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Verizon’s Equipment Guide Updated, Galaxy Nexus Release Date of December 9 is “Official”

Yep, there you go. Just like we said last Friday.

Rest of the official specs below. 

Cheers __!

  • …..and i stopped caring.

  • Ok….so I’ve never in my life commented on one of these posts but given all of the speculation I thought I would share what I learned today.  
    I was in a VZW store in Michigan (Farmington Hills) and was asking about the Nexus.  During my conversation with the assistant manager, a woman walked over and HANDED ME her Nexus (complete with VZW branding and all) saying “Is this what you want to see”.  It turns out that she is the Samsung rep for that particular district and just happened to be at the store demonstrating the phone to the store manager, who was going to be the store “expert” on the phone.  It was fully functional (fast as hell) and she let me play with it.  She would NOT let me take any pictures (actually grabbed it back out of my hands when I tried).  She DID confirm that it will be released on friday 12/9.  

    Obviously, I too am skeptical that this is accurate but for three things.  She actually HAD the phone in her hand, the manager of the store confirmed that “if she says friday….then its friday”, and the manager of the store confirmed that she had just been delivered today 15 large boxes with specific instructions to not open, inspect, or inventory the contents until instructed to do so by corporate on thursday.  So…..take that for what its worth….but after having the darn thing in my hand….I’m a believer.  Good luck all!tmljunkmail

    • they had a demo model at costco in Canada, I touched it a bit and watched a video or two, no pics sorry

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    i remember waiting forever for the new radio shack bag phone to come out that i could plug into my volvo. does anyone know when the sequel for that will be released? im considering upgrading

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous


  • rsone

    If correct then VZW in store employees are really on a need to know basis only. Stopped into my local store on way home. Rep hadn’t seen the phone, couldn’t see any on the way, and there has been no training. She DID say that sometimes training occurs — and phones ship out — as late as the day before. Or, could start out as web only.

  • Give me a break Kellen, you guessed every. single. day. in December.

  • Matthew Morrison

    YES! that was sooooo much fun!! i cant wait to do this all over again with the next NEXUS device not too long from now.and the next one…. and the next one… and the next one… and the next : )

  • Christopher Riner


    They were probaly like, “well, shit, everyone pretty much knows anyways so go ahead and put the new shit up”.

  • Ok guys take this as you will. I called my local corporate store today after seeing this and tried to confirm. They gave me the regular, “no sir, I’m sorry we don’t have any information about that device. Have you tried signing up for updates on our webpage?” So I hung up and called good ol *611. Talked to a rep and she did confirm that the Galaxy Nexus will be available in stores on Friday December 9th, 2011. I laughed and said finally! I asked about preorders and she didn’t have any information about preorders. My guess is this phone will be available in stores and online on Friday with no preorders. If you don’t believe me call *611 from your Verizon device and see for yourself! 

    • Bbrutcher

      got the same information from the vzw rep i talked to last night but this one confirmed no preorders.  i asked him if he could just go ahead and put the order in for me since we were already on the phone and he said no the computer won’t let me do anything with this phone till friday!

  • Adsfadf

    I’m taking like a month break from droid-life once this phone comes out. I dont know what I’m going to do with all of my extra time honestly. 

    • tjmonkey15

      Oh don’t lie to yourself.  About the Droid-Life part, not the free time.

  • Timfantry

    So is there going to be pre-orders?

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous


  • dizter

    Not happening….Moved up to the 15th. 

  • Anonymous

    usage time up to 12 hours.. using is on lowest possible brightness for 5-10txt the whole day??

  • none

    Wow this thing is going for $759 unlocked on Amazon. Thats crazy. Makes me think about about a two year contract, until I realize hopefully VZW will “man up” and bring the new nexus out sometime next year. its like $63 something a month for a year. If it doesn’t it pays to have the peace of mind to drop VZW if they fumble this investment.

  • Mhultim

    Thats funny I just checked with the huge verizon store in my local mall , And they said they haven’t heard anything

  • Ldakota66

    Wow, it’s about time!

  • Just got home from my local Authorized Retailer. I asked him about the Friday release of the G-NEX, he went to his computer and said his shipment was currently on its way, with a grand total of 4 phones. They will be arriving tomorrow and will go up for sale Friday morning. He had not even gotten his demo kit yet. Very low key.

  • djjsin

    I love it.  I just called up verizon.  Though they DID confirm that they are releasing the device on the 9th.  They said no pre orders…wtf is that?!

    • djjsin

      the other thing i want to know.  I signed up for email alerts for this device on the Samsung Site, the Google Site, and the Verizon site.  Not ONE has sent out an email.  Come on guys….

  • Had the opportunity to play with the Gnex today. ICS OS is amazing but the phone is laggy compared to the SG2 :(. I hope that there’s an update on the way. I had real high hopes for this phone. Now I dont know. May roll with the razr. IDK

  • Anonymous

    No SVDO? =(

  • Jmaster674

    Verizon store said its “definitely” coming out Friday!

