    No 4g or even 3g here in Knoxville, TN…Droid Charge. 

  • Rochester, NY 4G is still up for me.

    • Famouzstarzz

      i hope you lose it so you can suffer with the rest of us 😀

  • Michael Clark

    my 4G is no more!! Orange county

  • wolfster808

    4g is up in Hawaii

    • Famouzstarzz

      wait till it goes down then all you islanders will think the volcano is gonna blow




        LMAO NAH GOOD 4 U

    • tjmonkey15

      I think everyone is just jealous you live in Hawaii…..

  • This is the time to buy guns and hide in a cave, first our data network, next the whole interwebs!


  • Droid RAZR, NO 4G LTE in St. Louis, MO as of 15:34 central.

  • subiedude

    My razor will not pick up any network data what-so-ever. My wife’s ip4’s data is down on Big Red as well. Augusta, Ga

    • Famouzstarzz

      same here my co-worker has a bionic and its dead also! wtf well atleast i have gorilla glass maybe its blocking the signal?

  • my 3g isnt working either

  • Famouzstarzz

    im effed no freakin 4g no 3g barely even have 1x WTF seriously!

  • Mps623

    4G was down for me but now back up. Central PA

  • Imperialx777

    My Razr gave me that sim error message as well. No 4g for my bionic either. Wtf! Lol


    Happened here in new orleans as well. I too woke up to a sim authorization error and just restarted my phone and all was well until about thirty minutes ago until the 4g connection on my Razr kept jumping back and forth between 3g and 4g for about the past 15 mins. Is the Galaxy Nexus stealing all the 4g LTE connections from all other LTE phones???  SKYNET IS SELF AWARE!!!!!!

  • Hugh Hansen Jr.

    No LTE for me since last night. Thunderbolt in NYC area.

  • Naterules91

    No 4 g here in west trenton…Wtf…

  • Anonymous

    4G is offline in Denver, CO 2:20 MST.

  • Anonymous

    @VZWSupport just tweeted “Our network team is working on this issue. We don’t have an ETR at this time. I’m sorry for any inconvenience.^JL”

  • lilgump

    my bionic is stuck on 1x in everett, wa
    hopefully it goes back to 4g once i get back down to seattle

  • I pray that this issue gets resolved by the end tomorrow and they decide to put the Galaxy Nexus back on schedule for Friday! heck, I wouldn’t mind using it on 3G, but I guess it would be an embarrassment to them. 

    • Anonymous

      Problem is, that 3g is on and off here in Western New York (I only have 3g)

  • Daniel Clifford

    Yup Bionic is having issues in Ann Arbor MI

    • Anonymous

      Cell Phone service isn’t the only thing having problems in Michigan… lol

  • Jay

    4G/3G out in Minneapolis/ St. Paul on Droid Bionic. Verizon customer service has no information on outage

  • Rakoskjc

    D1 allways goes to 1x about 50% of the day.  im right near a tower

  • Assman

    no phone service in Milwaukee now.

    • Anonymous

      Same in SL,UT. I can’t get anything. Period. Thunderbolt.

      • heh-heh…you said SL UT.



  • foolie

    Im on the rezound, dropped to 1X in Sacramento.

  • Anonymous

    I had 4G in SL,UT up until about 30 minutes ago. I’m unable to connect to 3G or even 1x with my Thunderbolt. Why is Verizon’s 4G LTE network so less reliable than the 3G network they run?

    If they were having 4G/SIM issues with the Nexus – maybe they are running a test…. probably not though 🙂

  • Parrish

    No 4G in Alabama

  • Arda Akman

    Thunderbolt in Norfolk,VA currently switching back&forth b/w 1X and 3G; mostly 1X. Since the morning no 4G. I thought it was a new kernel I started using last night, but this relieves me that it is a wide spread issue..

  • DBo

    No 4G LTE, Charleston, SC

    • Ugh, same. Can’t even connect to 3G or 1X now. I love not having data services on a smartphone…

  • Ben

    Bristol TN – No 4g on my Razr or on my GTab10.1

    Isn’t this a micro-sim related issue?

  • Pipherk

    Rezound went to 1x, Hit airplane then back, nothing. Rebooted atleast got 3g. Wasnt shocked as DL had already made me aware last night. Also, off post. Rezound was killing battery. Replaced battery no go. VZW sending another. Was OG droid root n rom kinda guy. This thing Ive seen go dead on the charger ! 

  • Shadowwolf42

    no 4G Thunderbolt, Detroit,MI

  • Djlowproz

    this outtage still wont delay the droid 4 from coming

  • Get it Fixed

    1X LA area… 3G for moments then back to 1X if anything at all.

  • Anonymous

    Samsung 4G hotspot is only running on 3G on Long Island…

  • Android7x

    I cant even get 1x…I’m stuck with just the bars lol…Droid Razr

  • David

    I just pulled the batry on my razr and now it don’t work at all!!

    • JohnathonF

      Have you tried putting the battery back in? 😉

  • No 3G or 4G data on my Droid Charge in Collegedale, TN.  This is annoying.  >:(



  • Alex9483

    1G here in Chicago….
    This sucks!

  • 4g on my thunderbolt still going strong out in the boonies of the U.S. known as Rochester, NY

  • Big Orange Country

    My wife called and said her RAZR is not getting any data – 3G or 4G in Knoxville, TN. Haven’t checked mine. I’m on WIFI right now.

  • tommyz

    So far OK in Chicago

  • Kunji ;)

    times like these make one really appreciate having blogs like this to confirm that one is not alone in daily trials and tribulations no matter how large or small they are 🙂     
    group hug please…

  • Jeremy Graves

    Washington D.C. has been without 4G for 24 hours.  That includes me and my 2 roommates who have the Charge, Thunderbolt, and Bionic.  The 3G is very spotty and most of the day none of us have had any data in varying parts of the area.

  • Tylarizard

    I’ve been without 4G since early yesterday morning. Currently just running on 3G still.

