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Motorola Releases Special Car Finder App for DROID RAZR


I have always been fascinated by the fact that people need these car locator apps. Where on Earth are you parking your car that you can’t find it? Or maybe I shouldn’t ask, since you can’t seem to remember, hence the reason for you needing this app. Whatever your reasons are though, a massive industry in the app world has been created where developers continually strive to one up each other with some new location-based add-on.

After noticing a growing population of lost drivers and lonely parked cars, Motorola has decided to enter the game with their own car finder application. It’s a free app dubbed “Motorola Car Finder” (original, eh?) and includes almost all of the features you will find in many of the paid apps such as automatically saving your location when your phone is undocked in your car.

The listing claims that the DROID RAZR is only device currently supported, but you may as well try it on your Bionic or DROID 3 too.

Someone fill me in, what sort of things are you doing that you need a car finder?

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Cheers Jerry!

  • Absent

    Once I looked for my shoes for 20 minutes. I found them……….on my feet. I’m not proud of that story, but it had to be told to explain why apps like that are made. I hope this answers your question. Now I have to go find my phone.

  • Anonymous

    Motorola has the nicer features lol 🙂 Kudos for them.