  • Debits and credits

    This thing should wont be sold out in a day will it? 

    I hope not, I have to be at a client’s all day Friday – I probably wont have time to duck out and grab this thing until 4:30.

    Anybody have any thoughts on this?

    • theraskell

      good luck dude!

  • Da6me6in6

    Wait minute what about those two sites that asked for your email for “Verizon Galaxy Nexus” updates..the same sight that the @VZWSupport Twitter account keeps referring people to when they ask about it…Wheres the F’n email, what was the purpose of filling dat $hit out

    • Anonymous

      I’m sure we will get an email before Friday. We knew VZW was gonna be hush hush about it. I wouldn’t be surprised if they actually didn’t announce it untill the day it is actually release. (Friday)

  • I’m late, but OMG SO EXCITED! Luckily I’ve been telling work all week, the phone will come out on the 9th or I’ll go nuts AND I’m def leaving and coming back to buy it when stores open. lol

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  • Anonymous

    According to the Specs above..it says it requires a $g Micro SIM card (which we all know) but it is NOT listed as included with the device at the bottom….
    Are we gonna need to buy the 4G SIM card separately…???
    Also, there is NO mention in the Specs about NFC at all….I would think that WOULD be listed…NO????
    FOR REAL???/

    • lmao yeah you’re going to have to buy a SIM card……. lets be serious here for a second and think about what you just asked. what would they charge 25 cents?

  • Well that’s kinda depressing… seems to be the only news regarding the GNex is the 32gb $299 version.  I was kind of hoping there would be mention of the supposed 16gb $199 version, or was that SKU completely scrapped?

    • if you can’t dish out 300 for it then you don’t deserve a smartphone like this…. bottom line

      • Never said I couldn’t dish out the 300; if the 32gb SKU is really the only way to go then so be it, in the states of course.  All I’m saying is that storage capacity options would’ve been nice.

      • Anonymous

        I’ll be purchasing the 32gb – frankly I wish there was a 64gb! I have lots of music and I like it WITH me, not in the ‘Cloud.’

        But…a lower price point (16gb) phone might mean greater adoption, and thus a more popular phone.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Even though there is a ton of evidence that points to a Friday release of this phone…I still will be watching my Gmail inbox like a hawk for that one verification that I can count on: A pre-order email from Verizon themselves.

    • Anonymous

      No pre-order…we will probably just get an email saying its on sale. Wouldn’t be surprised if it was the actual day it does go on sale that we get notification. Or they could just be waiting for confirmation that all stores have received their units before they make it “official”.

  • Anonymous

    Don’t need this phone…I’ll wait for CES 2012 to see the new quad core mobile phones ; D

  • bob

    welp just returned my rezound today after reading this since it was the last of my 14 days. cant wait to get this friday now.

    • NOOOOO! The return policy was extended to Jan. 15th! You didn’t have to return it today. Verizon didn’t mention it and try to talk you into keeping it?  

      Good thing you don’t have long to wait. 

  • Yellowcanary73

    May just add a line to get this phone and pay the $150 cancellation fee on another line.Tired of pulling the battery everyday and doing hard resets weekly with only 7 or 8 apps added.

  • So is this online and stores?

  • Stating El Obvious

    haha did Kellex really try the “just like we said crap?”  Come on, son.

  • Stu Pidassol

    The Galaxy nexus is coming out Friday? You would think they would have had some articles about it on this site. *sarcasm*

  • whoster69


  • Bionic

    What is up with all the friday releases?  Weird

  • Acemillion

    Maybe I missed it but why no 16gb version?

    • theraskell

      who cares?

      • NotoriousNeo

        Choice and lower price, duh. 

  • Bbrutcher

    just hung up fron vzw csr…confirmed the 9th to me!  asked if he could just place the order now and said nope computer won’t let me do anything with it until that day..boo!!

  • Anonymous

    i called all the stores in my area and of course no one knew iif it was coming friday.the most i got out of anyone is that they have had accessories for awhile now…i hope this is right kellen

  • Anonymous

    For those asking about how memory its 32gb…..its on the spec sheet above…..

  • DJMoney28

    Just called my local Verizon store and then called Customer Support, both of course denied knowledge of a Friday release.  Also, my upgrade isn’t due until the 27th of this month.  Both the store and customer support said the earliest I could upgrade was the 20th because the Galaxy Nexus is a 4G phone.  Was anyone else aware of that rule?

    • Moto Spark

      I upgraded early with a $20 charge to the Razr which is also a 4G phone, and returned it in 2 days due to how wide it was.

  • Anonymous


  • goodfella

    I wonder if you are able to activate Google Wallet after rooting the phone??

    • goodfella

      …not that we have any NFC enabled credit card machines around town but would be nice just to know you have it..

