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Will You Need Verizon’s Visual Voicemail App on Your Galaxy Nexus? Here You Go


Aside from My Verizon and Backup Assistant coming pre-loaded on the Verizon version of the Galaxy Nexus, it will essentially come bloatware-free. That means no visual voicemail app that has been included in every Verizon device for the last decade or so. If VVM is something you can’t live without, and refuse to switch to the greatest app on Earth (aka Google Voice), then you are in luck – Verizon has a VVM app available for you in the market that went live yesterday. Pretty screenshots from the LTE version of the phone included.

Market Link

Cheers Donnelly!

  • VZW Visual Voicemail is a joke. (insert middle finger here) There are far better free apps out there. I have use many like Hullomail before Google Voice. GV is the best. Where else can you get free visual voicemail, free call to any where in the US and lest we forget the unlimited txtin. I will never use anything else. GV is one service that i would gladly pay for.

  • James Friedman

    Does anyone know if there is free or paid version of an app similar to visual voicemail in the market that actually works? I am looking to get off the 2.99 a month train (please don’t tell me Google Voice either, not interested)

  • Socal_jnunez
    • The First one was AWESOME!! Now they are just getting stupid.

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  • Whoever designed that app needs to be fired asap

  • Anonymous

    I’ll need a galaxy nexus before I’ll need this app.

    (Google Voice ftw)

  • Anonymous

    What happened to the beautiful stock one they showed us when the phone/Ice Cream Sandwhich was released?

  • Hud

    Why is Visual Voicemail free on the iphone, but Google chose not to build it into ICS and allow Verizon to charge us for it?

    • Anonymous

      Its almost like google has a completely free app that does the exact same thing….

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  • TheAndroid1

    They still charge $3 for it.

  • Eric Kwan

    No thanks. I can barely stomach Backup Assistant being there (MyVerizon is fairly useful, though, so I guess that’s okay).

  • Dbarden31

    Everytime I try to set up Google Voice on my phone it just says ‘sorry number can’t be verified’. Any advice?

    • Turn off Wifi and set it up on the web before you set it up on your phone…

      • Dbarden31

        Well…looks like I won’t be setting that up anytime soon becuz i don’t have the internet at the house. I appreciate the help though.

  • Joseph Picone

    Loved Google Voice…but the speech to text never worked.

    I’d play a VM and go to put the phone near my ear and the VM would stop playing.

    I decided to try VVM…its so much better.

  • Anonymous

    “Angel Devine” sounds like a porn star.

  • why pay for it when you can get google voice for free? 

  • Anonymous

    No, I have Google Voice, duh!

  • Anonymous

    I’ve considered using the VZW VM app but I thought I read that it was limited to only being available while on cell coverage, or only on wifi or something?

    I used to use Google Voice and would prefer that, but I had problems when I redirected my voice mail to GV: I would occasionally get blank silent messages…like a minute and a half of just silence.  There were some posts on the GV forums with similar issues, seemingly tied to Verizon, and there were never any resolutions.  I’ve had it disabled every since.

  • So Verizon VVM won’t be integrated into the dialer app?

    • Guest

      it wasn’t on the droid

      • yes, but ICS brings VVM to the dialer. And VZW being the first to launch the GNex in the U.S., I would only hoped that they would adopt it. I guess maybe I was expecting too much out of VZW.

        • Dominick DeVito

          I don’t think Google released it to any carriers

  • Anonymous

    Do you still have to pay extra for VZW Visual VM?

    • Tony Allen

      Yes, $2.99 a month IIRC

  • Guest

    What’s Verizon Visual Voicemail?

  • Its all about Google Voice.  VVM is just there to represent Big Red poking us with a stick

    • Will someone help me out here. Why would you use Google Voice? You have to have data connection and you have to change your number right?