  • Zonk

    Confirmed, my Xoom is on 3G right now…

  • Dauntlessstudios

    My phone was fine until about 30 mins ago.  Got the Sim Card error.  I called support and they said there was an outage in the area that they’re working on fixing.  Also said they should hopefully have a fix for the Razr sim card within the next few hours.  Until then I’m sol for data…

  • Peter Souza

    4G LTE up here just fine (Boise, ID / HTC Rezound).

  • btb5095

    no lte droid bionic state college

    • Anonymous

      Yea my Bionic has been having difficulties since yesterday

  • Anonymous

    Ya know, this puts me in a tough spot. I’ve been with Verizon for a really long time, and I’ve always talked about how great the service is, but I feel like there have been a ton of LTE outages since it launched. Maybe I don’t notice other networks, since I don’t pay as much attention to them, but I don’t recall any data outages from them at all. It’s frustrating, that’s all.

  • Haproot

    Billings, MT no 3g on razr.

    • Anonymous

      Do you get 4G in Billings?  I am over here in Butte but travel a lot between Butte and Billings.  I’m going to get the Nexus either way, but just curious.

  • Abel Trevino

    Razr in Seattle, no 3g/4g/1x. Its been down for about an hour.

  • Anonymous

    So, I do tech support for a major networking company. VZW opened a Priority 1 ticket on the nation wide outage happening. They are health checking the entire network to find the issue.

    • Mctypethings_Gay_lover

      Maybe it’s that damn same mexican guy who caused the power outage in the southwest a few months back.

  • Addisontodd

    Have a Droid Charge; no LTE or even 3G. I can make calls and text but data wont connect for 1x. This blows.

  • I can’t get 4G _OR_ 3G (or even 1x) here in Chicago, IL.  It’s wifi or bust.

  • Chris kupsco

    No 4G here in Charlotte NC, just dropped a while ago. 1x only.  HTC Rezound

  • Funtobeme98

    Chicago, IL getting spotty 1x coverage or nothing at all…

  • JetRanger27

    My Thunderbolt has been a no go on 4G here on Long Island since yesterday around 4PM.  I reboot and it comes back for a bout 1 minute and dies again.  Tier 2 a VZW has twice told me that they currently have a 60% LTE log on failure rate here in the Northeast … Take it FWIW.

  • tjmonkey15

    What a pisser.

  • Mark_giurb

    My 3g and 4g is completely out on my Razr………Hurry up Galaxy Nexus!!!!!

  • 4G is dead. Picking up a little 3G. Just threw my TBolt across the room because blaming its sad excuse as a phone is more fun. In Charleston SC, btw

  • andrew rossi

    revolution by lg has 4g in Scranton / Wilkes Barre, PA 

  • Haproot

    No 3g at all right now.  all I have are signal bars on a RAZR.

  • No 4G and 3G in Medford and Somerville, MA. Stuck on 1X. Woo..hoo?

  • same

  • or 1X

  • Ed

    company’s 4g hotspots (I tested several) 3g only right now.  Maryland area.

  • Mctypethings_Gay_lover

    What’s below 1X? That’s what I have.

    • Desisaurus92

      That’s what I got too. Just bars, no title lol

  • i dont get even 3g on my razr

  • Anonymous

    No 4G here in St. Louis. Not good especially since this just came out… http://www.engadget.com/2011/12/07/consumer-reports-verizon-has-highest-satisfaction-rate-among-ma/

  • Tylerscochran

    My Bionic (in a non-4G market) has no data (no 3G, 4G, or 1x) but my coworker sitting right next to me with a Bionic is just fine (3G).

  • victor manso

    LOL happen again, people be happy it will come back and is the best network and we still have the best 3G..

  • Anonymous

    No 4G in Vermont either…um…wait, we barely have 3G…more like 2-1/2G

  • Mattcrouse0509

    I havent lost 4g on my Tbolt at all in Winston Salem, NC

  • Jared Kirk

    Same thing delayed the launch of the Droid Charge, right?  Only difference this time is that people actually care about the GN 😛

  • I have no data, at all. Not even 1x on my Rezound. 

  • Getting no G love in southern L.A. County, but my battery life is off the charts now!!

  • Austinrgoebel

    I had no signal for like 30 mins, whats up verizon?

  • guest

    I am in an area with no 4G but my razr with LTE turned off still gave me the sim card message

  • NothingShocking

    No 4G or 3G Richmond, VA

    • groundbeef

      VCU!!!!!!! YEAHHHH

      • NothingShocking

        That’s how I ended up in this town and man it seems like everyone knows everyone else.

  • NO LTE. Hudson, WI (Uses Minnesota Twin Cities 4G)

  • Anonymous

    San Diego, CA checking-in. No 4G or even 3G on my RAZR.

    • Austinrgoebel

      Same thing for like 30 mins

  • Guinnkevinr

    Mine just went out 15 mins ago on my Razr

  • Anonymous

    No 4g on my OG…oh wait

  • Tazkven

    No data here in Louisville KY on the Tbolt, usually have 4G everywhere even inside GE in the middle of the building … lol

  • Anonymous

    4G Is back on in Buffalo. 

  • Austinrgoebel

    No 4g 🙁

  • Philip Van Luke

    I hate experimenting for no good reason to my own detriment. my 4G was working just fine, so i though “i wonder what will happen if i restart?” annnnnnd now i have 1x

  • Ruizfam07

    i dont even have 4g in my area, sell me the damn phone before  its freaking obsolete in 2 weeks as opposed to 6 weeks when this phone should have launched…..f-u verizon

  • Im tethering right now on a 1x connection via my thunderbolt, Pomona Ca

  • I’m in Phoenix, AZ. and as of about an hour ago I have lost all data connectivity. I cannot get 4G or even 3G. I have rebooted my phone several times now and even toggled Airplane Mode with no success. Time to call Verizon and see what excuse they give me.

  • 4G on a thunderbolt!