    • Anonymous

      Rooting won’t be enough. Wallet requires access to the “Secure Element,” so it has to be flashed on. You’ll need to unlock the bootloader for that, although at this point the only way to root is to first unlock the bootloader anyway.

  • Anonymous


  • any pre-order info?

    • Bionic

      At this point, being only 3 days away, i doubt there is a pre order at all

  • Anonymous

    Anyone know if it’s likely they’ll have an online release at 12AM? Skipping the taxes would be nice 😀

  • Mike Woods

    VerizonWireless York, PA Just called Verizonwireless 800-922-0204 and she confirmed it’s in their system for the 9th to launch. She also mentioned it would most likely be posted to their site in the morning.

    • Anonymous

      I just asked that right after you posted this haha, thank you

    • haywood

      I just called Verizon and they confirmed Friday…no pre-orders

      • goodfella

        I wonder how many each store including Best Buy keep in stock on launch dates? Just curious just in case I need to call out from work in the morning to go pick one up 🙂

        • Bionic

          They had over 300 Bionics ready so Im guessing the same number if not more

  • OH NOEZ, KELLEX! Nexus-life.com has already been taken! 🙁

    • Mike Woods

      I own gnexforums.com and gnexforum.com if you want them

      • Mike Woods

        I also own gnex-life.com

        • Nick

          I own motoactv.net @ motoactv.us. Probably not as popular as yours though 😛

  • just verified the 9th with my store, and he’s gonna set one aside just for me 🙂

    • NotoriousNeo

      We always say that. =P

      • shut up! i wanna feel special

        • Anonymous

          there’s a ‘special people club’ for that

  • Anonymous

    called my local store. on sale friday. no pre-sales. but said they think they have enough to get them through the day!

  • Mike

    Any word on Simultaneous 3g and 4g voice and data

    • Anonymous

      No SVDO, but you can do voice and data over LTE

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Wow just noticed they listed the usage time as 12 hours

  • Rob

    $30 minimum data plan required??  what about the 300MB plan (double data promo) for $10?  I’m hardly ever off wifi.  is the $30 plan required for all LTE phones?

    • NotoriousNeo

      Yes, the $30 2GB (4GB double data promo) is the bare bones minimum plan you can attach to a 4G LTE smartphone. The $20 300MB is just for 3G phones. 

      • Rob

        I’m so confused.  When i go to the website and add the RAZR (for ex) to my shopping cart and proceed to plans, it shows the 300MB plan as a clickable option.  What gives?  This $10 difference will decide which plan is cheaper for between this and ATT (after company discount)!  Gahh….

        • NotoriousNeo

          Actually, I see that now too. From what we were told, however, 4G phones required a minimum $30 data plan. They even had us switch out price cards to reflect that. But hey, if it lets you do that online go for it, but be wary. 4G phones can gobble up internet pretty quickly, although I guess with that data manager the Nexus should help you avoid that.

          • Rob

            thanks for the help.  I just hope it wouldn’t be a situation where they let you choose the 300MB option online, and then a month later they automatically bump u up to 4GB.  

          • goodfella

            That’s called a lawsuit.

          • Anonymous

            Actually, while that would be one option, another approach would be to view it as a really good deal. At that point, Verizon would have fundamentally changed the terms of your contract. If you chose to decline that change, then they could either restore the original terms, or the contract would be null and void. 

            In that case, you end up with a subsidized Nexus, and Verizon ends up with no contract at all.

          • Rob

            interesting.  well, i did some interweb research and it appears that when they started the double data promo, they also made the 300MB plan available to all phones, so we’ll what happens on friday when i try to get a nexus!  otherwise, it’s gs2 time on att…thanks all!

    • just pay the extra $10 and enjoy a sick phone

    • Bionic

      yes it is

    • Mgarney26

      as far as i know it is unless you are on a grandfathered plan.

  • Mike Woods

    Just called my local verizon wireless store and they said its rumored to be the 11th or 12th. Just sayin all this shit is pissing me off. I actually think this site is giving me high blood pressure.

  • Kdkinc

    Do you get a discount on accessories when you upgrade to the GNex ??

  • Pardes33

    Amazon going to carry it ?

  • Beret69

    Do we know yet when Flash is going to be supported?

  • Benjamin Mackie

    Called local vzw store, they will call me as soon as they know how many they have in stock, but they verified it will be the 9th. WHATS UP BITCHES!

  • Anonymous

    Maybe they should get around to actually announcing it then.

  • NotoriousNeo

    Got one in my hands right now. Gotta say, I’m digging the new interface. Not digging the performance hit all but one live wallpaper do though and that you can’t remove the Google Search bar. Other things are kinda annoying me, like the Facebook sync issue, but overall very solid phone. 

    • KevinC

      what performance hit?

      • NotoriousNeo

        All the live wallpapers, the exception being Phase Beam, have a noticeable effect on the scrolling and transition animations, the main thing being they cause the phone to lag. 