      • Jonathan Duke

        You can use it just for the voicemail, don’t have to use it to make or receive any calls. (which is what you’d have to change your number for)

        • Anonymous

          you don’t even have to change your number but rather get a google voice number, you can still use your regular number but also have a google voice number in case you want to use it, like for cheap long distance calling to other countries.

      • Dude

        You get “visual voice mail” without paying anything… plus a ton of other stuff. There are plenty of youtube videos from google about the other uses.

      • Truckeematt

        You can forward your voicemail to Gvoice without changing your number.  It’s nice to have everything transcribed and available on your computer or via email/text. 

      • Mrpoppalopolis

        No you can keep your number and the data use is only to listen to the messages. They’re stored on Google’s servers.

      • Anonymous

        I have used it since it came out.  One number that you share to everyone.  Then you can let it ring on several phones and time them.  Right now, I have it ring my cellphone 24/7 and my office phone 9 to 5.  I also like the block out feature. 

        One problem exist with voice…..How do you cancel a number?  I set one up for my wife and now wish I hadn’t.  Becuase of this, I can not get her phone connected to my number.

      • Tony Allen

        Data connection, yes.. but when with Verizon are you completely without a data connection?

        No your number isn’t affected if you’re just using the Google Voice Voicemail service..

      • You need a data connection to check the inbox, yes.  But you do not have to change your number.  You get a new Google Voice number, but you can (very easily) link your Verizon voicemail to your Google Voice inbox.  It is awesome.  If you do not want to use data at all, GV will send you an SMS with a transcription and record of the voice mail.  I’m surprised that the Verizon app doesn’t need a data connection.  But this is a very small part of what GV does, hence, the greatest app in the world.

      • Anonymous

        You do need a data plan but you don’t have to change your number.  You get a new number with your google voice account but once you install the app on your phone, you have the option to place calls from either number ( you can set your settings to prompt you ever time or to only dial out from your google number or only dial out from your carrier number).  Someone can call either number and it will ring to your phone.  You can set your google voice number to “do not disturb” and people that call that number will go straight to voicemail.  Most of the time, my google voice number is set to do not disturb and I generally only give it out when I’m selling something on craigslist or something like that.  You have to set your phone to route voicemails to your google voice number instead of the standard.  It’s all very simple.  You can access your voicemails from your phone or the web.  Oh, and you can send text messages from google voice as well (they use data and don’t go against your text allowance).

        You sort of need to try it out and get a feel for it.  I love it.  My dad likes it.  It confused my  mom and she went back to regular voicemail. 

      • Anonymous

        No, no need to change your number. Also, you need to have a “data” connection to check your voicemail no matter what app youre using… One of the advantages of Google voice is the ability to listen to your messages on the computer!

      • You can actually have your VZW phone forward to your google voice voicemail.  So if people call my VZW number it still goes through Google Voice.  Also the benefits of Google voice are unlimited blocking of numbers.  Automatic spam filtering of known telemarketers and auto dialers and free text messages.

      • Harley

        not at all! that’s to use its calling service

        to get voicemail through them you essentially, download the app. go to the google voice setup process. you can pick a google number so you can make calls from your computer, but dont shoose to use that number for your phone.

        then you use your phone to call a special voice mail activation number. and it makes it so any calls that go to voicemail on your normal carriers number, get routed to your Google number inbox, and are then annotated and playable at any time.

      • Scott

        You can link google voice to your phone and use its built in visual voicemail for all your calls.  When you go into google voices app settings, you can tell it to use google voice as your voicemail provider.  Someone will still call your number, but if you don’t answer and it goes to voicemail, it will automatically go to google voices voicemail and not verizons built in voicemail.  I use it all the time and never use my google voice number.

      • Wrong. You set up Google Voice so that people who call your number are automatically forwarded to your Google Voice mailbox when you don’t pick up. You never have to give out your Google Voice number. It operates just like regular voicemail.

      • Dshudson

        Google Voice is strictly used to *uck with your friends

      • Wrong. Although you are assigned a new number with Google Voice, you never have to give it out. The set up process for Google Voice makes it so that calls that would normally go to your Verizon voicemail are automatically forwarded to your Google Voice mailbox. 

