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Motorola XOOM HLK75F Update Details

We first reported last night that the impending update for the Motorola XOOM on Verizon was very minimal and only included the software to help pay-as-you-go customers get set up. The changelog has now been posted, and as you can see, is nothing to jump for joy over.

The update is 8.9MB in size.  More info.

  • Just got mine right now…yippee? I do love watching the neon green droid with the gears though for some weird reason. 🙂

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  • *Waves hand* This is not the update your looking for

  • Does this fix the No Galaxy Nexus on VZW issue Ive been experiencing?
    Sent from my Xoom

  • Anonymous

    Does this fix the SIM card switcheroo?

    • Ozzzmosis

      i was wondering if that still worked. i havent tried it yet

  • Anonymous

    This will be awesome for all those people who can’t afford contract data plans but can still afford a Xoom.  All 4 of them.

    • *still want

    • Macewank

      this has nothing to do with affordability. some people, myself included, have no use for a continuous data plan on this thing.  I activate it when I need it, and cancel it when I don’t.