  • Ronnie Phantom

    Store in Boston still claims they’ve gotten no word on a launch date. They must not like money.  

  • My week: Tuesday, Hurricane Lebron 9’s. Thursday, Cannon Lebron 9’s(for my fellow sneakerheads), Friday, Nexus. What a great week 🙂

  • Benjamin Mackie

    Everyone go on VZW site and find your nearest store that opens at 9

  • Does the Nexus do simultaneous voice and data?

  • Anonymous

    Let’s be honest about the “Like we reported last Friday thing.” You reported 100 other dates as well. You were bound to get one. haha

    • Krayzee

      + 1 million. I’ve said this tons of times. I too can say every date out there, and claim i told you so!  stfu about it

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      • Anonymous

        Is this how google thought Verizon would advertise a nexus phone?

        • honestly i dont remember a whole lot of advertisement for the other nexus devices, granted i wasnt as much of a fanboy before.

          the only ads i recall are DROID and EVOs

          • Anonymous

            The Nexus S 4G had a pretty strong ad campaign with Sprint earlier this year. Other than that, I can’t think of anything either.

          • The original campaign was a failure as far as marketing goes. Most people still don’t know Android and far less know Nexus. They know Droid and I doubt the Nexus will get as good an advertising campaign as the Droid, but if they can get just a few TV commercials I think the GNex will do very well.

            I should point out that most people don’t realize the phone they are using is an Android phone. They compare it to the Droid.

        • The Nexus One had ads all over the internet, where most of the fan base was. Google probably couldn’t do that this time because the release was mediated by the carrier as opposed to it being open, like the Nexus One.

      • GN FTW!

    • Yeah but he wasn’t just pulling dates out of a hat, they were coming from other sources silly pup.

      • Anonymous

        So reporting all sources, no matter what, is a good idea? Got it! Haha. Relax Kellex’s bodyguard. I appreciate his work as much as anybody on here. I’m just saying

      • Stating El Obvious

        Sheep alert.

    • nicotinic

      That’s what bloggers/web journalist do. They provide the info they get and try and indicate what’s most credible out of what’s been reported. The more accurate they are prior to release the more loyalty among the site’s visitors. But you knew that. I mean let’s be honest…

      Did we really need a let’s be honest post? Nah, cause I don’t recall, correct me if I’m wrong, you posting any potential dates on your website. How you managed to get so many likes just indicates that trolls reproduce at an alarming rate.

      • Anonymous

        Well isn’t that just the sweetest thing? You defended droid-life and you really put me in my place!….. Like I said to the other guy, I appreciate what Kellen does in running this website. We all want the damn phone to come out so when we all hear a bunch of different dates only to see them come and go, it’s frustrating. I get he is not the one delaying the phone but he is the other getting all of us excited for dates that don’t end up happening (which is looking like the 9th is included in that). I can guarantee those likes are from frustrated people who want the phone, not trolls.

        • nicotinic

          If you’re appreciative then why post that comment?
          People whine and complain about the multiple dates but that’s often why many come to the site in the first place… The announcement of a new device, it’s specs and the expected release date. Many dates are given and hopes are often dashed but it’s all part of what these sites do.
          Thanks for responding. You’re just a Smart Alec by nature and I’m okay with that. I am too.

          • Anonymous

            It appears we have come to an understanding. 

          • nicotinic


    • Anonymous

      The Verizon store in Branson, Missouri spilled the beans by saying it was delayed two days so we don’t know when it is coming out. Well in two days will be the 9th, Friday.

  • I’m going to buy two to show Verizon that I support their decision to release an Android flagship.  They need to see that this is a good idea for them.  

    • Anonymous

      You can give me the 2nd one. Thx d00d!

  • Anonymous

    Does it do volte?

  • It’s only official to me when the device hits the shelves.

  • Anonymous

    This will be the longest week of Wed to Friday.

    • Anonymous

      Lol I’m sitting here thinking the same thing. I don’t drink too often but these next few days I might get drunk and pass out early just to kill more time, haha.

  • viewthis74

    so does this mean i can call my local verizon store and they will stop pretending they don’t know the G-Nex is and let me pre-order it?

  • Anonymous

    Stop this insanity. I’m trying to work.. Ok, nevermind, please give me some more.

  • Yes!!! i just pressed my dick up against the computer screen.

  • C4dtutor

    Wheres this from?

  • K6tcher

    Well   guess P3droid will eating his Nexus. 

    • Anonymous

      ????…Please type in English. P3 said on Nov.29th that if we didn’t have the device in the next 14 days he would eat his Nexus.

  • Droidzzz

    Hahahahahaha nerd boners everywhere!

    • bigrob60

      It’s making it difficult to use my laptop.

      • Jared Smith

        Boner bro?

  • Kris Brandt

    3 more days!  I’m going to make sure I get it first thing in the morning so I can drive back home, root and unlock that sucker, and then enjoy its interface at work.