  • Arcanexvi

    All data unavailable in Chicago.

  • SniperDroid

    OG Droid still working near Cleveland…. Sucks, but still hanging on for a new Nexus.

  • Kbz4697

    I bareley have 4G in my area.  I could care less about the 4G outage.  How can any of us holding on to our OG’s miss something (4G) that we never even had.  This is bullsh!t!  I would be perfectly happy running on 3G for the time being.  Just give me my goddam device.  Verizon sucks!

  • MJG

    4G out in Tallmadge, OH


    my HTC Droid Eris is laggy.

    • Osu4life88

      I have an eris too, its basically a paperweight now, still running 2.1…

  • Mctypething_can_suck_it

    still have 3g in Madison, WI.  My OG droid doesn’t have LTE though :-

  • Kellex you are my hero, but the tongue sticking out emoticons are kinda starting to worry me brosky

  • Dfresh

    Just got bumped to 5G here in Dallas, TX!!

  • Zurita1310

    nothing on my bionic not even 3g

  • Billyt33

    down in Birmingham, AL.  Going between 3G and 1X

  • No 4G LTE in NYC

  • Michael Clark

    Orange County 4G LTE active on my Thunderbolt, no issues.

    • Same here. 4G LTE working just fine on my Razr in Los Angeles, CA.

      • Never mind, spoke too soon. Down to 3G.

  • Tripextraeffort

    just got my razr and cant activate it because of a national 4g outage. that from cust support at vw.

  • Guest

    Droid bionic columbus oh no data at all

  • Abrahan Reyes

    Just happened to me some minutes ago, after rebooting everything came normal.

  • mike

    NY- razr -4g good

  • Vino

    Don’t you all see it.  Cause a 4G outage to get everyone off the Nexus release.  Then drop it tomorrow as planned and it’s still a surprise!! 

  • 0 Data in SC no 4G , 3G, 8G, 9G no G’s amd even no X’s

  • Gumbi

    Was fine when I first checked, but no 3g or 4g on my rented Rezound in Wichita.

  • Anonymous

    my Thunderbolt just crapped out about a half hour ago too.
     Tampa, FL

  • Anonymous

    Sioux Falls, SD. Droid Charge. No 4G, no 3G 🙁
    Phone calls go through though.

  • Anonymous

    So the update my tbolt so I would fall back on 3 g didn’t work……

  • Tim Spencer

    St Pete FL, no 3g, no 4G, no 1X, Wifi works though lol. Airplane mode has been toggled, rebooted phone, no data. VZW is currently a joke for data. I get great reception for phone calls though!

  • jon carey

    Really this is sad, how you offer 4g and charge out the nose for it and then crapp out on your customers,, Guess they hired ATT to help manage network services..  

  • Benjybengal

    No 4g… Wilmington Nc

  • jesse reich

    Wash, DC…lost LTE about 40 mins ago, had 3g for a few minutes now no data. Bionic.

  • Thunderbolt is down in Troy, Al. We are on the verge of another expansion, seems like every time they expand it has problems.

    • Anonymous

      My 3G speed slowed to a crawl a few days ago, I knew Verizon was supposed to be expanding LTE in the nearest city the next day so I flipped on LTE just to see and ive been on LTE ever since. 

  • Roderick Cross

    My Tbolt has no data now

  • Keith Sumner

    Elgin, IL, Bionic. 4 bars of 4G, haven’t lost service at all.

    • Anonymous

      In and out in Downers Grove, IL

  • Roderick Cross

    Does anyone recall widespread data outrage before thunderbolt was released.

    • Anonymous

      Are you inferring there is a glitch in the matrix?

  • Anonymous

    No 4G here for me in Cleveland, Ohio…

  • Anonymous

    Droid RAZR – sitting at office in Boulder, CO – lost all forms of signal. Removed SIM, etc with no result. Prior to resetting my device I was getting that no-sim error.

  • Ciro Piccirillo

    3g only here in Asheville, NC on a Bionic – 4g dropped out about an hour ago and was spotty for a couple hours before that.

  • Honjull

    Phoenix, Arizona here – My Thunderbolt is still on 4G LTE

  • 4G down in Mt. Pleasant, MI (3G also) (droid Bionic)

  • Ryan Becker

    RAZR, NYC.  Got 3G back today, yesterday it was nothing.

  • Joejoe509

    WWhoops!! Rezound in spokane, wa 4G is down.

  • Anonymous

    I thought my charge had something wrong with it. In the past had a couple phones need to be replaced cause they wouldn’t do data at all. (I live in portland, OR aswell) So i just had verizon send me a new phone and sim. I then realized that something was wrong with the network cause the new phone was doing the same thing so something is up.

  • Jonathan Britton

    I’m getting no data period! My RAZR won’t even give me a 3G or 1X data connection right now in Greensboro, NC!

    • Lifebeginsfriday

      Same here.. was working fine.. then nothing!

    • Jonathan Britton

      Verizon, you’re making me very sad!

  • Droid Charge – In Charleston WV – Was without internet 4G/3G/iX from 7 pm last night up until 20 minutes ago. $G back and running good. Lets hope it stays

  • Kenneth

    Droid Bionic in Cincinnati, no 4G, 3G, 1X, nothing.

  • hwest

    my bionic is down 24h already!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Suckit

    Kellex’s new fav thing: posting questions……GNex release moves from the 9th? LTE outage happening now?

    Thought I was supposed to come here for the answers, now all i have is more questions.

    • Keith Sumner

      He’s always done that. In the past I’ve commented That He Doesn’t Need To Capitalize Every Word In A Header and that he doesn’t have to put a question mark after it either, it makes it seem like he’s unsure of what he’s posting.

      • You Don’t Want To Let Him Type How He Wants To Type?  Why Break A Brother Down? Maybe He Just Doesn’t Want To Be Like The Enquirer And Claim Something As Fact Until It’s Verifyable? Sheesh?

