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Promo Galaxy Nexus Packaged in Ice Cream Sandwich Box?

galaxy nexus ice cream box

Coolest phone box ever? I know it’s tough to see, but embedded in that Ice Cream Sandwich-esque box are the words “Galaxy Nexus.” We aren’t sure if this is the actual retail packaging for the G-Nex or if it’s just some promo piece, but it’s damn cool.

Cheers @drewm25!

  • Anonymous

    Instead of taking pictures of boxes perhaps somebody can do something useful like tell us how the battery life compares to the original droid

    • Sir Lawrence

      Yeah because if the battery doesn’t last for at least a gazillion hours I’m not buying it, when will samsung learn to make better batteries!!!!!

  • James Friedman

    I want to buy the box just as a collector of all things android…

  • Jonathan Duke

    That is serious bad-assery, geek style.

  • Anonymous

    Wow, that’s really cool…I want, I want, and would pay extra!!

    Okay, no, I wouldn’t pay extra for a damn Ice Cream Sandwich themed box, but hell, would definitely be awesome to be greeted with such a box when I finally get my Galaxy Nexus on the 9th, or the 16th, or whenever Verizon decides to actually officially announce a release date.

  • I couldn’t take the wait any longer and I don’t plan on opening up another phone line (got 2 :D), so I just ordered one from Expansys. My early Christmas present to myself is coming Wednesday. Can’t wait. 

  • Dan


  • NotoriousNeo

    This looks like a launch kit. In fact I’m almost sure of it. The RAZR had a pretty badass launch kit box that when opened stuck the RAZR demo and dummy phones out like blades. Jesus, this wait is unbearable. 

  • Anonymous

    Pure sex.

  • Almost as nice as http://twitter.com/#!/tylerwatt12/status/142736828619948032

  • Anonymous

    Bad ass!!!! I love it!!!!

  • Al Chandler

    Will there be a 3 month delay on it?

  • Jason Purp


  • Stephen Shugert

    I get my nexus tomorrow morning xD

    • theraskell

      what the……

  • That’s actually the box Google ships them to Verizon in, but Verizon swaps it out for the all white box pictured earlier just to prove that they own our souls

    • I don’t like this, but I liked it because it’s most likely true 

    • Anonymous


  • SugaShane

    This Ice Cream Sandwich tastes like cardboard. 

    • Eric Payne

      This Ice Cream Sandwich tastes like win…

    • George

      These pretzles are making me thirsty.

  • don’t get excited it’s just the box that the display unit came in…. the rest are just plain white with a verizon logo on it……

  • theraskell


  • Anonymous

    Is it weird that, upon seeing the picture, I immediately grabbed my crotch?


    • 1000% yes. Even weirder that you tell the interweb about it.

      • Christephor

        gina i grabbed my crotch when i saw your pic your beautiful

        • Anonymous

          Wow. What a charmer.

      • Anonymous

        Okay thanks, just checking!

  • Looks pretty cool, can’t wait to get the phone in hand!

  • Anonymous

    If you look at the picture really hard…the packaging is shaped like a ice cream sandwich. lol

    • Anonymous

      Wow. You’re quick.

    • Mrobvious

      You had to look hard for that?

    • Anonymous

      Best comment.

  • Anonymous

    I would like to see a lunch box like this promo 😛

  • Edwin M

    I just “ice creamed” my pants.

  • I’m thinkin in the middle of all of that sweet packaging is our plain white box from earlier.

  • alquimista


    • alquimista

      aww, darn

  • Dave

    Oh man, how awesome if that were Verizon’s retail packaging…probably not but still.

  • Mahones

    That is AWESOME

  • Anonymous

    Man…I’m starvin’.

  • Jovan Givens

    Melt it. Friday.

  • Anonymous

    Looks kind of big for a phone may be the promotional material for it?

  • i hope its edible. if not at least not overly expensive because that’s friken sweeeeet

  • Its not a special edition, I took the photo, its the box the VZW Demo units come in.. 