  • OH snap…when’s payday again?

  • Verizon link or shenanigans 

  • pre-order?

    • Mr ilheis

      There will be no pre-order. I just got off the phone with VZW!

      • prove it

        • Mr ilheis

          Call them for your self and then get back on here and tell me what they say!

      • bummer! it’s too cold to camp out… if it’s meant to be, it will happen on my lunch break!

  • Koroz

    think I burned myself out on interest in this phone.  I was going to pick up a Xyboard but after seeing the prices think ill pass on that also, looks like ill wait awhile and see what else comes around the corner.

    • gadgetryan

      Tablet wise…wait for the Transformer Prime!!

  • The Rock


  • Anonymous

    Hell yeah!!!!!!!!!!

  • Nsbjj

    Now that the second coming of the messiah has been made official this Friday maybe we can talk about other phones and apps? 

  • miscreant

    Just got confirmation from a local corp. store. I just came. Several times.

  • Domikinzu


  • Spoken Word™

    Since Verizon hasn’t announced it I’d say it’s not official….

    • Anonymous

      I hate to agree with you, but painfully, I do…

  • Murphy


  • Tgcpe

    Does the font of the text “December 9, 2011” look different than than the rest of the text to anyone else?  Maybe a photoshop job?

  • Mr ilheis

    HEADS UP!! I tried calling in for a pre-order and they said there won’t be any at all and it will be available on the 9th in store and online. So Whoomp Whoomp!

  • Omar Ibrahim

    so disqus got ddos’d again huh…

    130 comments in what 10minutes

    going by twitter

  • w00t!

  • no price?

  • Anonymous


  • Too bad the release date for me is 1/12/12 (insert sadface)

    • JOe

      1/14/12 for me. It’s not too hard to get an early upgrade though that’s what i’m going for.

  • kliq

    You hear that, Santa??

  • Anonymous

    I scream, you scream, we all scream for Ice Cream.

  • Anonymous

    Obligatory “I just ice creamed my pants” comment

  • Anonymous

    It took forever for Verizon to cripple this device this time LOL……

  • Apooo7

    Howd you get to this page?

  • Hoorah!

  • Jeremy Turnley

    Hmm, I think Disqus is over excited about this too.

  • Anonymous

    I love Fridays and getting my Galaxy Nexus

    • Anonymous

      Kellex did post that Verizon will be selling the 32Gig Nexus I believe, the 16 is the GSM version.  Kellex is that right???

  • Matt

    Who else just requested Friday off from work? lol.

    • Steve Rajek

      I’m contemplating it…and seriously considering skipping our company party to get mine ASAP!

    • LMAO! i’ll get mine in the morning before work. i have plenty of downtime to play with it

  • Shortest DL post ever? 🙂

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    I’ma get a new phone next week!

  • With finals week coming up this is going to be a major distraction

    • Mark Steinmetz

      This is my finals week. I will be finished on Thursday (with finals and Undergraduate college) and hopefully have my Nexus on Friday. I am very anxious for this phone and it is kinda making it hard to focus on studying.

      • Christopher Riner

         I only have one class tomorrow, then only one final next thursday.  All my work has to be turned in by this thursday, so pass or fail I am going to be tearing this nexus up.  THank god 4 of my classes had their finals this week, otherwise I definitely would have bombed some shit.

  • Anonymous

    Yup. I just called my verizon store like 5 minutes ago and I was told Friday is official and they may be opening early..

  • GoHard

    i so happy

  • Not

    Some chick at my local VZW store tried to insist that this was not launching Friday or this week…hate that there are no preorders and I have to go to the store and deal with pinheads like her.

  • Steve Rajek

    I’m gonna have to skip my company Christmas party to get to the store immediately after work to get mine!  Come to papa!

  • Can you repost showing us if it is 16 or 32gb?

  • AC


  • Anonymous

    YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Baby!!!

  • Well, there it is then, Friday, December 9th, the day all other phones become obsolete.  

  • GoHard

    i happy bro

  • Anonymous


  • Pardes33

    anyone know if amazon will be selling this beauty ?

    • shdowman

      Staples will be selling it (wireless advocates), so one would HAVE to assume Amazon will get it as well…

  • Its in the equipment guide its officiàl

  • Anonymous

    Awwwwwwwwww shiiiiiiiiiiiiaaattttttt!

  • Sciontc12212

    hell to the yeah


  • Anonymous

    Well I guess Verizon will be seeing my sorry ass on Friday.  

  • Pardes33

    are you happy bro ?

  • Anonymous

    this is gonna set a record for most comments/likes lol

  • I am no longer mad, bro

    • Mctypething

      you no longer mad bro

      • Anonymous

        Yes, he’s no longer mad, bro.

        Now stop with the “mad, bro” troll language, orb.

        • Krayzee

          y u mad bro?

          • Anonymous

            Not today. Today I am quite ecstatic because of the officially official release date.