  • Breadable

    I went crazy on ebay over the last few months because I was sick of the slow OG Droid and nothing so far has looked worth my upgrade at Verizon.  Now I have a Bionic, Thunderbolt and Charge to switch between. No LTE with the Bionic today and most of yesterday so I moved my sim to the Thunderbolt. 4G came up after cycling airplane mode on and off and has been steady since 3PM

  • Jer85008

    San Diego – La Jolla area – No 3G or 4G right now…

    • that’s weird. I’m in UTC/Miramar area.

      • Jer85008

        3G is back now – Still no LTE. How about you?

        • Mine didn’t come back up until after 7 p.m!

  • San Diego. Right when I opened up this post I lost LTE now just 3g

  • seth drasner

    using OG droid, have 3g just fine, obv looks like only 4g phones affected

  • Roderick Cross

    Mine is out here in Yuma AZ, oh wait we dont have 4g here. Maybe I can drive 3 1/2 hours to San Diego and check.

  • San Diego checking in: 5 brilliant blue bars of 4G LTE =D

  • Anonymous

    MY Data was out completely from like 1 PM to 3PM EST in Detroit, buddy’s was too a couple of miles away, now I’m just getting 3G (BIONIC)

  • Matthewkimmel1

    4g down in portland at all the Verizon stores I’ve talked too including my own.  The only reason I’m still getting 4g on my phone is because our MiFi is still working.

  • Benjamin Landwehr

    If this isn’t a phone fix, what does that have to do with the release of the Galaxy Nexus?  If 4G comes back sooner or later, who cares!

  • Whitesox4889

    Down in Chicago!

    • It’s prefectly fine where I am in Chicago. Maybe its just your phone since your a Whitesox fan? 

    • Keith Sumner

      UP for me!

  • My friend has been experiencing data issues on his Charge. He asked me and I remembered the RAZR story from yesterday until I saw this post and see that it’s more widespread than just the RAZR.

  • Keii Graham

    I don’t have a 4G phone, but I’m still pullling 3G on my Droid 1 in Northfield, IL

  • All good here, Toledo, Ohio

    • Get a 4G phone, then talk.

      • Wait friends Thunderbolt doesnt count? Alright, have it your way.

  • no mobile data at all’ Boston, Droid charge,  my xoom 3g works fine

  • Paul E.

    No 4G in inner-city Dallas, TX.  3G speedtest also really slow compared to normal (.36 down .40 up).

  • Cmrudy

    I think this is how it’ll started on AMC’s The Walking Dead

  • Nico

    Rezound in Lansing, MI.  My connection has been bouncing randomly between 1X and (much less often) 4G.  I can’t even sustain 3G.  I thought it was the building, though (it’s shielded somewhat against cell phone signals, I always get meh reception, but I’ve never had a 3G issue).  The Droid Incredible guy next to me is having no issues.

  • Anonymous

    In Midtown NYC, been stuck on 3G all day long on my Thunderbolt. And I’m in the same spot that I always have rock solid LTE

  • Charlie

    I’m in Middle TN with a Bionic.  No 4g, just 3g or nothing.  Started doing this about 1 hour ago.

  • Anonymous

    My Bionic hasn’t had a 4G signal since Monday. (I’m in Baltimore/Washington which is normally well-blanketed in 4G). Right now, at work (downtown DC), I’m barely getting 1X.

  • Llala

    Htc rezound no 4G here in Washington DC since yesterday

  • still 4G in Evansville IN

  • Anonymous

    As upset I am about the Galaxy Nexus getting delayed, I really hope that the reason behind this outage is the reason for the delay, rather than some other bullcrap glitch or Verizon trying to add VZNavigator to the phone.

  • PSchrader

    I have tried all my 4G sprint devices and not getting 4G still……..wait….what?

  • Chewy246

    what happened to most reliable network?? Just sayin’

  • Yep my Rezound in Chicago is on 1x

  • windexh8er

    Just as an update: Droid Bionic, Minneapolis – Minnesota.  2:40PM Central time – voice calls only.  No 4G or 3G.

  • Davidvest1101

    North Alabama – I have not had any data connection for about three hours now.

  • mcaulifn

    Bionic is out in Grand Rapids, MI. Switched to CDMA only in mobile networks and it picked up 3G for a few seconds then dropped it.

  • Simon4of4

    Using a Pantech UML290 and I had service until about 10 minutes ago.  Now, I can’t even connect with 3G.  Location:  Springfield, MO

  • Anonymous

    no 4G Indianapolis.. Bionic

  • To be serious maybe they saw this coming and this is why the nexus has been delayed

  • Des Moines Iowa is on 3G right now…was down to 1X earlier. Rezound

  • DM

    droid razr just lost 4g in orlando

  • Henry Gomes

    My 4G LTE works…..

  • jimbob

    4G looks down here in the Twin Cities on my TB.

  • Dammon Burden

    I’m in downtown… none for me.. 🙁

  • j120

    Stuck on 1X for the past hour or two…Tbolt in St. Louis

  • Ed Cerqueira

    Droid Bionic, 4g out in the Bronx since last night, I thought it was somehow just the rainy weather, guess not.

  • John Landgrave

    Charge: No data at all Louisville, KY

  • Lifebeginsfriday

    4g and 3g just dropped out on Bionic and Xoom… I’m in VA.

  • windexh8er

    No data service at all in Minneapolis, MN.

  • Sayer Crompton

    Just got off the phone with Verizon, they said nation-wide 4g outage.

  • I doubt this is the reason for the delay. That would imply that Verizon is expecting the outage to last for days, and how long do these things usually last? A few hours?

    I hope you’re right tho.

  • Justin Kos

    im on 1X, first time my rezound  has had 1X since i got it

  • Taylor

    htc rezound no 4g new york city

  • Ebourlet

    In Tacoma ,WA no 4G or 3G at this moment on 2 different Bionics.