        If you DO want to use your Google Voice number, you can use it for free texting (the texts aren’t charged to your texting plan). You can also use it to call people if you don’t want them to have your regular number.

      • Wrong. Although you are assigned a new number with Google Voice, you never have to give it out. The set up process for Google Voice makes it so that calls that would normally go to your Verizon voicemail are automatically forwarded to your Google Voice mailbox. 

        If you DO want to use your Google Voice number, you can use it for free texting. You can also use it to call people if you don’t want them to have your regular number.

      • Anonymous

        Google voice is still pure voice, and does not require data. You can use a subset of GV features without porting your number, but generally yes you’ll want to port your number (or get a GV number, if you prefer). GV basically adds a new phone number between your caller and your device they are calling. This allows you to change GV at any time to point to a different device (a different phone #), without having to worry about ever telling people about a new phone number. Of course, some people only use GV for voice mail, which does not require you to port your number.

        http://google.com/voice   explains everything in detail.

      • Caleb Martin

        Because Google Voice is awesome.

        You can use it without any data connection at all, but you do need it some if you want full use of all the features. (Specifically, if you want to use the app for texts and voicemail — though you can access your voicemail by calling as well. Additionally, you need a data connection the very first time you call a new number, but never again.) You do get a new number with GV, but you still have your old one, and there are options for porting numbers and such if you want.

    • xyzlene



      OK BRO.


      • The point of this post is that verizon is doing something with the verizon Nexus. If they are publishing an app that is on every phone they have, why would it be on the market? So Nexus owners can download if they want (Not that we would) and the post is also significant because the market pics were taken on a Nexus. Pay attention. 

  • DC

    this should be free

  • Dominick DeVito

    Does anyone know if Google Voice is fully (or better) integrated into ICS?

  • Antivanity

    kill it with fire!

  • I hate listening to voicemails. 

  • They’re just toying with us now.

  • YouMail anyone??? same as VVM except it is free.  I would do google voice, but don’t want to give up my number if that is the case.  can someone educate me on using google voice?  can i just use it as a voice mail like YouMail or do i have to do something else?

    thanks in advance.

    • Using Google Voice has nothing to do with giving up your number.  All you have to do is forward your unanswered calls to your Google Voice number, that’s it, magical visual voice mail.  All I use Google Voice for is visual voice mail.  I don’t use any of the txt or calling features.  Install the app on your phone, it will walk you through the setup.

      If you decide you do want to use the other features, you can give everyone your Google Voice number instead and forward calls, block calls, and do all sorts of fancy tricks.

      • Just sayin’

        Google Voice takes too long to answer. I use FusionPhone also free, answers immediately after the transfer from Verizon (doesn’t take an extra 8 rings) but it is limited to only downloading your voicemail to play back instantly on your phone. There is a paid version with transcoding, but just like on google voice, it gets things wrong half the time. I’d rather just hear it without calling in.

  • booboolala2000

    I flagged the appease inappropriate and my reason is because the device does not exist. Maybe if everyone flags it it will get pulled from the market.

  • Anonymous

    Google Voice for life!!!!

    • Anonymous

      Google Nav. FOR LIFE!!!

  • GCurry


  • Natthompson72

    What about VVM icluded in the ICS api? Are just assuming verizon will be taking that out now?

  • booboolala2000

    Now VZW is just being rude, posting screenshots from a device they don’t even sell.

  • I would think the phone has to be close.  Why would they release an app that NOONE can use.  The app in the market is specifically titled “Visual VM – Sam Galaxy Nexus”, which means it ONLY works on the Galaxy Nexus.

    Also, who would use this instead of Google Voice??

  • FortitudineVincimus

    your smoking crack if you think VVM has been around “for a decade”

  • Hi I’m Google Voice, have we met?