            But on second thought…until Verizon or whoever makes the officially official announcement of the release date of the Galaxy Nexus, I won’t be able to sleep. Damn them and their mind tricks.

          • Anonymous

            Evan, just be ready for Friday 🙂

          • Anonymous

            Is this how google thought Verizon would advertise a nexus phone?

          • Anonymous

            Verizon is not happy pushing this device for some reason, probably because it’s not pushing Verizon bloatware,. This is a Google device and Verizon only mark on this device is the Verizon logo on it and thats it. Verizon has stayed away from the other Nexus devices in the past.

        • chill, primo.

      • I think a y u no would have been better suited 

        Ex. y u no mad bro

  • It is complete.

  • shdowman

    Win! Bring me some vanilla ICS goodness.

    What will everyone have to obsess on once this is out….. 😉

  • El El Kool J

    Be waiting at the door as soon as they open.. 🙂

  • Andrewtrespando


  • Anonymous


  • Matt

    About. Damn. Time.

  • Jeremy Turnley

    About F***ing time.

  • EC8CH

    Link or it didn’t happen 😛

    • Anonymous

      Isn’t that like Tits or GTFO!

  • AW

    When can we get it online?

    • Anonymous

      Seriously. I’m curious about why there’s no online preorders yet. I don’t want to hunt down a phone through local stores where it may or may not be in stock.

  • Does anyone know if Verizon’s Affinity (whatever the name of that program was) discount applies to phones? I get a discount on my bill and accessories, but I don’t remember if phones are included.

  • Already got the morning off. Woohoo!

  • Anonymous

    I didn’t see the word Google anywhere on that description.

  • Anonymous

    tinkle tinkle

  • i just called my local Verizon and asked if it was going to be released this Friday and they said “Yes it is” OMG and if u dont believe me try it.

  • Anonymous

    Vacation day just requested.

  • R. Wayne Craft


  • Thelegedofdavid

    AHHHHHHHH!!! Im gonna stand in line already

  • Anonymous

    link?  can’t find…

  • Bigler


  • Anonymous

    Hey, anybody know when the Samsung Galaxy Nexus II comes out?

    • Robbie Gerling

      its totally going to be the Samsung Galaxy Nexus 2 Epic 4G Touch LTE when it comes out on sprint, amirite?

      • Jeremy Turnley

        No, it will be the Samsung Galaxy Nexus S 2 Epic 4G Touch LTE.  The S is important, it stanst for Sprint, how else could you tell?

        • Naviblue

          ACTUALLY it’s gonna be called the Samsung Galaxy X2 squareroot of 2134654798 Totally Epic cream your pants Touch me Bless by Jesus Edition Nexus, just sayin….

      • Anonymous

        Actually it will be the “Galaxy Nexus by Google.”

        • Robbie Gerling

          so what about the current galaxy nexus?  isnt it the “Galaxy Nexus by Verizon 4G LTE”? as per the battery door?!

      • Anonymous

        If thats the case you’re looking at a release on the 2nd half of 2012….thats when Sprint is getting their LTE devices……have fun waiting.

    • Doug

      I bet its less than a year away! I cant wait! Haha 

      • trolololo


        • Steve Wojciechowski

          woohoo, finally!!

        • Wfcxblindx

          they releasing it cuz its my b-day!

          • Omar Infante-Ramos

            Sweet! Mine too ^_^ High Five!

          • jefbystereo

            Ha, same here

          • Jared Smith

            OMG same here!

          • Anonymous

            Same here yay!

          • Some Random Dude

            mines not :'(

          • Toddman214

            I got a rock. 🙁

          • EricThomas1991

            My birthday is on the 9th O_o

        • Anonymous

          RELEASE, THE GALAXY NEXUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • No more Samsung Nexus phones for a while, please. Give someone else a shot.

      • Anonymous

        I think the next Nexus will be made by Sony sans Ericson.

      • Christopher Riner

        Agreed.  (looks around to make sure angelface isn’t near).  I used to think motorolas were awesome, but some of the stuff before the razr and droid 4 was kind of starting to dissappoint me.  I do like motorolas build quality, and with google owning them they just might wind up with one sweet damn nexus.  Probably won’t have a curved screen, tho, which I love love love.  The samsung nexus will definitely tide me over  ’til then, tho.

    • whoster69

      It’s already out in Japan.  Europe gets it in January.  The US will get it in about 10 years….

      • GimmieGalaxy

        And it will be in Cincinnati in 30 years

  • I came

  • Rbonilla81

    just 3 days for verizon to remove more “pure google” from the nexus

  • William


    I literally just screamed like a little girl. 😛

  • Evan

    FIRST. YES!!!

  • Gerg04


    • Gerg04

      And oh what a first first! I love myself… Who wants to buy my tbolt????

      • Christopher Riner

        Hah, you might want to try to put that add in the comments section of a different article.  Don’t know how much luck you’re going to have here.  I’m pretty sure that everyone coming to this one has their pennies tucked away for one lovely lady, the nexus.