  • P H

    Switching from 1x to no data in Minneapolis

  • Aaron G

    Goes back to the thought that you don’t put something out until you test the hell out of it.  That includes putting more and more markets on 4g when it isn’t solid yet.  Fix the problem then expand.  Same goes with the 4g phones, I have had the T-Bolt and Bionic and from what I have heard and read about, the Revolution and Razr all have data handoff issues.  Fix the data then put new phones out!  What good is that shiny new car if it will only drive a few miles and then quit, then drive a few more and quit!

  • Anonymous

    I’ve got 4G here in Cincinnati.

    • Anonymous

      Same on a Thunderbolt

    • Anonymous

      Not me, Thunderbolt, on 1x in Cincinnati

      • Asd

        Tbolts in Cinci represent!

    • Anonymous

      Whats strange is my Bionic still has LTE but my coworker in the very same office not even 3 feet away has been dumped down to 3G all day on his Thunderbolt. Still have LTE as of now…

      • HyrdoPyro

        From what VZW told me on the support call… this is effecting a lot of devices, but not all of them.  They are seeing what you stated…. out of 10 phones, 3-5 are dead and the others still working

  • Anonymous

    I’m connected to 4G in NYC

  • john monsalve

    read this and then looked at my phone…..was on 4G 20mins ago now down to 1X and im in the middle of a 4G area…:(

  • NO4G

    No 4G in North Alabama. I do have a Bionic though, so you never know… it could just be the phone.

  • GCurry

    OG Droid, CM7.1, basic apps, working fine here on 3G.  😉

  • Austinljones

    I’m on some sweet stinky 1x with my Rezound in Cincinnati.

  • Ondrejka2002

    Have a Droid bionic and with in the last hour I have no data 3g or 4g live in Milwaukee WI

  • Chris G

    It is not effecting me.  See I am trying to get a Galaxy Nexus and F’ing VZ won’t give it to me.

    So no outage exists on this front.

  • tjmonkey15

    No 4G. 

    Oh wait, that’s because I have Droid X.

  • Anonymous

    Xoom Fourgees down in Orlando.

  • Anonymous

    Tbolt – 4g is ON in nj 

  • AnthonyC.

    I can confirm in the east coast (Boston, MA) that LTE is down. I was getting the same message about my sim card last night and I called Verizon this morning and tech support confirmed the outage. Told me to use 3g for now.

  • Dammon Burden

    Thunderbolt, Phoenix, No 4G data (with on/off of 1X)

  • Anonymous

    my guess is that this is the reason verizon pushed back the release date of the galaxy nexus. they want to “ensure a the best user experience” and until they know what’s going on they won’t pull the trigger or a new device. hopefully they have smarter people in their it department than in their enterprise device department. 

  • Jbrez2468

    razr has it xoom is out ?????grandrapids mi

  • Cmubwanel

    I just got a voicemail from Big Red, from the gentleman whom I spoke to yesterday about the SIM issue, and he warned me that the new SIM card which should be arriving shortly, may not fix the problem…actually it likely won’t, as the problem seems to be a network issue.  He, however, gave me an area, the Northeast, as what is being affected.

  • Bryan schultze

    I just took out my sim card and waited 30 seconds and then stuck it back in and that seemed to fix the issue! At least temporarily!

  • Mrtrlee

    HTC Rezound no 4g service in Austin, Texas.

  • No 4G here in the Twin Cities MN Confirmed on 6 different 4g phones
    0235 CST

  • Cjhpurchasing

    08873 Somerset NJ 4G is down.

  • SIM Card Verification Error on my XOOM, so it’s stuck on 3G. My phone works fine though. 

  • Anonymous

    EPIC FAIL! Verizon is on a roll.

  • Down here in Indianapolis. VZW claims they’re aware of the issue and are working on it.

  • Anonymous

    i have 4g in dallas on my bionic

  • Lincoln, NE – No 4G, actually lost 3g for a bit.

  • Anonymous

    4G rocking in Syracuse

  • My Rezound is stuck on 1X.  I’m in Chicago.

  • Bboyairwreck

    4g on bionic in Seattle working fine

  • Anonymous

    Been without 4G coverage in Baltimore since last night.

  • BULL3T

    so how many 4g outages is this again? Big Red needs to step up there game or they may lose customers

  • Earl Echols

    No data, Thunderbolt running Vicious Miui –  San Diego, CA

  • gregwilliams

    OMG the Nexus is such a powerful beast it’s sucking up all the LTE bandwidth!

  • 4G Dallas, tx

  • Wolverines9797

    Thunderbolt working just fine in 4g…detroit burbs

  • No date AT ALL. chicago

  • Anonymous

    xoom in charleston is intermittently going from no service to 4g to 3g…

  • Anonymous

    4G up and ablaze in Philly. No issues.

  • Mpneo

    Clearwater, FL 

    It went from 4G to 3g to nothing at all!!!

    Verizon is definitively struggling with something

    • Lifebeginsfriday

      That’s exactly what I notice here in Richmond, VA

  • jtdfan

    Indianapolis seems to be down as well.

  • 4G LTE  is fine in Chicago 🙂 

  • 4G still live in Huntsville AL

  • jnt

    Rezound owners can do the same thing Tbolt owners could do – ##778# > edit mode > 000000 > modem settings > Rev. A > Enable – to switch from eHRPD to evdo, reboot, and pure 3G should come back.  Once network is back up you’ll likely want to switch back, though, as the 3G/4G handoff will be uber slow without eHRPD.  

  • Anonymous

    4G working just fine in St. Louis.

  • NT

    No LTE or 3G on my Charge, just started happening. Chicago here.

  • Poker_vol

    Had 4g until an hour ago, now out in Knoxville, TN.

  • sam

    No 4g Wilmington Delaware

  • Dshudson

    I’m in Boston blazin 4G, must be those shitty rural area’s “ya’ll” live in 😉

    • OG Droid

      Well I’m glad “you’s guys” have 4G. I’m going to go down by the shore and have a pie.

