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Verizon’s Equipment Guide Updated, Galaxy Nexus Release Date of December 9 is “Official”

Yep, there you go. Just like we said last Friday.

Rest of the official specs below. 

Cheers __!

  • …..and i stopped caring.

  • Ok….so I’ve never in my life commented on one of these posts but given all of the speculation I thought I would share what I learned today.  
    I was in a VZW store in Michigan (Farmington Hills) and was asking about the Nexus.  During my conversation with the assistant manager, a woman walked over and HANDED ME her Nexus (complete with VZW branding and all) saying “Is this what you want to see”.  It turns out that she is the Samsung rep for that particular district and just happened to be at the store demonstrating the phone to the store manager, who was going to be the store “expert” on the phone.  It was fully functional (fast as hell) and she let me play with it.  She would NOT let me take any pictures (actually grabbed it back out of my hands when I tried).  She DID confirm that it will be released on friday 12/9.  

    Obviously, I too am skeptical that this is accurate but for three things.  She actually HAD the phone in her hand, the manager of the store confirmed that “if she says friday….then its friday”, and the manager of the store confirmed that she had just been delivered today 15 large boxes with specific instructions to not open, inspect, or inventory the contents until instructed to do so by corporate on thursday.  So…..take that for what its worth….but after having the darn thing in my hand….I’m a believer.  Good luck all!tmljunkmail

    • they had a demo model at costco in Canada, I touched it a bit and watched a video or two, no pics sorry

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  • Anonymous

    i remember waiting forever for the new radio shack bag phone to come out that i could plug into my volvo. does anyone know when the sequel for that will be released? im considering upgrading

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  • rsone

    If correct then VZW in store employees are really on a need to know basis only. Stopped into my local store on way home. Rep hadn’t seen the phone, couldn’t see any on the way, and there has been no training. She DID say that sometimes training occurs — and phones ship out — as late as the day before. Or, could start out as web only.

  • Give me a break Kellen, you guessed every. single. day. in December.

  • Matthew Morrison

    YES! that was sooooo much fun!! i cant wait to do this all over again with the next NEXUS device not too long from now.and the next one…. and the next one… and the next one… and the next : )

  • Christopher Riner


    They were probaly like, “well, shit, everyone pretty much knows anyways so go ahead and put the new shit up”.

  • Ok guys take this as you will. I called my local corporate store today after seeing this and tried to confirm. They gave me the regular, “no sir, I’m sorry we don’t have any information about that device. Have you tried signing up for updates on our webpage?” So I hung up and called good ol *611. Talked to a rep and she did confirm that the Galaxy Nexus will be available in stores on Friday December 9th, 2011. I laughed and said finally! I asked about preorders and she didn’t have any information about preorders. My guess is this phone will be available in stores and online on Friday with no preorders. If you don’t believe me call *611 from your Verizon device and see for yourself! 

    • Bbrutcher

      got the same information from the vzw rep i talked to last night but this one confirmed no preorders.  i asked him if he could just go ahead and put the order in for me since we were already on the phone and he said no the computer won’t let me do anything with this phone till friday!

  • Adsfadf

    I’m taking like a month break from droid-life once this phone comes out. I dont know what I’m going to do with all of my extra time honestly. 

    • tjmonkey15

      Oh don’t lie to yourself.  About the Droid-Life part, not the free time.

  • Timfantry

    So is there going to be pre-orders?

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  • dizter

    Not happening….Moved up to the 15th. 

  • Anonymous

    usage time up to 12 hours.. using is on lowest possible brightness for 5-10txt the whole day??

  • none

    Wow this thing is going for $759 unlocked on Amazon. Thats crazy. Makes me think about about a two year contract, until I realize hopefully VZW will “man up” and bring the new nexus out sometime next year. its like $63 something a month for a year. If it doesn’t it pays to have the peace of mind to drop VZW if they fumble this investment.

  • Mhultim

    Thats funny I just checked with the huge verizon store in my local mall , And they said they haven’t heard anything

  • Ldakota66

    Wow, it’s about time!