  • Regrub

    I waited this long so I’m going to wait a few more days and probably pick up a better deal from Costco, Amazon or who knows where

  • David E. Smith

    It’s about time! 🙂 

  • Making various bloggers and other interested parties dig through your website for information: awesome launch strategy, Verizon! 

    • Despite your sarcasm, it’s actually possible that it really is a clever marketing ploy.

  • Steen Kendle


  • Javier Irizarry

    I might miss work just to buy one

  • QinMD


  • Djlowproz

    still does not show if its 16 or 32gb version. I assume its the 32gb version that verizon is getting

  • mchlkrieger

    OMG OMG OMG fap fap fap

  • Anonymous

    Wish we could order Thursday for Friday delivery. Going to the store is such a hassle.

  • droidrev71

    Hellz yeah!!!

  • EmoMorales

    My stores remain clueless. Though one manager said he won’t know if can pick up Friday until Thursday night… 

  • Ogdroid



    i love u droid-life


  • trolololol

    Thank go now we can change subjects

  • John Fafc


  • Let’s get drunk.

  • Bring out the Champagne!

  • Derp

    I want to be excited but all I can think is its about freaking time

  • FutureFuzz

    SCORE! I called a local corp store and was told 8th-11th so that’s pretty much yep Friday!

  • Bout Time!

  • Jerry Lange

    anybody know the full retail price?

  • Robbie Gerling

    where is teh press release gdmt?!

  • Rick

    About time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sean Bello

    *Rock voice* FINALLY!

  • Small


  • Dogadog1

    I’m camping out Thursday Night!

  • Anonymous


  • Let me order online now and get delivered friday plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    • Anonymous

      Won’t happen, but would be nice, right?

  • “Angelic Chorus Sings”

  • Anonymous

    Gahhhhhhhhhh!!!!!  Freedom is near!!!  I will be rid of my OG Droid and switch to a more galant steed.  The Droid was a good work horse but shall now be retired.  I’ve been waiting for this moment since BGR reported the phone in June!!!!

  • MFG

    This is not official. 

    Waiting to hear from Verizon.

    • Cam

      It’s looking like this is as official as it’s going to get. VZW doesn’t give two craps about this phone. I swear, I’ve never dealt with a company that cares less about what their customers want.

    • Oh  hush…let us be extra happy, just for a minute :p

    • Kellex never says “official” unless he puts his credibility on it 😛

  • Plastikman


  • Anonymous


  • so there you go

  • Rmerchant786


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  • Consideryourselfwarmed




  • MikeL

    December 9th, when we get to talk about new upcoming phones again.

    • Anonymous

      AND, when I’ll have a new glorious phone that is so glorious that even the Gods of Olympus will be jealous of it’s true power.

      Yes…the 9th will be a truly glorious day.

    • Aran Miller

      Just think, only 6 more months till we can start talking about the next Nexus! can’t wait

    • And December 8th we’ll get leaks about a phone that’ll make you think twice about getting the Nexus, how much you wanna bet?

      • Anonymous

        You mean Droid I’m sure…

    • MikeL

      As much as I would love to bask in the goodness that is the galaxy nexus, i know when my upgrade in march gets here i will be basking in quad core goodness, a whole other form of goodness (more for power consumption with the 5th core than performance in my opinion) 

    • r8rs

      Certainly and we will be teased of what’s to come from ces, along with zeps inside info on the newest and greatest monthly Motorola releases.

  • Anonymous


    Please be real.

  • YES!

  • Finally!

  • Nope, just checked

  • Robbie Gerling

    omg where is teh press release?!

  • Thank you Big Red, took way too long.

  • MM

    YAY! …….

  • *faints*

  • Trooper

    Yes but is it on VZW’s site yet?


  • Bob Johnson

    So freaking happy right now. Can’t express the joy.

  • JJ69Chev

    web link??

  • Sweet Release! No Pun

  • Nice took off friday

  • Narbz


  • Anonymous

    Looks like a certain someone won’t be at work on Friday

  • A little bittersweet to be honest. We know Verizon butchered this launch on purpose. The droid 4 is being released before the GNEX (allegedly). I hope Google learned from this horrrrrrrible launch and makes sure the carriers never get in the way again. Google has to start their own wireless company, its a necessity. Google needs to either become the dumb pipe, or invest in a dumb pipe. Or else the future of wireless is bleak for the consumer.

    • droid 4 is the 22nd I beleive

  • Anonymous

    Sweet Icecream Sandwiches

  • OGisdying

    Can we see this some place online?


    Oh… wait.

  • Bwahahahahahahah Which time?

  • Cubs0601


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    About time!

  • BOOM!

  • Benjamin Landwehr

    Everyone!  Go into the store with an Ice Cream Sandwich at hand!  Also, don’t let them active you Nexus after all this waiting.  If they do, demand a new one!