  • Koroz

    Auburn WA TBolt running the Infected sense 3.5 rom 4g is up and available

  • Faust’s Lament

    my phone was perfectly fine — then i read this post — now everything is down — no 4g, no 3g, no 1x….radio silence…….faaaaaaaack

    • Anonymous

      Hey the same thing happened to me…

    • I had my 3G go down last night, put it on airplane mode then reboot and you should be good.

      • Anonymous

        nice, i tried that and now went from having soild 3g down to 1x……..  🙁
        4g to 3g to squat……

        • lol, not gonna let my phone turn off today then

  • Anonymous

    I’d have to have a galaxy nexus to find out. So it’s 1X until it’s released.

  • Anonymous

    4G in NC

  • STiK

    Verizons response “Quit posting erroneous launch dates and we will flip the LTE switch back on.”

    • If they would quit telling their employees, managers, vendors, VPs, and indirect stores to prepare for these dates, then maybe we would. 😛

      • Jason Purp

        I read on the Phandroid forums that the higher-ups at Verizon were pissed off that the media was basically confirming the December 9th date, since they wanted the release to be silent. They realized how much info they put into everything, and that’s why it now says a date is coming soon on that thingy.

        This was the father of a son who works at tech support for Verizon.

        • Chris G

          Isn’t that the father to a sister of a thought?

        • Anonymous

          Really doubt they are going to push a release because their feelings are hurt.

          • Maybe they are just pulling the date and telling everyone that it’s not happening on Friday and will then announce Friday morning that it’s happening Friday morning. Trying to throw everyone off? 😛

          • Jason Purp

            That’s what the guy said. He still thinks it’s coming out on Friday, they’re just trying to make everyone think it isn’t, as if that’ll slow down sales at all.

            I honestly don’t think it makes much sense for them to delay this phone. Wouldn’t that be like stopping the sales of all 4G phones Verizon has to offer, just because not every location has 4G? That might be a bad comparison, but either way, I can’t think of a real reason for the launch to be delayed.

            This entire thing is so pathetic.

          • Tazkven

            I called Maybe an hour ago to check pricing on getting a second line for the Nexus, The lady I spoke with instead offered me an early upgrade to the nexus and tried to put it thru, she said that because its not being released til friday she couldnt do it … I never mentioned the rumored release date, just told her I wanted to check pricing on a second line for the release of the Nexus …

          • TROLOLOL

            cool story, bro.

          • Jason Purp

            You’re lucky you were gonna get an upgrade so early. Normally I have to call Verizon a good 5 times until they do that for me.

          • Tazkven

            I bet I go thru hell trying to get it again. I dont believe she changed my actual upgrade date which is like 2-13, lol. After she told me she couldnt do it til it was released on Friday, I asked if I could go to a Corp. store and get the upgrade when its released instead of mailing it and she said no, we can only do it this way. Looking back I should had asked for her ext. number or email addy, lol

          • Anonymous

            Much like anyone else, they get the sale registered to them. hence why it can ‘only be done that way’. It’s nonsense. You can go in the store, they can call channel support and they will get it pushed forward while you are in-store.

          • Anonymous

            I’ve spoken to multiple Verizon sales people. They always say the same thing: “We only know what you know.” They are VERY well aware of the leaks on the internet and so usually that’s their only source of information until a higher up sends an email.

            Basically, the woman was saying the 9th because she read it on the internet as the 9th, just like the rest of us.

          •  Half the time I know more then the reps at the stores in my area that and the tech I had to speak to yesterday at didnt even know how to use a tablet properly and was also downloading apps on my tablet to see if the connection was working.

          • Anonymous

            Well I hope that is the case. Regardless it doesn’t matter as I have one on hold (not that I expect them to sell out) at my local store whatever day they wind up coming out.  At this point I have such Nexus fatigue I’ve actually started to not care.

          • Anonymous

            The 9th is still not entirely out of the question for VZ retail.

          • OG Droid

            Pre-order maybe? Then shipping/release the following week?

          • Anonymous

            I thought we were getting reports that they were already arriving in stores.

          • Fattie McDoogles

            …when you wish upon a star…

          • Steve Stauder

            Kellex,How much of a difference do you see between the RAZR and the G-Nex in a screen comparison?

          • Bythebayou516

            I honestly think that’s what they are doing. At least I’m crossing my fingers in hopes that they do.

          • Clb10340

            date is officially pushed to the 13th. I can vouch for that as a employee

        • Silent release eh? Verizon is really backing this device.

        • bigrob60

          Or your sister’s, husband’s, brother’s, cousin.

          • Matt

            Your Father’s Brother’s Nephew’s Cousin’s former Roommate!

          • Simone

            My best friend’s brother’s sister, knows this guy, who is seeing this girl, who saw the Galaxy Nexus at 31 flavors last night! So iI guess it’s pretty serious.

          • Anonymous

            it’s a sad state of affairs when Spaceballs gets recognized, but Ferris Bueller is ignored.

          • OreoMan

            What does that make is then? Absolutely nothing!

          • OreoMan

            That should read, “us then”, not “is then”!

          • Anonymous

            Nice Spaceballs reference. I see your Schwartz is as big as mine!

          • bigrob60

            So what does that make us?

        • LOL, if that is the case, hilarious.  and phandroid forum is to active for me to even spot such things.

        • Anonymous

          I find it hard to believe some guy who works in tech support would have any idea what the higher ups at Verizon are saying.    

          That being said I still hope your right.

        • mm77

          they are in no way evar going to get a silent release with a hype beast. they might as well profit from it.

          but meh. still got. if they delayed it for the outage i am…well okay with that i guess. i just get to wait a couple more days past my update. even if i am eating a ice cream sandwich a day since the preview in hong kong or where ever in october.

          • Christopher Riner

            hah, yeah my freezer has been stocked with mini ice cream sandwiches for over a month now.  For some reason, it helps juuuuuuuust a little bit

          • Megfourfun

            know what you mean…freezer is stocked after wasting my time losing the twitter googlenexus deliciousness contest =.=

        • Nick

          my sisters brothers dogs cousins owner who is friends with the second cousin of a verizon workers uncle says he thought it was still the Galaxy Prime..