  • Anonymous

    I use VVM… but then again maybe it’s bc im completely ignorant to Google Voice. Maybe I should read up on it…

    • Anonymous

      Give it a shot.  It’s quite cool!

  • I would think the phone has to be close.  Why would they release an app that NOONE can use.  The app in the market is specifically titled “Visual VM – Sam Galaxy Nexus”, which means it ONLY works on the Galaxy Nexus.

    Also, who would use this instead of Google Voice??

    • people that hate change and like giving Verizon that extra $3-5 every month

  • I would think the phone has to be close.  Why would they release an app that NOONE can use.  The app in the market is specifically titled “Visual VM – Sam Galaxy Nexus”, which means it ONLY works on the Galaxy Nexus.

  • Josh


  • Anonymous

    …and refuse to switch to the greatest app on Earth (aka Google Voice)

    Actually, Kellex, I’m pretty sure the “greatest app on Earth” title belongs to the Google Navigator. 🙂

    Seriously, I’d have gotten lost many times over in Downtown LA if it wasn’t for that app, the TRUE greatest app on Earth!

    • No no, it’s Google Maps, which Navigator is a part of.

      • Anonymous

        I know that Google Nav. is part of Google Maps, but I honestly don’t even use GMaps itself, I just use Google Nav. So yes….I still stand by my statement.

    • Mctypething

      Seriously, who cares about Google Voice anyway.

      • Tony Allen

        Hope that was sarcasm..

        • Anonymous


      • Anonymous

        I use to use it, but got bored with it I guess. lol

  • Now they’re just toying with us.

  • EC8CH

    Upset CIQ isn’t letting Verizon read your Voicemail? 

    Here you go.

  • Brady McEwen

    exactly how it should be. leave it off the phone and let the user choose to install it. maybe VZW can learn!!!……sadly probably not going to see this happen with other devices though

  • Anonymous

    Kellex, why is it that you find Google Voice to be so great? I have it. It replaces VM. What am I missing? App reviews on your (and the rest of DL) favorite apps would be sweet! Thanks for everything you do!

    • Anonymous

      Additional phone number, free texting from that number.  Access VM from the web.  Those are nice selling points.  Oh wait, it’s free, that’s nice, too.

      • Anonymous

        Nice. Can you text any number for free, or just a Google Voice # for free? I take it answering calls to that Google # and making them from that # isn’t free..?

        Thx for the tips!

        • Anonymous

          The texting is free (I’m not sure about texting to international numbers), it uses your data when you do it from your phone.  The calls will use up your normal bank of minutes that normal calls use up.

  • Edwin M

    No one should ever need this crap that Verizon makes you pay for if you want to use it but can never uninstall (except for ICS)

  • Anonymous

    This must be Robert Langdon’s phone.

  • Justin Kos

    the android market is now bloated

  • dkbetts

    YES! Google Voice is the best app ever.

    • dkbetts

      I cant wait till they figure out pic messaging.

  • Dhsudson

    Clearly David Becker is a pain in the ass! 

    • Anonymous

      Yes, and I need Sophie Neveu’s number stat!

  • Chris Pinola

    i would SERIOUSLY hope that GV voicemail is integrated into the new dialer, right? like where you can play voicemails straight from the call log and adjust playback speed and such…

  • I wish they had integrated Google Voice into ICS. I’m not sure why they left visual voicemail integration in the call log to 3rd parties when they have the best visual voicemail app in the world.


    Before we will need Verizon’s Visual Voice App on our Samsung Galaxy Nexus, we will need a Samsung Galaxy Nexus, first.

    • It’s turning into a ghost phone.  There’s software, bug reports, and updates being released for a phone that doesn’t exist.

  • Considering that VVM costs extra to use, I think it’s safe to say that very few people will miss this one.

  • Anonymous

    I guess David Becker really wanted to talk. 3 messages between 9:34 and 9:38.

  • NO! We have Google Voice! Y U NO get it Verizon.