    K thanks.

  • YES

  • Anonymous

    GAHHHHHHHHHH!!! Seriously!!! For months and months I’ve been waiting for the moment.  I will soon be free of the Droid 1.  I can taste the sweetness already.

  • Anonymous

    I’m so happy I can do the dance of joy


  • Anonymous


  • hamholla


  • I’M STOKED FOR THIS FRIDAY! Turning in a huge English essay, school lets out and I’m getting my hands on this beauty! LIFE = MADE.

  • Slowtbss

    well its about time!!!!

  • I looked out the window and this is what I saw: http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-ZtJ5XN7BXbI/Tnu-VoYterI/AAAAAAAAJag/9jDVnDLhbnk/s400/flying-pigs.jpg

  • Anonymous

    oh happy day!

  • Hopefully we can order early and get delivered on Friday…

  • Muddy B00ts

    And suddenly… All the Verizon hate just washes away.

  • Was just at the neighborhood corp store and they still are saying that they have no idea.. But they did get a shipment of accessories in for the Google/Nexus.. They said that the 9th might just be a preorder day.. Im still there at opening bell..

  • Jason Rock


  • iFan

    iPhone for Life HAHAH


  • but this STILL isnt an official announcement lol

    • were you around for the tbolt? that is the final stage. All channels releasing the 9th. for the tbolt, we had this same page, and it said all channels release 3/17/2011

  • Interpol818

    On my way to get in line now.

  • Anonymous

    I have a Chubby Right Now!

  • Adam Serfling


  • Anonymous

    Yessir!! I made an appt for Friday at Verizon!! Can’t wait!!

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Hell yes. Like I said yesterday, I will see you fellow nerds bright and early Friday morning.

    And just for a moment don’t think that you won’t run into another DL reader. When I woke up for the Thunderbolt launch, all those guys were dedicated blog visitors. You’d be surprised by how tech savvy people are getting nowadays. I love it.

  • Sam

    Any word on the Droid 4 date? Is it 12/08 or 12/22?

  • Anonymous


  • OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG (little school girls voice and waving both hands)

  • GuySmiley

    Goodbye Wallet HELLO Saturday delivery!

  • Hollywoodmanly


    • Anonymous

      or not

  • Jerry Lange


  • Jaymes Walker

    First….. Im so excited 🙂

  • Nexuschamp

    I just came…

  • Anonymous

    w00t!  Too bad it doesn’t show the price, but I will be very surprised if it’s any less than $299.99.

  • Superior1

    I just posted this on another thread about 5 min ago. This is official!!!!!

    • Peesa

      can you provide the link?

  • Cau


  • yeah nexus!

  • ramifications

    YES, YES, YES. Finally!

    It’s about time Vzw.

  • Anonymous

    Nice!!  Finally 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Why would anybody buy this device, when the droid 4 is coming out ?

    • YoUsUcKaTlIfE

      • Anonymous

        You suck for life 🙂

    • MSRFX

      Why would you buy the D4? 

      • Anonymous

        I will not. I do not like device with physical keyboard, but the people with original droid will diss the nexus to get the true successor of the OG droid.

    • Anonymous

      Droid 4 = Droid Razr with a Keyboard
      Galaxy Nexus has everything the Razr has plus ICS, NFC, an unlocked bootloader, and a larger screen.

      • Anonymous

        Does the nexus have ddr2 ram. Gorilla glass, build quality, call quality, radios, smart actions, hdmi mirror, removable memory? Like i have been saying all along, the Nexus just has ICS going for it. The display still pentile, which makes the Rezound superior on that department.

        • great hope you are enjoying beats or your gorilla glass phone.  I will be enjoying my ice cream in two days.

          • Anonymous

            I will have ICS with good radios, build quality and great sound quality too :)The nexus will fail, you will see.

    • Guest

      because the droid 4 SUCKS!!  like you do fagg boy.  now go slurp some cum gay boy!!!

      • Beat it, Nerd

        Uhhh really, Champ? Did you get booted off the 11 year old Modern Warfare room on XboxLive and needed somewhere to post?

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  • first

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    This website is awesome; very reliable

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    First on most important post ever

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    Kraken release has been?

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  • Let’s get drunk.

    • Jakob

      I love this idea!

  • Anonymous

    Sooo….campout thursday night? anyone down?

  • preorder?


  • I’m guess you can order on the 8th and get it shipped on the 9th. I’ll still wait and go to the store that day. Nexus day is finally coming!


  • Bill Anderson

    So what Portland store to I go camp at???

  • Anonymous

    MIDWEST IN STOCK!!, midwest of africa is zimbabwe!!! YESS

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    That shit cray

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    My school girl senses are tingling! OMG OMG OMG!

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    Praise be.

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    And there was much rejoicing. Yay.

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      Then they ate the minstrels. And everyone rejoiced. Yay  

  • FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!!

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