        • Lifebeginsfriday

          Just my opinion… its not a “Droid”! VZW will not push this phonw as hard as the otgers. It would take sales away from their flagship lineup..

        • Anonymous

          What does this have to do with this topic?

          • Jason Purp

            Kellen brought up the subject of changing around dates, which was obviously referring to the Nexus.

      • Anonymous

        trick is don’t reboot your phone. I had to for something, and now data is gone.It’s been fine till I did that. doh.

        • yeah mine has no service whatsoever like no calles or nothing ……needless to say im not exactly pleased

          • Anonymous

            SMS is also getting noticably delayed.

          • Calmm1

            Wifi only connection I have on tbolt in Houston area.

          • Rob

            Me too, Houston TX

        • Anonymous

          Yeah, I had flakes flawless 3g coverage all day till I read this blog and tested out my 4g…. now neither work >:|

      • Anonymous

        Just called *611 and they have an automated message about the outage.

      • William Generette

        So does this mean they’re going to stop selling all Verizon 4G phones until this is resolved? Or are they just blacklisting the GNex? Simply ridicuolous.

      • Anonymous

        They did that to smoke out the moles to get rid of them and knew you would post it right away

  • Drippy18

    I have the xoom. Im just an hour north of Tampa Fl…no 4g here but 3g has been on and off for the past 4 hours..droid 3 is working just fine…I have 3g ….strange..its a mystery….

  • JDub

    Ok so far in Phoenix.

  • PRTaz3

    No 4G since yesterday around 4pm here in NYC. Droid Razr

  • i still have the OG Droid … this is awkward

    • Seriously. Just looked at my poor OG and felt the need to comfort it and remind it how well it has served me these past two years.

      • Anonymous

        I would have done that for mine too provided it hadn’t imploded. 

      • Goldy

        I tried comforting it and then it just froze and refused to speak to me. Back to daydreaming about the GN

      • My OG Droid gave up three weeks ago.. Waiting for the G/N, have a Cricket prepay in the meantime.. Loved my Droid. FOR THE LOVE OF GOD.. Bring the G/N to my corp store that is two minutes from my house..

    • Anonymous

      E-A-G-L-E-S EAGLES!

      • Anonymous

        I am a huge Eagles fan but this season is a disgrace.  We have a receiver who is afraid to get hit.  Our linebackers look like they are lost on the field and can’t fill a hole to save their life.  Corners can’t tackle.  Safeties might as well stay on the bench. Reid couldn’t coach his way out of a ziplock sandwich bag and he hired an under experienced moron to run the defense. On top of that we pay a quarterback 100 mil to ride the bench because our Howard Mudd midget offensive line can’t protect him…. They should just lose out so we get a decent draft pick.

        • Anonymous

          What a sad season, I have never seen a softer defense in Philadelphia.  People afraid to tackle and SOFT linebackers.  Andy needs to go, he never drafts defensive players and doesn’t take that side of the ball seriously.  If you need a good laugh turn on WIP to hear some people complain.

          • TROLOLOL


          • r8rs

            Most of all, your qb is completely over rated and has never proven to be a leader on the field, it also doesn’t help that he gets hurt every season either. Do you really feel that he’s been worthy of two $100 million contracts? The eagles would have much more success with a conventional style qb, like say matt barkley.

          • OG Droid

            Your are spot on; I never wanted Vick in the first place.

          • OG Droid

            Best way to explain the D is this. The D lost its heart when Jim passed and lost its soul when B-Dawk left……..

        • OG Droid

          Dont get me started on that damn team. I knew bad things were going to happen when Juan was the D-coordinator. They better fire his ass as soon as the last game ends. Just seeing his face on tv pisses me off

    • Anonymous

      mine’s in a drawer laughing at me..

    • Ortizchief

      buy a new one, that one is 2 years old

  • RaptorOO7

    If there are issues, then this would explain the delay.  Perhaps they cannot activate 4G devices everywhere.

  • Havok702

    My razrs 4g or 3g isn’t working i’m in Las Vegas

    • Barbacoa

      Reboot youll be fine 

      • Guest

        LIAR!!!!!!!!!  lol, just tried three times with battery pull and no go.

        • Nick S

          …battery pull?

          Sounds like you have bigger problems.

          • Guest

            You think I have bigger problems because I pulled my battery?  Seriously?

            When I get stuck on 1x for over an hour, I am willing to try anything to right the wrongs of the world.

          • Jordan

            likely because you pulled your battery in a topic about RAZR’s

          • Guest

            I suppose that could have been his reasoning….although I was under the impression that this topic was about an LTE outage nationwide, not just about 1 phone.

          • Nick S

            Yep, I thought you were referring to a RAZR phone. Sorry.

            Gosh, everyone’s so hostile on here these days!

        • Barbacoa

          Sorry that was working here now Im out too….

        • gregwilliams

          pull out the LTE radio and put it back in, that’ll fix it….by the time you get that done I’m sure Verizon will have fixed it

          • SteveTango

            Nope, didn’t work…thought of that right away. Try again.

          • gregwilliams

            holy frijoles senor you must be speedy gonzales

        • Anonymous

          You pulled the battery out of the RAZR? 

          Well theirs ur problem right thur! Damn ‘coon in ur radiator!

    • Angryunibrow

      I’m in Las Vegas also, my Thunderbolt is stuck on 1x. No 4G or 3G, reboot and battery pull.
      1x only

  • Delwyn77

    DC Metro Area…….No LTE

    • Anonymous


    • Tj1davis

      Same here, just happened… 2nd time in 2 weeks. WTH?

  • Is this why they’re not giving me my nexus on Friday?

  • unhappy razr

    My 4g has just went out in Michigan! Showing sim card error. 3:28 PM est. Hope they get this fixed soon!!!