  • Just got home from my local Authorized Retailer. I asked him about the Friday release of the G-NEX, he went to his computer and said his shipment was currently on its way, with a grand total of 4 phones. They will be arriving tomorrow and will go up for sale Friday morning. He had not even gotten his demo kit yet. Very low key.

  • djjsin

    I love it.  I just called up verizon.  Though they DID confirm that they are releasing the device on the 9th.  They said no pre orders…wtf is that?!

    • djjsin

      the other thing i want to know.  I signed up for email alerts for this device on the Samsung Site, the Google Site, and the Verizon site.  Not ONE has sent out an email.  Come on guys….

  • Had the opportunity to play with the Gnex today. ICS OS is amazing but the phone is laggy compared to the SG2 :(. I hope that there’s an update on the way. I had real high hopes for this phone. Now I dont know. May roll with the razr. IDK

  • Anonymous

    No SVDO? =(

  • Jmaster674

    Verizon store said its “definitely” coming out Friday!

  • Debits and credits

    This thing should wont be sold out in a day will it? 

    I hope not, I have to be at a client’s all day Friday – I probably wont have time to duck out and grab this thing until 4:30.

    Anybody have any thoughts on this?

    • theraskell

      good luck dude!

  • Da6me6in6

    Wait minute what about those two sites that asked for your email for “Verizon Galaxy Nexus” updates..the same sight that the @VZWSupport Twitter account keeps referring people to when they ask about it…Wheres the F’n email, what was the purpose of filling dat $hit out

    • Anonymous

      I’m sure we will get an email before Friday. We knew VZW was gonna be hush hush about it. I wouldn’t be surprised if they actually didn’t announce it untill the day it is actually release. (Friday)

  • I’m late, but OMG SO EXCITED! Luckily I’ve been telling work all week, the phone will come out on the 9th or I’ll go nuts AND I’m def leaving and coming back to buy it when stores open. lol

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  • Anonymous

    According to the Specs above..it says it requires a $g Micro SIM card (which we all know) but it is NOT listed as included with the device at the bottom….
    Are we gonna need to buy the 4G SIM card separately…???
    Also, there is NO mention in the Specs about NFC at all….I would think that WOULD be listed…NO????
    FOR REAL???/

    • lmao yeah you’re going to have to buy a SIM card……. lets be serious here for a second and think about what you just asked. what would they charge 25 cents?

  • Well that’s kinda depressing… seems to be the only news regarding the GNex is the 32gb $299 version.  I was kind of hoping there would be mention of the supposed 16gb $199 version, or was that SKU completely scrapped?

    • if you can’t dish out 300 for it then you don’t deserve a smartphone like this…. bottom line

      • Never said I couldn’t dish out the 300; if the 32gb SKU is really the only way to go then so be it, in the states of course.  All I’m saying is that storage capacity options would’ve been nice.

      • Anonymous

        I’ll be purchasing the 32gb – frankly I wish there was a 64gb! I have lots of music and I like it WITH me, not in the ‘Cloud.’

        But…a lower price point (16gb) phone might mean greater adoption, and thus a more popular phone.

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  • Anonymous

    Even though there is a ton of evidence that points to a Friday release of this phone…I still will be watching my Gmail inbox like a hawk for that one verification that I can count on: A pre-order email from Verizon themselves.

    • Anonymous

      No pre-order…we will probably just get an email saying its on sale. Wouldn’t be surprised if it was the actual day it does go on sale that we get notification. Or they could just be waiting for confirmation that all stores have received their units before they make it “official”.

  • Anonymous

    Don’t need this phone…I’ll wait for CES 2012 to see the new quad core mobile phones ; D

  • bob

    welp just returned my rezound today after reading this since it was the last of my 14 days. cant wait to get this friday now.

    • NOOOOO! The return policy was extended to Jan. 15th! You didn’t have to return it today. Verizon didn’t mention it and try to talk you into keeping it?  

      Good thing you don’t have long to wait. 

  • Yellowcanary73

    May just add a line to get this phone and pay the $150 cancellation fee on another line.Tired of pulling the battery everyday and doing hard resets weekly with only 7 or 8 apps added.

  • So is this online and stores?

  • Stating El Obvious

    haha did Kellex really try the “just like we said crap?”  Come on, son.