    • Anonymous

      1. So we can never get this?
      2. Can you confirm the date, please (obligatory question, sorry)?

      • GNex

        Yes, we now have official date confirmation as December 26th. Enjoy your new device!

        • John


          • Anonymous


    • So i won’t be getting this packaging? Such a disappointment.. 

      • Nope, the retail box is pretty bland lol.. 

        • Dirk Diggler

          and by bland…. you mean…?

          • Pure white is what he means heh. Maybe that’s a sign of “vanilla” for the non-skinned version of Android it runs. 🙂

          • Dirk Diggler

            Makes sense.. Thanks 😀

          • Murphy


          • Dirk Diggler


          • Adam Gustafson

            Vanilla is brownish. 😀

          • Mikehen08

            Or vanilla which is the favor of an ice cream sandwich! 

      • NexusAge

        It would make it soo much better with this packaging…

        Its like undressing a beautiful girl in that all that matters is whats underneath but you would rather take off sexy lingerie than sweats

    • Anonymous

      Is it a safe bet, we will have this in our hand this time next week ? Surely, all of this increase in pics and demo items is a good sign.

      • Anonymous

        We should definitely have it by this time next week. Everything’s pointing to December 9th, particularly with that tip Droid Life got saying Verizon won’t announce a release date – they’ll just release it.

        • Anonymous

          Will Best buy release the same day, or is this going to be an exclusive launch for vzw ?

  • Hell yeah, coolest phone box ever!

    I want…

  • Hot DAMN I do WANT!

  • Love it! I wonder if Willy Wonka made the packaging, then we could eat it

  • Mysterion

    That looks great!

  • daniel walsh


  • Maybe for Google employes. 

  • What’s the source for this?

  • Vic

    Yo quiero Ice Cream Sandwich!!!!

  • Benjamin Landwehr

    All I know is that everyone planning to buy this phone, needs to walk in with an Ice Cream Sandwich at hand.

    • When i got in to buy the phone, if they try and start opening it to activate it i may got ape shit on some poor verizon employee. MY ICECREAMSAMICH!

      • Benjamin Landwehr

        Oh, I agree!  They are in NO WAY touching this before I am!

      • Anonymous

        And that’s why I’m ordering mine online.

        • And waiting another week? Your crazy. I’m getting mine this friday right when the doors open.

          • Anonymous

            They do overnight shipping. And I don’t own a car, and I don’t want anyone touching my phone before I have the chance to.

      • Anonymous

        i have very seriously flipped shit on VZW assholes for trying to take the screen cover off and turn the thing on. bitches, please.

        • Why do they do that? Dude raped my Razr and tablet right before my eyes. I was rendered speechless.

          • Nick

            Lol that’s exactly what happened with my Droid X. But not gonna let them do it to this baby!!!!

      • Anonymous

        this is honestly one of the main reasons why i ALWAYS buy my phones online…the only person who’s gonna rub their filthy paws all over my new device is gonna be ME 😛

      • Anthony Vella

        Haha I am signing the paper for my 2 year and getting the box and my SIM card and leaving, they will NOT touch my baby. NEVER. I have had them say once that they “needed” to make sure it worked, I said gtfo and do your job 😛

    • Dirk Diggler

      Haha I know.. they did that with my OG Droid..
      I was just thinking.. “Is Wayne Brady going to have to choke a bitch!”


  • I am with you on that one. I just want to peel back that wrapper and get me some Ice Cream Sandwich goodness.


  • EC8CH

    I wanna rip those cookies off and lick what’s inside


  • Anonymous


  • Calmm1

    I can’t wait…I’m way too excited for this.

  • Stephen Shugert

    AWESOMENESS i want one :p ha

  • Dominick DeVito

    Someone posted a comment earlier today, saying this would happen, heshe gets credit. Cheers!


    • Cam