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Checked Your Verizon Account Lately? You May Have an Earlier Than Expected Upgrade Date

First, you may want to check your Verizon account to see what the status is on your upgrade date. The middle account of mine above previously had a much later, like 2012 date and is now showing as December 29. And I’m not the only one seeing this change. A reader tipped us to his account that has now been switched to 12/19, yet he bought the DROID Bionic on the 2nd day it was out back in September.

I’d say Big Red wants to make a big end of the year push to get you into one of their new top tier phones like the Rezound (review), RAZR (review) or Galaxy Nexus (whenever it comes out).

And second, ignore the “Samsung SCH-a950.” I use that as a placeholder while I swap out phones and have nothing better to put there. 🙂

Cheers Matt!

  • Matthew McCallon

    Mine still says the original date in August of 2012 but states I can upgrade now at the discounted price.  Just upgraded last December and both lines have smartphones.

  • Anonymous

    seriously contemplating the nexus now…

  • Anonymous

    just checked my account… i’m eligible for upgrade 4/09/10, while my wife’s line isn’t until 8/22/12… 
    funny thing is we both upgraded for Christmas last year…

  • Davros

    Just realized I have 3 updates available on my family plan. Helllooo Nexus 🙂

  • Michael Martin

    🙁 I am still a year away, got the tbolt say of release and my upgrade says 11/17/12…….guess I need to wait for a quad core, oh well

  • Michael Tollon

    Mine wasn’t changed but it showed the 2 ye upgrade prices….made no sense

  • they’re moving up dates on dumb phones to get rid of them.. like T-Mobile did a while back.

  • Anonymous

    I upgraded by using my wife’s line back in June. That line is still showing upgrade date of 2/19/13. Was kind of excited that it could bumped up so I could get her a new phone… her’s is starting to crap out.

  • I bought the D2 at launch, still only seeing the same slightly earlier than original upgrade date of 4/12/12. I’m in no big rush to upgrade, so I don’t care.

  • Stangerdude

    Yay 12/29 for me too on a T-Bolt

  • Anonymous

    Mine isn’t and I have it in January.

  • It was weird how i found this, but wish it was this week not the 19th 🙁 I want a nexus NOW, my Bionics headphone jack annoys me.

  • Jose Guitian

    i got my D3 in august. brand new customer and my date still says 2013. i really want the nexus but im adding a line anyways so id take an upgrade to the D4. i guess im not that lucky.

  • Loubernocco91

    nothing new for me, still showing 8/12

  • Nealbakewell

    No luv for me either……

  • Mine got pushed up a few months earlier than before, but still too far off.  I will be taking my wife’s upgrade for the GNex and giving her my Bionic.  Then I will have to wait 17 months for the next big thing, which will no doubt be delayed by Verizon until month # 20.

  • Anonymous

    I have an early upgrade for my D2, but they also say I can get an additional discount if I wait till my actual date, which is in April I think. Not sure what they mean by this though :s

    • Anonymous

      Sounds like my situation… in my case it is b/c I still have one “New Every Two” upgrade available. Under the old plan the primary line could upgrade every year at the new contract price or wait the two years (technically a few months less than two years) and get an extra discount. Since I still have one NET upgrade left, I can upgrade now at new contract price or wait until April to get additional savings.

      Perhaps this is what’s happening for yours too?

  • JT

    Like Kellex, my upgrade date moved up.
    Also, like Kellex, it says I can upgrade at FULL PRICE…


  • Nothing here…

  • Anonymous

    I call bull. I got the Droid X the first day it came out and I still have to wait till 3/12 for a full discount.

    • PleasantlyGullible

      Yep, 3/16/12 on my DX as well.