    • Dude

      The 4G on my Bionic is fine in the Metro Detroit area..

  • DrewChooTrain

    Was just on the phone with VZW when my wife’s Stratosphere went out. They said 4G warning across the nation but not everyone. She’s near Chicago.

    • DrewChooTrain

      My Bionic is fine

      • Anonymous

        Mine works just fine too.

  • Anonymous

    Droid RAZR, NO 4G LTE in Albany, NY as of 3:30 EST

  • Chase Maag

    NO 4G LTE because my first 4G phone hasn’t been released and keeps getting pushed back like a new droid bionic … 

  • g85sy13

    good down here in FL, still have 4G

  • Famouzstarzz

    4g live in abq, nm

  • 4G just fine. Baltimore, MD (Thunderbolt CM7)

  • Still no 3G on this damn Droid X.
    2 years of this now!

  • dreamline

    no 4g lte forme

  • RonMexico

    Bionic LTE out too

  • Barbacoa

    Yes indeed there is an issue with 4g now. However if you power cycle the phone it seems to correct itself. 

  • Im Out Bionic in NJ///NM im Good

  • 4G working fine here in Kansas City

  • Rob Allen

    Still on 4g with my Bionic – Washington, DC

  • This seems to happen a lot, LTE must be less reliable than CDMA

    • Barbacoa

      Its not that its less stable per-say. The problem is they keep working to expand coverage, and when they monkey with the network things happen 

  • GNex

    No 4G LTE here in Toledo, OH. or, as I like to call it, Detroit’s toilet.

    • Logan Anteau

      Lol I’m in Toledo too. My Rezound only has 1X right now on my desk (after I disconnected from our wifi). But I usually don’t get 4G in my office anyways.

  • Anonymous

    No 4g in Ann Arbor, MI.

  • No data internet on Xoom!

  • Anonymous

    Yep, it’s happening on my rented Razr as we speak. 

    • Anonymous

      Same here in Baltimore/DC area.  I haven’t had 4G since noon yesterday.  It actually pops up for about 30 sec after a reboot, but I think Verizon is resetting the network right about now.

  • Rmerchant786

    Droid bionic fine in New Haven, Connecticut

  • Kdcroswell

    No 4G on thunderbolt . Cincinnati Ohio

  • I don’t have a LTE phone yet (GNex for life?), but what I do know is that Verizon needs to get their life together…this is a mess.  RAZR issues, GNex issues, LTE outages, get it together.

  • Zero1259

    No 4G in Beaverton, OR. Had 3G for a second and it was suuuuuper slow. now just 1x.

  • Anonymous

    4G working fine in CT

  • SplashMTN

    I don’t have 4G or 3G on my Droid Razr right now. It just happened about an hour ago. 

  • yodatom10

    no 4g rochester ny tbolt

  • steelyphil

    my droid bionic is stuck on 1x in chicago

    • Anonymous

      Sim Card Error on the Razr in Chicago

  • Lte has been rock solid on my Rezound since I have gotten it. Its up and running great in Baltimore.

  • jesse reich

    No 4G LTE in Arlington, VA Bionic – happened about 15 mins ago but 3g was still working

  • Ksamp

    none in chicago

  • Bionic 4G LTE Working

  • Anonymous

    Yep. Despite the fact that I am in a 3G-only area, my 4G Xoom is giving the SIM auth error. 

  • I have no 3G or 4G on my bionic in SE Mich

  • Here in SoCal (Temecula) I am in 3g on my MiFi where I am normally 4G!

  • Jon VT

    No 4G in Blacksburg, VA


    Jersey reporting in.

    4g is working fine here in New Brunswick

    • Ron Perlman’s Jaw

      Working in Ewing, NJ.

  • Mpw3000

    4G out for me : T-bolt in San Diego

  • Illegitimi non Carborundum

    Not impacting my Bionic…

  • Ericmarkwilliams

    Phoenix: No data Rezound and Xoom

  • I have it. Newark, NJ.

  • Anonymous

    LTE is strong in Cleveland all day

  • 4G in Northern California

  • K_dahlstrom

    I am out here in the Bay Area of California.

    • VDubFast

      No 3G or LTE – San Rafael.  On 1x with Razr.  No data at all with 4G aircard.

  • Anonymous

    4G is on strike til the GN gets release

    • Anonymous

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    • @readers:disqus my best friend’s aunt makes $87 an hour on the computer. and last month her pay was $7299 , she is one of many  learned Kelly Richard’s methods in “Online income solutions”… View More

    • Christopher Riner

      UPDATE: Data is back up and running! Everythings status quo (the status before 4g went out) back in western Virginia.  4g and everything

      • Still out in eastern VA. Tried rebooting my phone twice.

      • Is Verizon just making the release date official to employees until they sure their LTE network is working? Could the date possibly return to friday?

  • BJ P.

    my droid bionic is fine – new york, NY

  • Delwyn77

    Just called VZ to complain about my phone, hotspot and tablet not having 4G….Got a $10 credit, not much, but worth the 5 minute call.

  • Anonymous

    No LTE (HTC Rezound)

  • fritzsean

    Mine has been off and on here in Omaha, NE as well with my Thunderbolt

  • Anonymous

    MY Droid Razr has 4GLTE and is working perfectly.

  • paul

    Thunderbolt in Needham, MA – unable to get 4G in a well covered 4G area.

  • NOThelegendofDROID


    • Anonymous


    • Dan Letsch

      First to be a douch?

      • Dillan Shives


  • I have mine disabled on purpose on my Thunderbolt, fracking P.O.S. phone.

  • kevin

    I have 4G in Northern NJ

  • Bchriafall3

    Maybe why the GN is being delayed?!!?!?!

  • Tboltuser

    1x mostly, maybe a hint of 3G here and there in Cincinnati.  Noticed it around Noon eastern.

  • Anonymous

    All good in Pittsburgh

  • Ericmarkwilliams

    Phoenix: Rezound and Xoom no data